Thursday, June 30, 2011

David Stern: League locking out players until new collective bargaining agreement can be reached

....article about the NBA lockout from ESPN..

David Stern: League locking out players until new collective bargaining agreement can be reached - ESPN

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Summer Breeze by The Isley's...Live...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Summer Breeze by The Isley's...Live...: "...summer madness continues...feeling the winds of change blowing...could they be the summer breeze mentioned by the Isleys?....check this l..."

It's All Natural..The Confirmation..

Its all natural...winds of change blowing...but it didn't stop birds from chirping!

Its all natural.....times are hard on the boulevard...the avenue; but I still heard jokers talking about champagne burping!

Still heard Nextel chirping; plus crooks were Facebooking, Google + and Twittering!

They abandoned My Space... but authorities are on their case....soon interrogating them like the CIA.....a new rendition...jokers were leaving an audit trail for the Feds; now facing central booking..not a sweet but a bitter thing!

Whats up with it? didn't quit on this thing!! things got hectic though...but the spring breeze blowing through had a message!

Or was it a Summer Breeze like the Isleys;  90 degrees in Hotlanta when I wrote this; catch the message!

....Its usually in the songs...using the piano, drum  and the the good word; or whatever its like this and like that!

Societies wrongs take a toll on my brethren; even the NBA is getting funny  with the money..somebody will have to fight that!

Spotted the fuse; somebody will have to light that..whose waiting in the dark? what's the deal? check out the ongoing summer madness!

O-Dizzle will fuse jazz, funk, hip hop and rock; rocking the spot where reason gave way to madness!

But were dealing with the madness!! check these meals we serve..they have natural ingredients!

Elements of the universe like Earth Wind and Fire used to holla at those trying to impede this!

As we play we write we read this...its all fundamental!

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the funky instrumental!

The dysfunctional families policies were detrimental to the masses!

Couldn't tell us how the funk should go!! as we conduct seminars and classes!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Herbie Hancock.... Come Running To Me

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Herbie Hancock.... Come Running To Me: "....summer madness continues....check out this classic Herbie Hancock.."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is What They Meant By Funk...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is What They Meant By Funk...: ".....summer madness continues....O-Dizzle lets you know what they meant by funk... This Is What They Meant By Funk Mix by omanxl1"

Life Is Hectic..The Saga / Struggle Continues...

Intergalactic journeys were taken...they were of a Plutonian back on earth...the saga / struggle continues; please!!  life is hectic! 

The drama jumps off!! menus were supplied by chefs from hells kitchen; energy is kinetic!

Coping strategies fail an entity...caught out there like Rod Blagojevich; whose kin to the fanatic chilling at the family reunion?

Wishing and hoping when we come back with these?  who will understand these? whose united like the European Union?

Pounds, francs, euros and dollars collected by the deacons before communion!! was it part of a ponzi scheme?

Banks get bailed out while Lloyd Banks wannabes sell out for a Beamer, Benz or Bentley others will plot scheme!

The O-Dog funk stanks!! while O-Zone sailed out in the stream of consciousness!

In the ATL whose getting over by getting crunk? rolling like Whitey Bulger..but we weren't done with this!

To the border we run with this; bulge in the Sean John blue jean jacket..but not caught up in the racket..but we are out there!! no boundaries are recognized!

Its all out of order!! the structure is falling apart like the Los Angeles Dodgers.. wheres the duct tape so the situation can be rectified?

The train wreck occurred like the one in Nevada..similar to dudes endeavors...somebody lied!! said they were an innovator!

Now the pain is felt; life is know imperfections will be accented by a hater!

The reign was heavy...horror and terror like Dr. began with a drizzle; then the Lincoln Navigator flipped over on the slick streets!

The weird science from the weird entity lacked compatibility; now dude said don't let me catch you out in these streets!

From the streets of the ATL to Louisville from Islamabad to Tripoli; life is hectic!

As we put it down like this...we tell ya about it; the system is like the metric!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.3 ......

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.3 ......: "They left for a minute; I saw them out there while I was taking Plutonian Intergalactic journeys .. then they came back thinking they could ..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.2 How To Be A...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers PT.2 How To Be A...: "......while out there on my intergalactic travels I found these steps on how to be a super hero...check them out... Video: How to Be a Sup..."

The Battle Cry Is Updated....Lord Help Us All!!

The Battle Cry is updated...Lord Help Us all!! Lord Help Lord Help is the usual Battle Cry!

Not on one accord with these earthlings; rolling like Michele Bachmann ....their doctrine was based on a damn lie!

Damn!! Damn! Damn!! the drama goes into Bachmann Turner Overdrive. some try to get all the way live like Lakeside....I try to give them the benefit of the doubt though..blaming the game not the players!

Rolling!! covering the spectrum from Ike Turner to Nat Turner..whose a fast or slow learner?  a dimwit from the fringe will cause the next negative episode; what's the mode? praying is how we make it..can't fake  can you not say prayers?

Animal instincts kick in; whose rabid? check the shot records..some are not players ..they fronted!

Friends of distinction Going In Circles? but not in the network..not knowing how it works..meanwhile I gathered and hunted!

