Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Peace Wouldn't Be Still

Peace wouldn't be still!! it's like the GOP vs Obama.. it was trying to see what drama was up to!

Please!!! you should know the Quentin Tarrentino / Stephen Spielberg or Aaron Spelling melodrama will corrupt you!

Whats the deal with this Louisville / Newburg brotha? I'm spelling it out for ya like Sesame St.

Wannabe mafioso felt the urge ; whose bailing out the snitch? the homies said don't let them catch dude out in the street!

Whats up with me? some ask...said I was rude when we meet; another angry black man?

Whats up with me?  please!! peace wouldn't be still!! its rough out here for a black man! 

Actually rough on a brown and yellow man; actually any man as long as things are run by the Illuminati!

Peace wouldn't be still; that's the deal from the ATL to Cincinnati!

...On over to Louisville; out to the Bay we deal with the mass hysteria!

Peace wouldn't be still from Libya to Afghanistan; to Somalia...whats up with ya?  check the scenario!

Nobody will be fair with ya in love or war; we should know the deal!

Damn!! actually it doesn't surprise me...that peace wouldn't be still!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Jadakiss & Styles P......Punch Line Masters Mix Tape..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Jadakiss & Styles P......Punch Line Masters Mix Tape..

Caught Up...I Was Bearing Witness

Peeping game;I was chilling....others were Fast and Furious like the ATF..please!! I was bearing witness; no need for details of the redemption!

Or maybe Fast and Vin Diesel and them....please believe a bruh.. I already knew God is in the blessing business; diplomatic immunity is exercised...please be advised.. use your exemption!

Unless some kind of deficiency symptom is involved; then like Gaddafi karmic repercussions are dealt with!

O-Dizzle shows efficiency with the drum; messages are sent with the percussions..somebody felt it!

What's the dizzle? the reign begin with a drizzle...whose caught up in a storm? .similar to Hurricane Irene..up in the middle of the left and to the right of it? bear witness to the color scheme! 

What can brown do for you like UPS? what's the business...I'm  in the hood dealing with Fast Black; they're running the team!

Might even be running the scheme...but cell phones were tracked by GPS; authorities were peeping game!

Whose running from their dream? but in hostile territories cells are sleeping in the game!

The funky drummer is drumming!!! O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live..creeping up in the game; bear witness to the results!

Who'll run up on ya? now your under the influence of other clones in these cults!

Soon Caught Up...microchip implanted...doing the system's bidding....carrying the water and the weed..

Meanwhile O-Dizzle was brought up on the funk...R.I.P James Brown!! these games we'll get down...the mothership has landed..bear witness to the garden that started with a seed...

True indeed...the meal is prepared..check these can feast like Ramadan being over..

True Indeed...this is for my peeps who are Caught Up....we're bearing witness to the fact the saga / struggle continues....for those that ask what's up with a brotha...the hump? a bruh is trying to get over!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Listen To Lil Wayne- Carter IV

.......listen to Lil Wayne...Carter IV.....courtesy of Black Planet..

Lil Wayne- Carter IV -

Caught Up.....It Was Easy To Get That Way

It was easy to get Caught Up in the flow of traffic;  like on I-285 in Atlanta...but soon we strayed off the path!

Please!! I was brought up to be independent! I  wasn't chilling with those that stayed off the math!

Some stayed in the path of the storm like Hurricane Irene..they stayed in trouble..feeling the wrath!! but I'm all about peace like the Dalia Lama!

What's up with this brotha? I was peeping game like the Hubble Telescope; trying to avoid the drama!

But drama royalty ruled up in the spot where reason gave way to madness! 

Some played it like Gaddafi's family dipping to Algeria...others were caught up in the mass loyalty is shown to them;  so I felt the backlash!

...I was knocked off balance....I had to get myself together; like Peyton Manning I'm off the injured I'm back with this!

O-Dizzle rocked!! but whose understanding this?  haters show malice; authorities will use GPS to track this!

Playa playas said they were the mack in this or that territory!! but they were just fronting!

...Supposed to be heavy hitters knocking home runs; but I found out they're just bunting!

....Meanwhile I was caught up gathering and hunting; it was like The Gap Band.. it felt like I was going in circles!

....Upgraded the style;  check the math I bring as I work these and those!

Blue collar style like old school Detroit or Pittsburgh!

Caught up in situations that were foul but moving on; word from your homie from Louisville / Newburg!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Time

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Time

Caught Up In The Matrix PT.2....But We Proceed and Continue...

Just left the probation office;  it seems just people of color are caught up in the system!

Caught up in the matrix; whose faking it?  caking it up.. then sold another one out!!...said they were going in getting it in...going all out; so how are you living?

Reality checks are issued; some are waiting on Ben Bernanke to wave a magic wand...what are we on? time wasn't forgiving...we should know how it go!

Please!! were dealing with flagrant agents..Shady Like Grady....please!! what's the word from  Rick Perry and Bank of America?  we should know how it go!!

 Peeping seems were in indentured servitude to these banks; paying car notes, mortgages and credit cards... Pharoah won't let my people go!

As we proceed and continue; listening to Kenny Garrett and Pharoah Sanders Intro to we holla atcha..were making it!! but we'll face storms like Hurricane Irene..please believe me life is hectic! you didn't know?

