Sunday, January 31, 2010

Train Of Thought ...Intergalactic Version..

Train Of Thought is rolling!! moving down the information highway ...similar to I-75 / 1-65 / 1-95...moves are made...Transmitting Live..but staying on point..didn't shuck and jive..checking entrance and exit signs.'ll get taken out like The Taliban chief!!! ..who will confirm or deny? getting off and on ramps...meanwhile in the lab I'm adjusting amps or writing these lines.

I'm going off and on in different camps..grabbing opportunities and running with them.

Haters were going off!!! acting different!!! others closing doors and windows; what's up with them?

Others acting belligerent; trying to circumvent; so what's up with them?

Ecological ignorance altered the fate; where are they? So what's up with them?

The difference was shown; The Train Of Thought kept rolling; a high velocity.. moving towards the light.

No funny business like Poltergiest! down here in Atlanta little homie said he might have to pull a heist; so he can get his money right!!!

Like Kanye West was talking about Oh Oh Oh; but it's like oh no on another level...banks were Shady Like Grady..even tried to play me!! so I keep moving.

East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and Down South; can I keep grooving?

The feast? The host fed meals that lack nutrition, plus we recieved erroneus information.

Spotted the least expected one; snitching to authorities; the Feds were fed felonious information.

Meanwhile O-Dog dropped Thelonius Monk type funk on the nation; dropping the Sonic Assault.

O-Zone was on it!! some said a brotha was tripping!!! rolling on the train of thought.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Astro Turf..

Grass looked greener on the other side of the fence; what's the circumstance? domestic vs foreign? fooled by the astro turf?

Found out after the fence was jumped; now I have bad knees and turf toe..what's it all worth? back down to earth..back to life..back to reality like that song by Soul to Soul.

Whose jacking it...the swagga? this is the rebirth..they saw how we were trying to roll.

Whose jacking it? rolling like the danger zone...what's up? in Atlanta rolling 30 deep..what are they on?...the dagger is it by a O-Jays backstabber?

Whose cracking it; the case? like Kojak and them..rolling 50 deep out in other spots Suburbans roll up with blacked out windows..trying to grab ya.

Whose slacking with it? not working it all out! others tracking it..then geeks hacked out windows...will corporations take losses?

Whose jacking it? fighting like an old school championship fight.. heavyweights like Muhammed Ali and George Foreman..right hooks and left crosses.

Now I'm cruising down Muhammed Ali Boulevard in Louisville..thinking of a master plan like Eric B Rakim and will it work?

Grass wasn't greener on the other's astro turf..Intergalactic..knowing how the astros and cosmos work..

Through the galaxies we ride..winning and taking losses..but we're still rocking them.

Exposing falacies..golden rule?..somebody we go off with this...the hustles? they knocked them..

Old school Ku Klux Klan burning crosses. what's up with this?..these days we search for clones...dressed in suits and ties.

Old rule followed; even though are aircraft was fired on...insurgents hacked drones...we kept are eye on the prize.

Now an old fool is surprised! didn't let the so called green grass fool us.

Diplomatic immunity exercised; based on the pass God gave to us.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Construction worker, bricklayer, adding another brick to the structure, this is mechanical engineering.

Corruption spotted; a tricky player from the Himalayas will have you loathing and fearing.

I'm moving through different layers, realms, dimensions; steering the mothership.

Intergalactic, international; irrational? that's how they say a brotha gets .

Calling crooks out...erratic with it? they said I didn't follow the proper procedures and guidelines.

Pulling the books out...playing it like Eli...mathematics are dropped; but some didn't see us even though a brotha chills behind enemy lines.

Never stopped moving! seeing the world and my place in it realistically.

Never stopped moving! no telling where this retro futuristic mystic will be.

Never stopped moving! knowing history is repeating itself like a CD.

....Or vinyl that's skipping; cassettes and vinyl? O-Dog is flipping..feel me.

Final conflict? a crucial one...situation critical..a brotha stepped up security.

Can I kick it? can we groove? back in day funk is dropped on the community.

It's of the basic variety; not reinventing the wheel..but coming with the real.

Fake ones lie to me and you! circumventing the pursuit of freedom; with the madness my people have to deal.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of The Union? We Keep Movin!!!

.............going in..actually in it now..up to our necks...

..Even authorities are in over their heads,some recalling vehicles; heard on the radio calling for back up.

Territories are raided with the Sonic Assault;O-Dog is like Radio Raheem...Do The Right Thing!!...deliveries are made...beep beep beep! the truck will back up.

Telling these stories about gamblers out for a fast buck; others left trying to get a Pell Grant..any miracles on 34th Street?

We're scramblers like Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham or Vince Young ..train of thought is rail grant from the step ahead of alt shift delete.

Ramblers off at the mouth get dealt with;now playing it like Bruce search of a surrogate.

Catching the blame? big homie from NYC dipped down south,US Marshalls looking for him...time was running out; dude said he's sure of it.

Catch the name? O-Dog, he's got the cure for it; there's not a problem he can't fix in the mix.

