Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spike Lee & BK celebrate MJ's Birthday

The Essence Music Festival Airs This Sunday! | The Urban Daily

The Essence Music Festival Airs This Sunday! | The Urban Daily

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ray Nagin Reflects On Hurrricane Katrina..Leadersh...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ray Hagin Reflects On Hurrricane Katrina..Leadersh...: "Leadership Amidst Tragedy"

US beats Slovenia in World Basketball Tourney

Worst High School Football Play Ever???

Dealing With These Crooks...

Dealing With These Crooks...

Up In The Mix....

Damn!! I was in the mix...trapped like miners in Chile?..not really a willing participant..

Who plays dirty tricks like Richard Nixon? all up in the mix again? stirring the tea pot like Glenn Beck..whose in the heart of it?

Why did they start it? the brotha O-Zone kicks knowledge..but whose listening?

This brotha is usually low key..I wasn't shining and glistening...

That's where I lost them...but the government was able to keep up with them using global positioning systems.. somebody said that can work..

What did it cost some? they're paying for the pain...whose in denial? some say it didn't hurt...

Homie was mad!! he tossed them under the bus or threw them to the wolves...some even accused Diddy of doing that...what's the deally with that? on First 48? a snitch said they didn't blurt out the answer...

Is there guilt by association? shootouts in The Russia Caucasus..what's the cause of this? whose playing in the dirt..waiting for an answer?

Bad cards are dealt...Ben Bernanke said chill..whose staying close in the situation waiting for the cancer to subside?

Is there any Balm in Gilead? ...what's the deal with it? they say it's hard to describe..

What's the deal with it? corporations and governments will subsidize the increase the profit margin..

I was in the mix...not loving it...not a punishment glutton..this prophet is outside the box...usually out on the margin..

Others barged into the mix...but they didn't bum rush the show like Chuck D mentioned..

Whose throwing salt into the game? hopes were crushed in this dimension..

....Or maybe that dimension..or this or that realm..whose paying attention? the Katrina anniversary reminds us..whose caught out there in the heart of it?

In another dimension? I had to admit..I was even in the mix...but not a willing participant..

Plus I ask it really to my benefit? I noticed it's easy to take a loss..

During these ongoing sessions? I still see a dimwit..out there trying to front and floss..

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Thrown Under The Bus....Or Thrown To The Wolves?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Thrown Under The Bus....Or Thrown To The Wolves?: "They'll either throw you under the bus or throw you to wolves.. What's up with us? please!! I spotted folks in sheep's know t..."

Idris Elba of Takers

Beanie Sigel Questions Kanye's Sexuality on 2010 'Haters' - The Boombox

Beanie Sigel Questions Kanye's Sexuality on 2010 'Haters' - The Boombox

Kanye West..Rick Ross..Nicki Minaj.....Monster!!


As We Proceed and Continue...We Won't Quit and Won't Stop!!

As we proceed and continue..may have told you earlier..I'm minding and tending..

O-Zone has the good word..calling out the corrupt...some dressed like us!! storming NATO bases.. ..meanwhile O-Dog stays on these cases..he's beat blending..

In the hood? Tony Tone said he has that good herb..soon confronted..he was selling oregano..

What's good? Rev. Al Sharpton said dreams haven't been achieved..that's the word on the is a trip!! it's messy..observing the scene..whose soon confronted with a Love TKO?

That's word from Teddy Pendergrass..he said to let it go..meanwhile the baptist preacher said let God..

What's the word? this bruh is not working with snakes in the tall they say I'm odd..

Not working with fakes..Iran said Oriflame is.. ..this man knows how the game goes..a veteran now and my squad try to put in the good work..

Knowing what it takes..intergalactic..hiding water on in the hood?..we know how it works..

Seeing how it works..banks or corporations wont cooperate with Obama..Beck makes a mockery.. some haven't stopped hating..

....even after some were bailed out with government cheese..but not back in the day like Reagan..

No blocks of cheese plus butter like Ronald Reagan was passing out...

O-Dog rocks..we proceed and continue...even when times were hard...the vehicle was crashing out!!

