Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Sweet Spot

Whats the deal? your homie kept fumbling around until he found the sweet spot! 

Things are way too real!! in the hooptie rumbling through the's more than Lil Wayne's block..the streets are hot! 

Saturday morning 9/24/11 in the ATL.the Atlanta Football Classic.....drums rumbling at the parade ....the bands from FAMU, Southern plus Clayco schools were representing! 

Bums fumbling to get their lines together; begging for change at the Five Points Marta Station ; caught up in a loop; history repeating!

Heard his story; the self fulfilling prophecy was interrupted! 

Heard his story; since day one...the process? I see it's corrupted! 

Now whats up with it? I see others are out there trying to find their own sweet spot! 

Now whats up with it? greedy ones brought their sweet tooth along plus they like it spicy hot! 

Like Popeye's Chicken;  Bojangles up in Charlotte on West Boulevard!

Its not my third eye that's seeing things; somebody lied!! making the easy hard!

I heard that lie!! we made it hard on ourselves trying to find the sweet spot! 

As I fall through I see plans fall through; haters tried to scheme and plot!

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