Wannabe Hollywood or Bollywood types stunted; but they weren't picked for the prime roles!

Wannabe mafioso make it hot in the hood  trying to play it like Red Cafe..dude said call him prime time as he rolls!

The partner in crime rolls with them!!  its not hard to see what the business is!

Not trying to start with ya I told some...fates are altered by ecological ignorance!

.....Affected by Geo-political and socio-economic differences!

.....Reality checks are cashed by some after they find out what the deal is!

...Or find out where the real is; out in the spot where reason gave way to madness!

Maybe they can feel this breakbeat science; dipped out to Pluto and Mars  but we we had to come back with this!

Seeing what the deal is; somebody will kill the mockingbird as it sings!!  they didn't like the song!

Let the healing process begin!! O-Dizzle is rocking it!! the good word is provided by O-Zone as we fight the wrong!

Let the healing process begin! we stay strong; showing endurance.

Lord Help Us ALL  is the updated battle cry; you should know He'll see us through this!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jumped To The Same Conclusion Mix

...told ya pluto intergalactic maneuvers were were back down to earth..peeping is a ball of confusion...some may jump to the same conclusion..check us out!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Funk

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Funk: ".......Summer Madness continues..just got back from Pluto...Intergalactic funk is dropped... Plutonian Intergalactic Funk"

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers: "What it do a bruh? is making Plutonian Intergalactic Maneuvers; doing what behooves us..we're even stomping through lunar paths! .....tri..."

I Heard All The Excuses....

Heard what was said....just chilling drinking a cup of Folgers coffee...heard all the excuses; the rah rah rah!!  and blah blah blah!!

They ask me if had any excuse for my behavior?  they asked me was I cutting up like Whitey Bulger?  I told them nah..nah nah nah!

...Hey Hey  Hey Goodbye!!  or excuse me while I kiss the sky like Jimi Hendrix on some Purple Haze type hype..don't believe the hype PE why try to bring the negativity my way?  I told them I wasn't down with that!

Admitting I was out there in the gray area with others...check the scenario; it was  flooded like Minot North Dakota;  found with that or those that were detrimental; but check the O-Dog instrumental..see where the sound is at!

Or is..square biz like Teena Marie; that's the deally!! handling business before it handles me!

As we go whats the deally?  like football stars in Libya..those supposedly down tried to abandon me!

Beats and rhymes were selected randomly;  check us out as we unleash the Sonic Assault.

Streets were calling!! they knew my number even though its unlisted; now we respond to the hell that's caught!

I can tell bogus merchandise was bought; please proceed to the service desk!

Secret squirrels tried to work this and that;  I heard the excuses...they said they're at your service with this?

....Or maybe that; they found  hidden pleasures were provided at secret gardens!

Somali pirates  found hidden treasures; then I heard excuses aka out in Hague crooks receive pardons!

What will the style be? it looked like Billy Ray Cyrus rocked mullets; similar to old episodes of Cops on TV;  meanwhile vague excuses were given by crooks; why were they even starting the drama?

Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan starlets haggled with the paparazzi....what were the excuses? please!! they were told to get accustomed to this..the drama will be going down  from Hollywood to Atlanta!

Whatcha know man? heard all the excuses...I'll be damned if you do or don't.....

Whatcha know man? heard all the excuses..breakbeat science is's going down like Summer Madness for 2011 is...who said it won't?

Whatcha know man?  what were the a bruh goes for what he knows!! he uses the good word and the brand new the ATL getting crunk? I don't know...but I see how some will play...they try to sweat a brothas technique!

 What did they have to say? that was word from Eric B and Rakim...O-Dizzle is rocking them...the style is like AZ;  rather unique!

What did some have to say? heard excuses...the outlook was bleak..but light is spotted in the darkness...

Some will get paroled like Kwame Kilpatrick...but who will come back with more drama...I heard the excuses...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rick Ross featuring Lil Wayne ....9 Piece..Directors Cut (explicit)

...Rick Ross video featuring his homie Lil Wayne....with the 9 Piece joint...

The Michael Jackson Tribute..

......chilling; checking out this Michael Jackson Channel on You Tube....featuring 62 of big homies's been two years since he left us....this is a good way to pay tribute checking out the best of MJ...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Debatable Circumstances Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Debatable Circumstances Mix: ".......summer madness continues....a lot of things going down....sometimes you wonder if your being built or torn down? debatable circumstan..."

Finding A Portal To Slide Through PT.4

What's the knowledge for today?  find a portal to slide through..a window of opportunity!

In the sport? check the NBA draft  or check the score; whose blessed and highly favored with diplomatic immunity?

O-Zone has the math...O-Dizzle is a veteran in the sport..the tracks are funk flavored; your homie dipped back to the community after the caper!

Stressed by the apparatus..fronted on like Obama.... said I was hustling backwards because I wasn't after the paper!

Hustles get knocked  like Osama Bin Laden's although he had help in Pakistan...what's up with the paper chase man? we all soon realized chasing money is like chasing the wind!

O-Dizzle rocked the podcast...on enemy positions he'll blast..bringing jazz, funk, and hip hop; he wasn't erasing the blend!

