Friday, April 30, 2010


Scattered thoughts are collected!! now channeled in the right direction.

Similar to O-Dog!! he stayed busy!! he channeled James Brown and Miles Davis ..searching for beat perfection.

But truth be told? perfection is a concept controlled by the heavenly father.

Truth is upheld with a sword!! but opposition is heavy!! might not make the cut like Tiger Woods..staying one step ahead of a shotter.

One step ahead of the blood clot mouth of a snitch!! I'm facing scorn!! some of them haven't stopped hatin!!

Rocking the baldy!! but the personna of a dread!!but like Jason Bourne I give them an Ultimatum.

Good word dropped!! verbatim!! along with the brand new funk.

Work is put in to increase my per diem!! but some act brand new!! in Atlanta they'll get crunk.

Carpe diem!! but whose part of the conspiracy? I see them!! I break them off a chunk!! then drop something heavy on them.

Old school baptist preacher said his heart is heavy!! but it's on him!

The system will own them and those!! indentured servitude.

Whose with them? they're mad at me!! independent like Charlie Crist..they couldnt work with my attitude.

Longitude and latitude calculated!! saw what's in my repertoire.

Acting rude!! armed and dangerous as I come with this!! that's what the sonic weapons are for!!

Also calling on the strength and stability that only God can give us.

Now we Exercise Power!! extraordinary ability is required for succeess.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ain't No Love PT.4..Morale Is Low...Things Have Gotten Crazy!

What it do man? things have gotten crazy!! "ain't no love" ..morale is low..trying to keep our heads above water.

Al Gore told us about global warming!! is that why things have gotten hotter?

What's the score? I span the globe!! ain't no love!! warning my folks to watch out now!!!

Word from J Anthony Brown it's going down you'll say what now?

It's going down!! Here and Now!! like Luther Vandross..easy to take a loss..home girl stole an identity and dipped to Atlanta!!

Bought cars..spotted at Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza like Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Home girl was straight out of Texas in the Lexus truck!!! down here in the A-Town!! acting brand new.

Stolen identity on LexisNexis or Equifax authorities will see what it do.

Egos swollen!! but fragile like plexiglass!! it wont last!! soon things come undone.

Whatcha knowing? in the Gulf of Mexico oil is flowing!!drastic measures taken by those in pursuit of the American dream..the big one.

Might just have the big one like Fred Sanford joining Elizabeth.

Pain or pleasure? to another level!! whatcha working with?

What's gained? measured by material wealth? some will ask you what do you have?

Like your at the Varsity in Atlanta!! the city known for smash and grabs.

Moving at a high velocity with the speed you need!! straight outta labs and workshops.

God's property with diplomatic immunity!! did those acting crazy get to me? I think not.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saw How They Rolled Up!!

They rolled up with a smile on their face...but they can't be trusted.

They were in agent of Babylon!! its easy to be left busted and disgusted.

An agent of change? some are..but not in a positive sense!! souls are mortgaged.

Liens were placed on souls!! no wonder some are discouraged.

Ourselves? we encouraged...chilling...peace be still!! made sure chemicals balance.

But our health was still threatened!! heard the subliminals that showed malice.

Hell was caught like Natalie Cole!! criminals attacked the palace.

How did some of us roll? all out in the wonderland like Alice.

What aisle is the clearance merchandise on? that's where souls were left.

The style? security clearance is revoked!! adjustments made after priorities shift.

The style? the mothership lifted off into the galaxy!! floating like Floaters.

The style? a brotha gets funky!! but still can't satisfy the voters.

Dont quote us..but the planets are in alignment..another chance to get it right.

Wrote this letter to myself!! my assignment!! what you get is insight.

Rolling the dice on the project concrete sidewalk!! too gully for Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Where did the dice land? crapped out!! chips fall where they may!! no pity from the street committee.

Whose with me? ain't no love!!! morale is low...spotted sideways glances.

But we proceed and continue!!! making advances.

Monday, April 26, 2010

....Ain't No Love!!! Morale Is Low PT.3

The morale was low!! some were on edge!! snapping like crocodiles.