As we proceed and continue; were making it!! noticed freedom making an intro to Africa..from Libya to maybe Syria...but during the toil and strife were disrespected!

As we proceed and continue...were making we spray this knowledge..the area is disinfected...

As we proceed and continue; we disconnected from the mainframe but like millions affected by Hurricane Irene we experience technical difficulties!

As we proceed and continue; high and low search of the God Particle like CERN...dark matter...anti-matter... we studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space...moves made are magical or mystical; these brothas are not caught up in a cult; not these!

We focused on what really maters..what did we learn? .bear witness to what a son of God will do..who felt those and these caught up in the reign of terror?

The reign began with a drizzle; plans, hopes and dreams fizzle; soon caught up caught out there!

I'm peeping game; all around me I see casualties of the ongoing spiritual warfare!

Usain Bolt disqualified Sunday's semi-finals in the world championships Usain Bolt is disqualified!! check the link...

Usain Bolt disqualified; USA 1-2 in decathlon

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Transcend and Transform Mix

....summer madness's been rough...but we're gonna make it..we'll transcend and transform..

The Transcend and Transform Mix

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Notorious (rmx) f. Kardinal Offishall, Skillz & Shad

.........whatcha know about DJ Jazzy Jeff besides seeing him get thrown out of the house on The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!! please!! he's one of the world's best on the 1s and 2s...check this joint out featuring Kardi..Skillz and Shad...courtesy of 2dopeboyz

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Notorious (rmx) f. Kardinal Offishall, Skillz & Shad | 2dopeboyz

Gaddafi Was Fond Of Condoleezza Rice album of Condoleezza Rice found in Gadhafi's compound..check these out..

PhotoBlog - In the ruins of Gadhafi's lair, rebels find album filled with photos of his 'darling' Condoleezza Rice

Getting Back In Sync PT.4....Dealing With The Syndrome - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Getting Back In Sync PT.4....Dealing With The Syndrome - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Wasn't Feeling It PT.2......I Had Company...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Wasn't Feeling It PT.2......I Had Company...

The Storm

The storm was cutting up; they say Hurricane Irene has hit land...the winds pick up..I could here the thunder and lightning!

Check the normal procedure;  O-Dizzle is rocking with ya...chopping and cutting up beats while O-Zone is enlightening!

....As we enter the hostile territory the inclement weather is frightening to some!

A sleepless night / rough week on Terra Firma?  whose an evil one? they couldn't work with us!! we fight back with the drum!

.....Noticed some tried to dip to Terra Nova in the stolen Nova Slick Rick mentioned!

.....Noticed some called themselves holding it down!! but they slipped into a coma waiting in the dark; soon honorable mentioned!

Broke due to the economy but still paid attention to the inclement weather approaching!

Broken beats and English hit up a hater who said whatever;  this is word from a veteran now coaching!

We're encroaching on the promised land was supposed to be Atlanta..but I don't know..we're refusing to be stuck in a karma loop!

Out there in the storm; soon in the shelter trying to Warren Buffett with Bank of America....I'm chilling drinking a soda that comes with the chicken noodle soup!

Peeping game like the US and Israel knowing the scoop about Syria's cache  of weapons of mass destruction..

Whose sleeping in the game?...soon caught up and caught out Javaris Crittenton...or maybe even Jordan the midst of the storm?...some ignored orders for evacuation..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Carter 4 Mixtape.....Lil Wayne...

....The Carter 4 Mixtape...courtesy of We Got Now Mixtapes & Datpiff...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Wasn't Feeling It

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Wasn't Feeling It: I wasnt feeling it!! plus the mood was still enhanced from August 12/13 by the full moon! Whats the deal? not up on the Titanic ..refusi...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rare Earth....Losing You

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rare Earth....Losing You

Damn Here We Go Again! It Doesn't Quit...It Doesn't Stop!!

Damn here we go again!! the storm approaches like Hurricane Irene..meanwhile I'm taking a moment to write this!

Whats up with them? the drama is like the West Bank and Gaza Strip..we're up  in it!! all up in the spot were reason gave way to madness...facing opponents; we continue to fight this!

....On the left and on the right of this is the opposition; they're on a mission to destroy!

Certified devils advocates who ain't right!!  they'll play you like a toy!

Working it on all levels; tracking this with GPS; trying to holla atcha boy!

Hurting it on all levels but a bruh had to fight back like Roy!

...Roy Jones Jr that is...all up in danger zones; they are from Atlanta to Kandahar and back to Louisville!

Word from a Louisville bruh chilling in the ATL; whats the deal ? clones and cyborgs are running it...its time to go back to the real!

Zones were running in? they're monitored by security cameras and GPS.

.....Cell  phones  let one know where we are; curiosity will kill cats!

Drones will Kill Bill from Pakistan to Chicagoland; idiosyncrasies accepted!

Tones, bass and treble are adjusted; just an idiot with secret policies that are demented?

What was I on? felonious reasons for my policies being circumvented like Obama's?

Erroneous with the answers? while others were waiting in the dark where the drama is!

So what's the business? ....what's the deal? damn here we go again!!