Crashing and burning!! out there!! like the Koch brothers vs Obama....the system knocks the hustle..

But were lashing out..fighting back like New recovery mode..using mental muscle..

What's up with a bruh? gave them the look like I was Gibbs on NCIS..

Acting like I know!! the system will stress...but please believe me!! God will continue to bless...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Black Activists Skeptical of Beck Rally's Intent

Black Activists Skeptical of Beck Rally's Intent

DJ Jazzy Jeff Kicked Out Of DJ AM Tribute Party During His Set

DJ Jazzy Jeff Kicked Out Of DJ AM Tribute Party During His Set

Beyonce's little mishap

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Just A Few Words For Them..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Just A Few Words For Them..: "They try to play a brotha the other way...was I trapped like miners in Chile? what's the deally? I had an epiphany..put them on the clearanc..."

Once Going Off....But Now Laying In The Cut...

Reading the signs like on on I-75 rolling through Atlanta..what it do??

OK!! so this is how it is? it's like the Mars Hoax? I heard some brag and boast..said they were hot like global warming..another hoax? I'm acting like I knew...

Peace offers are made...some will come through like Jimmy Carter..but I spot the's gonna be harder to accept.but I'll move past it..

Now a bruh is going off with this..this is what they meant by funk..the podcast blasted..

Whose going off? using a defective GPS...lost in the Babylon wilderness..did they get what was wanted after they prayed? fasted?

Whose going off? rolling with Glenn Beck...matter of honor or disrespect? playing a game like an LA Laker? but a faker that fronted and flaunted..

Hunted and gathered while I was going off...spotted Hollywood actors pulling a stunt..Chris Brown said he did his own in Takers..meanwhile I'm out here where Jake is...sick of the whole game...

It's hot in the hood like Red Cafe mentioned...studying the math in this game...

Rolling through Clarkston Georgia in the Buick Regal...Bollywood movies play at the cafe where I stopped to get style!! worldwide!! folk have game..

Whose knocking the hustle in your hood? like the Koch brothers trying to destroy Obama.. showing no shame!!

Whose going off? rocking out in the game like Lebron D Wade and Chris Bosh and them..

Rocking it!! it's a rough job but somebody's got to do it..O-Dog is going off on them!!

Rocking it!! actors and actresses were showing me there was no's like Beanie Sigel still going off on Jay..

Rocking it? still going off..check this math we bring...based on rolling down the highway...seeing how these jokers play...

What it do? laying in the cut..minding and tending..while others push and shove.. what's up? now showered with blessings...coming from up above...

Billionaire Koch Brothers Using Money to Destroy President Obama

Billionaire Koch Brothers Using Money to Destroy President Obama

Clearance Rack Epiphanies..PT.5 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

word from another part of the conglomerate

Clearance Rack Epiphanies..PT.5 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gunfire on Mogadishu's streets - CNN Video

Earlier while riding in the hooptie I was listening to the Bang Yo City Remix....Rick Ross...Busta Rhymes ...Nore...Yo Gotti...but check this out!! Atlanta...NYC..LA..CHI-TOWN..CINCINNATI...LOUISVILLE...NOTHING COMPARED TO MOGADISHU!!

Gunfire on Mogadishu's streets - CNN Video

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Antoine Dodson Makes Billboard’s Hot 100!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Antoine Dodson Makes Billboard’s Hot 100!: "Antoine Dodson Makes Billboard’s Hot 100!"


Time and money were valuable...which one did you choose?

Whose done with me? like they are Obama....they said I was acting foul because I acted like I knew..

Why do you act like you do? they asked a bruh..told them I'm in Dekalb County Georgia trying to avoid the blue light special..but not K-Mart' I avoid the red light districts..

Acting brand new flying in Sound Clouds..out there...near alien solar systems..some don't realize they're dealing with intergalactic mystics..

Avoiding next level dramatics...brought on by over in Mogadishu whose acting like they knew? actually they were strung out!!

Whose playing the role of devil's advocate? like Republicans raising taxes? whose drying? after they were hung out...

Some even hung out with Short Bus Shorty..didn't know how the sport would be..thought they were that thing? now getting run over by school and city buses..

