Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Going Down....More BreakBeat Science....

It's going down!! O-Zone has the Good Word!! O-Dog the funk demonstrations.

It's going down!! doing what we do!! ignoring those that haven't stopped hating!! representing lame duck administrations.

It's all game!! that's what's up with them!! confusion and frustration is the norm.

Whose to blame? the Gulf of Mexico is a mess!! call it a hot mess!! cold air meets hot were facing the storm.

Intellectual masturbation? who has the lotion? now meeting scorn.

Spiritual significance in this operation!! I had a notion the funk is reborn.

What's up with this? whose heart was broken? "ain't no love" hearts are torn apart!! duct tape wouldn't fix it.

What's up with this? jackers weren't joking!! from a remote location they'll fix it.

Surrogates were hired with another use for the duct tape!! but it wasn't for construction.

Pure hatred shown!! transpired!! stated it was business not personal!! but that's the main motive used for corruption.

Lines are baited!! some swallowed them hook line and sinker!!

Spots are raided!! no mistakes allowed!! a crook changes lanes without the blinker.

Blood clot mouths delayed it!! snitching!! chinks in the armor are spotted.

North, south, east, west: they played it!! mad thinkers schemed and plotted.

Fabrics rotted!! money lost on stocks and bonds!! whose raggedy, tattered, tacky in the scheme of things?

Cash not allotted!! not funky fresh in the flesh!! now ready to scheme up on things.

Friday, May 28, 2010

They Were Caught Up!!

Player partners in crime get caught up in the chain of events.

Prayers sent up before I start the day!!! whose in the food chain? dangerous times we live in!! the so called chain of command circumvents.

Others make a circus out of this!! Obama can't put on scuba diving gear!! spotted village idiots and court jesters.

Whose gonna work this out? the village couldn't raise the child!! circumstances got the best of us.

Whose caught out here and out there with the rest of us?

Trying to make do like Judge Mathis said!! in the intro to his show.

Life is rough!! it'll make you say "no justice no peace" like the civil rights whatcha know?

Playing your hand..what did you show? these gamblers are out for a fast buck.

Others are going all out!! trying to blow up the Nissan Pathfinder truck.

Please!! what are you on? the math can blind ya!! just like the science mentioned by Thomas Dolby..others are stuck..they didn't recognize the pattern.

O-Zone was out in another zone!! act like you know me!! out beyond Pluto, Mars, and Saturn.

O-Dog is using Dolby stereo..chopping, bruising, breaking and battering beats ..intergalactic funk is dropped.

From out there and down to earth!!! the best of both worlds.

Spiritual warfare continues to go down! whose on the frontlines when the drama unfurls?

American adventure!! tilt a whirls and roller coasters..but not a love one like the Ohio Players talked about.

Ain't no love..morale was low!! plenty of haters stalked about.

Crime scenes are white chalked out plus I spotted yellow crime scene tape...

The hooptie was dipping down I-75 in Atlanta..refusing to be caught up..making the great escape..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Heard The Cliche...It Is What It Is!!

It is what it is I was told!! some things we had to accept.

Please!!! a bruh didnt like the status!! check this!! so for progressive liberation I'll step.

They tried to make me a's they're blaming the BP oil spill on Obama...but I'm Playing it like R Kelly!! I stepped in the name of love.

But haters are playing games in this territory!! they act like Obama can put on scuba gear and go turn the switch..but things didn't switch..the morale is low .."aint no love"

Playing low post in the paint!! Dwight Howard..Kendrick Perkins..they push and shove!! it goes down from in foreign and domestic fronts..from North & South Korea Newburg & Johannesburg.

Who you trying to start with? it goes down from Wall Street to y'all's street out there in the burbs..

From down here in Georgia!! Decatur where they say it's greater!! on up to Cashville.

Rolling down Muhammed Ali up in Louisville in an old Oldsmobile Cutlass..what's up with us? that's the deal.

Is that the deal? gamblers out for a fast buck deal us a bad hand.

Is that the deal? getting sent up like Kwame Kilpatrick..or were caught up in drama like it's Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Caught up in a jam !!vessels get jacked like dealing with pirates from Somalia.

Caught up in another jam at the O-Dog Podcast!! the style? more funk for ya!

Might dunk for ya on the fast break!! rock it like Lebron or D Wade.

