Thursday, January 07, 2010

Industrial Strength..

This is industrial strength!!! like old school factories..mechanical engineering takes place.

Were going the length running like Usain Bolt..maybe Gatlin? ....but spotted a bunch of fakes in the race.

Security left their post..but spotted a bunch of jakes in the place!!! undercover..ready to trump up charges.

Overseas? nuclear yellow cakes are baked...purchased by Iran?.. what's going on over here? Donald Trump will fire you front on basic training sarges.

Excuse me for floating down the stream of consciousness!! like barges on the Ohio River..up in Louisville.

Confusion was the norm down here in Atlanta!! confronted by wannabe macks and I come with this..knowing that from Bankhead to Campbellton Rd that it's way too real!!

On the strength!! like Al B Sure liked to say back in the I back in the way when I ramble on with these random thoughts?

Industrial strength!!! like closed auto plants in Detroit..but not devoid of funk! check the Sonic Assaults.

Reality taught us to never be scared!!! so we play it like Bonecrusher.

Might have caught us down here in the A-Town with TI, Luda, and Usher.

Please!! in your neck of the woods jackers will rush goes down in any community.

O-Zone rolling like a diplomatic because I have Diplomatic Immunity.

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