The State Of The Union? rekindle the magic? O-Zone saw that it's all game!! Shady Like Grady..tore up the list of demands..the habit a brotha kicks.

Burned the book of procedures!! those slick with it and sick with it composed it.

Burn baby burn!! Disco we proceed and continue..knowing the devil is opposed to it.

Learn baby learn!! the good word is composed; O-Dog brought the drum with it.

Earn baby earn!! but some are deceived..but a ghetto pass was received, not thrown by Brett Favre; but this brotha will run with it.

Classes are concieved; funk seminars; brothas are using the basic street funk.

The home town is relieved!! like the Saints in the Super Bowl!! the fast break was finished with a dunk.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coming And Going....

rolling on the train of thought

They've got us coming and going; Damn Damn Damn!!! like Florida from Good Times!! it's a love hate relationship.

They even ask me where I'm going? I'm at the Chevron on Beattie's Ford Road up in Charlotte...buying Powerball gassing up the spaceship.

What are they on? little homie had bootleg CD's and DVD's; but I know the race is hectic; even O-Zone was I wasn't knowing.

Please!! this brotha is on the case!! not suspended like Arenas and Crittenton..we get in where we fit in!! sliding like I'm electric..the style is eclectic..down the stream of consciousness I'm flowing.

Somebody said I'm tripping!!! like the Space Shuttle leaving on Feb. 7...but funk were flipping; out of the case; out of the crate; causing a cosmic explosion!! what it do? also composing on the loose leaf; using black or blue ink; going for what I'm knowing.

Out of the race!! moving at my own pace!! ignoring judges...that's whatsup with this Chief Rocker; that fact? seminars should be showing.

What's the case? I'm back in Atlanta..saw the Marta bus rolling!!! was it the 87 Lithonia mentioned by OutKast?

What's the case? they're throwing us under it!!! can't even roll out in a Toyota..playing us like an outcast.

Wild Wild West like Tuscon, Dodge City? O-Dog used the Podcast..can we outblast the enemy?

Blessed and highly favored!! but there's no pity from the street committee.

The scent is funk flavored!! rocking it!! rock with me!! as we take Fantastic Voyages like Lakeside.

Some stressed; some misbehaved; document not saved, deleted; but that's how the fake ride.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conflict With The World..

They're in conflict with the world; mad at me; what's up with it?? some are even mad at Obama!! like we had something to do with it.

Breakbeat science is what I kicked; didn't just think about it..I just do it.

Saw that we were on the brink of it disaster; trying to move faster; the Toyota Camry dangerous? I'll govern myself accordingly.

Linked to it; diplomatic immunity provided by the Lord; now moving faster; recognized the pattern; where the boundary or border will be.

Illuminati and the new world order will be conducting business as usual.

Where did you spot me? intergalactic with it!!! what's up with it? sky mapping like NASA; mathematics studied; knowing what it do.

Microchips and wiretaps implanted? now whose GPS tracking? plus cloning? knowing what you do.

A brotha dips to the lab; tracking breakbeats; the sonic medicine for what we're going through.

Hard to see what they're showing you!!! in the fog, smoke, and mist.

Heard somebody laughing about all the jokers they have on the list.

In the midst of chaos and confusion in the gray area whose winning or losing?

Dark Mystery of Time and Space studied while I was out there; cruising.

Choosing to take the assignment realized planets are in alignment used the hubble telescope.

In solitary confinement; coping strategies are developed; will they fail us? I maintain courage and hope

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Using A Different Mode...

Different mode of transportation used; rolling on the train of thought.

Different mode of transformation; Random Thoughts Expressed..or maybe bring a Sonic Assault.

Transportation Security Administration no fly lists are ignored;looking for female bombers? this brotha is intergalactic.

Information overload at the database? it was updated by a fanatic.

Situations Critical...mathematics are dropped..never quit..never stopped...but not like Bin new video for MTV or BET...

As we get with you..we keep rolling..never quit never stopped...a Scorpio..but not stopping like The Scorpions..we proceed, continue...Transcend, Transform...feel me...

What's the deally? do some need to let it go and move on? ..what are they on? another Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass R.I.P..

What's the deally?...Obama to focus on J-O-B's in the State Of The Union address? oh really?

Feel me on this....the mode of transportation...rolling on the train of thought..

Feel me on this..the mode of transformation...The O-Dog Podcast...The Funk Seminar..and The Sonic Assault...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heard What Was Said!!!

word to the mutha...

Heard what was said; but not going to let them worry me!!! just because they're stressed out.

I wasn't going to let them hurry me; chilling out, even though gunfire blasted out.

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!! it was like Kabul; I stopped dropped and rolled like a fire.

But your homie was street coded!!! a brotha dropped funk, soul, disco, and house; the roof is on fire.

It's from the disco inferno; the mode will get hectic; where's the first responders?

On the ground in Haiti!! or dealing with pirates in Somalia; where did you find me? blasting the Sonic Assault!! that's this brotha's response.

Hazardous material on the train of thought as it derails; while flowing down the stream of consciousness?

