Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Is How We Get Down..........

.............we're in it now...up to our necks..........

It's Going Down...I've got a bald head...but this is "rasta man business"

All Praises Due...a brotha had to pray to the heavenly father..before Going In this..

Building with big homie; he said Hip-Hop was a religion; Jesus had dreads like a rasta..

Building is falling apart....while some were big balling... dude is standing in line at the soup kitchen; not at Olive Garden eating pasta..

Building; Mechanical Engineering; a brotha puts this word out like I was Bob Costa..

Some may get Lost In The Translation; this brotha is in Transition like Obama..

In transition; hooptie has a slipping transmission; can't get away from the drama..frontines for spiritual warfare are everywhere...

It's Going Down on the Strip; secret knowledge was revealed; was Iran going to be hit up?

In the midst of the chaos and Mass Konfusion we proceed and continue; we Can't Let Up..

This brotha is Wise To The Set Up; so we keep moving; ocean waves toss us to and fro.

Boat will capsize like Indonesia; I was told..we don't believe ya..I'll drop 70's style funk..polyester suits with the afro..

But this brotha is retro-futuristic ; analog and digital; a brotha doesn't plan to meet the deadline..

Mentioned earlier; rocking the baldy..but I act like a dread with mine..

Devoted like a Deadhead; Grateful Dead...Jerry Garcia..but dropping funk like George Clinton..

Might rock it; Just dropped see what condition my condition was in..

Devoted to hip-hop; pulled out some Peanut Butter Wolf..Stones Throws Records..Mad-Lib...but peanut butter was recalled due to the salmonella outbreak..

Put on some old Slum Village next; R.I.P. J-Dilla...O-Dog is flipping through vinyl..he'll pull out a break...

BreakBeat Science is going down; this is The Sonic Assault..we come with it..

Using our minds to fight back against a society that's not benevolent..

Not with it; you can get jacked for it; by street thugs and corporations..

Churches even make a sport of it; peep game..check the situations..

Religion is a big's all about a dollar..meanwhile souls are Caught Up In Unpleasant Situations..

Caught Out There...the outlook is bleak..bearing witness to what confusion and frustration is...

When we rock the nation with this..Haz-Mat teams and other first responders are on high alert..

They said we had Hazardous Material; a by product of Mystic Voyages; studied The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space; we didn't get hurt..

Random Thoughts are collected; check out how we work this...This Is How We Get Down...

Others were Reaching Comatose; but we try to reach you with the beat and prose; check out the sound...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We're In It Now.......Up To Our Necks...

..................cashing reality checks.................

Told you I was Going we're in it now...up to our necks...

Economy is not flowing..but a brotha will cash Reality Checks..

O-Zone checks the situation out; Mass konfusion and mass hysteria was created..who benefits?

Some winning..some losing..disrespected..getting played like dimwits..

Districts and Strips still under attack..please..even high school basketball games aren't safe..

Plus little homie hit up the fast food spot down on the corner..told the manager to open the safe..

On another level Madoff made off with the funds; he was rolling with reckless abandon..

On another level O-Zone collected jumbled they're selected at Random..

O-Dog's bass or 808 rumbled; if the boat doesn't sink....will these brothas get paid off like Somali pirates collecting a ransom?

Please!! a brotha will end up getting played; like Mike Vick, trying to sell his mansion...

I'm all about mind expansion; but not on schrooms, iced or smoked out like others I observed...

Please..that menu is straight from Hell's you know my appetite is curbed..

It's curbed like a brotha's Cut-Dog..bad engine..and a slipping transmission..

Authorities observed us; said this Material Is Hazardous when we slip through with this transmission...

The mission? an alternative broadcast;we slide through the portal..flying by the full moon in cancer..

Rolling up in the Mothership..listening to Weather Report's Mysterious Traveler and Wayne Shorter's Native Dancer.

I don't have all the Answers..not yet..maybe I'll get them during the new Age Of Aquarius..

Staying on point...some are Confused About Things in the world..acting nefarious..

They'll truth or dare us...but we're Going In...actually we're in it now..up to our necks..

But we'll continue to do what we do...O-Dog will drop the funk...O-Zone will conduct the mic checks...