Friday, September 16, 2011

The Chaos Theory PT.2

So now what's up? there was organized confusion supporting the chaos theory!

Word from Pharaoh Monch and Prince Po whatcha know? it seems others had a hunch; but now seen waiting in the dark; lost in enemy territory!

...or hiding out at the Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon, Arizona....soon authorities will be on ya!! now its crunch time in the game!! as we tell this story; as we put it down like this!

Now were Ready To Roll...were on our way....riding out..enjoying the scenery...but its lunch time for slackers; I guess it is what it is!

.....Also lunch time for jackers;  they've got to eat!!! like the Eurozone vs Timothy Geithner...whats the business was their question!

.....Now jokers will have to check it in!!! now jokers are somewhere second guessing!

During spiritual warfare?  blessings are received if we keep our eyes open!

During spiritual warfare? some will be like the Mayweathers;...those stressing will show emotion!

Others show devotion like a Grateful Deadhead; but soon seen taking a loss!

Any organization during the confusion brought on by the chaos?

Down here in the ATL some fake and floss; knowing damn well they don't even have it like that!

The ATL Falcons soon taking a loss?  Mike Vick is back!!  I see plenty of number 7 jerseys....more Eagles than Falcons...what's up with that?

Foul ones think they're running things..but the recipe for disaster was followed by the chefs in hells kitchen; now meals lack nutrition so we continue to fight that!

Whose waiting in the dark? asking wheres the light !!caught up in the chaos, confusion and mayhem!

Whose waiting on O-Dizzle to spark it? I guess now were a part of the cut we were laying!

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