What we have is spiritual; stimuli acquired from Fillmore and Hunters Point in the Bay Area to Newburg up in Louisville; check how we come with this.

Now down here in Atlanta; taken for granted..we weren't the ones society anoints; did ecological ignorance alter the fate?

Still trying to make a difference!! somebody lied ; checked the players from the Himalayas; glaciers not melting? but it's on thin ice that they skate.

Al Gore mentioned global warming; it was 60 degrees in Atlanta in January while I type this.

Spanning the globe brainstorming; word from Chuck D and Flavor Flav ; don't believe what the hype is.

The hype machine is running!! voters are supposed to be angry..Hear What Was Said..knowing some will be misled...but we're Going All Out..these brothas will Transcend & Transform..

Staying on step ahead of Blackwater...for some freedom is on backorder.. but that's the norm..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mass Konfusion; Has It Always Been This Way?

Mass Konfusion was the norm; like the situation in Haiti; ask myself; has it always been this way?

Winning or losing is like the thin line between love and hate; some may relate; but I play this like Brett Favre; as I run this play.

Quarterbacking; in the huddle; ready to run a play; it's all about execution.

GPS tracking? hubble telescoping? I see some experiencing persecution.

Shady Lady macking? first "prostidude" the spot they get other spots they'll beat their chest..saying yeah!!!!

So what's next? legislative prostitution? what's up with the institution? winning or losing? somebody say no..somebody say yeah!!

Racking the balls up on the pool table; similar to the prosecution working on cases.

But O-Dog is tracking breakbeats; all up in the house!! with house, funk, and hip hop from crates and cases.

Not all up in these ongoing races!!! letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Down here in the A-Town!! where macks and divas are in the playoffs like the Jets-Colts..they'll try to run a play.

What can I say? down with over achievers; a veteran in the game now coaching.

What did they say? asteroids and comets on the way? what did they say? Book of Eli the playbook? non believers said Armageddon is not approaching.

Plus underachievers are encroaching; issued injunctions; told them to vacate the premises.

Trying to deceive the masses; I heard a lot of empty promises.

Has it always been this way? whose responsible for this; I'm asking them what it do?

Has it always been this way? this Forensic team brings the forensic rhetoric; telling you what I knew.

...What I knew about it..Going All Out for it..breakbeat science is dropped.

Mass Konfusion seemed to be the norm; has it always been this way? big homie said yes, and it never stopped.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Control Freaks...

...........freaks didn't just come out at night

Haters brought the drama on themselves; some can get paid for it like Conan O'Brien..were they control freaks?

Freaks didn't just come out at night like Whodini; in the daytime the structure leaks.

A corrupt one speaks of losing streaks and winning streaks; some are manipulated; that's why I chill.

O-Dog tweeks beats while we're laying in the cut; O-Zone knows the deal.

As I let you know the deal; from out there where I ride; a Mars and Pluto native.

That's per Scorpio guidelines and criteria; check how the behavior will get.

What kind of flavor will you get? it's funky; started out with James Brown.

Deleting or saving it? Maury didn't have to tell John Edwards; how does it work? in the spot? good and evil reside; had to ask myself, can I get down?

Defeating the purpose while your in it? will freedom ring? pain and pleasure reside in the same palace.

Haters disrespect; going all out; damage themselves in the process; had my guard up, staying on point, as haters show malice.

The style is like Los Angeles Lakers or or Chicago Bulls with MJ; running the triangle offense.

Ignoring fakers; just lost in the Bermuda Triangle; meanwhile I'm like a runaway Toyota; I go off with this.

Podcast is blasting!! like homie in the love triangle, blasting up in the office.

This thing is everlasting; veteran in the game now coaching not a novice.

Its obvious some brought the drama on themselves; just punishment gluttons.

Control freaks who were told to go on with their bad selves now turning dials and pushing buttons.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damn Damn Damn Like Florida From Good Times PT.2

Damn! Damn! Damn! I had to tell myself...train of thought is still rolling....because this life is trip.

But O-Dog will jam; going on with his bad self!! he's not trying to trip.

Going in!! getting it in; alternative routes to help my folk in Haiti?..slipping through the cracks...dipped through the portal.

Opposition is met; internal; external; what's The Source Of Danger? I know how the sport will go.

They'll play you like Tiger Woods; taking back all the endorsements.

It's tight in these hoods; Democrats focused on the wrong thing? .. please ugly is how the sport gets.

The Budweiser quart gets drunk at the corner of Hancock and Caldwell up in Louisville.

Washing away the pain; but we drop funk; can we rock? what's the deal?

White chalk washing away in the rain, what's real? yellow crime scene tape at the curb.

Pitchers didn't balk; bringing the pain; throwing strikes; little homie kicked to the curb.

Shape shifters didn't stalk? please, preemptive strikes were made on a herb.

Tapes made; gifts are distributed, who benefited? like dreads made moves with the herb.

Tapes are made; plus this good word let's you know about the charade ...from jackers to government regulators.

