Friday, September 30, 2011

Knocked Off Balance

Raging against the machine!! just like that music some will get knocked off balance!

Whose engaging in obscene behavior? like Biz Markie said nothing can save ya!! some didn't know O-Dog rocked out!! now some are going off!! showing malice! 

RPM's and IED's were launched against the palace; they said this was some Orlando / Disneyland type of business! 

No Magic like Dwight Howard and them...please!! tragic for some..drones even hit up Awlaki  over in Yemen..whose rolling with Alice In Wonderland? foul with this? admitting some won't understand this breakbeat science business!

Buttons pressed; dials are turned!! what lessons are learned? as tweets go up like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore;  some will deal with this in a so called orderly fashion! 

Whose knocked off balance like Conrad Murray? punishment glutton type behavior is exhibited!! even colors are clashing! 

A brotha was subject to Oprah type male bashing; now sonic weapons were stashing...whose subject to the authority? even the brotha Troy Davis can tell you theres no justice or peace for ya! 

Any hope for ya? you were spotted lashing out..misbehaving!! knocked off balance!! now the machine wants a piece of ya!

Where are my chips? I was cashing out like at a Las Vegas casino or maybe crashing out in Reno; either way O-Dizzle rocked off in this piece! 

Out there chilling with those that fake us...please!! like dealing with banks and debit card fees...they'll have us falling like satellites; please!! you know that ain't right!! when will the madness cease?

Please!! this is a critical stage of we put it down like this and like that...breakbeat science is used to rebuke the attack....

What's the deal? we drop this good hit you up with a funky track....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Miles Davis ....Mystery

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Miles Davis ....Mystery: ...chilling..low key...heard WCLK 91.9 playing a Miles Davis cut earlier..but on the 9 to 5 I was listening to hip hop all reminded ...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Miles Davis Feat. JR, AB Money & Easy Mo Bee - The...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Miles Davis Feat. JR, AB Money & Easy Mo Bee - The...: ..check this Doo Bop Song video from Miles Davis also produced by Easy Moe Bee..

Joe Sample......Seven Year Of Bad Luck

chilling...low key.......this is the ultimate chill out track...Joe Sample....Seven Years Of Bad Luck...if I had a TV Program this would be my theme song..check it out!!

The Sweet Spot

Whats the deal? your homie kept fumbling around until he found the sweet spot! 

Things are way too real!! in the hooptie rumbling through the's more than Lil Wayne's block..the streets are hot! 

Saturday morning 9/24/11 in the ATL.the Atlanta Football Classic.....drums rumbling at the parade ....the bands from FAMU, Southern plus Clayco schools were representing! 

Bums fumbling to get their lines together; begging for change at the Five Points Marta Station ; caught up in a loop; history repeating!

Heard his story; the self fulfilling prophecy was interrupted! 

Heard his story; since day one...the process? I see it's corrupted! 

Now whats up with it? I see others are out there trying to find their own sweet spot! 

Now whats up with it? greedy ones brought their sweet tooth along plus they like it spicy hot! 

Like Popeye's Chicken;  Bojangles up in Charlotte on West Boulevard!

Its not my third eye that's seeing things; somebody lied!! making the easy hard!

I heard that lie!! we made it hard on ourselves trying to find the sweet spot! 

As I fall through I see plans fall through; haters tried to scheme and plot!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Low Key PT.2

Staying low key...chilling...they weren't checking for me anyway...actually that's a good thing!

Back in the day? I dipped down Muhammad Ali Blvd in Louisville in the Cadillac Brougham from Brown Bros. had leather and wood grain; it was a hood thing!

...I wasn't the pot calling the kettle black like Herman Cain...what's up mane? I was low key; I didn't fall for the okey dokey and I still stay on point! 

.....Saw others were caught up..but a bruh is wise to the set up; realizing I'm not the one they'll anoint!

I get the point; they'll try to play me like Conrad Murray ....the only time they check for a brotha is to make him a scapegoat! 

O-Dizzle is rocking the funky joint; who'll work with me? I'm transmitting live!! hitting my people up with a beat and a quote!

Of course the street mode is maintained after the perspective was gained; it's like the talks to end the NBA lockout...I'm seeing that its all game! 

Beneath the surface and behind the scenes capers go down; where are Libya's heat seeking missiles?  then the machine will assign the blame!

Peeping game; knowing how they work this and that!! soaking game up like cornbread in collard green juice! 

Staying low key; but haters will act like they know me!! they want to see me lose!

Staying low key when we cruise like Smokey Robinson..we dipped on them...disappeared like Chriss Angel's vehicles..what it do?