Plus the foul haven't slowed down!! hustlers and players said they had hot styles.

The dial was hit by a fool!! the word on the curb had to be confirmed...

What's up with us? found out where the answer was!! now the Good Word is written and CD's are burned...

Told them no bridges were burned..escape routes were maintained...

"Ain't No Love"....morale is low!!..the atmosphere is contaminated Europe hit up by volcanoes erupting in acid rained...

What was gained...the business was fraudulent what's up with it? what will it do to you?

What's the business? what it do? morale is low!! some are flipping out! introducing unfair laws..act like you knew!!

Taking care of business!! that's what we do!!! but in this spot? chaos and mayhem is the norm...your heart some are ripping out.

All up in the spot!! things have gotten hot...Al Gore gave us a warning about global warming!! I'm slipping out

Sunday, April 25, 2010

....Ain't No Love!!!! PT.2 Morale Is Low...

some are still waiting on answers

The morale was low!!! some were on edge!! going for what they know!! all up in the spot!!

Plus the foul haven't slowed down!! they try to keep their front going!! benefit from our misery!! ..turning screws!! said they had the style that's hot!!

The aisle was full of hustlers and players! ...from street corner to Wall Street stock brokers....said they had the news!! word on the curb.

Whats up with us they ask? said we were like Comedy Central..a bunch of jokers!! said we had our chance..wasted time waiting on answers? said that's what they observed.

Told them the answer was in front of I looked up..told them my appetite was curbed..the food was being poisoned.

What it do? The Bell Biv Devoe theory on another level!! some even fell for that girl with the dragon tattoo!! ...meanwhile we bring the noise in.

What it do? Some fell for the okey-dokey!!now they want to have a Tea Party!! ..the devil made them lose their poise.

Some said the devil made them do it!! what's up with it? Flip Wilson and or Geraldine making noise?

The Devil Wore Prada !!!...whose running from the devil like that song by the Ohio Players?

Heard Fire in the background!! another level of the funk heard by these players.

O-Dog is a gun for hire!!! funk transformed on conveyors like an old school factory in Detroit or Pittsburgh during the manufacturing process.

...before all the jobs left of the world? a bruh is not mad at cha...mechanical or social engineering led to loathing and fearing!! as we begin the healing process.

Back with ya!! peeping game like Hubble Telescopes!! straight from the Himalayas!! thawing out? had to let it go like Teddy Pendergrass.

Another Love TKO!! has us saying prayers!! all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness.

But were back...even though morale is low..answers were in front of us as we looked dropping this on the masses.

Morale is low!! ain't no love? please!! it's got us conducting seminars and classes.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Waiting For Answers??

Asking the Lord for blessings..but do we deserve them?

Staying on one accord? or out here in Babylon swerving??

Chairman of the board? O-Zone!! observing the scene!! seeing what it do.

Not on one accord with corporate types!!! like Goldman Sachs ...please!! I'm seeing how they do.

They're not on board the Soul Train!! hyped up back in the day by Don Cornelius!!

How did I roll? trying to maintain!! looked up..answers we're in front of me!! playing this like I know what the deal is!

Feeling the pain? like Charlie Crist..some try to run you off!!! can you come back like Brandon Roy?tell me what the real is!! and no miscommunication.

Reign of terror? the Pope wasn't feeling this or that!! but they'll say no to excommunication.

Nothing fair in love or war!! hopes and dreams shattered!! even the hooptie needed lubrication!!

Stopped by Jiffy Lube!! now were rolling!! soul controlling!! providing sources of illumination and clarification.

Haters front with the fabrication!! false positive like McAfee anti virus? just left Downtown Atlanta at the Five Points Marta Station..a station full of trains and buses.

What's the deal? some ready to throw me under the bus or throw momma off the peace or justice.

Actually no justice no peace is the catch phrase!! more drama as we go there.

Actually we get disrespected like Obama!! Republicans ask why did he go there?