No mistakes played like Delonte West!! meanwhile the hood is like the Wild Wild West..Kool Moe Dee plays in the background..little homie circled the block in the Impala..for the cash flow? games are played.

Your homie is one who keeps a low profile!! chilling in my compound.

Act like you know me!! intergalactic...haven't stopped rolling like the Atlantis..a bruh is up in a soundcloud..but I drop back down to earth..coming with the sound.

Earth is ground zero!! were all up in the spot!! where reason gave way to madness.

What's it all worth? it is what it is? heard the preacher say this is the season for the madness.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sick With It...Slick With It..The Sonic Assault Edition..

They tried to get slick with it!! confusing us with the fine print.

The contract gives and takes away!! haters go all out for the US Mint.

The contract is null and void!! things get ugly...even Lebron is ready to move on..breath mints are needed for those with the belligerence.

No contact from the second hand smoke of those weeded? plus weed and water carriers!! others were sick with it!!! it's jumping off in Kingston!! fates altered by ecological ignorance?

No contact from extra terrestrials!! their comet crashed into the sun!! spotted when we were out here and out there!! so now I'm Moving Straight Ahead.

No contact with those that hate!! I rock the baldy but I just might blast!! I have the personna of a dread.

As I come back with it!! side streets taken instead of the main highway...dipping from Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip...I found a shortcut.

Homie said I was even Slick with it!! like a lawyer who found loopholes.

Sick with it? mad scientist with the breakbeats!! O-Dog will loop those.

O-Zone will scoop those for the Good Word!! there's no Information Overload.

In this zone? snitches come out of the woodwork!! violating the street code.

My discrete mode bewitches some!! putting in this good work!! they said it's sleeper cell therapy.

O-Dog is hitting switches on sonic weaponry!! blasting on those who are part of the conspiracy.

A bruh is hitting pitches!! curves, fastballs and sliders.

Hank Aaron or Willie Mays style!! old school!! but futuristic intergalactic freedom riders.

Whose fair in the game? Sick With It...Slick With It..society plays a bruh the other way.

A veteran in the game now coaching like Phil Jackson.. didn't get here just the other day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

So Called Experts........

So called experts were supposedly putting work in!! said they could even fix Deepwater Horizon...results remain to be seen.

Rolling deep like Verizon networks!! rolling like fresh and so clean clean!

Funky fresh in the flesh!! but as I'm observing the scene? other issues are spotted.

So called experts strategies weren't working!! not worried about them!! even though they schemed and plotted!!

Some were trying to fix things that aren't broke!! even fire the coach like Mike Brown!! just to keep they're hustle going.

Then they try to get slick with me!! knocking my hustle like Palin vs Obama..I'm just going for what I'm knowing.

It's like poker or spades!! my hand I'm not showing..might be holding trump cards.

Big and little joker!! ace of spades!! Trump played his cards!! meanwhile the funk is played..O-Dog's beats thump hard.

O-Zone will hump hard!! ...dealing with Monday Morning Blahs!! but it's like it's the middle of the week!!blue collar like Pittsburgh!

...Or Akron and Detroit back in the day!! not devoid of funk like Sir Nose mentioned by the goes all the way back to Newburg.

...From Newburg Road in Louisville to Candler Road in Decatur GA!! to Beatties Ford up in Charlotte.

Edgewood in Jacksonville!! West End in Nashville!! Hunters Point and Fillmore in the Bay Area!! who started it?

....All up the heart of it!! from Wall Street to y'alls street!! chilling in restricted areas.

Ignored orders to report to those areas that were designated!! more drama than N.Korea vs S. Korea...we checked the scenarios.

It's going down in Jamaica!! from barrios to ghettos!! to Palestinian to Israeli settlements.

Check the usual suspects..from herbs in the suburbs!! corporate CEOS to religion..even government experts think they can settle it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

.....In The Dark...

Listening to the Isley Brothers..big homie was hearing footsteps in the dark.

Whose listening? told them I was rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top!! for those waiting in the dark.

They were waiting for answers!! I found some in front of me when I looked up.

But some haven't stopped hating!! Yememi clerics talk junk ..on the other side Rand Paul talks junk..what do you expect from Kentucky? some kept trying to front on me and you!! in hell's kitchen? bad meals get cooked up.

Plus the books were cooked up in some corporations!! now we have trouble on Wall Street and the EuroZone..some took their money off the top.