Funk is played; told you about gamblers out for a fast buck and Wall Street speculators.

You'll get played!!!! disrespected by corporate types..just's all about a dollar.

Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times..or maybe like Marvin makes you wanna holla.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chilling Out...Peace Be Still

Peace be still!!! like the old school gospel I slowed it down; like upcoming speed traps on I-75..the train of thought is still rolling..but I proceed to a quite place.

Word received from the Lord when I chilled out!! when I wasn't trying to race.

Just celebrated MLK Day...much was achieved by the brotha's mission..admitting we've still got a long way to go..that's word from Cornel West at the King Day service at Ebenezer....

How did we try to play? economy had our spirit broken...admitting I wasn't up to facing the opposition..but now I'm a believer..

...Once I believed God would deliver me from evil, I realized haters can't stop this mission.

Nevermore like Edgar Allen Poe...coming through the door and window of opportunity..spiritual significance in this operation..

The drama doesn't stop though; think we're going through something? just check out Haiti.

As we hip hop; rock out; and drop funk; we launched a Sonic Assault on those that are shady..

Trying tp pay me off like Conan O'Brien..but it's too good to be true...somebody's's the evil ones..but they say it's all love how they do it.

But surprised some when we made it to the The New York Jets...we learned to let go and let God; he determined the when, where, why, and how; he knew it.

As we go through it;..the darkness; The Babylon wilderness is thick.

Enhanced by smoke and mirrors; what's the deal? is it real? some are accenting horrors and terrors; it's deep its thick.

Never danced with wolves and devils; operating on different levels; even though I conduct disco infernos; I stick to the original plan.

Taking a risk; taking a chance, but maintaining, I'm still the original man.

Taking a risk; this breakbeat science is original man!! I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Conspiracy theories? haters insert the disk into the hard drive; prayers we'll have to say.

Check the instant replay; some will get hacked on hard drives to the hoop.

Peace be still!!! delayed or instant gratification? Motherships I drive to the O-Dog loop.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What's Next ? Recognize...Recognize..

collisions with the ill train of thought

What's the business? Chaos and mayhem is!!! like Kabul...attacked by the Taliban..what's up man?...the system is overloaded.

So whatcha saying? just more Mass Konfusion..asking what's up? Random Thoughts are expressed..information overloaded?

Hoopties wouldn't start!! battery cables corroded!! car breaks down on the railroad tracks..I see the ill train of thought rolling!!!

Truth be told up in the heart of fables or fantasies? or even conspiracy theories? health care bill off the rails? ..some hoping that it fails..I can see how they're rolling!!

Whose part of it? the conspiracy..trying to say it's not nothing.. but playing a role..knowing or what's up with this?

Security heightens..I have my binoculars peeping game..rolling on the train of thought..flowing down the stream of consciousness.

The brotha enlightens; it's like when I took a walk last week in the Capricorn Sun Rays.

Sun moved: it's in Aquarius now, along with Jupiter and Venus; New Age? what, when, where, and how will one run plays?

One who is nefarious showers the atmosphere with negativety; part of the ongoing scrimmage.

Train of thought is rolling!! this son of God moves in mysterious ways; since I was made in his image.

Can we make moves? reminded of this; realized we had diplomatic immunity.

Can we make grooves? the brotha O-Dog dropped breakbeat science when we dipped back to the community.

But noticed some will try to act brand new with me; they're influenced by the apparatus.

But I wasn't mad at them!! everybody's going through something..but nothing compared to Haiti..a brotha checked the status.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hidden Obstacles....PT.2..

Thought everything would go smooth...but now my folks need help down in Haiti....they ran into hidden obstacles.

Coming through!! going in..trying to get it in..but they caught me on the way back in!! now they're locking windows and doors.

Coming through!!! O-Dog is rocking movie's soundtrack.

Acting like I knew; a brotha scores points like Carmello Anthony when he brings the sound back.

Acting like I knew; society doesn't understand me and my kind..authorities brought the hounds back in the hood to pick up the trail..cats rolling 30 Deep pulled a caper.

Thought everything was cool? didn't check the trail of tears from Native Americans who got played by a shape shifter.

Acting like I knew; shape shifters are still around; but the Lord lifted us to where we belong..out beyond the eclipse..a brotha steers the mothership to a safe harbor.

Thought it would go smooth; but haters are having tea it was the Boston Harbor.

Whose part of the conspiracy? listening to Dick was confirmed.

Acting like I knew; avoided the Hostile I evacuated the hostile folks from Katrina...but no bridges are burned.

But roofs burned from the disco inferno: when the brotha O-Dog got busy.

Random Thoughts are expressed..O-Zone did the knowledge; but still ignored those that try to quiz me.

Rolling on the train of thought...The Mothership gets good mileage using it to slip through portals.

A brotha gets scientific; slipping through the cracks..but hip to hidden obstacles.

Not on those portabellos or smoked out I'm clear headed.

Rocking the baldy but the personna is like a dread would get.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Damn Damn Damn Like Florida From Good Times..