Who did we know out there? found the answer...up in internal and external scrimmages.

Who did we know out there? we dipped like Usain Bolt!! some were brainwashed by voices and images.

Hope diminishes for some...what was the battle cry?

Lord Help! Lord Help! Lord Have Mercy is heard! then we're why ask why?

Friday, April 23, 2010

As We Proceed!!

I kept it moving!! ignored credit rating sense in stopping!! a bruh is in too deep.

O-Dog kept grooving!! nobody answered the question..I went for what I know!! dropping funk, hip hopping, I've even got house music that's deep.

A bruh had his own hooks, bars, and beats..the Street Funk trying to reap what's sowed.

O-Zone grew up with crooks!! Goldman Sachs like street operators!! now dead or behind bars !!streets made them reap what was sowed.

Royalties are due!! I wasn't paid what I was owed!! karma like bombs over Baghdad flowed!! all I have is scars from previous battles.

Karma like Mississippi and South Africa for the ongoing spiritual warfare!! no justice no peace; a snitch tattles.

Out here...Out There!! winning and losing battles!! seems like I'm breaking even.

Out here on I-20 in the rush hour traffic listening to some old Mobb Deep!! the trunk rattles!! coming through misbehavin?

Whose enslaving prisoners in the ongoing spiritual warfare? those that are greedy.

Whose craving this and that? what's up with that? playing into the enemy's's about consumption!! whose really needy?

In secret gardens is where seeds will be planted!! soon a harvest for the world.

Like Isley Brothers ..any pardons for brothas after the drama unfurled?

Plots and schemes devised to stop brothas!! but we work it out like Willie Hutch.

Floating down the stream of too deep!! providing Sources of Illumination..coming through in the clutch.

Others floating!! smoked out on altered Dutch Masters!! "passed to the left hand side."

Were floating on like the Floaters!!! taking Fantastic Voyages like Lakeside.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Staying Busy.....Work Is Put In!!

Damn I was busy!! surprised myself!! now I have something to work with!!

How will the quiz be? what's it like? ignored those trying to test!! going too far like South Park? just trying to hurt it.

Quized by authorities!! might get a six game suspension like Big Ben..others start snitching!! blurting it out!! the answer.

I lived in these territories..but intergalactic..listening to Wayne Shorter's Native Dancer.

As I tell these stories to those waiting for answers!! that time reveals like Debarge.

As I tell these stories to those hating!! sick like cancer!! ill like a boot camp sarge.

As we barge all up in the spot!! going postal!! putting a stamp on this letter I'm writing.

Whose in charge? my folk are under lock and key!! who clamped down on them? going crazy like McAfee antivirus!! but some say its exciting!

O-Dog rocks the underground sound!! it's funky!! plus it's the light we bring.

Hard hat with the lantern on top in the darkness..what's happening?

Hard bat used to swing at a hater!! Louisville slugger!! oops upside the head!

Strangefruit hanging from trees back in the day!! now some are revolutionary like a dread.

Strange..the masses were misled!! now the morale is low everywhere!!

Danger Zone? the frontlines of spiritual warfare are everywhere.

O-Dog is banging on drums and Yamaha keyboards..funk is drummed up.

O-Zone is working the equation..consequences are summed up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Kind Of Messy!!

It goes all the way down to the last minute!! it takes a miracle like Niecy.

Knocked down!! but got back up!! life is like that!! of course it'll be a bit messy.

Rocked the sound!! mixes are chaotic!! messy!! like European skies due to the Iceland volcanic eruption..just like this life is.

It's so tough like Roger and Zapp!! just like this toil and strife is!!

It's rough!! the knife is spotted before they used it!! word from the O-Jays.

Had enough of those backstabbers!! Jaggers like Mick!! as the music plays.

Rolling Stones!! meanwhile O-Zone's swagger is studied!! clocking my plays.

Not surfing!! swaggers get jacked that way!! as this brotha prays.

Papa Smurf and them were sipping sizzurp or smoking rocks !! searching for more hits.

