Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Extended Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this real soul music from Curtis Mayfield …with his classic cut Move On Up…listening to it closely…noticed it has a jazzy /drum and bass feel to it around the 4 minute mark…
Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up (Extended Version) « Whats Really Going On?

Damn!! I'm Still In Conflict With The World...

 Doing the knowledge;  damn!! I see I'm still in conflict with the world! 

Had to acknowledge it; after cashing reality I was unemployed in the Eurozone....after the drama unfurled! 

Attaining success is difficult if not impossible; whatcha on?  rocks were hurled at your vehicle like you were in you cruised through the hood! 

Plus every possible obstacle and setback occurred; plus I know you heard former FEMA head Michael Brown with the deliberate falsehood! 

The attempt to keep you from the truth was perpetrated...word from Romney / Ryan..somebody is lying...these jokers talk a good game! 

Yield not to temptation for yielding is sin was heard at the old school baptist church per Bishop David Ellis; while at the new school / corporate one preachers talk a good game! 

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Using Intuition While In Transition

There's spiritual significance in this operation...blessed and highly favored per the Clark Sisters....whats the deal with this? I felt like I was worthy of better than this! 

What it do? I wasn't waiting in the dark...I kept it got lonely out there but we kept on running...I felt an obligation to myself to manifest that worthiness! 

As we work this....handling business like Obama in New Jersey; rocking the nation..this is based on using my intuition!

Who will work with this? who will work with me?...whose rolling  like Gov. Christie?  I noticed these earthlings were acting brand new again! 

So were acting brand new transition...even though jokers told me to trust the system / trust the machine..but then it broke on me! 

They even built a glass house for me..but I threw stones; now the joke is on me! 

Jokers were "assed out"  due to the others had pictures taken like Iranian Drones in Israel..whats the deal?  its hard to get your  swag / front on! 

Jokers like me are now in transition using and rhymes were developed by reverse engineering..were trying to get are gather and hunt on! 

Once again its on!! as we use mechanical engineering...check out the industrial strength.....actually we never cut the switch off! 

Unless were in Manhattan..due to Hurricane I stay out there;  its time for transition using intuition...a bruh is getting off!

Whats up man? jokers were letting off rounds like it was Syria...I heard some were in pain.. maybe they understand me...

..Using the brain the Lord blessed us with...dealing with this..during the ongoing  Total Chaos / mass hysteria...using our intuition...while in transition...that's what the plan will be...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Phonique – Vincent Price (Original Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues…Halloween is tomorrow…guess I make a contribution to the cause…checking out Berlin DJ /Producer Phonique ( Michael Vater) …with his cut called Vincent Price..he of horror movie fame….check this out….

Phonique – Vincent Price (Original Mix) « Whats Really Going On?

Life Is Hectic / Caught In The Storm..

Whats the deal?  New Jersey and New York residents can tell you...due to Hurricane is hectic!!  we're trying to stay composed! 

It gets way too real!! who will work with me?  the apparatus check the status as  the brand new funk and good word is composed! 

Check the status......the devil is opposed; I was riding through the North Georgia mountains...where have you found a man? I'm all up in the spot where Romney / Ryan signs are in the front yard!

Previously it was McCain and Palin; before that Bush and Cheney whatcha saying? these jokers tried to front hard! 

Life is hectic; some of my peeps  are going through it...folk are in pain; physically and emotionally let the healing process begin!

 Life is trying to dodge Al-Shabab in Somalia..what it do?  calculate the loss or gain / whats the deally?  the analyst said you don't have to come in first place to win!

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Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Life Is Hectic / Caught In The Storm..

Althea Rene Performs "No Restrictions" Live

Digital Crate Digging Continues....still checking out soul jazz flutist Althea Rene...with her latest song called No her album of the same name...check it out!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Althea Rene - Deja Vu

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out jazz flutist Althea Rene with her rendition of Beyonce's  Deja's smoking!!!

Quantic – Life in the Rain

Digital Crate Digging Continues…most of the East Coast is getting hit up by high winds and rain from Sandy…formerly known as Hurricane Sandy before being downgraded..but still doing damage.

I guess were living “Life In The Rain”  jazz , funk, hip hop style….per this Quantic track!! ..or is it caught in the reign?   that’s another story….in the meantime and between time check the track…
Quantic – Life in the Rain « Whats Really Going On?

All Up In The Spot / Its Storming like Hurricane Sandy

 Check us out!! like reporters covering Hurricane Sandy were all up in the spot; we're chilling up in the camp site! 

Out here in the the HMS Bounty out at sea....we're stranded ...surrounded by unhappy campers knowing that "things ain't right"

Knowing what the deal is...New England Compounding bad medicine the reason the  morale is low?  whatcha know? some are tired of being used and abused! 