Side bets made by gamblers out for a fast buck!! hoping we abort operations!! they want to see us stop.

They want to see us drop out of the race!! told us to come home from the space station like Atlantis..or didn't want us to keep up.

I got wise to the set up!! peeping game!! spotted haters trying to creep up.

....Wasn't sleep up in class!! I did the I pass it on.

...Ghetto passes get issued and revoked!! it's like Bangkok..danger zones are in transition.

Letting go!! another love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass said ...but the vehicle has a slipping transmission.

..But from the get go we've been Transmitting Live with the hardcore style.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position..making things hard for the foul.

Absorbed the hard foul when I drove to the hoop!! unlike the Orlando Magic..points are scored.

Observed the funky tracks will get looped..but not the one society anoints..not on one accord.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Drama Went Down...

The drama went down!! folks knew what happened!! but I'm not surprised..nobody was talking.

Whose really down? a breach of trust? ....a lot of folks are snitching all up in the spot!! others hounding!! but said they weren't stalking.

I'm not worried about them..they should worry about me..they were fronting like North Korea..they're in denial!! said they're not chalking it up to experience!!

Credit is bad!!some said they can't charge it to the game!!knowing what the deal is.

Found out it's's bad!! didn't ask Michael Jackson who was..some tried to convince me it's all good.

Found out I'm somewhat radical with this!!! from Newburg in Louisville to Decatur's all hood!

Putting this breakbeat sound out!! aka revolutionary intergalactic's got to be good.

Grounded out!! in the in field!! like Rand Paul running off at the mouth..bunts instead of homeruns!! so what's good?

Back in the day experiences all good? please!! I wouldn't say that.

But knowledge was gained from the experience...I ease on down the road like the Wiz...I know how to play that!

Heard me say that!! where? from Taxi Cab Chronicles to Gangsta did I respond to those?

The Lord had me!! he blessed!! the old school baptist preacher told me the devil will oppose.

The drama went down!! I chilled, remained composed during the process.

From Louisville to Oakland..Atlanta to Afghanistan..reason gave way to madness.

What's the deal? ignored the apparatus!! Jed Clampett didn't know what it do.

The drama goes down!! what's the score? act like you knew!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Waiting......Whose Hating?

My folk were waiting for answers!! what's the deal? artificial life..intelligence? some were even waiting in the dark.

Whose hating? devil dancers!! any leadership in intelligence ?? capers pulled..po po stalking!! spotted Crown Vics and Chevy Impalas..waiting in park.

Whose hating? McGruff barking up the wrong tree? taking a bite out of crime?

Whose hating? enough of the swagger jacking!! some were taking a bite out of mine.

Whose debating? too much oil in the Gulf of Mexico for swagger surfing!! talking about how fly they were?

Whose relating? sitting at Tea Parties with the dagger lurking!! waiting in the the midst of spiritual warfare.

Hopes and dreams they're shattering!! still hating!! drama they spark when they go there.

Others gave up..raining too hard? the sun scorches? they entered the mode of least resistance..didn't want to go there!!

Matches or torches used to light the fuse!! I even heard the tick tick boom.

Batches of funk with insight are dropped!! as we attack the temple of doom.

Whose getting sick up in the room where you at? Ecological ignorance will alter the fate of those caste under a spell.

Wizards and witches implement rules and regulations..the recipe for disaster; coping strategies fail.

I ignore the legislations!! rambling as I Sail On like the Commodores.!!

Those gambling are out for a fast buck..their game is peeped when they came through the door.

Registration sheets are filled out!! along with scan sheets ...but no ghetto passes are issued!

Some haven't stopped hating!! in these streets? the block is hot!! those waiting in the dark? we missed you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Didn't Want Us To Have Any Rest!!

Sanctuaries are under attack..even the environment is hit up..they don't want you to have any rest.

Not fronting like big bank Hank!! even the Euro is messed up!! with these? a bruh is struggling!! but the Lord still blessed.

The board of directors still stressed!! even though the bill for Wall Street reform is dropped..they were worried about a profit margin.

Disrespecting the masses..who are catching hell!! based on what they're starting.

Wanna be starting something like Michael Jackson!! too high to go over!! too far to go under!!

....Stuck in the middle!! out in the inclement weather..the rain and the thunder.

What it do? we're playing this like an OK City Thunder..Kevin Durrant.

...Gave the LA Lakers a run for the money!! but like a scientist?..Phil had a cure for it.

