Monday, September 21, 2009

The Battle Cry.........

................Lord Help...Lord Help

Borrowed a line from old dude...using it as my battle cry.

Lord Help! Lord Help!that's what he liked to say..actually.. The Lord already why ask why?

Spotted a pundit... why ask the question? they'll play it like politicians..they'll neither confirm no deny it.

Trying to run with it...against the Bears, Steelers or Ravens? don't even try it.

Trail of tears and the voyage of tears?...they won't freeze up north.....warming up? don't even cry about gets ugly.

Why lie about it? please...Obama knows the deal ...for real..there's be so many tears like Tupac...act like you knew O-Dog will rock..he's getting funky.

The trunk in the hooptie will rattle....sounds like it'll blow up like Iraq or Afghanistan.

What will the scoop be? Lord Help! Lord Help! is the Battle I ponder what's in the heart and mind of a man..

What's the deal down here in the A-Town?'s been raining cats and dogs...

What's the deal with O-Dog as he rocks the box...oh no!!.not Garrido's please should know how it's O-Dog's

Moving at a High Velocity through the universe...back on earth we land..

The drum is an improvised explosive device..O-Dog is Going Off On Them!!...there'll be no Custers Last Stand.

O-Dog will jam on the piano....he improvised ..nice sometimes.. other times it gets ugly.

James Brown follower...." whatsonever we do"..has got to be funky.

Not a Kool Aid swallower....please..a fool will get played like that.

Not a fool....I prayed to the heavenly father ..we did it like this and did it like that.

Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry... so you know it's got to be good.

The outcome? message in the music....O-Dog pulled out the drum.. so you know it's got to be hood.

A hood representative dipped through the babylon's easy to get gaffled.

Some tried a little Otis Redding...but they were left baffled.