Others don't feel this..they're all up in the spot,..we found them down here in the ATL chilling..down I-20 they cruised..

Others don't feel this; they're going along with the status quo ...gluttons for punishment

Others don't feel this...left to their own devices...paying the prices; now like Damascus  in the the midst of the crisis..they seem flabberghasted..showing astonishment...

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October Full Moon Madness

As we proceed and continue were still all about this breakbeat scientific business! 

True indeed the saga / struggle continues as we deal with the full moon madness! 

A brotha would be a fool not to come back with this!! with so much confusion in the world! 

Check out the Total Chaos...they'll blame a brotha like the Philadelphia Eagles do Mike Vick....but check how storms blow in like Hurricane Sandy; some will understand me after the drama unfurled!

Some said they wont take a loss!!  they paid the cost to be the boss!! they kept it pimping like Herman Cain; I understand they had binders full of women! 

Like Mitt Romney; what will the response be? like uninspired young voters... at the end of the day?  some are through dealing! 

I was laying in the cut observing the scene; but now I'm ready to roll..I'm on my way! 

Not playing around with the corrupt!! I spotted them while observing the scene; like Republicans concerning the auto industry?  they plotted and schemed in the huddle ready to run another play! 

But unlike Eli or Peyton Manning they were just armchair quarterbacks! 

More like Tony Romo? whatcha know? we didn't lie!! after bums at the Five Points Marta Station heard these clearance rack epiphanies they gave the quarters back! 

We tried these drums and good words as weapons in spiritual warfare; as we deal with these heathens during this full moon madness! 

Sun and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio as I wrote this; maintaining focus as we come back like this!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams Quintet ft. Herbie Hancock – Currio’s

Sunday Jazz Continues…in conjunction with digital crate digging…had to dig real deep to find this one…its the Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams Quintet ft. Herbie Hancock  with a track called  Currio’s

…Donald Byrd pre-Mizell Brothers…plus Herbie Hancock pre-Headhunters..its nice and smooth though!! these cats are playing!! check out the players and the track….

Donald Byrd – trumpet…..Pepper Adams – baritone saxophone

Herbie Hancock – piano…..Laymon Jackson – bass….Jimmy Cobb – drums

Donald Byrd & Pepper Adams Quintet ft. Herbie Hancock – Currio’s « Whats Really Going On?

Juju Orchestra - Funky Nassau

 Sunday Jazz Continues....checking out the Ju Ju Orchestra....The Juju Orchestra was founded in 2004 by Fab DJ Sammy and producer/sound engineer Oliver Belz.
 Some of their musical idols are Caetano Veloso, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Stan Getz (to only name a few). Of course they are influenced by all of them, but the Juju Orchestra have created their own language, like every real artist does: contemporary , and music with a vintage sound. 
Check out Juju Orchestra's version of  Funky Nassau...................

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Juju Orchestra - Funky Nassau

The Saga / Struggle Continues; Routines / Rites and Rituals

The saga / struggle Hurricane Sandy the storm we go through our routines / rites and rituals! 

Whats up with a bruh? standing alone against the world?  like Obama in Ohio  or Gaza Strip drama it seems I have to keep fighting these clones or habituals! 

Who will go through the nuptials?  life is a you know or should know;  as a card carrying danger zone resident!

Who will hit a switch turn a dial or press buttons?  please!! like contaminated New England Compounding and Infusion Resource centers up in Mass. ....punishment gluttons say they're all in it! 

Fires are fully was confounding fireman and officials at fusion centers;  disco infernos will burn baby burn!! its foul after some danced with the devil! 

The confusion never centers around the hood..the Total Chaos goes down from San Francisco to Rome Italy....secret pacts are enforced; bear witness to the glass ceiling..who advanced to that level?

It  wasn't smooth like butter on Nabisco biscuits; whats the deally in these districts?  physical and mental fitness is required! 

A brotha will put it down like this!! check the funk and good word.. breakbeat science is dropped before the shot clock expired! 

What transpired while I was in transition?  when crossing Simon and Garfunkel bridges over troubled waters I ran into all possible obstacles! 

Jokers were like Erykah Badu bag ladies!!  piggy backing and daisy chaining when I was trying to rock those!

 You know they'll knock those? the hustles!! that's how they conduct business!

 They're shady / shifty;  then say were corrupt with this breakbeat scientific business! 

Gamblers out for a fast buck dipped in the Ford F150 after the caper was pulled or was it the Dodge Durango?

 Jokers pressed their luck going through routines / rites and rituals ...trying to make order out of chaos per Jose Saramago..

Meanwhile we lay low;  fights with habituals were taking a toll! 

Check the style!!  observing the scene but soon we'll be ready to roll!