Damn! Damn! Damn! like Florida from Good Times!!! after James died!! it's like whoa.

No Hostile Takeovers in Haiti...but in the hood? authorities slam you to the pavement..guilty until proven innocent...knowing how it go.

Otherwise...whose posing a threat? whatcha know? enslavement from Florida to Somalia..corporations run it.

International...multi-national...acting irrational? you'll be dealt with.

Earthquakes from Cali to Haiti..Lord Help! Lord Help! was the Battle folks felt it.

What's it worth? some bump heads with the wall of death..a foul one even tried to play me..but down? a brotha held it.

This is the rebirth!! materials are welded..tourists felt it? only in home invasions will the duct tape work.

Hazardous materials spill out? after the train of thought derails ..whose hurt?

Is it really hazardous material? what's up? what we have is spiritual; this spiritualist brings Sonic Assaults ..whose hurt?

Might just hear a bro; damn! damn! damn! representing those who are hurt.

Whatcha know? whose hands are dirty? some even have the game won then lose...spotted from here to Mesopatania.

Rolling solo..who'll work with me? they'll just have more pain for ya.

Manipulate the weather? more rain for ya? Al Roker couldn't call it.

A hater said whatever!! you know that's how a foul joker would call it.

Should have known a foul joker would stall it;that's how they operate..said some didn't want to act throwing salt into the game.

Misery loves company; corporations started; we'll all be caught up in the game.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Battle Cry...PT.2...

Lord help! Lord help! that's the battle cry!!! I borrowed old dude's slogan.

My folks in Haiti need help!! these days? a brotha has to use old dude's slogan!!! it's and my people are just trying to get open...

These days? haters try to abuse it!!..or them...running off at the mouth...they trample on rights and priviledges.

These days? haters try to get their gamble on!! what it do? trying to make a fast buck in these villages.

Fate is altered by idiots!!! ecological ignorance? the village couldn't raise the child.

Egos are made a difference..what it do? I was raised out in the wild.

Running wild through the Babylon wilderness!! some with no options or alternatives.

Haters running files; background checks; brothas wonder where work is.

My embellishments? conspiracy theories that are confirmed will try to hurt this..listened to Dick Gregory on Warren Ballentine..theories were exposed.

Establishments set us up for the okey doke!! now indictments are composed.

Emotions: excitement shown: but it's all a CEO's..but now whose laughing?

Notions and elixirs drunk...had notions.what it do?..acting like we we bring this funk..reality providing material for this math we bring.

Actually..we took a different we bring this different math...rolling on the train of thought...we bring this breakbeat science from Newburg to Johannesburg..even studied the solar's going down from Pluto to Saturn.

From thugs in the hoods!! to herbs in the suburbs!! you should recognize the pattern.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Were We Living?

staying on point in the midst of confusion

How was I living? stayed on point..but was told to embrace the mass confusion.

How was I living? I was told to hug the madness!! like we were at a family reunion!!!

How were we living? things are rough down in Haiti!!! what's the state of the union? asked the fellow traveler for their opinion.

Pennies for their thoughts...adding two cents..role reversal..they said the situation would be a brand new one.

But it coincided with my train of thoughts.. sometimes derailing..coping strategies failing..but God will bless us double for the trouble.. it's all restored.

Reset buttons hit after the pain....what did we gain?..some realize they're in the wrong spot... but we bring Sonic Assaults..points are scored.

Punishment gluttons front..some who the system anoint..soon they'll say they're bored.

Hollywood types stunt..role playing..points scored by the chairman of the board.

How are we living? whose hood with it? the hunt is over..what's up with the paper chase? the cord and plug is pulled.

How are we living? whose good with it? saying they were on the case!! but of course the superthug wasn't fooled.

How are we living? whose good with it? yellow cake was baked then cooled by next level crooks.

Good with it? some fronted and faked their way to the level crooks?

Haters are confronted with next level bars and hooks..but it's basic street funk.

It's the Sonic Assault..similar to dude with the hash on the street in the the Georgia Dome...said he had a fat hunk.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Ugly......Word From A Brotha..

couldn't paint a pretty picture

Bearing witness...things have gotten ugly!! as the earth quakes: called the psychic hot line..they said it's about to get worse.

...Cases of the scenario? in the the barrio, ghetto even in the Governor's office.. it's madness!! but I took it back to the basics..I'm out of the lab with the flavor burst.

Where did he go some ask? The train of thought burst through the Babylon Wilderness...whose the engineer? whose controlling it?

Letting go of the fear..what it do? we go there!! Life Consists of Moving Everything Forward ...we're moving Straight's God I'm rolling with.

Ignored Simon Cowell..we did the damn thing!!! God is in control of this thing!! had to get in sync...had to interface.

Not rolling with fakers...championship rings like LA Lakers?...put me in the database.

Mothership will blast off into space like a shuttle...flying by earth tomorrow..scientists don't know what's up...I stay moving.

A brotha gets funky..the podcast will blast!!! whatcha know? I stay grooving.

A brotha gets the monkey off his back!! I flipped them like Jackie Chan.