..Or maybe like postal workers jobs...whose going postal like they're in Syria..causing mass hysteria..act like you knew!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Low Key

Falling through; chilling out!! observing the scene...what's heard or seen? this is a critical stage of low key is the steelo! 

Whose calling you? bear witness to the shady dealing going down like the Putin / Medvedev  job swap...beware of the old okey dokey!! but this brotha knew what the inside joke would be...the machine was spying on a fly negro! 

That's word from Sly living in a what's up man? whose balling?  you know that's the steelo from the ATL to NYC! 

Whose stalling? waiting in the dark...they should be seeing that the whole game is shady! 

Casualties of spiritual warfare chill at Grady in Atlanta or University Hospital in Louisville! 

....Casually going there; now chilling at Donald Trimble in Decatur or AD Porter in the Ville! 

Whats the deal? its not the most beautifullest thing mentioned by Keith Murray! 

...Plus its not a Beautiful Struggle mentioned by Talib Kweli; who'll work with me? 

All up in the spot; what's the deally? over on Candler Rd in Decatur "little homie and them" dipped in the old school Chevy Nova.. will a beautiful mind  recognize that the saga / struggle continues?

....All out there in Terra Nova...whose acting brand new with a bruh? they ate meals prepared by chefs in hells kitchen working with ill menus!

What's the deal? Saturday Morning in Decatur..Jehovah's Witness act like they know me.. 

Saturday afternoon in Atlanta.. spotted FAMU beating Southern at the Georgia Dome...Southern's band the best? I don't we go for what we know...otherwise keeping a low profile...low key..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: John Coltrane Blue Train

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: John Coltrane Blue Train: Sunday Night Jazz...classic jazz from one of the masters....rolling on the Blue Train

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Understanding

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Understanding

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Falling Through / The Critical Stage Of Developmen...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Falling Through / The Critical Stage Of Developmen...: ....New season ...Fall Is Here..We're Falling Through...After Dealing With The Summer Madness; ...Now It's Time To Move Forward....But For S...

Subject To The Authority

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; soon they'll be subject to the authority!

Soon rounded up by cattle rustlers; so what's up with us? checking out the wild wild west style like James West..some are soon subjects of the drama royalty! 

Like Vladimir Putin..or even Gaddafi...drama kings and queens holla atcha boy!! you should know how it'll be!! you hadn't heard about the pain? 

Panoramic views into the past? once roamed as real kings and queens; you hadn't heard about the reign? 

A fanatic chooses to hit the delete button concerning your history;  Herman Cain and Pres. Obama creating new chapters?

Mathematics dropped by a brotha once again..once again!!! history repeating? please!! a brotha is riding John Coltrane's Blue Train trying to avoid capture!

Underground railroad style!!! trains of thought are rolling like MARTA or even BART! 

Check the sound; the complex is made into a simple thing!! but not a simpleton like The Simpson's Homer or Bart! 

I told homie don't even start!! I was rolling solo; refusing to be subject to the authority! 

He said act like you know me...embrace the confusion!!! like we were over in Israel / peace in the middle east?  he said it comes with the territory! 

As I tell this story....I refused to get in line with the other clones!

As I tell this story....the funk is dropped by O-Dizzle; the good word is O-Zone's!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Street Funk Mix we proceed and continue...taking it back to the basics...check this street funk mix

The Street Funk Mix

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine PT.2: Doors and windows of opportunity were only open for a few moments; then security locked it down! It was for a limited time only like fas...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Felt The Pressure...Peace Wouldn't Be Still

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Felt The Pressure...Peace Wouldn't Be Still: Still waters run deep like the Four Tops mentioned; so I remembered that when I was floating through the stream of consciousness! Plus ...

Dipping Like A Mysterious Traveler

Check me out!! like that falling satellite I'm dipping!! catch me observing the scene; a mysterious traveler!

Chilling out!! not flipping out even though I know some are like Republicans ..they ain't right!! I stay level headed; a mystery unraveler!

Like Vladimir Putin running Russia again..I'm back up in it..soon I'll be ready to roll..I'm on my way!! dipping across the galaxy!

I even found a portal to slide through; seeing what it do...when I drive to the hoop hackers always try to foul me! 

Lockouts and strikers made it hard for NBA ballers to ride through the ATL..I guess the dial will be turned or button pressed by one whose a glutton! 

They loved it!! meanwhile I was done with it; you heard the cliche "it ain't nothing"

The gruff face mean style seemed to be the norm; from America to Europe...I guess due to the economic conditions! 

The McGruff take a bite out of crime style is updated and upgraded due to the dramatics; citizens signed petitions!

So rough so tough was that Roger style due to conditions!! even the Dramatics told some to get off their mountain!