......even Greyhound...caught out there..hung out like bodies on a bridge in Mexico..playing around on bad ankles like McNabb ..after the smash and grab? found out there's no peace or justice..

What's up with us? time and money are valuable..sometimes peace will be still..but then it's disturbed..

Winds of change blow in like Hurricane Danielle..but they soon die down..soon the appetite is curbed..

Time or money? needed both...a bit perturbed..I've got a chip on my shoulders..

Plus I've got a I wish somebody would attitude...bullets fly across the border like Rio Grande..just for attitude holders..

A short dog standing on the shoulders of giants..not in compliance...

Time > Money? Money > Time? the pursuit of either has some acting defiant..

What's up money? whose drunk off the power? they caught a buzz!! now they're caught up!!

What's up money? last hour shenanigans are avoided...cur from a different cloth..remembered how I was brought up..

Monday, August 23, 2010


It was early June when I started this poem...Gemini sun rays were still in full effect..

Fast forward..what was I proving? the sun just entered Virgo...Mars, Saturn and Venus in Libra..who'll work with a bro? Scorpio!! dealing with the Grand Cross that's in effect..

I was rolling on The Mars Venus Express..dropped back down to what can you expect from an earthling? will these fools be in check or out of control?

No divorces from reality granted by Judge Judy...even though Tiger Wood's is official rationalization will take place..I already know how some are gonna roll?

What's the reality? universal internationalization? corporations and governments ride dirty..

What's the reality? irrational fears have some feeling unworthy..feeling anxiety like Katrina I arrive with this..who'll work with me?

Seasons soon changing..reasons changing? a bruh steers the Mothership to a safe haven or safe harbor...trying to avoid Somali pirates..but not just in the Gulf of Eden..the Gulf of Mexico was bleeding.. ..whats the word on the curb? might have to cash out of the crap game until the load lightens..

Treason was changing some people..this short dude is standing on the shoulders of giants..but I see security heightens...

What did you believe in? jokers think Obama is a Muslim!!...needed to worry about eggs coming from his state...but what's up with another one? dude held boulders on street corners..defiant..who'll lie about it? I spotted a shade tree mechanic..screws he tightens..

The attitude of this bruh? working like a Hot Messenger..dropping knowledge..a bruh enlightens..

What's the reason? fall approaches..season soon changes...the hot mess is still here...DEA even looking for Ebonics experts..

What's the deal? this veteran now coaches...once again it's we drop funk on these networks..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

TV Review - Spike Lees New Documentary About New Orleans on HBO -

Five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina...

TV Review - Spike Lees New Documentary About New Orleans on HBO -

Jumped To The Same Conclusion...Concepts Are Revisited

Some may jump to the same conclusion I have..that this world is wicked...

Accused of being weak like Iran said Israel was..some may have heard the buzz..meanwhile I'm sending messages in the songs..knowledge is kicked..

Authorities try to write a ticket..even hired contractors like Afghanistan..they noticed that the Mothership gets good mileage..

Territories are under siege like Yemen is by Al-Qaida ...meanwhile Atlanta Georgia is the front lines for this spiritual warfare business..bearing witness to how foul it is..

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..Saturday morning? Youngblood on Kiss 104 playing the Dramatics..what you see is what you get... what's up with are now rocking with the Brotha O..

Seeing the world..opposition is met like the ground zero mosque.. as we deal with next level fanatics..we had to go for what we know..

Spiritual significance in this we proceed and continue..

Heard belligerence followed by rules and what have you been through?

Messages we send you in the songs..but not sending faulty alarms that led to the Van Gogh painting being stolen..we get we confront the arch nemesis..

Passages through the middle contradict declarations of independence..leading to broken hearts and spirits due to empty promises..

Beauty was full of blemishes..part of the riddle..causing us to jump to conclusions..that this world is wicked...

Internal and external scrimmages keep us in the game like Brett Favre ..might play it like Rod Blagojevich or even Wyclef Jean..we won't quit it!!

We won't stop...we get it get it...this is part of a bigger plan..

But not operating like Delonte West..the good word and brand new funk is the only weapons were carrying..