So what's the business...please!! up the stream of consciousness were flowing...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ramsey Lewis...Sun Goddess..featuring Earth Wind and Fire......

summer madness doesn't stop!! WCLK 91.9 in Atlanta played this when I was on the way home from the 9 to 5....had to hear it we hit the masses up with this classic material...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It's Going Down PT.4

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It's Going Down PT.4: In the midst of the chaos and confusion similar to Tripoli ... its still going down! Summer madness is in full affect when I wrote this; w...

Caught Up In The Matrix....

Caught up in the system....but soon crashing like the Russian Spacecraft...soon victimized by glitches in the matrix!

Caught up in the system...some are through dealing; victimized by snitches that faked it!

I was chilling....laying in the cut...but heard all the lies; but ditches are full of those that faked it!!  from Louisville to Atlanta....from Afghanistan to out in the woods of Sumter South Carolina!

......From Newburg to Johannesburg;  from Pluto to Saturn.....where did we find ya?

Probably somewhere caught up in the ongoing Summer Madness of 2011 that's going down when I wrote this!

Not the Summer Madness referred to by Kool and The Gang...let me tell you something;  life is hectic!! you can quote this!

Around the castle or compound? the moat is full of alligators like this was Florida!

But compounds get raided like Gaddafi' funds get know some still hated..but the podcast will blast!! O-Dizzle will rock with ya!! he'll get down!!  haters get hit up with the blackjack for trying to front on a bruh!

The earth will quake like the East Coast..not trying to brag or boast...but the past, present, and future is studied; O-Zone has a knack for doing the knowledge.

As we proceed and continue;  once caught up in the matrix..but now dipping through the universe; the mothership gets good mileage!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Were Under Attack PT.7

I got the phone call...heard the voice mail;  the message wasn't good!

In danger zones? we were under attack..because we opposed the agenda that wasn't hood!

Compounds get raided like Qaddafi's...a bruh is transmitting live from a remote outpost..whose posted up eating? that wasn't food that has nutrition at the dinner table! 

Whats good? damn!! not more confusion and the oil soon flowing from Libya...a loser or a winner? now rebuking the fable!

The enemy was nuking the spot!! now the earth quakes like the East Coast...its all unstable; damn!! I was just minding and tending!

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...they were trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield.... I was good word dropping and beat blending!

Playa playas were asking honies who you wit? sounding like Bernie Mac!

Economists holla at Ben Bernanke....that's word from Morgan Stanley..what it do?  who'll understand me? meanwhile I'm saying prayers for soldiers at Grady in the ATL and University Hospital in Louisville; casualties were on gurneys in the back!

Also at Shands in the Jax and St Johns in Detroit; contracts are null and void!! so I avoided the madness...or trying to stop it...I took journeys; now I'm back!

Check the blends; O-Dizzle will rock with ya..he's not devoid of funk!! just check the track!

We're under attack!! but a bruh chills; mends and heals the wounds suffered during the ongoing summer madness!

Soon we fight back...coming back like Showtime at the Apollo.. please!! we know like Apollo 18 the mission will be dangerous..but were back with this..

Once fatigued but now relieved; now dressed in Nike Air Maxs and a black Louisville Cardinal T-shirt!

Haters are intrigued by the way we do our thing; they see us still fighting..they thought we were hurt!

Human League players showed their true colors..but I knew how they would I keep my guard up..

Locked out by the league like NBA players...but O-Dizzle rocked out in response to the attack..we weren't hard up!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ashford & Simpson .....Any Street Corner

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ashford & Simpson .....Any Street Corner: R.I.P Nick Ashford

Ashford & Simpson .....It Seems To Hang On......

R.I.P Nick Ashford......passed away Monday at the age of 70...check out this classic cut from Ashford & Simpson.....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Rock With Ya Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Rock With Ya Mix: ........summer madness continues...were just trying to rock with ya....check this mix out... The Rock With Ya Mix
The Rock With Ya Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Acting Real Special...

.....word from part of the conglomerate

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Acting Real Special...

Good Luck With That.....Hope That Works For Ya

Peeped game...saw how it was going down; some will get drafted like Terrelle Pryor by the Oakland Raiders.. I told some good luck with that!

They creeped up in the game like the rebels over in Libya;  I told them I hope that works for them..they said things were phat and all that!

Will offensive and defensive linemen block for them..get hurt for them? its all about teamwork..fall on the sword for the emperor!

As we go on the offensive with this; but we ran into opposition like Israel's Iron Dome..seems things don't work!! were just trying to even the score!

Then we might search for more;  a portal opened I'm trying to slide through!

Then we fight like in South Sudan;  we might get hurt....we got more!! checked the casualties; what are we going through? 

Checked out those acting casually ..flash mobbing like Machine Gun Kelly...but they were saying it ain't nothing!

Told them I hope it works for ya; because theres always gonna be something!

Who'll get hurt for ya like Lil Wayne skateboarding?  it's always we try to stop the madness...

Who'll work with ya? you'll be caught out there...waterboarding in Gitmo.. should have known from the get go there would be a problem during the ongoing summer madness....

But some said they were the baddest...they were going in getting it in...