...Noticed fakers hired a surrogate!! word from Bruce Willis!! whose gonna take the weight?

So called movers and shakers had shady deals for us!! who will continue to take the hate?

Who will continue to take the bait? I guess punishment gluttons.

We proceed and continue!! in the lab with Roland and Yamaha keyboards!! turning dials and pushing buttons.

Answering questions for those asking what's up with him!

The Brotha O is putting messages in the songs..figure the cipher out!

Middle passage descendant!! acting brand new with it!! this funk..haters we're waiting in the dark..trying to turn the light out.

Sonic revolutionaries hide out in compounds and secret gardens until the right time.

Haters were tripping!! but I'm in the right mind.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Worry About It!! PT.2

Told not to worry about it..but from Thailand to Iran the saga / struggle continues..why did we think it would end?

The earth keeps spinning on its axis!! out of control like the Galaxy 15 satellite? somewhat intergalactic...O-Dog is back with a blend.

O-Zone is the salt of the earth!! it's hard to keep track of this my friend....don't worry about it!! might need to stop it.

In this zone..what's it all worth? especially after we see how hot it'll get.

All up in the spot!! it'll get ugly!! in search of a Doomsday Safe Haven like under the Mojave Desert? choose your poison!! what's the strategy?

All up in the spot...not worried about them...they should worry about me..this bruh will be chilling..that's what's up with him!! holla at me.

All up in spot...anotha threw a dolla at me like they did Chrysler!! thinking I would step in line.

Going along with the program? some will..but had to admit a bruh is out of step with mine.

But I will take a step with mine!! going for what I know!! it's on!

As the planet revolves!! problems The DJ O-Dog solves!! fixes up in this zone.

Its on!! the sound is like a old dude fumbling to get to the .38..a problem solver? as we kick this!! the sound is blasting.

Going in!! blogging!! dropping the Good Word!! plus a bruh is podcasting.

Peace everlasting? I doubt it!! please the saga / struggle continues.

Vehicles exploding, crashing and burning!! oil leaks like the Gulf? please!! drama is on these menus.

Sending messages to you with the songs!! as the saga / struggle continues.

What it do? coming through with the Sonic Assault!! a bruh defends you.

O-Dog blends you the brand new funk!! with elements of house and hip-hop.

Plus he rocked out!! he couldn't quit and couldn't stop.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still Making It Harder Than It Has To Be...

We made it harder than it has to be!! some were just sitting around.

....Waiting for answers...tried to make it harder for me!! they saw me getting down.

Whose waiting for dancers at the disco inferno? strobe lights flashing!!

Dancing with devils or wolves? in the hood homies had weapons!! they're flashing.

Frontline spiritual warfare business!! sonic weapons were stashing.

Front on mine? what it do? taking care of business!! were sound clashing.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position!! they started it.

In the glove compartment of the hooptie? CDs were sonic bombs!! the sound is blasting!! we're in the heart of it.

....."Ain't no love" morale is low!! wanted no part of it!! just a bunch of negativety.

In the paint under the basket they push and shove!! like Big Shaq in his prime.these days? no help for what's the deally?

Showing restraint..not going ballistic..some might feel me on this.

Defiant!! though rocking this intergalactic funk..O-Dog is up on this.

Who lied about it? even disrespected the president.. spotted the bus rolling up before being thrown under it.

Who lied about it? no justice no peace!! the jail? thrown under it.

Not going under with it..the Titanic..please!! it's rough at the other coping strategies failed..meanwhile I dipped in a life boat.

Not making it harder than it has to be!! we're just looking for the perfect beat and the right quote.

What it do? working harder..just might tote a sack full of that Good Word.

Just might tote a track full of that funk!! like dude in the hood with good herb.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Had The Math For Them...

Had to laugh at some!! they see me!! but don't understand the steelo.

Had the math for some...the Sonic Assault is blasting off like the Space Shuttle Atlantis..but others weren't understanding this negro!!

...Or African we go through the motions in Babylon.

Nothing fair!! once again in love or war!! others said there "ain't no love"..any emotions shown in the danger zone?

What's really going on? one of my Sources Of Illumination.. were things too good to be true? they probably were!!

Check out the next episode!! once living heard saying it is what it is! Schwarzenegger said he'll go there!!