Lauryn Hill Rocks The Bells In Los Angeles | VIBE

Lauryn Hill Rocks The Bells In Los Angeles | VIBE

They Said I Acted Like I Was Out Of Pocket!!

another part of the conglomerate....part of a bigger plan...

They Said I Acted Like I Was Out Of Pocket!!

The Day Late and A Dollar Short Chronicles - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

word from part of the conglomerate....this is part of a bigger plan...

The Day Late and A Dollar Short Chronicles - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Evangelist leads 'disinformation campaign' on Obama: Religion professor - Faith & Reason

from USA Today..

Evangelist leads 'disinformation campaign' on Obama: Religion professor - Faith & Reason

Tim Tebow and The NFL...

....will Tebow get the rushing touchdowns in the NFL like he did in college?

Just For A Moment...While On This Voyage...

For a moment I felt I was just for moment...

Evil is the opponent...disturbing the peace like Ludacris? what's the deal with this breakbeat science? it's just a piece of the component..

It's part of a bigger plan...some may understand..others might say it's unacceptable like fuel for Iran's nuclear reactor..

Some may understand..some may not..they'll disqualify you like Wyclef Jean..said there's no spot for a singer or actor..

Keeping it real or an actress or actor? supposed to be a sovereign citizen not recognizing the laws of Georgia..

Keeping it real? what's the business? inquiring minds wanted to know what's up with ya?

Whose second guessing? what's up money? 20 20 hindsight provided information overload.. who'll follow the code? printouts had the errors made marked in red..

What's the business? get your mind right!! but G-8 AND G-20 has some living like they're phat and all that...pounds they need to shed..

Using funky sounds as a vehicle I fled the scene of the crime..using reality checks as my currency..

Dipped through the The Suburbs like The Arcade the outskirts of Atlanta from the urban blight of Louisville..I was showing a sense of urgency..

Are we in a state of emergency? Obama not wearing his religion on his sleeve? what can we believe? who'll work with ya? a birther? down here in Georgia they said Nathan didn't know the Deal..

Who'll work with ya? what were they trying to do? some even told you the way to feel..

Things have gotten way too real..trying to dodge the Taliban in Afghanistan..storm troopers down here in Georgia..or the Bloods and The Crips stateside...

What's the deal? like Cheryl Lynn It's Got To Be Real...when we take this Fantastic Voyage like Lakeside..

Thursday, August 19, 2010


What it do? having flashbacks about rolling in the old deuce and a quarter ..floating down Muhammad Ali Boulevard...

....Up in was way too real....crossed the border..was I out of order? listening to Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings ..dealing with drama queens and kings...times are hard..

What's the deal? dude asked for a quarter at White Castle's down on 7TH & Broadway.

What's the deal? what can be done with a quarter..asking dude? so how will he try to play??

....In Las Vegas? quarters feed the slot the machines...also Atlantic City..whose winning or losing? big bucks played on Wall Street

Five mile radius of any hood? quarters seed the crap your's on your street..

No pity from the street committee..whose religion will be questioned? who second guessed him? spotted the withdrawal of brigades and regiments..

What's the deal with it? whose bar coded and micro chipped..soon things get rougher for torture chamber residents..

Star Troopers...intergalactic..but street mode street coded..dipping through the galaxies through black holes..any evidence?

Stormtroopers ripped passports..told you not to believe R Kelly when he said you could fly..please!! from Atlanta to Kandahar there's no benevolence..

Funky loops and the good word flipped..a hot mess with this? that's the opinion...

Dunking like hoops...D Wade, Lebron and Chris..a hot messenger...staying busy in this dominion..

Peeped game..aware of the were you living? lying like Roger Clemens? attitudes were cavalier...

But not from Virginia or Cleveland..what did you believe in? have no fear...

As we steer the Mothership to a safe haven safe harbor..are there any left?

What it do? this bruh will get funky with James Brown's old group the JB's...doing it to death..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's A Rough Job But Somebody's Got To Do It..

Prolific with's a rough job..but somebody's got to do it!!

Politics clouded some people's minds ..somebody has to act like they knew it!!

Clouds of suspicion rolled in during the storm...enhanced by smoke and mirrors..

