Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Conflict With The World..

They're in conflict with the world; mad at me; what's up with it?? some are even mad at Obama!! like we had something to do with it.

Breakbeat science is what I kicked; didn't just think about it..I just do it.

Saw that we were on the brink of it disaster; trying to move faster; the Toyota Camry dangerous? I'll govern myself accordingly.

Linked to it; diplomatic immunity provided by the Lord; now moving faster; recognized the pattern; where the boundary or border will be.

Illuminati and the new world order will be conducting business as usual.

Where did you spot me? intergalactic with it!!! what's up with it? sky mapping like NASA; mathematics studied; knowing what it do.

Microchips and wiretaps implanted? now whose GPS tracking? plus cloning? knowing what you do.

A brotha dips to the lab; tracking breakbeats; the sonic medicine for what we're going through.

Hard to see what they're showing you!!! in the fog, smoke, and mist.

Heard somebody laughing about all the jokers they have on the list.

In the midst of chaos and confusion in the gray area whose winning or losing?

Dark Mystery of Time and Space studied while I was out there; cruising.

Choosing to take the assignment realized planets are in alignment used the hubble telescope.

In solitary confinement; coping strategies are developed; will they fail us? I maintain courage and hope

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