Friday, September 30, 2011

Knocked Off Balance

Raging against the machine!! just like that music some will get knocked off balance!

Whose engaging in obscene behavior? like Biz Markie said nothing can save ya!! some didn't know O-Dog rocked out!! now some are going off!! showing malice! 

RPM's and IED's were launched against the palace; they said this was some Orlando / Disneyland type of business! 

No Magic like Dwight Howard and them...please!! tragic for some..drones even hit up Awlaki  over in Yemen..whose rolling with Alice In Wonderland? foul with this? admitting some won't understand this breakbeat science business!

Buttons pressed; dials are turned!! what lessons are learned? as tweets go up like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore;  some will deal with this in a so called orderly fashion! 

Whose knocked off balance like Conrad Murray? punishment glutton type behavior is exhibited!! even colors are clashing! 

A brotha was subject to Oprah type male bashing; now sonic weapons were stashing...whose subject to the authority? even the brotha Troy Davis can tell you theres no justice or peace for ya! 

Any hope for ya? you were spotted lashing out..misbehaving!! knocked off balance!! now the machine wants a piece of ya!

Where are my chips? I was cashing out like at a Las Vegas casino or maybe crashing out in Reno; either way O-Dizzle rocked off in this piece! 

Out there chilling with those that fake us...please!! like dealing with banks and debit card fees...they'll have us falling like satellites; please!! you know that ain't right!! when will the madness cease?

Please!! this is a critical stage of we put it down like this and like that...breakbeat science is used to rebuke the attack....

What's the deal? we drop this good hit you up with a funky track....

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