Friday, September 23, 2011

The Chaos Theory PT.5

Matrix glitches caused the machine to malfunction! so what's up son? where will the satellite land? some don't understand..they're out there....waiting in the dark..but that's nothing new! 

Whose faking it? snitches were talking the other way; now on 9-21-11 Troy Davis saw what it do! 

So we act like we knew; will Georgia be boycotted? while some scheme and plotted we're back on that see you when I see you tip! 

Intergalactic journeys are taken..meanwhile the homies said don't let me see you in these streets fronting; worldwide the money is funny...even grabbed the attention of G-20...what's up money? please!! life is hectic...its chaotic!

The Chaos Theory is full affect; these days the scientific principles are applied!

The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space is the string theory valid? whose foul with it? like Pops said..somebody lied! 

Listening to Loose Ends Hanging On A String...dipping down I-20 in we do the damn thing!! breakbeat scientific principles are applied; based on this good word and the brand new funk! 

We refused to be locked out like the NBA; fast breaks are finished with the dunk!

Breakbeats are used when O-Dizzle rocked out; getting crunk down here in the ATL! 

Whose faking it? the atmosphere stinks, stank, and stunk; haters want to see us fail! 

What did they have to sell? the merchandise was bogus!! now some are frustrated..they roll up a blunt or pull out the Swisher 's...or Newport's in the green pack..ready to light one up! 

The chaos theory is in full affect!! but check how we roll up in the sport; we're ready to take it to another level.. O-Zone is all up in the batters box!! now they've got the right one up!

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