O-Zone went into stealth mode!! will there be Law & Order even though the series is cancelled? I dipped from the pundits and critics.

Could have went ballistic like Red Shirts in Bangkok!! but knew the outcome!! retro-futuristic.

Actually O-Dog did go ballistic!! check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Came with the Sonic Assault!! explosive devices were detonating.

Hell was caught!! you'll get fired like Mike Woodson! some haven't stopped hating never expected them to.

But I'm not mad at them!! they're a victim of circumstances in Babylon..knew what they've been through.

Messages I'll send them to you in the is handled.

Before it handles us...Passages through the middle taken...others were faking!! with fate they gambled.

They say I rambled on!! but check the riddles up in these scriptures.

Random thoughts led to the Good Word!! meanwhile O-Dog has the funky mixtures.

Peeping game!! similar to Hubble Telescopes!! taking pictures of Mar's Craters!! the pictures were abstract but I figured the cipher out.

Underestimated!! didn't know a bruh might go all out.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Business Gets Handled Before It Handles Us!!

Business gets handled before it handles me..not playing it like Lebron;I stayed a step ahead.

A bruh checks the score.... sometimes I slow it down..but not like Tyler Perry does..I was too far ahead.

Slowing down so the universe can catch up with me!! but no final voyages like the Shuttle Atlantis..who understands this? by a few degrees I was off.

It's more than six degrees..messed up the GPS!! out of sync on purpose ..but now dude is going off!

Sometimes off my rocker!! outside the box..I had to admit it.

What it do? what's up with the math? the derivative? sometimes a hustle knocker will try to leave us confused and frustrated.

But this chief rocker has always been hated by society!! so I blast back.

Whose belief? man please!! O-Dog rocks them! bringing a funky track.

For whose relief? man please!! it's for my people..they were waiting for answers; held back by rules and regulations.

Whose achieving? man please!! going rogue like Facebook? my people are going all out!! putting work in!

Tired if hurting !!tired of the pain!! please!! it cuts like a knife.

Maybe its because of the dagger in my back..similar the the O-Jay's Backstabbers..played during the ongoing toil and strife.

Crops are planted in fertile soil...but like life? things get dirty and messy.

It never stops!! the saga / struggle continues!! even those whose hands are dirty will stress me.

Will calling Mom help? when haters prepare a test for me!! that this brotha will flunk on purpose.

We couldnt rest!! we couldn't we continue to drop funk with a sense of purpose.

Work is put in!! blue collar style!! with mechanical engineering.

Rebuking the hostile takeover..theres' no loathing or fearing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cliches Play Out In Front Of Me!!

Cliches play out in front of me...the left hand didn't know what the right was doing.

My folks get played out!! others tried to front on me!! bringing insight!! that's what I'm doing!

What's it doing? some were in the darkness..they strayed out in traffic when the lights were green.

You know they'll get hit up!! but I'm going in!! hardhat with the lantern on top was worn!! while observing these scenes.

Others try to hit us up!! oil spills in the Gulf..they tried to point fingers like oil company exectives.. so called dream teams? the best of the best?

Peace be still? it only lasted for a while!! we can't get any rest.

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! God still blessed his children.

What's up with us? we kept it moving!! unlike Tiger Woods; we weren't through dealing.

But actually we are through dealing with those who are caught up!!

They were playing around with the devil!! dealing with the so called Black Swan..what it do? what were they on? that's how some got caught up?

Thinking of a master plan? Random Thoughts up in the dome are used.

Getting on the one with the masters plan!! what's up man? like Smokie Robinson we cruised.

Tried to roll without him? aura and ego bruised bruised during the process.

Protecting my soul!! doubts about him? the Brotha o!! I ignored that and this.

How did I roll? steady bombardment of the enemy position ..sonic weapons we deploy those.

Cliches play out in front of me..the old school baptist preacher said the devil will oppose.

Monday, May 10, 2010

On To The Next..

They didn't "holla back at me" I guess it's all over with.

Life goes on...time keeps on ticking..ticking..ticking like Steve Miller...what it do? a clean shaven Dr. Phil said to get over it!!

Whose sticking with the wheeler dealer? getting over the hump with them.

Whose tricking because they've got it? worldwide!! from the A-Town to Louisville!! jackers might dump on them.

Didn't play around with them!! getting stumped with them when questions were asked.

Wrong answers given? others waiting on them!! they were even waiting in the dark..some were rushed by haters that were masked.