Mos Def / DJ Premier – Mathematics – (Instrumental)

 Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out some hip hop / jazz /funk ….an instrumental version of Mos Def’s Mathematics …which was produced by DJ Premier…hot!!

Mos Def / DJ Premier – Mathematics – (Instrumental) « Whats Really Going On?

The Souljazz Orchestra - Sankofa

Sunday Jazz we proceed and continue...checking out the Souljazz Orchestra a Canadian musical group based in Ottawa that has had success in touring Canada, the United States and Europe. Their music is a fusion of soul, jazz, funk, afrobeat and Latin styles. The group members are.....
  • Pierre Chrétien - electric piano, clavinet, organ, guitar, bass, percussion, vocals
  • Marielle Rivard - percussion, vocals
  • Steve Patterson - tenor sax, percussion, vocals
  • Ray Murray - baritone sax, percussion, vocals
  • Zakari Frantz - alto sax, flute, percussion, vocals
  • Philippe Lafrenière - drums, percussion, vocals
Check them they lay down a cut called Sanfoka..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Souljazz Orchestra - Sankofa

Byard Lancaster - Dogtown

Sunday Jazz Continues....still on that Khan Jamal...Sunny Murray....Byard Lancaster axis...check my previous episodes..but now were checking out the late great Mr. Lancaster's cut Dogtown off of his Funny Funky Rib Crib album...check out the players on this funky tune...

Byard Lancaster...saxophone......;    Clint Jackson .....trumpet       Steve McCall drums

Francois Nyombo...guitar     : Francois Tusques..piano

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sounds of Liberation - New Horizons

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....I mean some real crate thing led to another...

First it started with Khan Jamal's Known Unknown at the Sonic Assault..then we moved on the Sunny Murray's Untouchable Factor..featuring Mr. Murray on drums..Byard Lancaster on saxophone...with Khan Jamal on the vibes... we proceed and continue with Byard Lancaster's Sound of Liberation group...featuring Byard Lancaster, saxophone... Khan Jamal (vibraphone), Monnette Sudler (guitar), Billy Mills (bass), Dwight James (drums), Rashid Salim (conga), Omar Hill (percussion).....nice!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Sounds of Liberation - New Horizons

Sunny Murray and The Untouchable Factor: Something’s Cookin’

Digital Crate Digging Continues…and I mean some real crate digging

…posted up vibe player Khan Jamal on my other site The Sonic Assault…while doing the knowledge / research on Khan Jamal I noticed he played in Sunny Murray’s The Untouchable Factor group

….here’s a cut from that group….featuring  Sunny Murray, drums; Khan Jamal, vibes; Fred Hopkins, bass; David Murray, reeds; Byard Lancaster, saxophone and flute….
These cats are getting off!! check them out…..

Sunny Murray and The Untouchable Factor: Something’s Cookin’ « Whats Really Going On?

Khan Jamal-The Known Unknown

Digital Crate Digging Continues..checking out jazz vibraphonist Khan Jamal with a nice cut called The Known Unknown off of his Infinity album..nice and smooth....

They Were Going Through It PT.8

 The saga / struggle the mass hysteria in Syria..they were going through it! 

A brotha has breakbeat science on these menus; leading those waiting in the dark to the light....were going to it!

Whatcha knowing? some were acting brand new with I let them go on about their business! 

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play...they were making promises like Mitt Romney while I handle this breakbeat scientific business!

Knowing what the deal is; secret knowledge was revealed like Vanguard secret funds!

Knowing what the deal is; we acknowledge that these are hard times.. its no secret;  this brotha even gathers and hunts!

Check the rest of this article at..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: They Were Going Through It PT.8

Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around (Original 12” Version) « Whats Really Going On?

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out this classic Donald Byrd /125th st / NYC  track…Love Has Come Around…the long / 12″ version…nice!!

Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around (Original 12” Version) « Whats Really Going On?

Ohio Players- Heaven Must Be like this

 Digital Crate Digging Continues...rolling down I-20 earlier today..listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104;

They played one of my favorites...Ohio Players- Heaven Must Be Like This...a soul / jazz type of thing that has always been one of my favorites...check it out...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ohio Players- Heaven Must Be like this

Damn!! There's Still No Where To Run Or Hide

There was no where to run or hide; the rain and winds were strong...stirring up waters like Hurricane Sandy...damn!! we were surrounded by sharks and piranhas! the deep waters; was time on our side per Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones?  checked the sideways glances received like by Mike Vick and even Pres. Obama...haters throw stones at supposed to be messiahs! it was the West Bank;  Hamas vs Palestine Authority type drama will unfold! 

The drama is unfolding as we speak per media pundits;  brothas soon are subject to the authority..laws they supposedly uphold! 

...Hot because of global warming;  but the world is still cold!! as the seasons change per the fall equinox...portals the arch nemesis is on the premises! 