Messages I send in the songs; playing it like Peter Falk / Columbo.....investigating; exposing society's wrongs..then send smoke signals like Native Americans!

Over here in the Dec aka Decatur Georgia avoiding Columbo...outside on my deck grilling, smoking; mockingbirds singing because I'm grilling chicken? heard them say those damn Americans!

Detectives knocking hustles; grilling suspects that were soon snitching..bearing witness to nothing being fair again!

....In love or war;  but we continue and downs? like Gladys Knight and the Pips and them we've had our share of them!

The apparatus is truth or daring them;  whose in debt to them  like the Euro Zone? what were others on/? now some are geeked!! they went on with their bad selves!

Undisputed Truth told us about Smiling Faces; whose coming up short in dollar chases?  we even got mad at ourselves!

....But our shelves were stocked with vinyl, cassettes and compact discs; full of jazz, funk and hip hop!

O-Dizzle comes equipped!!  we won't quit and won't stop!

O-Zone was able to solve the riddle; I recognized the pattern....I was able to see what it do!

In danger zones? we proceed and continue..we found a portal to slide through!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Fresh Vision Mix by the Brotha O

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Fresh Vision Mix by the Brotha O: "...summer madness continues.....this mix started this breakbeat science method that I's talking about having a fresh view..a fresh vision ..."

LeBron Hate: White People and Black Athletes in a Complicated Relationship

...article in the Root...concerning the hatred shown towards Lebron this past season...check out the article..but also the comments...

LeBron Hate: White People and Black Athletes in a Complicated Relationship

Chris Brown's Cousins Chase Down Frank Ocean [VIDEO]

Chris Brown's Cousins Chase Down Frank Ocean [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

The Armed and Dangerous In The Pocket Mix

summer madness havens and safe harbors were invaded...under attack....old dude from the old school went for what he knew...he fumbled to get the .38 in his pocket....check this mix out...

The Armed and Dangerous In The Pocket Mix

The Situation Is Critical Mix ; Safe Havens Safe Harbors Were Invaded.. havens and safe harbors are invaded..comfort zones become danger light of what happened we had to step up security..

The Situation Is Critical Mix

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Are Invaded PT.3

Safe havens and safe harbors are disturbed; invaded by Navy Seals like Bin Laden's spot? know peace wouldn't be still!

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis type linebackers barge in; appetites not curbed..they wouldn't chill!

Plus gamblers were out for a fast buck; they wouldn't deal the cards right!

Ramblers off at the mouth were Wikileaking; GPS told to turn left; they made a hard right!

Damn this is a hard fight!! a rumble in the jungle...a championship bout!

Damn this is a hard fight!! even the so called champion was full of doubt!

The situation is critical...all day every day...24-7.. its hard day and night; meanwhile pundits damned one  if they did or didn't!

It was a Hard Day's Night like The Beatles said..but the Stairways to Heaven was climbed like the O-Jays saying its all love; now some were smitten!

Stairways to Heaven like Led Zeppelin ? please!! some can't get in where they fit in...please!! they're through dealing...somebody said those bunch of jokers were out of sync!

Chefs in hells kitchen had the recipe for disaster; smelled what they were did it what's the were on the brink! 

What's the deal with them? during the invasion of safe havens and safe harbors who stared into the eye of the tiger and didn't blink? what did you think? please!! check it out... it was the Face Off like John Travolta and Nicholas Cage! 

Who truth or dared the freedom fighter but wasn't feeling the same rage?

My mind was engaged; soon married to the game but it never enraged an average earthling!

My kind raged against the machine; it was a Planetary Invasion like Midnight Star...we're gonna rock the world...funk is dropped....bear witness to what the dirty work will bring!

We fight back against the collar style; old blue khaki uniform with our name on it; Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top..with some steal toe boots!

For a dollar some will get foul; pressing the button..turning the dial...disturbing the peace with ongoing disputes!

Its makes you wanna holla like a foul one loots the treasury..not curbing their appetite!

That's what happens when spots get hit up..some will show hate...old dude fumbled to get to the 38...said he would settle the debate...its like this and like that? yes..sho you right!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Are Invaded PT.2

Safe havens and safe harbors were invaded like homes where controlled substances are sold!

Hit up..Baltimore Raven style!! word from Ray Lewis and them..truth be told!

Y'all wanted more? you got it!! I had my mind made up you can get it get it!

Word from Instant Funk!!  O-Deezy cooked up some instant funk; now he's ready to come with it!

He brought the drum with it.. also the piano;  played it in the dark like Brenda Russell. 

O-Zone was hearing footsteps in the dark like Isleys; it didn't surprise me!! somebodys always trying to knock the hustle!

From strong arm muscling to socio-economic methods!

Strong arm John Foy called to help as Dekalb County authorities catch wreck with it!

The race? neck to neck in it...reckless abandon the witch hazel or rubbing alcohol needed? others drunk or weeded..part of the the method for launching the smash and grab!

The case? all up in the spot..your neck of the woods with it. word from Al is hectic...but the beat broker O-Dizzle gets busy in  the lab...

