Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stop The Madness PT.2.....The Weird Energy

There was a weird energy floating around; I couldn't put my finger on it!

Stop the madness was my outcry!! a weird entity because I couldn't wrap my mind around it..with my Scorpion aura with a stinger on it?

Stop the madness was my outcry!! I roll up like Libyan rebels on Qaddafi over in Tripoli...I  keep it moving ....refusing to linger on it; I just do what I do!

Fanatics say this breakbeat science is an outright lie!! fronting on me like Karl Rove vs Obama....but it didn't stop me...Oh yeah I'm cool with myself; listening to Steve Arrington..nobody can be you but you!

.....Transmitting Live from a remote outpost in the galaxy...Plutonian Type funk dropped on earthlings..... but I didn't fool myself ....I knew everybody wouldn't be able..I took the old school preachers advice!

Haters will get foul with me....I didn't believe the fable...I'm knowing what the dirty work I'm peeping game...charges will get dropped like Strauss-Kahn's .... theres a weird energy floating around;  it ain't nothing nice!

Do not attempt to adjust your dial..we're transmitting live with the hardcore style..not falling apart like the Oakland Raiders..we're trying to stop the madness...we were going in; didn't think were in it up to our necks!

Trying to stop the madness....soon caught up; caught out there!! now were cashing reality checks!

Trying to stop the madness...but caught up in the weird energy that's floating around!

Trying to stop the madness..caught up...but far from a weird entity; as we proceed and continue... breakbeat science is the vehicle;  its going down!

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