Saturday, January 02, 2010

Playing It Like Cameo...Back & Forth

as we go back and forth

Some play it like that old school joint from Cameo..they love the back and forth.

Heard some say it..but what do they know? what do they really want? it's like so on and so forth.

As we proceed!!! go forth!! moving forward...Out There..beyond all of this.

True indeed..I was laying in the cut...had shelter on the moon..but back to earth..all up in the spot!!... haters tried to say it's all that and all this.

But then it got hot!!! Al Gore called this global warming..he was placing a bet.

Like Atlantic City or Las Vegas or project casinos in Park Hill and Beecher Terrace up in Louisville..Hot Boys said the block was hot!! po po rushed the spot..after little homie placed the bet.

What it do? act like you knew.. even Rick Pitino and John Calipari will get slick with it..

The pity party was jumping!! Kentucky beat Louisville..what's up with them? what you see is what you get!!

Word from the street committee!! grape flavored Swishers in the air that were altered.

Whose with me? spotted falling stars crashing and burning..due to ecological ignorance fate is altered.

Where you at? as the world is turning..Texas soon claiming national championships in football and basketball..

Where you at? from Lexington Kentucky to Birmingham Alabama..I heard y'all !!!!

As I drop this Good Word on y'all!! going back and forth..going forth...Random Thoughts on over to Funk Seminars..I'm healing scars with this breakbeat science business.

Spiritual Significance in this operation!! these brothas are taking care of business.

Frontline spiritual warfare business!!! as the apparatus tries to front on us.

Steady Bombardment of the enemy position with this Sonic Assault!! like the U.S. soon taking the fight to Al Qaeda in Yemen..that's what's up with us..

Peeped game...the enemy is in back and in front of us.

Whats up with us? gunfire flies back and Cameo.

We fire cuts, samples, snares, and kick drums..O-Dogs appearance is more than cameo.

Going for what we know...celebrating Palindrome... instead of hearing Sarah Palin drone on and on..

Act like you know about this BreakBeat Science we go back and forth...funk dropped by O-Dog...the good word by O-Zone..

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