I told them good luck with that.....I hope it works for them...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Summer Madness Continues...It's On and Popping PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Summer Madness Continues...It's On and Popping PT.2

Getting Back In Sync PT.3.....Right Place Wrong Time? - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

....summer madness continues...check this word from part of the conglomerate..

Getting Back In Sync PT.3.....Right Place Wrong Time? - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Stop The Madness PT.2.....The Weird Energy

There was a weird energy floating around; I couldn't put my finger on it!

Stop the madness was my outcry!! a weird entity because I couldn't wrap my mind around it..with my Scorpion aura with a stinger on it?

Stop the madness was my outcry!! I roll up like Libyan rebels on Qaddafi over in Tripoli...I  keep it moving ....refusing to linger on it; I just do what I do!

Fanatics say this breakbeat science is an outright lie!! fronting on me like Karl Rove vs Obama....but it didn't stop me...Oh yeah I'm cool with myself; listening to Steve Arrington..nobody can be you but you!

.....Transmitting Live from a remote outpost in the galaxy...Plutonian Type funk dropped on earthlings..... but I didn't fool myself ....I knew everybody wouldn't be able..I took the old school preachers advice!

Haters will get foul with me....I didn't believe the fable...I'm knowing what the dirty work I'm peeping game...charges will get dropped like Strauss-Kahn's .... theres a weird energy floating around;  it ain't nothing nice!

Do not attempt to adjust your dial..we're transmitting live with the hardcore style..not falling apart like the Oakland Raiders..we're trying to stop the madness...we were going in; didn't think were in it up to our necks!

Trying to stop the madness....soon caught up; caught out there!! now were cashing reality checks!

Trying to stop the madness...but caught up in the weird energy that's floating around!

Trying to stop the madness..caught up...but far from a weird entity; as we proceed and continue... breakbeat science is the vehicle;  its going down!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stop The Madness!!!

As we proceed and continue; we receiving blessings..... Deo Non Fortuna!

True indeed!!  summer madness is in full effect; what's whats up with ya?

True indeed !! what's believed?  Herbie Hancock and Prince mentioned thieves in the temple...we need to stop the madness;  the buck stop here!

True indeed!! peeping game..seeing what a pimp will do..the Thievery Corporation even mentioned a culture of we go there...the masses were deceived by a gambler out for a fast buck; ripped off ...then he dipped out of there!

Seeing what a pimp will do...corporations were thieving..profits were taken offshore...whose keeping score? Its going down from Afghanistan to Columbiana ; jokers need to stop the madness!

From Chicagoland to Gary Indiana; from the ATL to Louisville...were back with this!

....What's up man? it's going down from Tripoli Syria....whose trying to trip with me? transmitting live  from a remote outpost...we brought the blackjack with this; somebody will get hit up!

What's up man?  we go back to work like Verizon workers...back to work with this!! we try to stop the madness; we were wise to the set up!

As we show up and show out like the old Apollo theater talent the summer comes to a close; the devil will oppose is the lesson!

...Knowing the mission is dangerous like Apollo 18....but jokers like Rick Perry are still hating....but we weren't relating...check how the funky drummer is doing business; plus the good word is dropped...class is in session!

Haters need to stop the aggression!!  all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness..

What's the deal? it's way too real..basically they need to stop the madness!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

What In The?

What in the world is going on? ... I ask that question...even though I wanna use stronger terms!

....From the world of revolutionaries with dashikis and Afro picks to wannabe pimps rolling in Cadillacs rocking gators and perms!

In other realms fanatics like the Memphis 3 were created when sperm is shared with the daughter of chaos!

Word from Kat Von D or maybe Kim Kardashian ?  in other realms mathematics were studied by Doctor O; the game will not be decided by a coin toss!

The blackjack is the weapon of choice...teaching a lesson; of course theres a message in the music!

The snapback is back per Tyga and Chris Brown; theres a message in the music!

....Should you choose to accept the assignment;  a line from Mission Impossible that comes to mind!

Time was put to good use in solitary confinement; this breakbeat science comes to mind!

The sweet science like boxing...O-Dizzle is rocking; drums find their way out into the atmosphere!

The street science was studied; what's the dizzle? noticed hustle knocking  like Wall Street  and  GOP candidates..forces were internal and external; .frontlines for spiritual warfare are everywhere!

As we go there..we proceed and continue; casualties are remembered in our hearts they live forever!

As we go there mysteriously traveling like Weather Report; whats the forecast? what  in the what? it seems the storm will last forever and ever!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Transmitting Live Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Transmitting Live Mix: summer not attempt to adjust your dial..O-Dizzle is transmitting live with the hardcore style...check this mix out... Tr...

You Heard The Cliche....It Is What It Is PT.2

So whats the deal?  you heard the is what it is!

Sometimes that's unacceptable; soon it's like Libya..whose caught up in the spot where reason gave way to madness?

But were back with this!! a bruh brings the rebuttal concepts are intergalactic like the Atlantis Space Shuttle!

This is breakbeat scientific..real with it; an armchair quarterbacks strategy was revealed in the huddle!

What it do? it is what it is peeped game in Clarkston Georgia spotted the Cambodian Sur 13 gangsters!

American dreams turn into nightmares; its real!!! not dealing with Comedy Central pranksters!