That's how it worked in Louisville!! Derby on the way!! whose drunk or smoked out? having fits!!

....Or trying to get your hustle on!! hitting licks!! making the First 48!! or the six o clock news.

Pranksters get in over their heads!! like gangsters on facebook and my space!! in search of you tube views.

Souls are corrupted!! what's up with it? it's like the Nevada housing market..soon some are bankrupted..mortgaged.

Moral Bankruptcy like Goldman Sachs? what's up with it? rocking the veteran status!! now coaching ..knowing how the sport will get.

But didn't abort it!! my mission!! on the stream of consciousness..staying afloat.

Keeping my head above water like the Good Times theme!! but sometimes in a leaking boat.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Vibe Wasn't Right!!

The vibe wasn't right!! but I tried not to let it affect me.

Things are tight in the hood!! but not for some like Citigroup..what's good society disrespects me.

Word from Tiger Woods!! ..but another expects me to go along with the program had to laugh at that.

Another elects me for the was a set up!! what's up with that? drama like Bangkok..I've got too much math for that!!!

A brotha expects conditions to be harsh!! but sometimes it'll be peace be still.

Other times? no justice no peace!! hard for a brotha to chill.

No good times like Chic or JJ and them!! Florida told you about that.

Good times will end!! elections stolen...getting open!!.Crist soon learns!! Florida told you about that.

Rhymes and an O-Dog blend get you open!! going all out for it.

Crimes never end!! crooks get open like Goldman Sachs!! going all out for it!!

On the highway to hell!!! trying to fly through ashy skies? alternate routes and sidestreets taken.

Or the highway or stairway to heaven like Led called riders are faking.

Not riders of the storm like the Doors...but I'm doing things my way!! shaking haters off!! a bruh had other notions.

Delays, bad breaks, obstacles, and setbacks had me going through the motions.

Had to deal with fakes!! trying to hold us back!! even emotions are shown.

Had to deal with jakes!! trying to hold us back!! the drama is full blown.

Please O-Zone knows the vibe isn't I made adjustments.

Somebody said it's all good in the hood!! but they cant be trusted.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Another cliche.."Man makes plans..God laughs" he knew the outcome.

Once Again It's On!!'s the The Sonic Assault...a Source of's on!!

What it do? breaking beats? O-Dog jams!! O-Zone has the math.. as we pull out the drum.

What's the prognosis? some receive lethal doses...hard to see in the smoke and mirrors over Europe...ash cloud test are done!!

We had to sum up the consequences!! what was the by product?

Refusing to be victims of circumstances!! check my conduct.

Did I conduct myself in an orderly fashion? or was I disheveled and tacky?

Corrupt ones were asking me to govern myself accordingly!! then they GPS track me.

New Type Gangsters acting disorderly!! displaying the knack for making a pile of money off me and you.

....Then spot wannabe gangsters in the hood!! wanting to know why they act like they do!!

As we act like we!! knew didn't enter the mode of least resistance.

God is blessing us!! with supreme courage and maximum strength to go the distance.

Showing persistance..calling on the strength and stability that only God can give us!! but not risking it..testing the Lord with outlandish hopes and dreams!!

That puts you on par with a gambler out for a fast buck!! similar to Goldman Sachs!! one who plots and schemes.

As a bruh floats down streams of consciousness!! I keep a life jacket on.

As I come with this!! hip to the game!! as some get their racket on.

Work is put in!! can't slack up on it!! wide awake!! wasn't reaching comatose.

Who will hurt this with lethal weapons? like Mel Gibson or Danny Glover!! having a lethal dose?

The devil will oppose!! word from the baptist preacher!!

We come with this!!! before the baptism in fire reachs you.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Cliche...Some We're Faking The Funk!!

Another old school cliche? some folk were faking the funk.

Others get posterized by Lebron or Kobe!! they're taking the dunk.

Some are surprised!! I'm taking the A-Town crunk and flipping it another way.

Plots and schemes devised? I didn't play around, been here!! didn't just get here the other day.