In the limelight others basked..some played the role Lena Betty White on SNL others were fronting..resigning like Gordon Brown...charges get trumped up!! it's the by product.

Got my mind right!! once a rider!! that was my conduct.

Got my mind right!! who conducted themselves in an orderly fashion?

Slick like BP oil spills...20 20 hindsight used when looking into the future!! with Titans I'm clashing.

Might even by Tennessee Titans...rained on..but the sky will brighten..whose questioning my fashion? didn't have polyester and gators on!! like I was from Detroit.

Second guessing? asking? I'm searching for dark matter..I'm dashing across the universe..I fill the void.

Because I feel the void..the gray matter in the gray area.

Sometimes peace will be still!! avoided the drama..worst case scenario.

But paying for it in the next episode!!from the streets of the barrio, ghetto and suburbs.

Haters paying for it!! complex street code..knowledge put to use by herbs.

O-Zone curbs his appetite!! herbs and spices didn't enhance things.

Me and O-Dog put work in...all about making advances.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Your Friendly Neighborhood Burglar

they already said I was a crook!!

Moments were stolen like a burglar!!! they can't put me on the clock.

During the process? beats are broken!! O-Zone wrote this Good Word!! O-Dog came to rock.

During the process? some are joking like it's Comedy Central!! or Betty White & Jay-Z on SNL...but it's serious.

Others are stressed out!! going all out!! mentioned earlier "ain't no love" ...people push and shove...shootouts leave some dead in Rockdale County...others up in central booking in Dekalb County..acting delirious.

Old girl in the old school Caddie Fleetwood Brougham rode down Candler Road..said she's too blessed to be stressed!! but she didn't act like it.

Drama unfurled!!! somebody asked me what's up brougham? told them I'm all about progressive liberation..rolling discrete up in the hood!! how did some act? they're right up in it!

Drama unfurled!! whatcha know man? how did some flow man? they said Taliban in Pakistan was behind the New York drama..I see darkness is present...some were waiting..I shined the light up in it!

....As I cut the corner!!rolling down Cleveland Avenue in the A-Town..they say homie got jacked!! it's tragic..folk are trying to fight all up in it!

Plus the Hawks got jacked by the Magic!!! ....meanwhile work is put in!! didn't cut corners or take shortcuts...unless dipping from authorities.

Down here in Georgia...a police state? badlands..hostile territories?

It's Going down!! like Iraq or Afghanistan!! or even like Israel vs peace in the Middle East?

...Actually drama can jump off anywhere!! it's like the Wolverine's we continue to fight the beast.

Drama even jumped off in front of City Hall East on Ponce De Leon in Atlanta!!

Meanwhile the funkarama will jump off!! O-Zone and O-Dog will jam for ya.

We don't understand ya I was told!! but some people's minds weren't open.

As I drop these scriptures..somewhat biblical like we get with ya...plans are put in motion.

Stolen moments were put to good use!! we're working this.

What it do? recognize the spiritual significance.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Making It Harder Than It Had To Be PT.2

................some were just sitting ducks.......

Making it harder than it had to be..while others were sitting ducks..what's up? didn't know moving targets were hard to hit.

From the Swat the hood...Swat is in the alley..others were lame ducks in the administration...all up in the heart of it.

It's all game....Get Low Like Little Jon and Ying Yang..a brotha ducks down like Buckshot....due to the buckshots.

Just blame the automatic weaponry like in Ohio..and IEDs..all up in these spots.

Just name your usual spots...Afghanistan..Iraq or even India.

Connect the dots....please even in the hood they'll get foul with ya.

Correct the errors in these spots? I doubt if we can...Lord Have Mercy!!

Lord Help!! that's my battle cry..horror and terror is the business...Rebuked The Hostile who'll work with me?

Thats a damn lie!!! I heard the prosecutor tell the judge about me.

That's not gonna fly he said!!! the jury of my peers will doubt me.

Didn't matter if I was a fly the hood..or Out There beyond the International Space Station or getting played like I was out in the suburbs..with herb or gus.

My thoughts people do when gunfire is heard...but some will be sitting ducks.

Played by gamblers out for fast bucks looking for victims of circumstances.

Stranding some out there....down to their last bucks...they were taking risks and chances.

Caught up in Debatable Circumstances being built or torn down?

