Friday, January 15, 2010

The Battle Cry...PT.2...

Lord help! Lord help! that's the battle cry!!! I borrowed old dude's slogan.

My folks in Haiti need help!! these days? a brotha has to use old dude's slogan!!! it's and my people are just trying to get open...

These days? haters try to abuse it!!..or them...running off at the mouth...they trample on rights and priviledges.

These days? haters try to get their gamble on!! what it do? trying to make a fast buck in these villages.

Fate is altered by idiots!!! ecological ignorance? the village couldn't raise the child.

Egos are made a difference..what it do? I was raised out in the wild.

Running wild through the Babylon wilderness!! some with no options or alternatives.

Haters running files; background checks; brothas wonder where work is.

My embellishments? conspiracy theories that are confirmed will try to hurt this..listened to Dick Gregory on Warren Ballentine..theories were exposed.

Establishments set us up for the okey doke!! now indictments are composed.

Emotions: excitement shown: but it's all a CEO's..but now whose laughing?

Notions and elixirs drunk...had notions.what it do?..acting like we we bring this funk..reality providing material for this math we bring.

Actually..we took a different we bring this different math...rolling on the train of thought...we bring this breakbeat science from Newburg to Johannesburg..even studied the solar's going down from Pluto to Saturn.

From thugs in the hoods!! to herbs in the suburbs!! you should recognize the pattern.

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