Sound Clouds float in..part of our mission...crowds under suspension...a caste of thousands..affected by horrors and terrors..

Who'll caste spells on them? it's in full effect!! share this tidbit with your friends..

Wool curtain pulled over their eyes..waiting in the dark with their friends..

I'm certain they'll scatter like roaches when the lights come on..

I'm working this all out!! coaching this like your boy Phil Jackson..

Whose climbing up Jacob's Ladder? losing traction? like War..slipping into darkness!!

Climbing like a Louisville Ladder up in the galaxy like The Mothership...where will I park this?

The hooptie was parked up in Louisville at Shawnee Park..back when it was on and popping..

Fast forward to's way to real...bloods, crips...disciples...Louisville Metro rolling deep..progress? it's like Iraq..some are stopping

Moving forward..dropping off the return engagement like Brett Favre ..what's the deal? things are ugly..

Moving forward..didn't flip my lid....messing up my's like Rod Blagojevich..catching cases.. things have gotten what's up with me?

Trying to chill..not trying to run things like Wyclef..prolific with this breakbeat's a rough job...

...But somebody's got to do it...acting like I knew spiritual warfare..sonic grenades I lob..

NBA Player Beaten Viciously by ‘My Wife and Kids’ Actress


NBA Player Beaten Viciously by ‘My Wife and Kids’ Actress

Eli Manning jacked up

Check This Out!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rebuking The Hostile Takeover..The Saga / Struggle Continues

Rebuking the Hostile's easy to get thrown under a can be mass transit like MARTA in Atlanta...or a short bus with the school system..

No justice no peace during this transit on how's a fool living?

What's up with us? some said they were paid in full like Eric B & Rakim...but doing the dirty work..similar to Wall Street business...were they forgiving the devil?

The money corrupts us..a method used in the Hostile Takeover..soon played like a fool..whose an advocate for the devil?

Whats up with us? everybody plays the fool sometimes..word from Cuba Gooding and The Main Ingredient.. progress? whose impeding it? we're back on another level..but some aren't understanding..

This secret knowledge is from out there!! we were exiled...but not on main street..we're out there in the galaxy...once cooling out at the International Space Station..but now the Mothership is landing...

Whose foul with it? agents of Babylon..some babble on...words twisted to make the ground zero mosque a campaign issue..this brotha goes on the offensive...

Check the steady bombardment of the enemy position with the brand new funk...O-Dog is going off with this!!

Usually laying in the cut...laying in the bunker..avoiding the irate bus drivers..

On the highway to heaven or hell? which way are they driving?...either way the bus will run over you..meanwhile we had more funk for you..avoiding schemers and connivers...

All the way live with this like shucking and jiving with this..

Saw how the fake ride...agents of the Hostile Takeover..they keep on trucking like Eddie Kendricks.. ...arriving with that and this...

Told to shake that pride off!! pump those brakes like Bendix!! but whose surviving the onslaught?

Peeping game...up in the Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix..a bruh will recognize the pattern...hell is caught..

From Mars, Venus and Saturn posted up near Libra..taking the the ATL to Louisville to NYC..

From LA to London from Venezuela to Afghanistan..rebuking the hostile takeover..what's the deally?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whose Posing A Threat?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whose Posing A Threat?: "Rebuking the Hostile Takeover....End Of The Road Like Boyz To Men? some might have to pull the plug!! Plots schemes and ploys not working? ..."

The Hostile Takeover Mix PT.1

The Brotha O-Dog Putting It Down...

The Hostile Takeover Mix PT.1

Monday Morning Blahs....The Blogster Edition... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Monday Morning Blahs....The Blogster Edition... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whose In Bondage?

Folks are in bondage..some don't even know it..they go along with the program..

....For my folk? I'm rocking it!! brand new funk..this is not a slow jam...

Going for what we know man!! dropping knowledge...scientific with it..

This is the by-product of when doors and windows of opportunity closed..gatekeepers said we needed a ticket..

Can we kick it? questions were asked...spotted those that hate..creepers...threw salt into the game..these days? we go for it!!

Whose taking a stab at it like The Israeli caught in Atlanta? getting their hustle on!! they were told you better go for it!!