Meanwhile we span the globe brainstorming... peeping game;  after the drama unfurled hope diminishes! 

Those that behold beauty soon find blemishes...especially after scratching beneath the surface! 

Those that behold beauty were fooled..mesmerized by the soul song...Only You Can Make Me Happy by Surface..

How did jokers work this? defective goods were sold to me by these Bank of America mortgage I slide like Slave to the service desk to return them! 

Checking it out...disrespected in these hoods..but we didn't abort operations;  knowing there's no where to run or hide...jokers misbehave;  lessons? we had to learn them!

Checking it out...bridges? we didn't burn them...please!! jokers misbehave like Imran Khan pulled off of airplanes...questioned about drones...

Checking it out...knowledge is we swerve..switching lanes on I-20 in Atlanta...listening to the Khan Jamal Trio..dipping through these danger zones.. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life of Us feat. Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out the   Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band  with The Secret Life of Us feat. Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne. This is the name of their album that 's out now..check them out!!

Liquid Dubstep Mix [Episode 4]

Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking  out this mix from Perceptor called the Liquid Dubstep Mix Episode 4 ….this mix has a jazzy feel to it…..check out the playlist and the mix…


The XX – Intro (Deep Focus Remix)
Blackmill – The Light (Full Version)
Blackmill – Journey’s End
Nutronic – Run Away (xKore Remix)
Blackmill – Evil Beauty
Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Blackmill Remix)
Phaeleh -Should Be True

Liquid Dubstep Mix [Episode 4] « Whats Really Going On?

Checking The Scenario PT.2

 So called heroes were told to stand down...Mike Vick or even Obama? check the drama...nobody would block or cooperate with them! 

What it do? jokers talk junk like John Sununu...vs Colin Powell..they'll get foul...even said no more heroes were needed per Tina Turner; but I was surrounded by slow learners!! mad because I didn't get corporate with them! 

The corporal punishment will have some on all zeroes or in the red;  or negative like underwater mortgages.. or due to Hurricane Sandy just how are you trying to live? 

Knowing how the sport gets...using a Fresh Vision..maybe somebody will understand me...meanwhile the corporal showed astonishment due to the banishment; stripped of stars and stripes like Chuck Connors on Branded.....then told to forget and forgive! 

.....taking a loss; even forfeit!!  whose for or against it?  part of the problem or part of the solution? 

Check the $900 million used to campaign for could have stimulated the economy...Total Chaos is the business as usual ...instigated by an institution! 

Check the rest of this article at...Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Checking The Scenario PT.2

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tall Black Guy - GoldenSun (Tribute to Blackalicious)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out the Tall Black Guy with his GoldenSun  track...a tribute to Blackalicious) of his Hollyweird 2.0 project

.....big ups to WCLK 91.9 who played some Tall Black Guy earlier today to remind me of this track.....

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Tall Black Guy - GoldenSun (Tribute to Blackalicious)

Murs & 9th Wonder - It's Over

Digital Crate Digging Continues...on some hip hop

...checking out this single off of  Murs & 9th Wonder's album Final Adventure...called It's Over.

 Which is relevant..since this the final installment of a series of albums they put out together.. Check this out... 

Dubstep Mix : November ► Statix

Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out the Dubstep Mix Show courtesy of Pandaamsterdam..

This is the Dubstep Mix for November featuring Statix…from the UK…on Screwloose Records.

Dubstep Mix : November ► Statix « Whats Really Going On?

Two Fingers - Stripe Rhythm

 Digital Crate Digging conjunction with what I listen to at work...well...on the way to work...

Caught up in the Atlanta rush hour traffic...listening to 88.5 WRAS here in Atlanta...Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey were talking too much...not playing enough music....

Anyway....88.5 put on a cut by Two Fingers called Stripe Rhythm.....nice!! check them out..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Two Fingers - Stripe Rhythm

Low Key PT. 7 ....Minding and Tending

Whats the deal with this? this is breakbeat scientific business being usual good word dropping and beat blending! 

In the streets some will fake it... said they're not quitting and not stopping...putting it down like Obama / Romney in Ohio; do your thing kid!! meanwhile were minding and tending! 

Peeped game...the shady impediments to voting in Florida and Ohio;  ...meanwhile we go for what we know...actually were still sending messages in the songs;  that's how we do things!

 The whole game is shady...but not surrendering to the ongoing madness; the Total Chaos..we act like we knew things! 

Others blew Saturn did a massive burp of ethylene gas....except jokers blew opportunities;  now they're spotted talking to themselves!

 ....Like derelicts at the Five Point Marta Station in Atlanta...some blame Saturn, Mercury and Sun conjunctions in Scorpio...some might understand a bruh when I say they're stalking themselves!

