Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Did They Play It?

How did these jokers try to play it? blowing up Federal Reserve Banks?  they tried to act like there's nothing to it!

Whats the deal?  the economy broke us..Federal Reserve stress tests not needed....what can I say?  I can see folk going through it!

Others were still Michael Bloomberg they're out here trying to swerve... said they're going to it..the promised land! 

Some dipped down I-85 from Charlotte / Mecklenburg ...or dipped down I-75 from Louisville / Newburg...down here in Atlanta aka Black Hollywood; ...meanwhile I'm hunting and gathering..ignoring what a hater like Mitt Romney  promised them! 

How did the system respond to them jack?  its tight in these hoods ...small businesses said please believe me! 

Whose trying to comeback like Tiger Woods?  believe it or not like Ridley! 

Timing was way off...some jokers try to play it off!!  please...just check the business! 

Some of it is funny / shady...jokers even tried to play me..but the Louisville / Newburg veteran knows what the deal is! 

....Knowing the real are hip to the game... recon missions were successful!

Knowing what the real is; I even felt the pressure...things are like Foxconn...they can get stressful! 

Exploitation was the name of the game;  per Fox News conning the masses...players are guilty by association!

 But you know misery loves company; they'll start a corporation ...check out how they play it; so whatcha sayin?

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