Whose in the know? not waiting in line in Atlanta trying to get Section 8 ..who'll still hate? said you'd have to pay for this or that...especially if the knowledge is secret..

Whatcha know? it's rough out there..check the ozone level!! some will still play it like The Doobie Brothers..they'll hit the street for it...

Discrete with it!! stealing empty kegs and cases or beer worth $412.00..oh really? what's the deally? whose earning the wages of sin?

Feeling the heat with it!! Bosh, Wade and James and them!! now cashing reality's on..once again!!

Victories or defeat with it? what it do? this thing can go either way!

Feel me on I use a fresh view fresh every way..

A veteran now coaching but admitting every play we run is not a good one..

Armageddon approaching..visualized the sequence...everyday is not a good one..

A hood one? government one? church one? suburban one? everyone will get hit up!!

A good one? this good word and brand new we proceed and continue..we can't let up!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Reset Button...Default Settings..

I had to hit the reset button..some ask what's up with him? I even asked for a speedy trial like Charles Rangel...took it back to default settings..

Wasn't chilling with a punishment glutton..thought slavery was over!!...bad economy leading to indentured servitude? this bruh is not forgetting..

Rights and privileges? not forfeiting!!! there is no driver error like Toyota crashes!! I didn't sign on the dotted line..

No justice no peace is the slogan...victims not getting open? I spotted mine..

Didn't front..knew I had some open..word from the Black Moon joint..they were spotted at the shrine..

But the structure now falls apart...Black Moon Rising? the building was's on the decline..

Corrupt ones try to front on mine... but don't know the half of it..whose on the borderline? pushed close to the edge like Grandmaster Flash..

....and the Furious Five...said some shuck and jive..any order with mine? who said there's no flash?

Curious ones were like cash? it's all about the money..ain't a damn thing funny..causing Titans to clash.. now who will pledge allegiance?

Tennessee Titans crash and burn...word from Steve McNair and Lorenzen Wright..somebody might feel this!!

Nothing is fair in love or war..Lord Help Lord Help!! that's the battle cry..

Lord help us all..crime scene tape surrounds the structure..who'll cry?

The devil is a liar...sounds will strike back at the enemy position..

The Sonic Assault is unleashed..The Brotha O hit the reset button..

Lessons are taught for those asking what's up with's going down...

Hell is caught by a punishment glutton...another one slows down!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

BreakBeat Science Dropped....Once Again...

BreakBeat Science is dropped; check the messages in the songs..some of them are encrypted...

Dangerous minds were stopped in their tracks..should have known how Tales From The Crypt would get!

Who missed it? came in on the end of it!! you know brothas were killed in the first part!!

......of the movie...that's why some don't move me...they'll play us like Moscow..leaving us in the smoke..fog...who plays a part?

Act like you knew me!! what will the deal be? the good word and the funky groove will be part of a bigger plan...feel it...

The good herb or weed? Ecstasy? adult beverages? is this what leverage some folk deal with it?

Wood, plastic....blood diamonds..steal it...steel with it? hazard materials? toxic assets? made spirituals and materials soon fall apart...

Measures are drastic..caught up in mudslides like China....this is frontline spiritual warfare business..who plays a part?

Dealing with fanatics playing with your heart..having us using Operation Push like Jesse Jackson?

Check these mathematics...we're just Praying Until Something Happens!!

Back with this!! a bruh floods the market like Pakistan..we kept it moving...

Back with this..O-Dog continued to drop funk...he's not played out like the Expendables.he'll keep it grooving...

Reality keeps proving that the New World Order ....and Freemasons run this

Military industrial corporate and religious factors? actors and actresses not done with this!!

A bruh had to tone this and that manipulating sounds in the lab..

BreakBeat Science is dropped...back with we launch this sonic smash and grab...

USAIN BOLT LOSES!!! Tyson Gay Wins!! Stockholm 2010

Usain Bolt finally gets beat

This Is What They Meant By Funk

This Is What They Meant By Funk Mix by omanxl1

Saturday, August 07, 2010

They Brought The Drama To Your Doorstep

What's the business? damn dude!! whose in the smog like Moscow? or is it a code orange smog alert like Atlanta..I see they brought the drama to your doorstep!!