Dealing with demons; split and multiple personalities not balking on the pitchers mound!! they went on with their bad selves! 

Meanwhile were low key....minding and tending; writing this good word and pulling the brand new funk off of shelves! 

Minding and tending as we behave ourselves!! endorsements are received like Colin Powell supporting Obama..but we're  all up in the spot where the morale is low! 

Sending messages to the masses as representatives fail tests and classes; they were moving sucker slow! 

So whatcha know? whats the deal with it? some are caught up..soon becoming a victim of circumstances!

 So whatcha know? what's the deal with it?  being built or torn down debatable circumstances!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Were All In PT.2

Getting what we ask for…like Republicans if Romney wins? we mentioned going in….now were in it now…up to our necks! 

Were all in…trying to multi-task…a jack of all trades but a master of none.. like Bank of America  mortgage frauds..society disrespects!

Were all in…we kept on running.…..we win some and lose some..then we tie like soccer or hockey!

Were all in…O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha….he’ll use the drum plus O-Zone will use the battle cry Lord Help!  Lord Help!  finding out where the solid rock will be!

The system will knock me and my they do Obama….I  discussed this with the homies on Candler Rd in Decatur!

How you living brotha? a joker over on Memorial Drive asked me… soon subject to the authority the whims of a hater!

Check the rest of this aticle at ....Were All In PT.2 « Whats Really Going On?

Acting Brand New / Fresh Out Of The Box

 I was peeping game... some were like Israel bombing a factory in Khartoum...acting brand new like they were fresh out of the box! 

I wasn't sleeping in the game....keeping it real..that's what the factor will be...I keep doing what I do; funky fresh in the flesh..a bruh feels like a giant...standing alone against the world...O-Dizzle rocks! 

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; knowing the dizzle!! the system knocks the up in NYC dealing with the stop and frisk!

Along with the domain awareness love or war nobody is fair with them.....tsk! tsk!  tsk! 

No pain no gain was what Betty Wright said; so I multi-task ...dropping the brand new funk and good word! 

No need to avoid the task force....not acting brand new...fresh out of the
La Familia Michoacana drug cartels in Gwinnett County Georgia;  saying they have meth, bath salts, and the good herb!   

Check out the rest of this article at....Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Acting Brand New / Fresh Out Of The Box

Its Their Story And They're Sticking To It

I heard what was said;  like Obama / Romney  jokers were politicking ; it was their story and they're sticking to it!

...Sounded like crooks with a lot alibis...a lot of lies told in these hostile territories to the constituents;  the Bank of America  and politicians are tricking to it! 

Street Funk is the fuel for this..hook lines and O-Dizzle beats..check the hot style used to tell these stories;  check the good word I'm kicking to the brand new funk! 

Some things are not in my file kept by the system / matrix...that's the dizzle...I didn't fake it to make..I'm in the ATL getting crunk!

Some things are not my style; please!!  I'm old school like Dominique Wilkins for the ATL Hawks.....getting the dunk on the fast break!

An old fool wasn't unique though...rocking that same old no peace in the Middle East....I'm through dealing with them; told them to give me a break! 

A fool tried to shoot up Creflo Dollar's World Changer's Church; I heard what was said...jokers said its famine or feast...part of the Deliberate Falsehood... jokers were acting fake / false in the hood! 

I heard what was said!! like Romney / Ryan say its all about a dollar...its their story and they're sticking to it....I knew what to expect so its all good!

I heard what was said...somebody was lying...I even heard them humming and bumming...rolling up like Hurricane Sandy on Jamaica..

I heard what was said...somebody was lying...they were pimping like Herman Cain..maybe like Romney with  binders of women; they'll just fake ya...

I heard what was was their story and they're sticking to it...I wasn't fooling with them...breakbeat scientific business is handled....

I heard what was said...its their story and they're sticking to it...I wasn't fooling with them...for a fast buck these jokers gambled...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We’re All In

It seems were caught up in the system / matrix…were all in!

Teams joined the league or conference like West Virginia…said they can take it..we can all win!

So whats happening? they get knocked off balance….some of us had the audacity to hope  for a second Obama! 

Running campaigns…letting the devil catch up with us;  like New England Patriots did to the New York Jets….now Mark Sanchez is busy pimping…a binder full of women? meanwhile we were exercising diplomatic immunity  / trying to maintain…but caught up in the drama!

…Some of it was due to cosmic karma;  like the New England Compounding Center  contributing to the meningitis scare..we’re  bearing witness to our creation!

Cosmic Slop like Funkadelic…. but not funky music…the false witnessing led to hating!

Check the rest of this article at...We’re All In « Whats Really Going On?