Atlanta's finest look in the mirror listening to Sister Hazel...trying to see where your mind is; the knowledge needs to be done!

Reality will strand a brotha out there!! it'll amaze ya like Luther..reality checks didn't bounce!! the mothership is rolling; I get good mileage on one!

Society disrespects; invading safe havens and harbors..trying to start with ya..but theres more bounce to the ounce like Roger and Zapp; plus a brotha gets scientific not the one to be caught slipping!

LA Dodger hat rocked down here in the ATL by a Louisville brotha; knowing the deal..a hater was caught dipping.

Plans for the invasion of safe havens and harbors are exposed; no justice or peace for a brotha! 

Beats and rhymes are composed; these brothas are on some other other!

....Hump Day ..."Gotta Get Over The Hump" ...Special Edtion.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

...word from part of the conglomerate

....Hump Day ..."Gotta Get Over The Hump" ...Special Edtion.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors Are Invaded!!

Safe harbors and safe havens are invaded...raided; it's like bombings still going down in Iraq..spots get rushed!

Hatred? one harbors!! whose asking for a vote of confidence  like the Greek Prime Minister?  misbehaving because their hopes and dreams were crushed!

The drama queen was like Ashlee Simpson; might have blushed after complements were made; she said flattery will get you everywhere!

Observing the scene for the next episode; after the drama king was rolling like Mitt Romney.. if he decides to take it there!

What's the deal? safe havens and safe harbors were were on the frontlines of spiritual warfare; the rockets red glare and bombs burst in the air!

From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli; whats the deally? in love or war nothing is fair!

Royalty falls; whose acting brand new with ya..tripping on ya? might even truth or dare you!

Any loyalty shown? please!!! after the drama whose left out there needing a portal to slide through!

Where will your boy be? I'll ride through the ATL or Louisville or maybe Charlotte or Nashville!

Where will a toy be..they weren't bill to last..part of the pollution problem...ecological ignorance will alter the fate...soon out on Moreland the trash..the landfill...

Phat homes built nearby in Ellenwood...catching the vapors; where will the void be? out there in the gray area that's real talk for somebody whose paying attention!

Couldn't fill the void...too broke to pay attention?  please!! reality checks are used in this dimension!

You wouldn't be bruised or battered in this dimension? somebody lied!

Pain and suffering goes down in this and that dimension; even if winning like Serena Williams..and even if gravity is defied!

Some said they were flying high like Steve Millers Eagle; or maybe took R Kelly's advice!

Please!!! aircraft is shot down by surface to air missiles; what can I tell ya? it ain't nothing nice!!

So whose gonna pay the price when safe havens and harbors get raided or invaded.?

Questions answer themselves...go on with your bad self...but on the scan sheet answers are shaded...

Reason Gave Way To Madness Mix

.....summer madness continues...all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness..check it out!!

Reason Gave Way To Madness Mix

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Go At It On Twitter

....chris brown vs frank ocean of odd future..

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Go At It On Twitter | MajicATL - Majic 107.5 & 97.5 Atlanta's Home for the Adult Urban Community

Rocko Brings Out Jeezy & Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

Summer Madness Continues...

Rocko Brings Out Jeezy & Jeezy Brings Out Lil Wayne [VIDEO & PHOTOS] | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

The Summer Madness Project Of 2011 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

The Summer Madness Project Of 2011 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors; (Part Two) They'll Get Gaffled...

Safe havens and safe harbors were like Tripoli in'll get played like home invasions!

Whose misbehaving?  rolling like George Papandreou asking for a vote of confidence...or maybe some were hacking Sega...a con with this? what's up with this?   hopefully some of us will rise to these occasions!

Unpleasant situations dominate the landscape;  some will plan an escape because morale is low in these areas!

Get your hustle on!! like Iraq reconstruction crooks...some move quickly...others style is slow in these scenarios!

From ghettos to barrios; to Gaza Strip the corporate or church environment!

From the get go? knew safe havens and harbors would get gaffled..who will try to command and conquer? the chain of command is whose facing corporal punishment? ?

Feeling the pain....the corporal started it!!  he was insubordinate to the crime lieutenant!

Feeling the pain....interrupting the food chain? now.GPS was tracking them!! knew the whats the deal with it?

Please....I was chilling,..trying to be at ease...but they had me in a pocket...they had me in a trick bag like Robert Palmer  talked escape routes were planned!

Soon O-Dizzle will rock it!!  I had to hate on a player!! told them it was business not personal; but who will understand it?

The mothership? I had to land it in this forsaken place; ready to take off like the Atlantis..but had to admit it wasn't running up to par!

Now all up in the the hooptie listening to Rose Royce...did love abandon us? .. all up in the home of the dictatorship; a one way street where a hater will raise the bar?

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors are gaffled..whose baffled? can you erase the scar caused by the reign of terror introduced by a psychopath?

O-Dizzle is on the case; misbehaving?  the reign begin with a drizzle..but was O-Zone a psycho with this math?

Breaking the cycle on this path we take; its like this and like that!