It is what it is; like Gary Dourdan... hillbilly heroin and crank was the poison chosen by some!

No hero or heroine needed per Tina Turner; O-Dizzle brought the noise in with the drum!

A fast learner saw the reign storm began with a drizzle;  those in denial refuse to believe it is what it is!
Check this next page as the world turner; updated Nat Turner didn't believe the empty promise!

 Feeling the rage the Ice Age is upon us like the Iceman Cometh.. now hitting some up with this good word and brand new funk..

It is what it is? that's unacceptable..minds engage as we drop this breakbeat science..reality caused the ego to shrunk..

Atlanta residents getting crunk? I don't know...please!! life is hectic...

No peeps are disrespected...

Georgetown Bayi rockets China brawl fight

Georgetown Bayi rockets China brawl fight - YouTube

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

....True Indeed

......I asked them whats up? they were like Rick Perry...they said they were!!  told me true indeed!

But it's business as usual..the system is what's up? who has a plan? some basked in the limelight while others were in need!

It's business as usual...meanwhile I planted a seed in secret gardens; now I'm waiting on the harvest!

Peeped game; secret squirrels were planning to attack like Libyan rebels...why did they start this?

Whose part of this conspiracy?  folk smiled in our faces  like The Undisputed Truth...but might be part of the setup!

Haters say it comes with the territory. .but I'm dedicated to the truth..I was wise to it..the occasion? I rise to it..I can't let up!

True indeed; we were knocked down but we get up; now its going down like this and like that! 

True indeed!! O-Dizzle rocked the sound while O-Zone broke it down letting you know about it....this and that!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ R to Da Izza presents Nas, The Journey of a Street Disciple Mixtape

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: DJ R to Da Izza presents Nas, The Journey of a Street Disciple Mixtape

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Breaking You Off Something PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Breaking You Off Something PT.2

Sticking To The The Original Plan

What it do? sticking to the original plan; it's part of a bigger one..I'm even still parking lot pimping!

Still doing the knowledge; the mothership gets good mileage... turning a complex thing into a simple thing!

No Lord of the Rings or pricking fingers type of thing; even though this is scientific!

Wasn't dealing with the drug overlord down with Mexican cartels..please!! I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the Honda Accord; back in the day the Buick Regal or Cut Dog; a bruh is retro-futuristic!

....Slipped the through the cracks...played it .like Libyan rebels..dipped through the portal;  a bruh whose intergalactic with this!

....Oops upside the head of a fanatic!! I used the blackjack to do this!

...Acting like I knew this..peeping game; like the GOP in 2012...I see haters try to bum rush the spot!

Creeping up; said they're on a come up....something about blowing up the spot!

It gets Hotter Than July per Stevie Wonder; August when I wrote this...summer madness is in full effect!

We act like we knew!! still pimping when we come back with this; sticking to the original's part of a bigger what did a fool expect?

As we proceed and continue...moving onto to the next...time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...into the future...

 Word from Steve Miller.. O-Zone is a real dealer...act like you knew a bruh!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Game - Born In The Trap [prod. DJ Premier]

...summer madness continues...Game on a DJ Premier track? check this out!!

Game - Born In The Trap [prod. DJ Premier] | New Hip Hop Music & All The New Rap Songs 2011 | HipHop DX

The Jones Girls ......Nights Over Egypt

...summer madness continues....listening to WCLK 91.9 here in Atlanta....they played the live version of this....nice!!! classic material!! this song has been sampled so many times...check this out!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Uncertainty « omanxl1 live

....word from another part of the conglomerate...

Uncertainty « omanxl1 live

*New* DJ Premier Mix Show recorded on 8/5

*New* DJ Premier Mix Show recorded on 8/5 [Listen @RealDJPremier]

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: War .......Slipping Into Darkness

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: War .......Slipping Into Darkness: "Summer madness continues...whose slipping into darkness? check this jam by War....I like the beginning when they sound like church deacons a..."

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Back Down To Earth...The Mothership Has Landed (Re...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Back Down To Earth...The Mothership Has Landed (Re...: "......I can see lights blink on the instrument panel; damn!! they indicate that I'm stuck! Summer Madness is in full's going d..."

Getting Back In Sync PT. 2....It's Prime Time - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Getting Back In Sync PT. 2....It's Prime Time - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster
Getting Back In Sync PT. 2....It's Prime Time - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster
The Mothership Has Landed Mix; Reloaded

The Mothership Has Landed Mix; Reloaded

The Mothership Has Landed Mix; Reloaded

Caught Up In The Chaos and Confusion PT.2

It's business as usual....chaos and confusion reign supreme..all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness!

It's business as usual....whose caught up? situations get hot like over in Syria...who'll succumb to the mass hysteria?.. now joy turns into anger or sadness!

Danger zone residents realize the structure is falling apart like the 17th Street Bridge in Atlanta..or maybe the stage at the Indiana State Fair...wheres the duct tape?

O-Zone dipped down I-75;  now down here in Georgia; another corrupt state!..

Just left the so called Commonwealth of Kentucky...Mitch McConnell representing...many are unlucky because theres no common wealth!

The moves we make are stealth; trying to maintain our spiritual and physical health!