BreakBeat Scientific Business / All Day Every Day

 Check me I put it down like this!! breakbeat scientific..all day and everyday!
   As I put it down like this!! using a Fresh View and A Fresh Vision;  every day in every way!

As I put it down like this!! no need for an Obama / Romney debate;

  please!! were  recognizing the pattern..God is Good all the time!

....Plus all the time God Is Good; so whats good? whats hood? please!! I'm representing Louisville / Newburg.....but I'm not hood all the time! 

Plus my peeps didn't commit all the crime...check Wall Street plus the corridors of The Senate and Congress! 

Gangsta Chronicles warn ya....also check the Donald Trump types....but I grew up face to face with crooks; I know how a con does!

Check the rest of this article at ....Random Thoughts From A Brotha: BreakBeat Scientific Business / All Day Every Day

We Were Off Track....Now Getting Back In Sync

Maneuvers were synchronized;  per Carl Jung it seems fate is involved! 

Moves were made at the disco inferno...per fireman's lingo?  the fire was fully involved! 

Were problems solved? it seems we keep going around in circles per The Friends of Distinction! 

...Plus some were scared of Saturn's return to Scorpio; did they learn their lesson? ...staring into the eye of the tiger...I spotted them blinking..

Plus some were scarred; others ended up with meningitis because they fooled with New England Compounding;  trust your education said the bumper sticker on back of the hooptie! 

Some were barred from the was confounding...but check the situation...jokers might have did them a wasn't where the truth will be...

Politicians  sounded reckless like Mitt Romney....I didn't trust that legislation; it was like gerrymandering! 

Dude said he didn't have binders full of women...its hard out here for a pimp / player!!  he had to stop skinning and grinning!

 .....Once smooth like synchronized swimming in the Olympics; but times change...they're moving fast like Usain Bolt! 

Some slow down after smoking the Usain Bolt OG Kush...but others got ruthless trying to get back in sync again; like Troy Davis they'll feel the jolt! 

.....Or receive the lethal injection after failing inspection; plus the lightning bolt strikes those with the deliberate falsehood! 

We see through the madness..trying to get back in sync again;  but jokers are acting false in the hood!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Central Line- Walking Into Sunshine (The Long Version)

Digital Crate Digging Continues.....checking out London funkateers Central Line with their classic funk tune Walking Into Sunshine...the long version..check it out!!

Switch- I Call Your Name (Long Version) « Whats Really Going On?

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….on some back in the day stuff….checking out Switch….I Call Your Name

… this was part of the soundtrack when I was rolling in  the 65 Mustang down Broadway  up in Louisville….plus I had this long version….check it out…

Switch- I Call Your Name (Long Version) « Whats Really Going On?

Jack McDuff - The City Bump

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out Jack McDuff's City Bump track off of his Fourth Dimension album

....the players? Jack McDuff on organ / keyboards.....Harold Vick on tenor saxophone

....Joe Farrell on tenor saxophone, flute ...Pee Wee Ellis on soprano & tenor saxophones & flute...

Joe Newman trumpet and Joe Beck on guitar...not sure about the sounds like Steve Gadd by the stylings....check it out.....jazz / funk at its finest!!  

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Jack McDuff - The City Bump

H.Hancock, W.Shorter, S.Clarke & O.Hakim -Cantelop...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: H.Hancock, W.Shorter, S.Clarke & O.Hakim -Cantelop...: Sunday Jazz Continues.....checking out  Herbie .Hancock (keyboards), Wayne Shorter (saxophone), Stanley Clarke (bass guitar)  and  Omar Haki...

Joshua Redman Quartet - Straight Ahead

Digital Crate Digging Continues....didn't put up much jazz yesterday on my Sunday Jazz format....but still in the mood for some jazz

.....checking out The Joshua Redman Quartet with their version of Straight Ahead...the Quartet consists of.......Joshua Redman - tenor saxophone........Jonny King - piano .....Christian McBride - bass and Brian Blade - drums ......check them out......

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pete Rock – “Smoking Room Only”

 Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out some hip hop with a jazzy feel to it…with none other than Pete Rock with a cut called “Smoking Room Only” ….from his  Surviving Elements project out in 2005…nice!! check it out… 

Pete Rock – “Smoking Room Only” « Whats Really Going On?

What Are They Working With? Questions I Keep Asking....

I sit back and look at things..wondering; what some are working with? 

Lacking tools of the trade like Lance Armstrong...caught up in the are played; so who are they working with? 

Team mates were slacking...grades low like Obama debating Romney ...better the second time around....rolling like Shalamar..what will the response be?

One who hates is GPS tracking...all up in Fusion Centers!! watching the circus..they know where the clowns will be! 

.....While jokers were piggy backing or daisy chaining O-Dizzle was fusing jazz, funk and hip hop; the sounds will be used as a weapon!