No telling how it might go!! these brothas have to fight that!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ Just Dizle and All Hip Hop .Com present the Gun...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ Just Dizle and All Hip Hop .Com present the Gun...: "..nice mixtape...chck the bottom for the track list @justdizle & @allhiphopcom present The Gun Show #1 by justdizle DJ Just Dizle ..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Do It Fluid...The Blackbyrds

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Do It Fluid...The Blackbyrds: "summer madness....talking about do have to watch me...I might post any kind of jazz,funk,hip hop or whatever track!! check i..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Up In The Spot....The Block Is Hot....Concepts...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Up In The Spot....The Block Is Hot....Concepts...: " al roker didn't have to tell us about the weather.... All up in the spot!! it's like Tripoli in Libya. ..the..."

Cold Chilling...It's All Natural..

A bruh is cold the ice maker in the refrigerator...its all natural; sitting on my front porch catching the nice breeze! ..

But this world is cold...word from a hater!! drama is as large as William Refrigerator Perry was..whose back with you? the winds of change were blowing; did we need to change our steez?

The train of thought is rolling..but did we need to ease on down the road like The Wiz with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross?

Who'll front or floss like Wiz Khalifa  at Barneys  but still treated like nobody..or did we need to hold down the fort like the chairman of the board? Tupac back? bossing like Rick Ross!

Maintaining; wasn't fronting and flossing!! please..that just makes you a target!

The opposition gaining on you as you look over your shoulder? like Syrian troops  gaining on protestors.. showing the knack from the ATL to Louisville;  from Cincinnati to Charlotte!

Or maybe in the heart of it from Islamabad to Baghdad;  from Tokyo to Chicago!

Its going down cousin!!  holla if you here me!! word from O-Dizzle will could you not know?

How could you not go with the flow somebody asked me? I told them it wasn't natural!

I was at the service desk...products,  goods and services reflected shoddy workmanship; act like you knew!

Getting served by that or this? from the hoods to corporate corridors; from religion to government; its hard to work with it!

Knowing that the sport will get ugly; somebody will get hurt in it!

This good word is what you get!! we also have the brand new funk to go with it!

That's whats good!! you heard? we found a portal to slide through..we had to go for it!

Whatcha know about it? cold chilling...might go play a round of golf with the opposition.. but naysayers were heard saying the street committee had their opinion!

Now prayers are heard after things go sideways; we recognize that God is in control of this and that dominion!

The Making Of The Tupac Back Video by Rick Ross Meek Mill

...appropiate for Tupac's birthday celebration..

Tags: MTV Shows

Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Game featuring Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, Lil W...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Game fearturing Busta Rhymes, Fabulous, Lil W...: "...........check out this new Game.."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: 50 Cent ....Outlaw

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: 50 Cent ....Outlaw: " single from 50 Cent..."

Papa Was A Rolling Stone By The Temptations...

Summer Madness continues....chilling...watching The Temptations on BET.....they played this jam....Motown had some hella musicians!! check out this 12 minute version of this Temptation...just in time for Father's Day Weekend!!

Cleaning Things Up Like A Janitor..

Cleaning up things like a janitor; also doing security like old Otis on the Martin show at the school!

Whatcha know know good? others beaming up on things like Scotty per orders of Captain Kirk; now they wanna act a fool!

Please!! if the Dekalb County Georgia roadblocks doesn't get me it'll be other setbacks or obstacles! 

Where have you found me? in Atlanta Georgia...a brothas not going for what he knows?

That's a damn lie!! as I try to cut the corner in the old school Toyota Camry; once upon a time it was the Cut Dog.

Replaced as the go to vehicle!! Detroit mad at me?  plots and schemes I see through!! beats, breaks, and cuts provided by O-Dog. ,

Told you about the Smoke and Mirrors; the fog is getting worse!

Some joke about the horrors and terrors until their folk are in a hearst

Check the scenario; who participated in their own kidnapping like Patty Hearst? it's not the worst..but I noticed some weren't checking for me; I was overlooked!

Whatcha know? I noticed chefs were in hells kitchen;  so it's like Tripoli..the beef will be overcooked!

Whose belief? the whole game is crooked!! its shady..who recognizes the pattern?

O-Dizzle is the chief rocker; check the gamma ray blast  from the podcast.. a bruh is intergalactic..spaced out like Saturn!

A playa told me to holla at them after I checked the episode!

But this playa was just laying in the cut; not playing around with the corrupt...waiting for the truth to be told!

A prayer was sent up due to this world being corrupt!! I was out of sync with it!

Now blessings are showered down; the higher power? a brotha just had to link with it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Friends and Strangers Ronnie Laws

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Friends and Strangers Ronnie Laws: "....summer madness is underway..but a bruh is in chill mode...winding things down with this smooth track from Ronnie Laws...check it out.. ..."

Times Are Changing.....The Scripture..

The database was updated;  but there's no due diligence! so a lot of folks are left hanging!

Dollars that we chase has us gasping for air as we go there!! corporate or gang banging!

Times are changing  like the joint by Brass Construction; actually the whole thing is in a state of transition!

Like Ayman al-Zawahiri  replacing Bin Laden...please!! whatcha starting? we're in the heart of this thing!! beats are banging and the good word is dropped; now that's how were living!