Whose Caught Up? chasing the material wealth left some of us stranded out there where reason gave way to madness!

Casing the joint looking for escape routes; might not see us until November like Tiger Woods; trying to get our minds right!! now were back with this!

Casing the joint...things are tight in these hoods!! but the actor or actress played their role;  but they were just fronting...I could see behind the scenes; behind the curtain!

Casing the joint...I noticed that chaos and confusion reigns supreme; everything is not working!
The reign began with a drizzle; O-Dizzle did his thizzle...he's rocking its on and popping!

In the midst of the chaos and confusion noticed untruths from Michele Bachmann but O-Zone is speaking his truth; I'm not quiting or stopping!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Caught Up In The Chaos and Confusion

....Business as usual..its more of the same...just like mortgage fraud; it's more chaos and confusion!

Whats the deal with this? you should know what it do!! like the Hadron Collider its scientific; it's just like cold fusion!

O-Zone is a Mysterious Traveler like Weather Report mentioned ...a freedom rider; meanwhile O-Dizzle is using the sound; a fusion of jazz, funk, and hip hop; with elements of rock and house!

Danger zones are like Libya...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position that occurs!! Doctor O will rock the house!

For those that ask if theres a doctor in the house? London calls in Bratton for advice on the riots..meanwhile I told haters there's no reason to lie to us..questions answer themselves! 

We didn't wild out like youth in Philly with their flash mobs....but we took old girl and old dudes advice; we went on with our bad selves!

O-Zone has a book or sack full of the good word; O-Dizzle pulled funk off the shelves...he had a whole garage full..

The antidote for danger zone residents Caught Up in the middle of the drama...the system will barrage a fool!!

The phrase that pays or the quote manages to fool the masses...that was word from Ames Iowa in the GOP debate..

Off in another phase...another dimension.studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space..peeping game...whose Caught Up in the chaos and confusion? oh yeah!! they should feel the hate...

We're going search of better days....the train of thought is rolling through the stream of consciousness..

We're going off...overcoming the chaos and confusion...check the breakbeat science...our response to this...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Final Destination 5 Trailer

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Final Destination 5 Trailer: "Final Destination 5 in movies today!! check the trailer..."

Common Ft. Nas ....Ghetto Dreams..

....summer madness continues...providing the fuel for real hip-hop?

Steve Arrington ........Nobody Can Be You But You...

.......summer madness continues....don't lose yourself...don't fool yourself..nobody can be you but you!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Caught Up...Under The Influence

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Caught Up...Under The Influence: "Whose under the influence? soon Caught Up ...then got caught out there; now trying to lawyer up! ...Some find a conduit...found a portal t..."

Yeah Man! I'm Gonna Need For Y'all Ta............. what's up? like the Perseid Meteor Shower I took a good look at the picture; now its like yeah man! what's up? accused of being a crook after some read my scripture; they said yeah man? 

"I'm gonna need for y'all" to do the math.. East coast..West coast..Midwest; down south? they'll throw the book atcha!! have you all up in correctional facilities!

...If not hospitalized at Grady or University...or maybe six feet under; worldwide US commandos fighting secret wars roll up on ya in 75 countries; some act surprised after first questioning the abilities!

Please!! I'm not surprised; as a brotha rides down I-20 in Atlanta; listening to Six Foot Seven Foot by Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz!

Next up was the new Lil Wayne and Drake She Will...yeah man!! I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention to what's going down!!..but some said they kept their eyes on the prize trying to stay caked up; its all about the funds!

I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention..what's the deal? check the doctrine..some can feel the heat..but it's not like the Quincy Jones Body Heat joint.....The Court Of Appeals for the 11th Court said it was false; now who succumbs the the gossip lies and innuendo?

Yeah man!! were rocking them!! slap them upside the head with the blackjack for acting like they know!

Yeah man!! I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention as we teach them a lesson; its like this and like that!

Yeah man spiritual warfare is going down!! peeps over in Great Britain were cutting up!! we have to fight that!

Whose waiting in the dark? as we light that torch to lead them out of the's like the Libyan rebels making moves...

The hooptie is at the compound waiting in park for the next time we ride out...fighting battles like Cowboys and Aliens...but in the meantime were chilling....O-Zone is typing this good word and O-Dizzle is making grooves..

I'm gonna need for y'all to pay attention..robber barons aren't giving but taking..yeah man!! it should be obvious...

But it's going down y'all.....we won't get cut like Tiger Woods... we won't quit or stop this..

But we didn't have on blinders ...big balling? you won't find us...things are tight in these hoods...we're keeping it real..

You'll just find us putting it down like this.. what's really good? giving the people something they can feel...

Lil Wayne - She Will (Feat. Drake)

Lil Wayne - She Will (Feat. Drake) Official New Music 2011 - YouTube

Cutting The Corner

Rolling in the hooptie on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia; your homie was dipping!

Whose waiting on the truth to be told? please!! I  passed up the Caddie Brougham and Stankin Lankin that were cutting the corner; those fools were tripping!

These earthlings are good at cutting corners during the ongoing process..bear witness to the GOP debate; whatcha know man? told to get your game on!