Companies were fracking..meanwhile were big beat breaking..that's what were working with!! we're all in...

Companies were full of misery...that's how they love it...lacking love? but we're governing ourselves in the proper fashion...avoiding authorities who try to police thoughts and were trying to see what these others are doing! 

Some jokers didn't check could soon be repeating... whose like George McGovern?  sparking a movement like in Chicago in 68?  clashing with the what are they doing?

What are they working with? these days jokers are rocking old Mike Vick jerseys..number 7 Atlanta Falcons...or Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan number 23....whats the deally?  I heard what was said!!! they had nerve to say they were doing the damn thing!

What are they working with? sick with it..those fools were ruthless like M23 in the Congo... saying Uganda is not running the damn thing!!

What are they working with? whats the response bro? who'll understand a bruh? what caused a bruh to flip like dude at the mall in Milwaukee?

What are they working with? I spotted the Paranormal Activity...leading to captivity...some are at home where the yellow crime scene tape and white chalk will be...


Friday, October 19, 2012

AC Slater – Animal Kingdom: A DJ Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues…checking out this mix from AC Slater called Animal Kingdom: A DJ Mix…supporting a forthcoming 4 track EP titled “Party Animals” coming out November 6th 2012

AC Slater – Animal Kingdom: A DJ Mix « Whats Really Going On?

Drumstep / Drum and Bass Mix & MaxNRG Guest Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....on some drumstep /drum and bass ...checking out the GQ Podcast...(going quantum) ...Drumstep / Drum and Bass a guest mix from MaxNRG.

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Drumstep / Drum and Bass Mix & MaxNRG Guest Mix

Pete Rock - "Pete's Jazz"

Digital Crate Digging Continues....sitting back chilling listening to some of Pete's Jazz...per Pete Rock..from his Petestrumentals album....check this out...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ill Street Blues – Kool G Rap & DJ Polo

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….checking out some classic hip hop….Ill Street Blues from Kool G Rap and DJ Polo….from the “Live and Let Die”  released in 1992….check it out…

Ill Street Blues – Kool G Rap & DJ Polo « Whats Really Going On?

Wu-Tang Clan f. Kool G Rap "Rivers Of Blood"

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Wu-Tang Clan f. Kool G Rap "Rivers Of Blood": Digital Crate Digging Continues...on some hip hop..checking out the Wu-Tang Clan f. Kool G Rap with Rivers Of Blood" ...U-God, Raekwon, Ghos...

Freeway-Freedom Of Speech

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out some hip hop...listening to Freeway's mix tape called Freedom of Speech...Hosted by Don Cannon...with appearances by Young Chris...Jakk Frost..and others...with production by Jake One, Thelonious Martin, AK47 and others...courtesy of DatPiff...check it out!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dubbyman - King of Motown

Digital Crate Digging Continues....checking out some house music from Dubbyman...with a cut called King of Motown...

Beats Antique – Skeleton Key

Digital Crate Digging Continues….in conjunction with what I listen to at work…chilling outside in the hooptie…at the j-o-b….listening to WRAS 88.5 here in Atlanta
…they play everything from hip hop to rock…to electro…drum and bass…house….jazz….they’ve got it all covered
…we’re checking out this Beats Antique cut they put on earlier called the Skeleton Key…off their new album called Contraption Vol. 2…  check them out..

Beats Antique – Skeleton Key « Whats Really Going On?

Rapsody - Kind Of Love ft. Nomsa Mazwai

 Digital Crate Digging conjunction with what I listen to at work......checking out Rapsody  with a cut called Kind Of Love ft. Nomsa Mazwai. 

Chilling outside in the hooptie at lunch time...on the j-o-b.....Listening to 88.5 WRAS here in Atlanta. They had a hip hop set going...playing Large Professor...Brother Ali....then they put on Rapsody. ..Heard her before with the group Kooley High...

....she has a new album out now called Kind Of Beautiful...produced by 9th Wonder....she has that Rah Digga / Lauren Hill style...check her out...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Rapsody - Kind Of Love ft. Nomsa Mazwai

How Did They Play It?

How did these jokers try to play it? blowing up Federal Reserve Banks?  they tried to act like there's nothing to it!

Whats the deal?  the economy broke us..Federal Reserve stress tests not needed....what can I say?  I can see folk going through it!

Others were still Michael Bloomberg they're out here trying to swerve... said they're going to it..the promised land! 

Some dipped down I-85 from Charlotte / Mecklenburg ...or dipped down I-75 from Louisville / Newburg...down here in Atlanta aka Black Hollywood; ...meanwhile I'm hunting and gathering..ignoring what a hater like Mitt Romney  promised them! 

How did the system respond to them jack?  its tight in these hoods ...small businesses said please believe me! 