A brotha spotted the junkie..he's back on Boulevard in Atlanta..the so called promised land?

A brotha hip hopped..but snap and crunk will be the mode down here in the "A"...

A brotha dropped funk..a veteran now coaching like Pete Carroll.. knowing how to run a play.

Whose Doobie Doo Run Running Away? like Roy Ayers or trying to get away like Earth Wind and Fire.

Some will get slick with it..trying to run a play..but the shot clock will expire.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As We Proceed!!!! We're Rolling!!!!

................train of thought derailed..but back on track.......

As we proceed and continue..train of thought runs off the rails..but we get it back on track..

No help from the National Transportation Board...with God I stay on one we're back...

As we Transcend and's time to roll out...not up in a Honda Accord...the widetrack Pontiac Grand Prix is rolling!

Train Of Thought back on track..rolling like MARTA down here in Atlanta...BART out in San Francisco..maybe on Amtrak if they act right...

Haters couldn't stop me from achieving..all up in the heart of Babylon...dealing with fakes that won't act right..

Made sure my act was right..dropping science..kept some of it for myself..please!! they tried to hook up USB cords and flash drives....I didn't let them take all of it!!

The earth quakes..sign from up above? ..that's what I'll call it..

Go on with your bad self!!! that's what homie was told down here in the A-Town...stacked his paper!!! tried to get it right like Kanye West or even Hugo Chavez...but he balled with some of it.

Dude said he wasn't some of it..said he was all that and a bag of chips...asked what else can you call it?

Meanwhile the Train Of Thought is rolling!!! soul controlling.and y'all know..O-Dog brought the drum with it..part of this breakbeat science..we shorted out circuits and microchips.

Sonic Assaults are launched...not coming up short like Donovan McNabb ....this is a natural steps will a brotha skip..

Towards the Natural Light a brotha dips..but it's not the alcoholic beverage.

Trying to get my mind right!!! diplomatic immunity provides leverage.

Smarter than the average bear like Yogi...not trying to get played like Michael Steele...on the team one minute then they want you off the next...I was hip to the okey doke.

They'll even attack the team bus!!!..but I spotted mirrors used to enhance the fog, mist, and the smoke.

Check the scenario; going for broke; Can We Groove? I didn't wait on further instructions.

Ghettos, barrios, suburbs, churches and government...even over in Israeli / Palestinian settlements...some wait on further corruptions.

From the get go? further destruction is the devil's main purpose.

This brotha let go of some things...The Train Of Thought derailed..but back on track...kept some things for I could work this.

So rough, so tough, like could I hurt this? with the Sonic Assault.

Playing this like a Los Angeles Dodger..Maury Wills but on a cold day in Atlanta O-Zone chills...but hell was caught.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cold Chilling...

.............chilling out...cold day in The "A"................

Falling back..letting God work his will..there's no interference.

Soon calling back...after I "look at the moon, talk to the smoke, and listen to the wind" ..old Native American saying.. there's spiritual significance.

....All up in this operation...our obligation? we're either rolling on the train of thought or floating down the stream of bring this breakbeat science.

Broken beats and english? that's how we're rocking it..the train of thought is rolling...rebuking dangerous minds.

In these dangerous times...nuking the headquarters? the funk is like yellow cake.

Chefs were in hell's kitchen..meals they boil, broil, fry, or bake.

What's good? the skills were nutritional values were in the meals.

What's hood? up in Louisville everybody's name was Tony (Montana?).. conducting shady deals.

Shady like Grady...not like old dude from Sanford & Son..the Brotha O-Zone chills; it's like Keith Sweat....knowing something wasn't right.

Out on Flat Shoals in Decatur, Georgia..spotted the Chevy Impala circling the block..soon at South Dekalb Mall..shootout after the fight...

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...mentioned earlier..O-Dog will rock..while O-Zone drops insight.

Beyond the local drama..we're Intergalactic..out in other galaxies...the Mothership stays in flight..

It's about to jump off!!! what it do? check the weather's ice cold.. word from Al Roker.

Who got bumped off? from Afghanistan to Yemen to Chicagoland, dealing with a foul joker.

What it is man? little homie asked me..I had to tell is what it is..that's the catch phrase.

Cold day in Atlanta while I write this!! reflecting a cold world..but this brotha soaked up Capricorn Sun rays.

This son of God plays it low key..sometimes I fall back just to regroup.

Stay on the one with God's will..the Master's Plan..blessed double for the trouble...we soon recoup.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Hidden Obstacles........

Hidden obstacles appear out of no where!!! it's like bombs in the's like damn!! where did they come from?

In NYC the plot thickens..but we get with them...rocking those and them..when O-Dog comes with the drum.

Who acted like they're drunk off of power? like Michael Steele...or maybe drunk off of Bacardi rum ...then staggered out into traffic.

In Atlanta out on I-285...streets slick from the'll be hard to stay alive..the outcome is tragic.

Meanwhile were Transmitting Live..real, not slick with it...getting suspended..riding dirty in Knoxville? it magic? supernatural? or just a random act.