I even had to dip..time traveling!! retro futuristic mystic with the music per Sonic Youth...who found the fountain? 

Check the ordeal; that rough side of the mountain type of business! 

For real though!! the cruel and unusual punishment seems to be the business! 

For real though!! I'm done with this; intergalactic journeys are taken and I didn't need a travel agent!

A mysterious traveler; mystery unraveler...I peeped game I saw that I was dealing with a flagrant agent! 

Acting fake with it? that's a chef in hells kitchen with the recipe for disaster!

Making the best out of the situation; dropping this good word..four five sixing it..we were dipping ten steps ahead moving faster!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Chaos Theory PT.5

Matrix glitches caused the machine to malfunction! so what's up son? where will the satellite land? some don't understand..they're out there....waiting in the dark..but that's nothing new! 

Whose faking it? snitches were talking the other way; now on 9-21-11 Troy Davis saw what it do! 

So we act like we knew; will Georgia be boycotted? while some scheme and plotted we're back on that see you when I see you tip! 

Intergalactic journeys are taken..meanwhile the homies said don't let me see you in these streets fronting; worldwide the money is funny...even grabbed the attention of G-20...what's up money? please!! life is hectic...its chaotic!

The Chaos Theory is full affect; these days the scientific principles are applied!

The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is the string theory valid? whose foul with it? like Pops said..somebody lied! 

Listening to Loose Ends Hanging On A String...dipping down I-20 in we do the damn thing!! breakbeat scientific principles are applied; based on this good word and the brand new funk! 

We refused to be locked out like the NBA; fast breaks are finished with the dunk!

Breakbeats are used when O-Dizzle rocked out; getting crunk down here in the ATL! 

Whose faking it? the atmosphere stinks, stank, and stunk; haters want to see us fail! 

What did they have to sell? the merchandise was bogus!! now some are frustrated..they roll up a blunt or pull out the Swisher 's...or Newport's in the green pack..ready to light one up! 

The chaos theory is in full affect!! but check how we roll up in the sport; we're ready to take it to another level.. O-Zone is all up in the batters box!! now they've got the right one up!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Letting It Do What It Do

I was chilling; observing the scene...letting the hustlers hustle and the players play!

Dealing with the madness; but soon I'll be ready to roll....enjoying the scenery...I'm on my way! 

Falling through after the summer madness; peeping game...seeing that its all game.. nuclear winter type situations for Japan are approaching?

We're moving faster than the speed of light per CERN; what did we learn? some are waiting in the dark for further instructions; meanwhile this veteran in the game is now coaching!

Whose meddling?..needing to go to the Diwali festival of lights.....trying to gain insight?...or are they encroaching with further corruptions? now some are subject to the authority! 

Whose manipulating the weather? climate control like in a Fleetwood Brougham..or GM Denali...whatcha know man? whose trying to get foul with me?  I dipped..I'm not a subject of the drama royalty...

I answer to a higher authority! so will the State of Georgia concerning Troy Davis... so whats the story? how will we behave with this?  at the end of the day you have to let it do what it do!

So what's the story?  we're taking it to another level..the process is organic..its all natural; act like you knew!

Life is hectic...chaotic...check the theory....some are seeing what it do; after the drama comes right to your doorstep....just like President Obama on Boehner and McConnell's turf.. what's it all worth? now the enemy wants to wave the white flag or extend the olive branch; saying they want peace! 

But we were disrespected at the end of the day; like Troy Davis.. seeing theres no justice or peace!

Please !!! whats expected? sometimes wondering if we should let
it do what does! 

Especially if we already know the outcome; my mind body and soul felt a buzz!

Now O-Dizzle will pull out the drum...frontline spiritual warfare business is going down!!

What's the dizzle? we're Transmitting Live...letting it do what it do...this is how we're putting it down...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Color Scheme

Falling through; seasons change...this is next up...after the summer madness!

Fall weather; checking the color scheme; brown, orange and green; checked the foliage as we come back with this! 

Fools sat whatever...the system gets foul with it..others didn't recognize the red black and green per what's up man? know what I mean? whatcha know about this?

Y'all might say whatever when breakbeat science is dropped!! foul with it? thinking a brotha is trying to plot and scheme like Bernie Madoff when I run this...

Please!!! me and my peeps were hit up..feeling karmic /cosmic debris that felt like falling satellites..the storms brought a cloud of suspicion like Troy Davis protestors down in Jackson Georgia surrounded by Georgia Storm / State Troopers... but we didn't misbehave with this..were just working on a come up..

Like turning on Large Hadron Colliders we already did the knowledge on the grand scheme of things; now dropping this good word plus check the loops..funky beats we drum up!