Seems like somebody lied!! word from Pops..back in the day type knowledge!!

Seems like somebody cried!! drama never stops!! it gets good mileage.

Seems folks are foul with it!! worldwide like Lakeside!! it's all the way live.

Buttons are pressed!! turned a dial with it!! now were Transmitting Live.

Check how we arrive!! with the hardcore style!! dropping it.

Trying to survive in Babylon? more than credit scores are kept in the game that's played!! rich get richer like Goldman Sachs....poor get poorer....whose stopping it?

Trying to survive!! laid low in my another zone ..not even on the radar.

Trying to stay off the grid...removed the microchip like crooks cutting off ankle bracelets ...erasing the scar.

No car!! the mothership is like the Space Shuttle Discovery or maybe the Endeavour.

Spacewalking!! at least bar? please!! that plus glass ceilings are up to stop this endeavour.

But we go far!! the flavor is not dilluted!! it's as pure as it gets!!

Others were faking the funk!! but this is as real as it gets.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rules & Regulations PT.3

Haters try to lay down the law!! bringing ill rules, regulations and procedures so that it benefits them.

I play the sound!! sonic defender!! messages we send ya!!blowing up like a volcano in Iceland!! hitting them up with the steady bombardment.

Can't play around!! too old for it!! I'm up in the heart of it this is hostile territory.

But I rebuke the Hostile Takeover!! breakbeat science will tell the story.

Sonic nukes are dropped!! like a Chinese earthquake..for the fake? it's over!! so called chosen ones fell from glory.

The street code was violated!! with the enemy some collaborated!! whose frozen? a snitch will try to sale the story.

Discrete mode used!! the foul still hated!! so beats and rhymes are calibrated..we keep moving!! no moratorium is given.

Truth be told ? I doubt it!! so I carry a sword..I can see how these folks are living.

Will you hold, fold, walk away, or run Kenny Rogers was asking.

Player players were cold with it!! rocking the LA Dodgers hat!! fronting in the limelight basking.

The aura needs layers!! dodging haters!! they're blasting!! trying to implement martial law.

What did snitches say to them? what was it that the marshall saw?

Haters try to lay down the law!! said we're facing corporal punishment.

But I try to lay down this breakbeat science!! recognize the pattern..the signs..but it's not some aren't with it.

It's different!! Intergalactic..just got back from Mars..others try to get there!! but this is not what they're used to!! I didn't follow normal procedures.

By product from the lab!! O-Dog fixed it in the mix!! scientific cures.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In The Spot Where Reason Gave Way Too Madness

March madness is over!! or is it? a bruh even wrote some of this on April Fools Day!!

The abyss? standing over the edge if it!! what's up with it? In the spot where Reason Gave Way To Madness..but on will these fools play?

The list of demands? tore them up!! not playing around with these fools.

Who understands? lessons are learned by next, old, and new schools.

Drama is like Palistine's..but blessings still received!! plus I never burned bridges.

The action is off the hook!! the main ingredient of power? knowledge is.

I acknowledge it!! plus everybody plays the fool sometimes! Main Ingredients song from back in the day.

Victimized by a crook!! impeding progress!! always back in the way.

But we kick it!! moving forward with faith!! O-Zone took time to pray.

How did they play? in Clayton County buses stopped rolling.

How did they play? found a bus to throw you under!! soul controlling.

How did they say it? heard belligerence!! so they're rolling like that?

How did we play it? dealing with the madness!! but March is over with.

But Mars is still in Leo..aggression rises..dogs bark with no bite!! like toothless tigers!! owned by politicians in lame duck administrations.

O-Dog is parking lot pimping!! but not fronting and faking ....barking up the wrong tree!! found where the funk will be..others are still hating.

Parking the Mothership in a safe harbor..but politicians are still debating irrelevant issues.

A bruh gets focused on his mission!! but it's not easy!! I felt the pressure.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mode Of Least Resistance..Out Of Order?

some were reaching comatose

New World Order? please!! staying a step of illuminatti.