Check the survival mode..following the street code..Random Thoughts expressed...others not knowing how to act.

Didn't act like they knew!! fronting on a brotha playing we didn't recognize the's easy to get caught up in a cycle.

Didn't act like they knew!!! didn't recognize what passion and love might do.

Didn't act like they knew!!! what the fight will do!! freedom has a cost.

The infrastructure is falling apart!!! we're all up in the heart of it..blending with the smoke and some are lost.

What's up with ya? fronted, flossed, soon getting fired like Jim Mora..or facing the threat of being fired like Wade Phillips..didn't have security clearance.

Hidden obstacles..was the defense ready? trick plays were ran..decoys ran interference.

Rags are off the clearance rack at Macys and Penneys when cameo appearances are made.

Exercising the knack for survival..but you know how it is...institutions delay the situations that are shady like grady? it's easy to get played.

The charade is ongoing!! obstacles are hidden and blatant.

Promises made were empty..all up in the spot...but the premises are vacant.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Industrial Strength..

This is industrial strength!!! like old school factories..mechanical engineering takes place.

Were going the length running like Usain Bolt..maybe Gatlin? ....but spotted a bunch of fakes in the race.

Security left their post..but spotted a bunch of jakes in the place!!! undercover..ready to trump up charges.

Overseas? nuclear yellow cakes are baked...purchased by Iran?.. what's going on over here? Donald Trump will fire you front on basic training sarges.

Excuse me for floating down the stream of consciousness!! like barges on the Ohio River..up in Louisville.

Confusion was the norm down here in Atlanta!! confronted by wannabe macks and I come with this..knowing that from Bankhead to Campbellton Rd that it's way too real!!

On the strength!! like Al B Sure liked to say back in the I back in the way when I ramble on with these random thoughts?

Industrial strength!!! like closed auto plants in Detroit..but not devoid of funk! check the Sonic Assaults.

Reality taught us to never be scared!!! so we play it like Bonecrusher.

Might have caught us down here in the A-Town with TI, Luda, and Usher.

Please!! in your neck of the woods jackers will rush goes down in any community.

O-Zone rolling like a diplomatic because I have Diplomatic Immunity.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Holding Pattern...

What it do? Seems like were over Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta...or in Bakersfield a holding pattern.

Acting like we knew...bringing Intergalactic funk!! straight from Mars and Saturn.

Able to recognize the like old school baptist preachers told us to do..we govern ourselves accordingly.

Haters try to front on us...left the abandoned us like Rose some left telling us where the boundary will be.

Told us to act in an orderly fashion and stop tripping...but were already out there.

Not big pimping!! rocking the thrift store fashion..actually the uniform for spiritual warfare.

As we go there!!! New Year...2010...trying to follow the Masters Plan.

Thinking of a master plan like Eric B and Rakim!! then sync it up with God's will.

Also rolling down I-20 here in Atlanta...up in the hooptie listening to EPMD..."you gots to chill."

Told my people they gots to know the deal!!! listening to WCLK playing Quincy Jones...Just Like That then next up was The BlackByrds Walking In Rhythm..recognize the real..

I heard what the so called powers that be said!!! all they kicked were lies.

I heard the clock ticking..the last hour is folk will get victimized..

Trying to shoot three pointers..but just bricking..others say it's not tricking if you got it..had some of my folk chasing the so called prize.

Not cute..they didn't anoint us...but it's alright..we already broke it down to size...

Others are Going in circles like the Gap Band sang..or even Billy Preston..the apparatus had them stressing.

Some didn't know to look up to God..for the true blessing.

Others play the truth game...confessing to's detrimental to the family.

Intergalactic...but back on this planet, usually taken for granted, maybe somebody understands me.

Monday, January 04, 2010

The Cartel Gathering PT.2

Spotted the cartel gathering..for members only..even had on the jackets.

Not hard to tell who brings the drama...who runs the rackets.

Not hard to tell who the fanatics are; conducting business as usual.

Pardon me..excuse me If I don't fool with them..knowing how they do.

...No pardon for me and my kinfolk..Pharoah won't act right.

Didn't want to let my people go...bringing the drama to your door ...said my folk wouldn't act right.

According to whose standards? as I come back to fight the ongoing madness.

Whose bad like Michael? the Babylon wilderness we fight through...taking care of business.

Peeped the ongoing cycle..ecological ignorance will alter the fate .given instructions for self destruction...what's up in your neck of the woods?

From the A-Town to NYC, from Kabul to Somalia, any respect in your hoods?

Disrespected like Tiger Woods...but trying to make it another one? losing endorsements.

Checked it all a veteran in the coaching...knowing how the sport gets.

Received a warning from the cartel gathering....I was told to abort this mission.

All up in the heart of this! it's math we bring..spiritual significance in this operation.

This Sonic Assault will break up the cartel gathering..their mission was alt shift deleting.

..My people..but plots and schemes we see through..the enemy were defeating.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Out On A Limb.........

..........homie said he heard chainsaws underneath..........

