Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of The Union? We Keep Movin!!!

.............going in..actually in it now..up to our necks...

..Even authorities are in over their heads,some recalling vehicles; heard on the radio calling for back up.

Territories are raided with the Sonic Assault;O-Dog is like Radio Raheem...Do The Right Thing!!...deliveries are made...beep beep beep! the truck will back up.

Telling these stories about gamblers out for a fast buck; others left trying to get a Pell Grant..any miracles on 34th Street?

We're scramblers like Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham or Vince Young ..train of thought is rail grant from the step ahead of alt shift delete.

Ramblers off at the mouth get dealt with;now playing it like Bruce search of a surrogate.

Catching the blame? big homie from NYC dipped down south,US Marshalls looking for him...time was running out; dude said he's sure of it.

Catch the name? O-Dog, he's got the cure for it; there's not a problem he can't fix in the mix.

The State Of The Union? rekindle the magic? O-Zone saw that it's all game!! Shady Like Grady..tore up the list of demands..the habit a brotha kicks.

Burned the book of procedures!! those slick with it and sick with it composed it.

Burn baby burn!! Disco we proceed and continue..knowing the devil is opposed to it.

Learn baby learn!! the good word is composed; O-Dog brought the drum with it.

Earn baby earn!! but some are deceived..but a ghetto pass was received, not thrown by Brett Favre; but this brotha will run with it.

Classes are concieved; funk seminars; brothas are using the basic street funk.

The home town is relieved!! like the Saints in the Super Bowl!! the fast break was finished with a dunk.

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