At the dances with the devil....listening to heavy metal or the horrorcore sound.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Thrown To The Wolves or Thrown Under The Bus?

They threw us to the wolves!! I heard them howling!! some folk will dance with them!!

Minnesota Timberwolves or the Wolfpack from NC State? it's like whoever!! can we advance with them?

Taking a chance with them? caught up in a chain of events ..I don't know...I spotted buses rolling.

It's easy to get thrown under them!! whose soul controlling?

TARC in Louisville...BART out in San Francisco..Marta in Atlanta...they're rolling!! I even spotted short school buses!!

Hope they don't need oil from Deepwater Horizon...who are they surprising?...spotted Greyhound!! rolling down I-95..little homie had work..who'll get played like a clown in the circus?

O-Dog will play the sound!! the rebirth of this!! the brand new funk.

O-Zone playing it like Lebron or D-Wade!! with a brand new dunk.

..but minus the D-Wade drama with his ex-wife and Gabrielle Union..what's the state of the union? I'm in the this the new crunk? no..this is some other other.

Not playing around with these folk!! getting gaffled like the pirates Russsia caught..I'm a revolutionary type of brotha.

Not playing around!! a bruh is no joke!!not joking around with Betty White like Jay-Z..I was cut from anotha or different cloth.

Laying it down in the lab!! putting in the good work..for those waiting on answers..brewing the elixir..the broth.

Playing the sound! sonic rehab takes place!! O-Dog is going off!

Staying down for the cause!! a bruh is not in sync with this world!! the timing is off!

Off by a few degrees..please believe me it's more than six.

Going off with these!! it's the retaliation!! breakbeat science is what a bruh kicks.

Nicks, cuts, and scratches on the mothership..what's up with it?...those waiting in the dark tried to vandalize!!..but were still rolling!

Once again it's on!! heard those folks had a plan..we'll be thrown to the wolves or thrown under the bus....but I'm not fooling with them.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Word To The Wise!! For Those Waiting For Answers..

Word to the wise was given!! whose waiting for answers? but advice was given by the wise and otherwise.

Observed how some were living...wheels of the bus turning or wheels of fortune? they're going all out for the prize.

Skipping on the down the yellow brick road!! but it was gold plated.

Like flea market jewelry...Ice Ice Baby!! ...iced down!! it's cold!! actually the game is!! how some played it.

I see a jury of your peers!! plotting and scheming! hope you prayed about it.

Acting brand new with me! after the repercussions!! when others played you out for it!

I drop Diplomatic Immunity type scriptures!! laced with percussions that have the message.

Dipped back to the community!! whose up in the mixture? ..discussions had the message.

Listening to street corner philosophers!! like Jesse Ventura..discussing conspiracy theories.

Some of them confirmed!! discrete mode used!! whose snitching with the wrong priorities?

Lessons learned..they were wrong for them and those!! hostile territories influenced them.

Lessons learned..microchip acting brand new with them.

Snitches acting like they knew them!! but it was just a fabrication.

Pitches were thrown...sportscasters gave us the elaboration.

Fascination was expressed by the audience!! they like to hear about trainwrecks!

Misery loves company!! everybody feels how intense the pain gets!

As the rain gets heavy!! Al Roker told us.

Whose mad at me? not laughing at the joke that's told us!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Wheels Of Fortune or Thrown Under The Bus?

Wheels of fortune turning!! or is it the wheels from the bus?

....That we're thrown under..shady deals go down!! some tried to get over on us!

Underground railroad running..word from Harriet Tubman!! was momma thrown off the train?

With the sound? the truth is told..carrying a sword..using breakbeat science..some were waiting in the dark..some are going under from the pain.

It's going down!! I'm just trying to maintain!! but there's always interference.

It's going down!! not much to gain in this territory!! due to ecological ignorance.

It's going down!! pain when I tell this story!! some say it's belligerence.

Its going down!! the condition my condition is in!! just bear witness.

The Lord? I'm petitioning while in the heart of this!! Lord Help! Lord Help!

....On one accord...trying to stay that way..will any humans try to help?

Please!! they cant afford to!! not these days!! they have their own problems!!

Peeped game..what will corporate board of directors do? create more problems?

Contribute to the confusion!! swaggers get jacked!! like luxury cars in the hood! whose winning? whose losing?

Daggers put in backs!! as the wheel of fortune turns!! in the home of mass konfusion.

Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones are heard!!what's the word? No Satisfaction are we getting!!

Holla back atcha!! after getting thrown under the bus!! what's up? was history repeating?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's All The Same!!

Same doo doo...different can tell by the smell.

What it do? caught out here and caught out there!! is it a Greek tragedy? coping strategies fail.

Some are waiting in the dark...they didn't ring the bell or the alarm to warn you!!!

Some will be wise to the set up!! seeing what global warming will do.

Al Gore gave us the score!! like ESPN or Fox Sports..but some ridiculed.

More information will be provided on the six o clock news ..the masses were fooled.

Big homie said he ruled..actually part of the new type gangsters.

Games played on another level!!! beyond those of typical hood pranksters.

International bankers multi-national world government? recognize the pattern.

Irrational? some collaborate to do damage...but somehow we manage...we I bring this!! even though intergalactic..but trying to avoid black holes..spaced out like Saturn.

Irrational thoughts that were scattering in the wind are collected like bad debt.

From those chasing the wind? errr..I mean chasing dollars? .. they'll get caught out there!! when priorities shift.

As the Mothership lifts off into the galaxy!! peeping game like the Mars Rover.. next stop Pluto.

As a broh gets scientific with it in the lab!! then drop back down to should know how it go!

But some don't know!! next thing you know they're caught out here and out there.

What it do? just consider them collateral damage in the ongoing spiritual warfare.

Going there...putting it down!! using the sound as a weapon.

Back down to earth!! but recognize the's a ball of confusion.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Rules & Regulations PT.4

Rules and regulations are implemented..but "something just ain't right" ....word from Keith Sweat!

Fools up in the spot are crooked!! demented!! what's up with it? some were waiting in the dark...others reaching comatose..ready to quit or forfiet.

Things have gotten hot!! but I couldn't quit!! my full potential hasn't been reached.

Global warming affected players from the Himalayas!! some waited for answers..some tried to get away!! tires screeched.

As we span the globe!! brainstorming!! tipping points reached after the straw broke the camel's back.

Inclement weather in the south...even out West!! but anointed cowboys acted cool!! smoked Camels..but actually Broke Back.

Mountain top some who are delirious? armor and shield cracked!! stripped of medals or stripes!! like Chuck Connors in Branded.

...Or like Marion Jones and other honors..left out here and out there..windshields cracked on the hooptie..authorities peeping game...out in Babylon stranded.

But now the Mothership has landed!! broken beats and English is what we come with!!

Taken for granted in this zone!! who followed through with the empty broken promise?

Stranded in Babylon!! following rules and regulations..others ignored them..ecological ignorance altered the fate..

O-Zone didn't fool with those hating..rocking this before it's too late..

....with broken english aka slanguish..mixed with scientific principles..confusing the enemy.

Pain and anguish dealt with!! praying and cursing!! some are confused by this entity.

Playing it like a scientist calculating longitude and age pimping.

Those with rules and regulations called me player player!! they saw me limping.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Saturday / May Day Edition...

Saturday in the A-Town rolling down I-20 listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104.

I heard "when you get right down to it" by the Delfonics...what more are you asking for?

Check the score....Hawks still in the playoff? doesn't get any better than this!! but actually it does.

Could be up in Louisville...Derby Day!! but check out the next episode for what it do and what it does!!

Some have a buzz!! what's the deal? you heard me? while the mode of least resistance was entered by another.

Whats up cuz little homie said?? ...over on Candler and McAfee in Decatur, he was related to a brotha.

Actually he is part of the brotha!! but not always on the same page.

Reality causes some to use different strategies!! even though we feel the same rage.

Dude tried to say the Ice Age was over!! like Al Gore..what's the score? slick like oil spills in the Gulf!! but his hustle was knocked.

My attitude was not on par with the status quo..especially when I used mental the bruh O-Dog rocked.

In the hood dude got his hustle on!! once again it's on!! but slum dog millionaires get clocked when contraband was flipped.

....Was on the Eastside like the Jeffersons..but the block got hot back to the community he dipped.

Meanwhile O-Zone slipped through portals..into other realms and in another galaxy.

Off in another zone!! a bruh helms the Mothership!! were rolling with this breakbeat exposes fallacies.

A pundit said I'm foul with these!! similar to a Euro Trap? what did they know?

On the one with this..brought thew good word and the drum with this..but taking a look at the big picture..going for what I know.