Get your mind right!! the good or dirty work will bear fruit;  the treasury? some will loot!! but they won't put their shame on!

....Refusing to sign their name on the dotted line; they could give a hoot about the repercussions!

Confusing the masses when they see crooks rewarded for their behavior; meanwhile we supply the flavor with the good word and percussions!

..Oh yeah!! we heard the discussions; the knowledge dropped was off the chain!

Oh yeah!! the word on the curb was delicious; but it wasn't nutritious so it'll be hard to get off the pain!

During the ongoing process? shade tree mechanics cut corners causing accidents!! now spectators get off on the train wreck...the reign of terror! horror; whose in search of a better day? maybe tomorrow like The Jacksons but like Mike some need to look at the man in the mirror!

Check these interactions; industrial strength type of mechanical engineering takes place we weren't cutting corners!

....Unless were in the hooptie in street mode waiting on the truth to be told; cutting across boundaries and borders!

The O-Dizzle loop will be funky ...old Yamaha four track recorders are now out of's analog to digital...

What's the dizzle..the Brotha O will get we bring this breakbeat science to ya...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Madness Continues...So Here's Another One...PT.2

...Here's another one trying not to come undone like Tiger Woods at the PGA championship.. I was wise to the set up!

....Here's another one...Summer Madness's tight in these hoods..not asking have you seen her like the Chi-Lites;  she dipped during dark nights; she's gone like Hall and Oates said; but I was wise to the set up!

...Not basking in the limelight; rolling like the Dark Knight; except I'm more discrete with it!

Louisvillian...West End and Newburg type dude..getting my mind right..dipped on I-75 in the Buick Regal like it was a hypersonic chilling in the I'm more street with it!

Accused of being a Louisvillain down here in Decatur Georgia; doing the math..cutting the corner over on Glenwood Rd in the Mercury Marquis like the other homies!

Guilt by association? please!! I studied the dark mystery of time and space..I'm more intergalactic as I roam these galaxies!

Guilt by association? Spotted fallacies aliens with genetic mutations from Pluto to Saturn!

Plutonian type funk is ammunition when I dipped back down on earth; these earthlings a bruh is battling!

But in the mothership aka the hooptie the trunk is rattling; listening to Bell Biv and Devoe talking about that girl is poison!

Talking about you can't trust a big butt and a smile..but home girl said yes you..said she's a ride or die chick like Lee Grace Doughterty...she brought the noise in!

But its easy to lose your poise like over in London / Birmingham in these Babylonian episodes!

Soon endeavors are null and void; now were dealing with another one..all up in survival modes!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diplomatic Immunity Mix

........summer madness continues....haters try to roll up bringing the drama...but we're blessed and highly weapons formed against us would work!! we've got diplomatic immunity!! a haters best choice is to make inquiries about a diplomatic solution to any issues....check this mix out...

Diplomatic Immunity Mix

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dilated Peoples..Worst Comes To Worst (Video) peeps..Dilated Peoples..Worst Comes To Worst...cameo appearance by Guru...R.I.P...

Evidence ..Ft. Fashawn ........Same Folks (Video)

...Ev...from Dilated of my favorite groups from the West Coast...holding it down with Fashawn..

....this is the kind of shxt I look for instead of the watch the throne mess..

The Good Word Mix Reloaded

.....summer madness what's the good word? ...the good word? I've got a whole sack full...dropping mathematics...4/5/6 ing it..trying to stay ten steps ahead of the madness...check this mix out..

The Good Word Mix Reloaded

Monday, August 08, 2011

Summer Madness Continues....So Here's Another One

Summer Madness full effect until after Labor we started another one; trying not to come undone... but haters were like Standard and Poors vs America.. they'll try to sabotage operations!

....Had to show some I'm not the one!! like Rashad Evans taking out Tito Ortiz..please!  theres spiritual significance in this operation! 

...Spirits were contaminated like a Wall Street broker...obligations not being met took a toll on some!

Minds, bodies, and spirits will soon be uplifted when we put this jazz-funk- hip-hop and soul on them!

Kojak and One Adam 12 tried to roll up on some ;but they dipped back to the community!

But you know some jokers won't watch their mouth; so theres no diplomatic immunity! 

Doing the math is not knew to me; I work with numbers every day!

Still considered a hot mess;  just call me the hot messenger when the piano and the drum play! 

A veteran now coaching ready to run a play; even though haters disrespected..they played me like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...tried to downgrade me..played me to the left..but beats and rhymes a bruh has plenty of...I pull some from the archives!

Understand me? who you wit per Bernie Mac? the train of thought  was on another track; what's up with that?  the dark mystery of time and space was studied out in the gray area; a dark angel lies!

Hell was caught due to some being Caught Up...they were down with arch angels, arch enemies. and the arch nemesis!

The Sonic Assault is unleashed on some..slapping them upside the head with the's another one..where you at? fates can be altered by ecological ignorance!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Madness / The Saga / Struggle Continues

Summer madness is going down as I write this; the warm breeze blowing is like hitting the refresh button!

The funky drummer does business in the spot where reason gave way to madness;  folk were acting like
they were on one!

But we refuse to come undone; even though it became a hot one its like July or August in Hotlanta!