Avoiding authorities down here in Georgia..actually worldwide..trying to trump up charges based on the color scheme! 

Endeavors are null and void in these territories like it was the what's on your mind? survival is based on humping like today...the middle of the a dollar and a dream!

The cream theory; cash rules everything around me per Wu Tang Clan is in full affect! 

The chaos theory is also dominate; check the color scheme for the effect!

Finishing Strong - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Finishing Strong - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

The Chaos Theory PT.4 .....Life Is Hectic

The Chaos Theory is in full is hectic; it's hard on the boulevard...rough on the avenue; even in I take a look around everything is falling apart! 

I bought duct tape from Home Depot and or Lowe's;  as a brotha goes for what he knows!! plus he shows he has heart! 

Down here in the corrupt state of Georgia.....Troy Davis a brotha flows down the stream of consciousness; once upon a time I received an invitation to be part of the conspiracy but I declined! 

I could see my kind were disrespected; like Palestinians joining the UN; it's on...once again...once I disconnected; in the hood I reclined!

I noticed that the blind led the blind; now a lot of folk are waiting in the dark! 

Peeping game...behind the scenes I see some are still subject to the authority; vehicles were waiting in park!

.....Or even neutral; whose acting brand new with ya? I hear in Africa drone bases are being hostile territories I hear dogs barking up the wrong tree!

Diplomatic immunity is exercised;  O-Dog is chilling...but I wasn't through dealing...I noticed the bark was worse than the bite for those that ask whats wrong with me! 

Sick with these mathematics? how long has it been with me? actually since day one!

Like Mike Vick nobody is blocking for me; I think they want to see me come undone! 

Life is hectic...chaotic...theories have been confirmed...but no bridges are burned..O-Dizzle is rocking with me and you; he's not the one to take a fall!

Life is hectic....chaotic... but God is with me and you; picking us up when we fall!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Chaos Theory PT.3 .....Life Is Hectic

As we proceed and continue...the Chaos Theory is in full effect..things are moving fast; whose trying to keep up? 

Life is hectic; chaotic...application of the theory? Full Tilt Poker a ponzi scheme?..drummed up by those that plot and scheme? were hoping your lifeline is connected to the higher power; the devil will try to creep up! 

....Wasn't asleep up in this game; realized that it's all get drummed up...this good word is dropped...O-Dizzle is Transmitting Live...evil doers that stressed got dealt with; as I bear witness to the results! 

Please believe a bruh!! we were blessed double for the trouble that was caused by those cults! 

The Lou Rawls world of trouble theory was in full effect! 

Along with the chaos theory; please believe me life is hectic! 

Feeling the electricity of uncertainty; it seems as if the morale is low worldwide! 

....Plus polar opposites didn't stand together for composites as good and evil collide!

Homie was colder than a polar bear!! up in the Cadillac Escalade..riding off into the sunset like a old cowboy movie! 

Jackers were bolder...jacking jokers!! class warfare was even mentioned by Republicans..Wall Street protestors go there..some should have already knew what the move would be!

The O-Dog groove will be funky; O-Dizzle did the knowledge realizing that life is hectic! 

....Wasn't a punishment glutton; didn't turn the dial or push the button....a bruh pulled the plug; he disconnected!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Still Outside The Box

Revisiting previously discussed concepts; just ask Troy Davis and them... not a damn thing has changed!

Drama is revisiting..ask Ray J and's even in a house of worship like down in Florida..what's up with them?  devious ones stay busy; were under attack from the devil and his advocates!!! but were back with this; bringing the good word plus the beats banged!

What's up with ya? getting the gist of this thing? not a damn thing has changed!! that's why your homie is still outside the box!

What's up with ya? still in pursuit of the American Dream? you should see it's all game..everything was just rearranged; but the Brotha O-Dizzle still rocks!

Outside the box....might even have to box per Mayweather vs Ortiz...please!!  this is not the norm so the machine knocks my hustle!

Going all out; riding out!!! The Mothership has landed back on seeking shelter from the storm; flexing mental and physical muscle!

Public Enemy told us we cant trust the system; plus Flavor Flav showed us what time it was with the clock!

This entity stays independent so that usually leaves me outside the box!

Caught out there where they didn't feel me; playing me like Dick Cheney they're full of drama...they changed the locks so I couldn't get back in!

Some are Caught Up even out there...waiting in the dark;  but the brotha O-Dizzle rocks!! soon going in getting it in?

I don't know;  the reign began with a drizzle; word from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee!

You don't know?  felt the pain but thought is was the norm; but that's not the deally!

Some might feel me as this train of thought rolls out!! they recognize the pattern; seeing that I'm outside the box!

As we try to stop the madness;  rectifying that and this when O-Dog rocks.