The streets were talking about jokers barging in like troops from Syria..but  fronting like they had it going on!

Now the heat is on!! but not like Miami...please!! understand me?  jackers were stalking those large and in charge; turning this into a danger zone!

A stranger got his game on..said it was good!! now we find out otherwise!

Friends and Strangers by Ronnie Laws plays in the background; some will back down!! turn themselves in like Jamie Hood;  or they'll resign like Rep. Anthony looking wise and otherwise!

Others will rise to the occasion and fight the demons!! even if they were deacons like at Wake Forest!

Loved on two occasions like the Deele? I don't know..some are fake in this Babylon Forest!

Whose for or against us? its not hard to tell  like that Nas song!

In Babylon?  pain and anguish is dealt with; who tried to say that's wrong?

That's wrong man!! data was deleted from the hard drive; but forensic scientists with the geek squad could retrieve it!

Street with it when we bring this forensic rhetoric; knowing what the sign of the time is..even though it's changing..we weren't deceived by it!

Times are changing..check the changing is hectic...but believed in this..we knew this science was relevant.

But it's not a strange thing...we also knew that haters weren't benevolent.

Changin By Brass Construction

......times are changing....changing's not hard to tell...just take a look the meantime and between check this funky jam by Brass Construction..

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Facing Opposition..

It was a big cover up..information was official documents sanitized!

As I tell some what's up...transformation after we transcended..real with it!! plus we fantasized!

Transmission slipping in the Cut Dog;  though its cleaned up like janitors working at schools!

Divine intervention when I'm dipping through Babylon; even MLK was shot on the balcony leading protests for sanitation workers in Memphis; it was the system's tools!

Whose getting foul with me because they're caught up in the system? like Arizona fires burn.. fools need to do the knowledge!

Breaking the rules; breaking these fools!! please!! on earth life is this style will be intergalactic;  the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is we go there...the mothership gets good mileage!

Who gets foul with it? please...suspects are everywhere..front lines of spiritual warfare!! who goes there?  some will get gaffled like Bynum did Barea when he came in the paint.

Didn't take Waka Flocka Flame's advice; now baffled because they didn't show restraint!

"It ain't nothing nice" ....some are left flabbergasted!! inhaled the lead paint for all those years!

"It ain't nothing nice" ...some prayed and fasted like residents of Tripoli..but couldn't get over all those fears!

..A bruh had to think twice as he steers the mothership back towards earth!

Peace never lasted!! it's like the Israelis vs has a bruh wondering whats it all worth?

Bear witness to the rebirth!! it's like progress made during the NFL lockout..your boy hit the reset button; I was knocked out of balance!

...Already out of sync with this to begin with!! as society shows malice.

Wolves at the front door of my palace!! damn...I heard them howling!

What did they front for? apparently opposing this style I bring!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bad Meets Evil ....Eminem and Royce....Fast Lane Video

.......I'm back on some hip hop sh@dd!!

From The Heart Of It!! The Eye Of The Storm « omanxl1 live

....word from part of the conglomerate...

From The Heart Of It!! The Eye Of The Storm « omanxl1 live

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Sly and The Family Stone .....thank u fallettinme ...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Sly and The Family Stone .....thank u fallettinme ...: "......borrowed sly's song to say thanks for checking me out!!"

What's The Deal? PT. 10..The Saturday Night Fever Edition.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

...word from part of the conglomerate

What's The Deal? PT. 10..The Saturday Night Fever Edition.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Life Is Hectic....The Random Thoughts Version

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Life Is Hectic....The Random Thoughts Version: "Jockeying for position; Life Is Hectic ....whose trying to get prime territory; the prime spot? Whose knocking hustles? Rep Anthony Weiner..."

Life Is Hectic....The Scripture...

Here we go again; Life Is Hectic.. damn!!  dealing with setbacks, bad breaks and obstacles!

Once again its on!! it's like we're over in Libya.. ...what's up with ya?  as we get back ..laying low in the bunker; trying to figure out whose lobbing those!

Grenades; rockets red glare from improvised explosive devices were planted!

Bombs burst in the air; the devil is know he will go there!! plus folk will take things for granted!

The mothership has landed back down to earth like The Endeavour; whats it all worth; whats the prognosis? ..

The membership was bamboozled and hoodwinked by Bishop Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar? somebody holla!! analyze the information; soon theres a transformation..can we stand the doses?

They could be lethal; the madness we see through..not running off at the mouth like Tracy Morgan..Tina Fey shows support..please..knowing how these folks play.. rolling discrete is how we do!

Others were blatant; now premises are vacated; that's what foreclosure will do!

Empty promises wouldn't lead to closure; some refuse to forget after they were caught out there!

Dancers didn't empty the premises; the DJ put on Ronnie Laws Always There! 

Dancers with the wolves and devils found out laws were enforced out there!

Drama was taken to another level; wolves were at the front door  what's the deal with some? now they're heard saying life isn't fair!

Wolf tickets were sold; bomb scares phoned in..but soon the drama will unfold!

Life is hectic...Timberwolves up in Minnesota aren't the only ones who'll tell you this world is cold!

