Sunday, September 18, 2011

Minds Were Going Through Changes Like Buddy Miles PT.2

It's getting hot in here like Nelly said!!! some will need to take EPMD's advice! 

Taking off the hot sweater as they go there!! even Gaddafi is going through them changes like Buddy Miles...veterans in the game tell me it ain't nothing nice!

Even Cameo told me how strange she is...but they liked it..but even the jet set go getter had to think twice; was their mind going through those changes? 

I had to hang this danger sign what's up? the lease disallows subletting the property; but manners aren't conducted security heightens in preparation for unseen dangers! 

The stranger asked me what's up? I told them the peace some thought they had was an illusion; it wouldn't be still!! some will get knocked out like Mayweather did Ortiz...please!! now chaos and confusion is business as some say they're lonely! 

Please!! I was even caught up in solitude..but it's put to good use.. after I got wise to the set up I soon realized its on me! 

The danger zone will be serious!! as we fight that and this; what's up with this? we teach some a lesson...but others say we were subject to the authority!

We preach to the choir like Foo Fighters...meanwhile clones were subject to regular scheduled programming; whatcha knowing? they say it comes with the territory!

O-Zone wasn't with it!! peeped game...I noticed Clone Wars were even started..I could see some minds were going through those changes like Buddy Miles!

Danger zone residents trying to move on up like the Jeffersons had skeletons in the closet and they had bloody files! 

Mafiosoish bloody styles are exhibited from the hood to corporate corridors...from Wall Street to y'alls street...even Macintosh computers were used as weapons; now some are going through those changes! 

They're on some other ish; on some other other;  caught up caught out there where the danger is!

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