Ecological ignorance altered the fate..who knew the score? Hall of Fame material like Jerry Rice? but "it ain't all nice" ..some slept...

Belligerence has some distraught..the spot was full of hatred!!...evacuate the premises!!

Bogus merchandise that was bought is returned to the service desk..part of the empty promises...

That's our response to the madness....were back with this!! we serve this like waiters..

To those waiting on answers? double talk is heard...from politicians that turned out to be haters..

Ill issue debaters carry weapons of mass distraction..they'll have everybody waiting in the dark..

Plus I spotted McGruff and his dogs..his home boys!! they stay busy!! but up the wrong tree they'll bark!!

So Rough So Tough like Roger heard back in the day in Shawnee Park up in folk had the knack!!

These days? some have had enough of buses running over them!! whose laid out..flat on their back?

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! but God has our back..but things are not easy like Sunday morning..

Word from the Commodores!! as we come through doors!! exercising power like a forward..Alonzo Mourning!!

Playing this like a power forward!! or center like Dwight Howard..confronting a coward that's all up in the mix!!

All up in the Kool-Aid but didn't know the flavor..O-Dog has the funky flavor..check the mix...

You'll Get Played!! O-Zone monitors the behavior...kept some out of my mix...they'll try to sabotage operations.

Danger zones were everywhere...they even brought the drama to your doorstep..whose stressed out trying to fulfill obligations?

High Velocity With The Speed You Need

.............they couldn't catch what they couldn't understand..

Intergalactic High Velocity Mix by omanxl1

Friday, August 06, 2010

Torture Chambers Were Still Open..

Unwilling residents in torture chambers..tracked by GPS? guards with keys show exuberance.

Willing workers provide evidence..skimmers needed in the Gulf? the structure was in need of lubricants...

Who will work with us? said we're acting brand new with this!! they didn't understand...

They wont get hurt with us!!...we're out here on the frontlines!!..the drama's like Al Qaeda's..or like The Taliban in Afghanistan...

Comfort zones are attacked..holding missiles like the Chinese...they'll front on mine..hostile takeovers are attempted...

Clones entered into the abyss!! sex, money, and drugs? some were tempted..

In the danger zone? I bounced and limped with it..I guess it's a hood thing..whose with it?

In the game? in the ATL players that kept it pimping get trounced..I guess they weren't good with it..

Doctrines were announced...what should we do about it? I guess do the knowledge..

Whose rocking them? they'll get suspicious missiles fired in the Middle East..the response for them being foul with it....

Hustles? haters were knocking them..please!! superstars weren't just from the ghetto!

Strong arm muscle blocking for them? stars won't have to let it go!!

That's word from Barry Sanders..understand us? word from these torture chamber residents..

The mothership has landed in hostile territory in need of repairs.....not fooled by the fake exuberance..

Acting like we knew style used to tell the story..a hot mess..

Acting like we knew this...word from the Hot Messenger..going through this process..

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just My Imagination? Just An Illusion?

Listening to It's Just An Illusion by that group Imagination

Next up? the Temptations ..singing It's Just My Imagination..

...just my imagination...running away with me!! going off on folks just like Whoopi Goldberg!! minds playing tricks on me?

Word from the Geto Boys!! word on the curb? ghetto toys will get some in trouble...

We're gonna get those boys!! ghetto stock brokers said after the turf was Mexican Cartels..this means trouble..

Whose gonna lose their poise? dipped to the ATL...dressing hair on their head just stubble..

Rounded up like Somalis down with Al Shabab!! whose riding dirty? the chopper hid in the trunk..what's up? handling the problem like the dude up in Connecticut? it's like Lou Rawls world of trouble.. ..

Peeping game..scoping it out like The Hubble Telescope...spotted galaxies colliding..

Universe left in a rubble? man please!! up in the Mothership a bruh books..we kept riding!!

Or is it Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye? played by Robert Hooks in the movie..

What's up with ya man? they ask a bro...told them I'm putting work in!! trying to keep the wolf away from the door!! told them the spirit will move me!!