Life is hectic..letters were folded and mutilated when someone went postal!

Intergalactic!! worldwide down south and in the Midwest;  plus drama is east and west;  bi coastal!

The Life Is Hectic Mix

Summer Madness Is Underway....But Life Is Hectic...but we've got it in survival mode..check this mix out...

The Life Is Hectic Mix

Friday, June 10, 2011

War......The World Is A Ghetto...

......classic material from War....

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: ......Over Here In Decatur...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: ......Over Here In Decatur...: "Whats the deal? I'm over here in Decatur Georgia; I noticed Negroes were Cavalier like when Cleveland had Lebron! But we all know homie w..."

It's A Small World..

Its a small world; called myself trying to get away like Earth Wind and Fire..but keep running into the same people!

..Or jokers that act the same....or trying to act brand new...but there's nothing new under the Sun; like Gaddafi over in Tripoli  I see folk trying to creep through!

Who said their game was good? now authorities peep your steelo;  knowing what it do!

Turn yourself in like Jamie Hood!!  put an end to what your going through!

"Do you know where your going to?   heard Diana Ross singing.

The drama jumped off everywhere!! from the ATL to Islamabad  plus I heard bad singing!

What's up with ya? wannabe soul and R and B singers were Wikileaking... running off at the mouth!

.....Dipped from Detroit and Chicago;  they ran down south!

....Now acting uncouth; aloof  and arrogant like they're all this and that!

Acting like the truth wasn't told about love and war; whose fair with that?

Mafioso types wanted their share of it; extortion  like Castro in was part of their business!

Check the scenario; we didn't abort our mission...Summer Madness is in full effect..we come through with this breakbeat science! recognize what the deal is..

Some are through !! reality will break minds into pieces that can't be picked up by the Average White Band!

Holla at me when you pump brakes!!  they grind; in need of pads from Manny Moe and Jack..heard saying Damn Damn Damn!

...Like Florida from Good Times .....going with the flow looking for Good Times like Chic!

Listening to Flo Rida on I-4 on the way to Orlando; like Charlie Sheen on a winning streak!

But check the scenario; what it do? the outlook is bleak for some!

Observing the scene; we had to go for what we know.... O-Deezy pulled out the drum!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Going In; Slipping Through The Cracks Mix

Summer Madness Is In Full Effect.....We're Going In.....Getting It In...Slipping Through The Portal..Slipping Through The Cracks..

The Going In; Slipping Through The Cracks Mix

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Rick Ross Rocks The Stage At Stone Soul 2011 [Video + Photos]

Rick Ross Rocks The Stage At Stone Soul 2011 [Video + Photos] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ Khaled....Rick Ross...Drake ; I'm On One.. (Lyr...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ Khaled....Rick Ross...Drake ; I'm On One.. (Lyr...: ".....the homie DJ Khaled's latest featuring Rick Ross & Drake..the lyrics are on the screen.."

Staring Into The Eye Of The Tiger....

Staring into the eye of the tiger; it was representing the enemy!

Truth or daring taking place; some get exposed like Rep. Anthony Weiner....but  please!!  representing is done by this entity!

Proof that were sharing with humanity?  The Sonic Assault or Random Thoughts; letting the masses know whats really going on!

Plus lessons were taught by reality; it was like chilling over in Tripoli...classes were conducted in the danger zone.

That's what were on!! you can say were on one like DJ Khaled..but only human; like The Human League; some things were misinterpreted.

So now whats up? like the NFL lockout.. the players vs the this point and time all we can do is work with it!

Some will get hurt fooling around with it!! especially when steelos get sweated!

Whose schooling them? some mentioned quitting like was like somebody hit the rewind button when history repeated!

Whose fooling them? it was no mystery when the entity defeated themselves!

Some followed his story; soon they were geeked...thought they could go on with their bad selves!

Whose bad like Michael Jackson? all up in the action...soon on shelves in the Coroners office; waiting on the autopsy to be performed!

All up in the action!! the planets were in alignment ...they said things were perfect when it stormed!

Others took things for granted;  now can't work with it..the fire is fully involved...some said they're alarmed by the outcome.

Officials say they weren't harmed!! so there's no foul..referees didn't blow the whistle..told the players to play on!

Play on players!! keep it pimping!! that's what they told me down here in the ATL.

Instead this brotha said prayers; chefs in hells kitchen have the recipe for hating on Obama..they want to see us fail!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pryor giving up senior season at Ohio State

Pryor giving up senior season at Ohio State - College Football -

Questions Answer Themselves..

Questions answer themselves while I was racking my brains coming up with the wrong answers.

Others kept waiting during the disco inferno; but I noticed  they were choosing the wrong dancers!

Burn baby burn!! did Weiner learn?  meanwhile others kept hating; whats learned? during the scenario some find out where loyalty is! 

As the world turns; JP Morgan Chase CEO a whiner? elsewhere..whose out of sync.. not receiving residuals or royalties!

Out of sync? no residuals or royalties were forwarded; something about a ponzi scheme!

Word from Bernie Madoff!! I heard he made off with the funds; but there were snitches on his team!