Whose trying to comeback like Tiger Woods?  believe it or not like Ridley! 

Timing was way off...some jokers try to play it off!!  please...just check the business! 

Some of it is funny / shady...jokers even tried to play me..but the Louisville / Newburg veteran knows what the deal is! 

....Knowing the real are hip to the game... recon missions were successful!

Knowing what the real is; I even felt the pressure...things are like Foxconn...they can get stressful! 

Exploitation was the name of the game;  per Fox News conning the masses...players are guilty by association!

 But you know misery loves company; they'll start a corporation ...check out how they play it; so whatcha sayin?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vinnie Paz “The Oracle [DJ Premier]“

 Digital Crate Digging Continues….back on some hip hop….check out Vinnie Paz  one half of the Jedi Mind Tricks..  with a cut called the his album God Of The Serengeti…this song is produced by DJ Premier..

Vinnie Paz “The Oracle [DJ Premier]“ « Whats Really Going On?

Lil Fame & Termanology Feat. Busta Rhymes & Styles...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Lil Fame & Termanology Feat. Busta Rhymes & Styles...: Digital Crate Digging Continues....back on some hip-hop....checking out Fizzyology...Lil Fame from MOP and Termanology...with a cut called P...

Sun Ra - Door of the Cosmos (Machinedrum Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues...checking out this remix of Sun Ra's Door of the Cosmos by Machinedrum...a producer from New York who has worked with Jesse Boykins III, Azealia Banks, and Mickey Factz  and Theophilus London, among others. Check it out!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sun Ra - Door Of The Cosmos

Digital Crate Digging Continues...still chilling; listening to Sun Ra....looking for the Door Of The Cosmos...from his Sleeping Beauty album..jazz / funk at its finest...check this out....

Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots (12 Inch Version) « Whats Really Going On?

Digital Crate Digging Continues…just tripping…..listening to some classic funk / soul ….checking out Patrice Rushen with Forget Me Nots….the long / 12 inch version….funk at its finest!!

That bass line is particularly recognizable,  performed  by session bass player Freddie Washington.

The classic tenor saxophone solo was played by Gerald Albright…of course Patrice Rushen was on the keyboards…check it out…

Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots (12 Inch Version) « Whats Really Going On?

Big Bud - Chill

 Digital Crate Digging Continues....still checking out Big Bud...with this cut called Chill..which is what I'm trying to do at this particular time!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Big Bud - Chill

Whats The Deal? Its Like This And Like That And A

Whats the deal? as presidential candidates prepare for debate...the coach said if you think? you stink!!  you have to play faster!

Whose real compared to what per Les McCann and Eddie Harris?  dude was supposed to be a player player!! but I found out he's a paymaster!

...said its not tricking if you got it...per Mullage..meanwhile  O-Dizzle will put the sound out; let the music play!! he's a big beat blaster...putting it down like this and like that and a!

 Jobs are on the Mike Vick's meanwhile O-Zone will get breakbeat scientific with it...please!! that's the essence of this discipline....who will understand a bruh? 

Where did the mothership land a bruh? I'm down here chilling in the A-Town! 

AKA Atlanta aka Black Hollywood whats good?  please!! you'll get set up...investigated like Jesse Jackson Jr...meanwhile  I'm still handling business...I don't play around! 

Paying ADHD...please!! I stay down for the inside joker...why? because...a lot of these folks are funny! 

Some voted for Romney because the Koch Brothers told them; who has a hold on them...where are they from?  who are they with?  they're acting real monkey! 

Over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur a real junkie stole the laptop and flat screen...sold them to the crooked pawn they could get a couple of hits! 

A punk will be holding up progress;  but like the Costa Concordia ships sink...but the captain they said they're putting it down like that and like this! 

They told me I missed it because I stopped stressing it...please!! I wasn't a clone...or one of the Walking Dead...but I was on some other other! 

I told them its like this and like that and a... I wasn't your ordinary brotha!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eddie Henderson: Scorpio Libra

Sunday Jazz Continues…checking out this Eddie Henderson cut Scorpio Libra from his Realization album…this is his first album..after playing as a sideman with Herbie Hancock‘s the Mwandishi group. Mwandishi was Hancock’s Swahili name.

This group consisted of the following members..with their Swahili names;
Mchezaji/Buster Williams ,   Jabali/Billy Hart, Mganga/Eddie Henderson, Mwile/Bennie Maupin, Pepo Mtoto/Julian Priester, and Ndugu/Leon Chancler. This group helped Mr. Henderson record his album.

This song is relevant to today…with the New Moon in Libra  tomorrow..and Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio..

This song has a Miles Davis-ish influence…since all the above musicians worked with Mr. Davis..check it out at  Eddie Henderson: Scorpio Libra « Whats Really Going On?