Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spike Lee & BK celebrate MJ's Birthday

The Essence Music Festival Airs This Sunday! | The Urban Daily

The Essence Music Festival Airs This Sunday! | The Urban Daily

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ray Nagin Reflects On Hurrricane Katrina..Leadersh...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ray Hagin Reflects On Hurrricane Katrina..Leadersh...: "Leadership Amidst Tragedy"

US beats Slovenia in World Basketball Tourney

Worst High School Football Play Ever???

Dealing With These Crooks...

Dealing With These Crooks...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gunfire on Mogadishu's streets - CNN Video

Earlier while riding in the hooptie I was listening to the Bang Yo City Remix....Rick Ross...Busta Rhymes ...Nore...Yo Gotti...but check this out!! Atlanta...NYC..LA..CHI-TOWN..CINCINNATI...LOUISVILLE...NOTHING COMPARED TO MOGADISHU!!

Gunfire on Mogadishu's streets - CNN Video

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Antoine Dodson Makes Billboard’s Hot 100!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Antoine Dodson Makes Billboard’s Hot 100!: "Antoine Dodson Makes Billboard’s Hot 100!"


Time and money were valuable...which one did you choose?

Whose done with me? like they are Obama....they said I was acting foul because I acted like I knew..

Why do you act like you do? they asked a bruh..told them I'm in Dekalb County Georgia trying to avoid the blue light special..but not K-Mart' I avoid the red light districts..

Acting brand new flying in Sound Clouds..out there...near alien solar systems..some don't realize they're dealing with intergalactic mystics..

Avoiding next level dramatics...brought on by over in Mogadishu whose acting like they knew? actually they were strung out!!

Whose playing the role of devil's advocate? like Republicans raising taxes? whose drying? after they were hung out...

Some even hung out with Short Bus Shorty..didn't know how the sport would be..thought they were that thing? now getting run over by school and city buses..

......even Greyhound...caught out there..hung out like bodies on a bridge in Mexico..playing around on bad ankles like McNabb ..after the smash and grab? found out there's no peace or justice..

What's up with us? time and money are valuable..sometimes peace will be still..but then it's disturbed..

Winds of change blow in like Hurricane Danielle..but they soon die down..soon the appetite is curbed..

Time or money? needed both...a bit perturbed..I've got a chip on my shoulders..

Plus I've got a I wish somebody would attitude...bullets fly across the border like Rio Grande..just for attitude holders..

A short dog standing on the shoulders of giants..not in compliance...

Time > Money? Money > Time? the pursuit of either has some acting defiant..

What's up money? whose drunk off the power? they caught a buzz!! now they're caught up!!

What's up money? last hour shenanigans are avoided...cur from a different cloth..remembered how I was brought up..

Monday, August 23, 2010


It was early June when I started this poem...Gemini sun rays were still in full effect..

Fast forward..what was I proving? the sun just entered Virgo...Mars, Saturn and Venus in Libra..who'll work with a bro? Scorpio!! dealing with the Grand Cross that's in effect..

I was rolling on The Mars Venus Express..dropped back down to what can you expect from an earthling? will these fools be in check or out of control?

No divorces from reality granted by Judge Judy...even though Tiger Wood's is official rationalization will take place..I already know how some are gonna roll?

What's the reality? universal internationalization? corporations and governments ride dirty..

What's the reality? irrational fears have some feeling unworthy..feeling anxiety like Katrina I arrive with this..who'll work with me?

Seasons soon changing..reasons changing? a bruh steers the Mothership to a safe haven or safe harbor...trying to avoid Somali pirates..but not just in the Gulf of Eden..the Gulf of Mexico was bleeding.. ..whats the word on the curb? might have to cash out of the crap game until the load lightens..

Treason was changing some people..this short dude is standing on the shoulders of giants..but I see security heightens...

What did you believe in? jokers think Obama is a Muslim!!...needed to worry about eggs coming from his state...but what's up with another one? dude held boulders on street corners..defiant..who'll lie about it? I spotted a shade tree mechanic..screws he tightens..

The attitude of this bruh? working like a Hot Messenger..dropping knowledge..a bruh enlightens..

What's the reason? fall approaches..season soon changes...the hot mess is still here...DEA even looking for Ebonics experts..

What's the deal? this veteran now coaches...once again it's we drop funk on these networks..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Reset Button...Default Settings..

I had to hit the reset button..some ask what's up with him? I even asked for a speedy trial like Charles Rangel...took it back to default settings..

Wasn't chilling with a punishment glutton..thought slavery was over!!...bad economy leading to indentured servitude? this bruh is not forgetting..

Rights and privileges? not forfeiting!!! there is no driver error like Toyota crashes!! I didn't sign on the dotted line..

No justice no peace is the slogan...victims not getting open? I spotted mine..

Didn't front..knew I had some open..word from the Black Moon joint..they were spotted at the shrine..

But the structure now falls apart...Black Moon Rising? the building was's on the decline..

Corrupt ones try to front on mine... but don't know the half of it..whose on the borderline? pushed close to the edge like Grandmaster Flash..

....and the Furious Five...said some shuck and jive..any order with mine? who said there's no flash?

Curious ones were like cash? it's all about the money..ain't a damn thing funny..causing Titans to clash.. now who will pledge allegiance?

Tennessee Titans crash and burn...word from Steve McNair and Lorenzen Wright..somebody might feel this!!

Nothing is fair in love or war..Lord Help Lord Help!! that's the battle cry..

Lord help us all..crime scene tape surrounds the structure..who'll cry?

The devil is a liar...sounds will strike back at the enemy position..

The Sonic Assault is unleashed..The Brotha O hit the reset button..

Lessons are taught for those asking what's up with's going down...

Hell is caught by a punishment glutton...another one slows down!!