As we flow down the stream of consciousness; fires were burning like out in Wallow Arizona so we have to love some from a distance!

Questions answered  themselves as we come with this; this symbolizes moving forward like Terrelle Pryor..showing persistence!

Others were looking for deliverance!! waiting on FedEx or UPS to roll up on them!

Brothas like us were cooking in souls kitchen;  now dropping this funk jazz and hip hop soul on them. 

Soon some get bombarded like Tripoli by NATO...but whatcha know?..snitches will roll on them and those!!  the remarks made were inflammatory.

Witches and warlocks caste their spells hoping a bruh fails; not showing up like Tiger Woods;  damned if I do or don't tell this story!

....Left the hostile territory; blasted off like the Endeavour as we study dark and anti matter!

Studied the dark mystery of time and space; somewhat similar to hadron collider scientists on the case; putting work in while others chit chatter!

Questions soon answer themselves..soon they scatter after the automatic weaponry is heard!

Actually it was O-Dogs samples, cuts, snares and the 808  plus O-Zones good word!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Putting It Down Like This Mix

....summer madness is in full effect...

Putting It Down Like This Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Out There; We Kept On Running Mix: " we proceed and continue....O-Dizzle is getting busy..putting work got lonely out there..but we kept on running...handling b..."

What's The Deal? A Question I Keep Asking Myself...PT.9 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

....word from part of the conglomerate..

What's The Deal? A Question I Keep Asking Myself...PT.9 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

The Dramatics Hey You!!! Get Off My Mountain....

.....O-Dog was digging in the crates looking for beats...ran across this oldie but goodie...The Dramatics were the shxt!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Business As Usual..Putting It Down Like This!!! PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Business As Usual..Putting It Down Like This!!! PT.2

The Drama Escalates...Reason Gave Way To Madness

Overheard the episode...jokers were loud about it...I can see it's like The Golan Heights or Gaza Strip... the drama is still ongoing!

Whats the word? the drama justice and no peace  but a brotha keeps going for what he's knowing!

Flowing down the stream of consciousness..trying to avoid the crisis like it's Yemen..whats the word on the curb? some will have the story twisted!

Whose team is on down with the terrorist, communist  or socialist?  please!!  the streets were calling!! they knew my number even though its unlisted!

Drama is revisited; it's like the summer time family me and O-Deezy act brand new again...Summer Madness is in full effect for those  folk who wonder what it do!!

Whats the science? it isn't what would Jesus or God would do....more like what would Godzilla do?

Trying to keep it real with you!! saw some waiting on the truth to be told!

But didn't like how things went down; as we get down!! circled the block in the hooptie...please!! this world is cold!

As the drama unfurled; whose bold or just a fool when they try to holla atcha?

Rocks hurled like in the Middle East to say the least the process is natural!

Those that had a clue prayed to the east; but that process was rebuked by a hater!

What it do? others tried to pander to the least common denominator!

We tried to persuade them that their math was erroneous but the didn't want to listen!

O-Dizzle played the funk for them; check the path were on with this breakbeat science..following principles established by Thelonius Monk..but they didn't want to listen!

ATLiens say we got crunk on them...on fast breaks we might dunk on tires and rims glisten on the Pontiac Grand Prix as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta!

Might have to pop the drunk on them..we're trying to stay a step ahead of agents of Pontius Pilate  as they continue to hate!! please!! you know they don't understand a brotha!!!!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Minding and Tending PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Minding and Tending PT.2

The Summer Madness Project..

It was Derby Weekend in Louisville when I wrote this; but your homie was stranded in the ATL.

Fast forward to today...Summer Madness project underway..outlooks are not bleak... I'm not mad about it; the galaxies we streak through like the Endeavour; understand that a bruh didn't fail!

Outlooks are not bleak!! plus I wasn't caste under a spell by witches or warlocks when I wrote this!

Drones some will'll get hit up like Ilyas Kashmiri...feel me? what's the deally? these scriptures are sacred; historians will soon quote this! !!

O-Zone gets these sonic pictures painted by O-Dizzle should show were devoted to this like Grateful Deadheads! 

The mixture contradicts the picture; rocking the baldy with the persona of a dread!

Rolling like Dred Scott!! it'll get hot it'll Heat up like Miami.

Lebron and D Wade again; damn!! up in another charade again; why did they lie to me?

I was wise to the set up;  George Benson's Masquerade played in the background!

George Washingtons Grants and Benjamins were offered; but soon laid off  or out there looking for a job..they're mad at me because I didn't back down!

Whats up with them? who download the video but it buffered; now trying to track down the help desk!

Whats up with them? knocked down but couldn't get up like they were hit by Rampage Jackson; cursed from the get go? check the help with this!

Who fell for this?  moved to the A-Town...heard it was the promised land!

Now down here struggling; just like the Hawks were against the Bulls; is Philips Arena in Chicagoland?

Bulls fans takeover!! like the Taliban in Pakistan or Afghanistan....its foul man!! how can you let somebody take over your city?

Its foul man!! who didn't understand..whats the word from the street committee?

You'll get run over like Buster pity shown when dealing with crooks.

Scientific...that's how this prose will were fighting back with beats and hooks.