Spotted dude...said he's just trying to hold on..told you earlier about being out on a limb...

Heard chainsaws's like that old school song Hanging On A String by Loose Ends...

The pain causes a chain reaction underneath..but homie maintained a cool exterior..

I knew the deal...caught out there in the the inclement weather.. some say whatever..but we're maintaining..we unleash the Sonic Assault on a so called superior...

Al Gore knew the deal? global warming..acid raining..the atmosphere is polluted...the Pope said you need to act right...

What's the deal? around the globe Al-Qaeda issued warning...embassies soon under siege in Yemen? some folk won't act right...

What's the deal? who has their act right? trying to get their act tight..rehearsing in front of the mirror..what it do? smoke and fog all up in the theatre..

What's the skill? during the ongoing horror and terror I chill..knowing no weapons formed will work..God will deal with a hater..

What's the real? whose gonna be real? hold us down when things get tough?

We'll be hanging on a limb like homie...some will try to front like Roger & Zapp...said they're So Rough So Tough..

Meanwhile beats are banging; seminars are conducted...sometimes the Sonic Assault can be violent..vicious..

We won't be left hanging...O-Dog is studying Big Bang theories similar to hadron colliders ...sonic freedom riders are back with this...

Conspiracy Theories confirmed? ..CD's are burned ...mentioned earlier..vinyl and cassettes are the fuel..

Claiming championships like the Lakers...hitting last second shots like Kobe.. act like you know me...I'm no fool..

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Playing It Like Cameo...Back & Forth

as we go back and forth

Some play it like that old school joint from Cameo..they love the back and forth.

Heard some say it..but what do they know? what do they really want? it's like so on and so forth.

As we proceed!!! go forth!! moving forward...Out There..beyond all of this.

True indeed..I was laying in the cut...had shelter on the moon..but back to earth..all up in the spot!!... haters tried to say it's all that and all this.

But then it got hot!!! Al Gore called this global warming..he was placing a bet.

Like Atlantic City or Las Vegas or project casinos in Park Hill and Beecher Terrace up in Louisville..Hot Boys said the block was hot!! po po rushed the spot..after little homie placed the bet.

What it do? act like you knew.. even Rick Pitino and John Calipari will get slick with it..

The pity party was jumping!! Kentucky beat Louisville..what's up with them? what you see is what you get!!

Word from the street committee!! grape flavored Swishers in the air that were altered.

Whose with me? spotted falling stars crashing and burning..due to ecological ignorance fate is altered.

Where you at? as the world is turning..Texas soon claiming national championships in football and basketball..

Where you at? from Lexington Kentucky to Birmingham Alabama..I heard y'all !!!!

As I drop this Good Word on y'all!! going back and forth..going forth...Random Thoughts on over to Funk Seminars..I'm healing scars with this breakbeat science business.

Spiritual Significance in this operation!! these brothas are taking care of business.

Frontline spiritual warfare business!!! as the apparatus tries to front on us.

Steady Bombardment of the enemy position with this Sonic Assault!! like the U.S. soon taking the fight to Al Qaeda in Yemen..that's what's up with us..

Peeped game...the enemy is in back and in front of us.

Whats up with us? gunfire flies back and Cameo.

We fire cuts, samples, snares, and kick drums..O-Dogs appearance is more than cameo.

Going for what we know...celebrating Palindrome... instead of hearing Sarah Palin drone on and on..

Act like you know about this BreakBeat Science we go back and forth...funk dropped by O-Dog...the good word by O-Zone..

Friday, January 01, 2010

Leaving Concentration Camps

.....................developing escape routes..........

Product is developed in a self imposed concentration camp...check the Funk my Random Thoughts.. developed behind enemy lines.

Ambushed...we were hosed down!!! like back in the day..civil rights protestors in Birmingham, Alabama back in the I'm looking for signs.

Hopes and dreams the opposition in Iran..but now regrouping..a new year..2010..lights shine from up above.

God is in the blessing business!!! realizing that it's all love.

Odd ones stress us!!! pushing and shoving under the basket ..jockeying for position.

Trying to rebound like Dwight Howard of The Orlando how you living?

From Atlanta to Orlando..outcomes are tragic..back to life..back to Soul to Soul.

Toil and strife is all up in the facility!!! ill ones play with your soul.

This is not Disney World!! from the Gaza Strip ...on over to Somalia and Kenya ..actually everywhere, the drama unfurled.

Tabernacles raided for the treasures in the Middle East...similar to King Tut's tombs being rocks are hurled.

Tilt a whirled on the American Adventure ride!! some will fall off like it was Six Flags.

Dude earled!! drunk off the power!!! self inflicted injuries vomiting in bags.

Big homie was fronting..once rolling in Jags..sitting on top of mags..but soon gets jacked up like the Pope.

Blackwater not charged for the flow some are interrupting...that's how it is behind enemy lines..some can't cope.

In concentration camps? you were told you can't hope..but we came up with a strategy.

Product is developed..check this BreakBeat we keep escape routes..ignored haters when they holla at me.