Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bad Breaks..Obstacles & Setbacks..

Bad breaks, obstacles and setbacks await we try to make moves.

These are the breaks word from Curtis Blow..road side bombs! bombs in mines! automatic gunfire! but O-Dog will make grooves.

Breakbeat science is unleashed..steady bombardment of the enemy position is how we fight back!! not quiting.

All up in the heart of it!! using the Sonic Assault!! beats are hitting.

The streets were hitting like Doobie Brothers taking it to them.

The heat is on like Miami & D-Wade and them!! what will the scoop be? actually it's on those & them.

They'll damn me if I do or don't!! that's how it's played!! but I'm not mad at them.

That's their reaction to what's going down!! what it do? even pirates are down to Plan Z..please!! the system had them.

Back up in the action!! as we Clash With Titans!! so what's up with it? even the drama is updated..takes all kinds to make the world..realized God made them!! but some act funny.

Realized that it's on and cracking!!..some doing anything for the money.

Just because I show restraint and self discipline..not acting like a monkey.

Just because I have diplomatic immunity..they'll play me the other way.

A bruh is down for the cause!! hitting up the community!! showing them another way.

Had to pause..fall back!! end up being a phantom interview!!the play ran by armchair quarterbacks was the wrong one.

Had to pause!! but knowledge gained at the end of the day!! but it was a long one!!

In this world you have to be a strong one!! bad breaks and obstacles await us.

Drama will unfurl!! unleashed by a system that hates us.

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