Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dipping Like A Mysterious Traveler

Check me out!! like that falling satellite I'm dipping!! catch me observing the scene; a mysterious traveler!

Chilling out!! not flipping out even though I know some are like Republicans ..they ain't right!! I stay level headed; a mystery unraveler!

Like Vladimir Putin running Russia again..I'm back up in it..soon I'll be ready to roll..I'm on my way!! dipping across the galaxy!

I even found a portal to slide through; seeing what it do...when I drive to the hoop hackers always try to foul me! 

Lockouts and strikers made it hard for NBA ballers to ride through the ATL..I guess the dial will be turned or button pressed by one whose a glutton! 

They loved it!! meanwhile I was done with it; you heard the cliche "it ain't nothing"

The gruff face mean style seemed to be the norm; from America to Europe...I guess due to the economic conditions! 

The McGruff take a bite out of crime style is updated and upgraded due to the dramatics; citizens signed petitions!

So rough so tough was that Roger style due to conditions!! even the Dramatics told some to get off their mountain!

I even had to dip..time traveling!! retro futuristic mystic with the music per Sonic Youth...who found the fountain? 

Check the ordeal; that rough side of the mountain type of business! 

For real though!! the cruel and unusual punishment seems to be the business! 

For real though!! I'm done with this; intergalactic journeys are taken and I didn't need a travel agent!

A mysterious traveler; mystery unraveler...I peeped game I saw that I was dealing with a flagrant agent! 

Acting fake with it? that's a chef in hells kitchen with the recipe for disaster!

Making the best out of the situation; dropping this good word..four five sixing it..we were dipping ten steps ahead moving faster!

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