Out of order signs ignored by the Mafioso!! it's going down from Killadelphia to the the Ville and Nasty Natti.

Whose entering the mode of least resistance? no boundary or border!! all zones hit up by the trilateral commission!! even skull and bones!! holla if you hear me!

Four track recorders blown up by O-Dog and O-Zone!! holla if ya here me!

Black man? society fears me!! like Obama's part of the problem but likes a bruh's steelo..they'll clone me!! microchips implanted.

It's trial by error....some fail..then reach comatose..but we're intergalactic; now the Mothership has landed!!

Whose on trial for the error? caused by a fanatic!! got to the point where they didn't try to figure it out anymore..soon out of it or landed in correctional facilities.

Whose foul with it? buttons pressed..hit the dial with it..horror and terror introduced...distorting realities.

On trial for it!! some try to encourage themselves like that gospel song.

What's the prognosis? reaching comatose.. lethal doses..hocus pocus!! it was magical.

Was it like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? Lethal Weapons or even Hazardous Material.

Slick like Rick..or my homies Willie Flanagan and Little Ronnie!! back in the day? they kept it pimping.

Dealing with undercovers!! like Steve Thompson!! beatdowns like Rodney King!! soon limping.

Brothas work it out like Willie Hutch .....kings back in the day!! royalty.

Whose coming through in the clutch? it's about money dollar or the euro!! so there's no loyalty.

The new world order will be running things!! like Hutaree? who just contributes to the confusion?

Manipulating the masses!! haves vs have nots!! part of the mass konfusion.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Out Here..Out There..Some We're Careless..

Snitches were like George Michael with the careless whispers.

Ditches were full during this cycle!!! some rocked steady like the Whispers.

Switches are hit!! I pull disappearing acts like David Blaine or Chris Angel.

Loathing and fearing seems to be the business with demons and angels!!!

Or is it angels and demons? seen some approaching the spot where automatic weaponry will blast!! we're on the frontlines.

Coaching up in this spot!!like Phil Jackson!! based on the veteran status!! as haters front on mine.

Approaching that point!! the intersection!!left or right? the whole game is shady.

Shady like Grady!! wasn't waiting on answers!! I expected it!!on I-20 in Atlanta all up in the hooptie listening to Whose That Lady!!

...By the Isley Brothers!! can't surprise these brothers!! but some will still try to play me.

Please!! if it's not about the truth? they shouldn't have anything to say to me.

It's not all gravy baby!! a sword of truth is carried as a weapon.

Those that are shady? I played them like Martin Lawrence.. told them to get to stepping!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We're On The Loose!!!

On the loose!! but not loose at the mouth like Sarah Palin!! smooth like the big headed Burger King in the commercial.

Listening to Nice and Smooth..not a thing for me to put on old school hip hop!! who will work with a bro?

As I go for what I know!! prime suspect!! authorities check DNA and fingerprints.

Getting scientific with it!! even checked my carbon footprints.

Next up? listening to Jay-Z's up? a West Coast mixtape..Mitchy Slick, E-40, and Jayo Felony.

Mechanical engineering....blueprints, flow charts, and graphs!! industrial with it!! avoiding a snitch trying to tell on me.

This is Industrial Strength!!..but once upon a time? it fell on me!! loathing and fearing!! but I shake it off like a true player!! this math is of the Breakbeat variety.

Beat go along with the disco inferno.. steering the Mothership to a safe harbor!! where I have Diplomatic Immunity.

Some act brand new with me!! they didn't understand the natural process.

Fates altered by ecological ignorance!! didn't understand this random thought process!!

Reckless abandon shown by the opposition.. the thought police? brutality will have chilling effects!

Love abandoned me!! like Rose Royce..was any shown? bearing witness to the lukewarm response..waiting!!peace be still the healing process ongoing!! but there's no chilling!! society disrespects.

...It expects a bruh to except the status quo.

...Even mad at a brotha because I didn't quid quo pro.

...Stayed a pro during the process!! moving forward.

As I proceed and continue...We're On The Loose!! there's goals I move towards.