Told them the groove will be funky!! even asked so called powers that be for clearance..

Now we just do's manifest destiny...unlike Tiger Woods..we ignored the interference..

Now on a Rendezvous With Destiny..check out these clearance rack money needed like Fannie Mae..they're affordable..

What it do? what's the business? this veteran now coaching knows how the sport will go..

You should know how it'll go!! referees and officials were paid off to look the other way!!

What it do? the embellishment? they'll try to static kill like BP..they're seeing how this brotha will play...

They'll sweat the technique...but I'm working this another and improved methods are developed..

The league says I play dirty like Houston Nutt. who'll work with me? .saying I'm what's up with it?

....had to come up with another plan..a bigger one..even moved some of my weapons like Russia...

Still putting it down!! this is what they meant by funk..told haters we'll cold crush ya!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Social Experiments

Plugs get pulled on social experiments..I had to find new outlets.

Thugs pulled out weapons!! plus they're operating like cartels trafficking in drugs ..they're in their element!! going all out for this!!

Rugs get pulled out from under some..should have known how the devil would who collaborated?

The Brotha O pulled out the what's up with this and that? O-Zone elaborated..

Drama is fabricated like old school Pittsburgh steel factories.

Easy to get jacked by those that hated..residing in snake pits from Louisville..Newburg to Connecticut..whose going postal? down here to the ATL...what's the formula? what will the prime factor

Dealing with a prime time actor or actress during these episodes..running for president of Haiti like Wyclef Jean? in love or war...whose fair with it?

Prime Time like Deion Sanders!! who understands us? royalty was in our heritage....

Who'll truth or dare us? any loyalty shown? drama is like Pakistan, Lebanon or even Iraq..

The original Babylon..but nor A.D...out near Mesopatania..zones full of danger...can we rock?

Can the offensive line block? or will a brotha have to dip!! just like Barry Sanders did..already wearing the number 20 throwback...

On the offensive with this Sonic Assault..a's futuristic but it's no space junk..but it goes back like old school funk it goes back!!

In parallel dimensions a brotha will rock..might as well..I'm already out there anyway!!

Check the dimensions..blessings and curses reside in the same cameras record the play by play...

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Soaking It In....

Soaking in the atmosphere..some of it was ill..; I'll keep some..but some of it I purge...

Cloaking devices have me out of here!! like the Invisible Man..what's up man? on I-285 in and out of Atlanta wasn't easy to merge..

Otherwise? it's easy to surge through the universe..I'm Intergalactic..on earth? Ralph Ellison already dropped the knowledege..

But it's not easy to urge those victimized by fanatics..unless they do the knowledge..

The road's not easy..needing to do the extra mileage to get your mind right..

Codes were easy to now safe havens, safe harbors and comfort zones are under attack..dude from Kentucky heard saying "it ain't right"..

Who'll work with it? heard "it ain't tight" ....word from Rand Paul?... whose once facing the music?

Who'll work with it? paying attention to the messages dropped in the music?

Who'll work with it? what's up y'all? caught up in a ticket or speeding frenzy in Georgia..

Who'll work with it? this is Part Of A Bigger Plan...who'll understand a Louisville brotha?

They said I was slick like an Ice Road Trucker..sliding down the roads of Alaska..

Just might start a ruckus..putting it down from the ATL to Oakland...but not a limelight basker...

Hitting them up like Erlanger or Dick Butkus..Chicago Bear style!!..word from Refridgerator Perry to Walter Payton...whatcha knowing?

A Terminator like did they respond to ya? misbehaving like a B-More Raven..hitting you up like Ray Lewis...whatcha knowing?

A hater is engraving marks on minds; dispersants dropped like in the Gulf...hard for some to get their mind they can act like they knew this..

Ill issue debaters have plans for enslaving...saying screw this and screw that..hoping you'll let it'll be another Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass...

O-Dogs works the cross faders..a beat slave with this..dropping breakbeat science..messages sent with this and that....

Battling haters with the frontline spiritual warfare business..we're just trying to win..

Trunks rattling..popped on those trying to front on mine..It's On...Once Again..