Or maybe like in Las Vegas out in the Mojave Desert; some will be stranded out in the Babylon wilderness...or desert...Caught Up..Caught Out There like Big Boi..somebody might understand a bruh!

In London some find out theres no midnight at the oasis  like Maria Muldaur mentioned...authorities chase us; we stay under attack!;

"It ain't right " how some act during dollar chases; who downgraded your credit rating like America's?  they'll try to trip you or make the surface slippery so you lose traction; bear witness to how they act!

..But they'll get hit up with the blackjack aka the sonic assault; were not playing with them!

O-Zone has the good word O-Dog the funky track; the brand new funk? he's playing for them!

Not mad at them; the system is playing's tight in these hoods..they've got us all coming and going!

The  summer madness saga / struggle continues...whose on a comeback like Tiger Woods?  so whatcha knowing?

Outkast's Big Boi jailed on drug charges in Miami ; Caught Up..Out There

.....Big Boi got Caught Up..Caught Out There

Outkast's Big Boi jailed on drug charges in Miami -

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Observations

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Observations

...Getting Back In Sync - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

...Getting Back In Sync - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Who Had The Story Twisted?

Who had the story twisted? DC is mad about the new credit rating..whose hating? I here all kind of versions!

..Now drama is visited and revisited...they even rioted in London/ Tottenham...what's up man? we proceed and continue.. out of the darkness were emerging!

Others were still waiting in the dark about to blackout...they were giving up..through dealing or merging with forces that meant none of us any good!

Others were still hating whose bipartisan? just fronting like Republicans...whatcha starting? that's why this brotha is keeping it hood!

Whats good? just got back from  might need to leave this planet..that's word from Charles Earland!

Whats good? whatcha know? brothas were taken for granted..because we understand it? knowing the business will fold..catching a beatdown like Tito Ortiz; please!! .the structure falls apart; now we see whats not working!

Whats the business...who has the story twisted?  what's up with that and this? plots and schemes for jerking me and you around are what are we supposed to do?...make adjustments!

Whats the business? who knows what the deal is?  who has the story twisted? drama is visited and revisited..just ask Verizon...the workers  go on strike..they ask can you hear me now? check it heard PE say you cant truss it!

The spot? had to admit I rushed it....Caught Up in it...damn damn damn!! now my perspective is warped because of it!!

O-Dizzle cold crushed it with the blackjack!!  hitting up the danger zone!! meanwhile O-Zone has a stranger tone the story is twisted because of it?

What's up with it?..others will love it!!  the drama...caught up in it..what's the deal..what's up with it? heard some singing Haboglabotribin' like Bernard Wright  ..they were fascinated by the smoke and mirror show!

Brothas like me rise above it!! we did the mathematics..hip to these fanatics; we already know how it will go!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Street Funk Mix

summer madness....O-Dizzle is dropping that basic street funk...using hook lines and his own beats..check this out!!

The Street Funk Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Habituals and Their Rituals...They Were Caught Up

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Habituals and Their Rituals...They Were Caught Up

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame ..Ferrari Boyz

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame ..Ferrari Boyz: "......check the combo.... Video Provided by"

Caught Up....Out On Front Street

They had a brotha out on front street!! cut my debt rating like Standard and Poors did America; fronting on the brotha Obama....oh yeah I was caught up!

It was one thing or another; haters plot and scheme up on things...the usual business; but you know I keep it hood...that's how I was brought up!

How did they play a brotha...not in the scheme of things? jokers usually aren't checking for me; but that's a good thing!

Usually disrespecting..played like they do Obama....they're usually trying to shoot down the mothership like the Taliban did the Chinook in Afghanistan... ..what's up man? at the end of the day they realize its a hood thing!

Flying high..wasn't in a wood and fabric plane named Winston flying into restricted airspace..please!! The Buick Regal had wood grain and leather seats as I dipped down I-75 towards Atlanta!

Keeping it hood when I holla atcha with this...a Midwest style Louisville brotha in the dirty south; somebody might understand a bruh!

So whats up with another?  whose caught up? I was peeping New Orleans policeman during Hurricane Katrina..I see they're rolling corrupt with that!

So whats up with another? the playa playa was like the Chi-Lites..asking have you seen her? said he was looking for her..had to tell them I hope that works for ya;  good luck with that! 

Told them its like this and like that!! caught up out on front street; govern yourselves accordingly!

That's the word from old school baptist preachers that know where the boundary or border will be!

Some of the new school preachers are caught up like Eddie Long...they didn't conduct themselves in an orderly fashion!

Caught up..caught out there....out on front street...haters will alt shift delete..jackers over in Decatur, Georgia were saying don't let me catch you out in these streets!! plus the police will sweat your thought and fashion!

...They thought I was out of order with the fashion; Levi jeans, Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt; plus rocking Nike Air Maxs! 

High and low tech...even on the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web...whose caught up in the web? O-Zizzle did his thizzle with the Yamaha four track recorder; the by product is how bro maxes and relaxes!

Whose caught up..caught out there? society taxes the mind, body soul and spirit!

Caught up...out on front street...but the reign began with a drizzle..similar to the rain in Charlotte..see what it do.. but a bruh gets free and stays free; so you know their ready to give a bruh a demerit!