Friday, January 22, 2010

Mass Konfusion; Has It Always Been This Way?

Mass Konfusion was the norm; like the situation in Haiti; ask myself; has it always been this way?

Winning or losing is like the thin line between love and hate; some may relate; but I play this like Brett Favre; as I run this play.

Quarterbacking; in the huddle; ready to run a play; it's all about execution.

GPS tracking? hubble telescoping? I see some experiencing persecution.

Shady Lady macking? first "prostidude" the spot they get other spots they'll beat their chest..saying yeah!!!!

So what's next? legislative prostitution? what's up with the institution? winning or losing? somebody say no..somebody say yeah!!

Racking the balls up on the pool table; similar to the prosecution working on cases.

But O-Dog is tracking breakbeats; all up in the house!! with house, funk, and hip hop from crates and cases.

Not all up in these ongoing races!!! letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Down here in the A-Town!! where macks and divas are in the playoffs like the Jets-Colts..they'll try to run a play.

What can I say? down with over achievers; a veteran in the game now coaching.

What did they say? asteroids and comets on the way? what did they say? Book of Eli the playbook? non believers said Armageddon is not approaching.

Plus underachievers are encroaching; issued injunctions; told them to vacate the premises.

Trying to deceive the masses; I heard a lot of empty promises.

Has it always been this way? whose responsible for this; I'm asking them what it do?

Has it always been this way? this Forensic team brings the forensic rhetoric; telling you what I knew.

...What I knew about it..Going All Out for it..breakbeat science is dropped.

Mass Konfusion seemed to be the norm; has it always been this way? big homie said yes, and it never stopped.

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