Sunday, September 25, 2011

Subject To The Authority

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play; soon they'll be subject to the authority!

Soon rounded up by cattle rustlers; so what's up with us? checking out the wild wild west style like James West..some are soon subjects of the drama royalty! 

Like Vladimir Putin..or even Gaddafi...drama kings and queens holla atcha boy!! you should know how it'll be!! you hadn't heard about the pain? 

Panoramic views into the past? once roamed as real kings and queens; you hadn't heard about the reign? 

A fanatic chooses to hit the delete button concerning your history;  Herman Cain and Pres. Obama creating new chapters?

Mathematics dropped by a brotha once again..once again!!! history repeating? please!! a brotha is riding John Coltrane's Blue Train trying to avoid capture!

Underground railroad style!!! trains of thought are rolling like MARTA or even BART! 

Check the sound; the complex is made into a simple thing!! but not a simpleton like The Simpson's Homer or Bart! 

I told homie don't even start!! I was rolling solo; refusing to be subject to the authority! 

He said act like you know me...embrace the confusion!!! like we were over in Israel / peace in the middle east?  he said it comes with the territory! 

As I tell this story....I refused to get in line with the other clones!

As I tell this story....the funk is dropped by O-Dizzle; the good word is O-Zone's!

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