Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Ugly......Word From A Brotha..

couldn't paint a pretty picture

Bearing witness...things have gotten ugly!! as the earth quakes: called the psychic hot line..they said it's about to get worse.

...Cases of the scenario? in the suburbs..in the barrio, ghetto even in the Governor's office.. it's madness!! but I took it back to the basics..I'm out of the lab with the flavor burst.

Where did he go some ask? The train of thought burst through the Babylon Wilderness...whose the engineer? whose controlling it?

Letting go of the fear..what it do? we go there!! Life Consists of Moving Everything Forward ...we're moving Straight Ahead..it's God I'm rolling with.

Ignored Simon Cowell..we did the damn thing!!! God is in control of this thing!! had to get in sync...had to interface.

Not rolling with fakers...championship rings like LA Lakers?...put me in the database.

Mothership will blast off into space like a shuttle...flying by earth tomorrow..scientists don't know what's up...I stay moving.

A brotha gets funky..the podcast will blast!!! whatcha know? I stay grooving.

A brotha gets the monkey off his back!! I flipped them like Jackie Chan.

A brotha spotted the junkie..he's back on Boulevard in Atlanta..the so called promised land?

A brotha hip hopped..but snap and crunk will be the mode down here in the "A"...

A brotha dropped funk..a veteran now coaching like Pete Carroll.. knowing how to run a play.

Whose Doobie Doo Run Running Away? like Roy Ayers or trying to get away like Earth Wind and Fire.

Some will get slick with it..trying to run a play..but the shot clock will expire.

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