Friday, August 12, 2011

Cutting The Corner

Rolling in the hooptie on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia; your homie was dipping!

Whose waiting on the truth to be told? please!! I  passed up the Caddie Brougham and Stankin Lankin that were cutting the corner; those fools were tripping!

These earthlings are good at cutting corners during the ongoing process..bear witness to the GOP debate; whatcha know man? told to get your game on!

Get your mind right!! the good or dirty work will bear fruit;  the treasury? some will loot!! but they won't put their shame on!

....Refusing to sign their name on the dotted line; they could give a hoot about the repercussions!

Confusing the masses when they see crooks rewarded for their behavior; meanwhile we supply the flavor with the good word and percussions!

..Oh yeah!! we heard the discussions; the knowledge dropped was off the chain!

Oh yeah!! the word on the curb was delicious; but it wasn't nutritious so it'll be hard to get off the pain!

During the ongoing process? shade tree mechanics cut corners causing accidents!! now spectators get off on the train wreck...the reign of terror! horror; whose in search of a better day? maybe tomorrow like The Jacksons but like Mike some need to look at the man in the mirror!

Check these interactions; industrial strength type of mechanical engineering takes place we weren't cutting corners!

....Unless were in the hooptie in street mode waiting on the truth to be told; cutting across boundaries and borders!

The O-Dizzle loop will be funky ...old Yamaha four track recorders are now out of's analog to digital...

What's the dizzle..the Brotha O will get we bring this breakbeat science to ya...

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