Thursday, December 31, 2009

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire

.........the 2009 wrap up.......

Bearing witness to that cliche; during 2009? I jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Veteran in the game now coaching like Phil Jackson..all up in the action...whose part of the play or just a decoy? somebody's lying man!! they're down with the empire.

Part of a plan to destroy you!!! the umpire was lying!! trying to break you down.

Called you out on strikes!!! Dick Gregory talked about the Conspiracy Theory on The Warren Ballentine was confirmed I witness the structure breaking down.

CDs are burned...vinyl and cassettes fueled the fire in the disco we party to the break of dawn.

As the world turned...the year ends with a Blue Moon..I hear Frank Sinatra singing in the background..the drama continues!!! at our airports? it's at your doorstep..or on the frontlawn.

Once again it's on!!! I peeped menus from chef's in hell's kitchen.

Didn't take a plate!!! in the game..stepping up to the plate ..fastballs, curves, and sliders they're pitching.

Others slept with the enemy..but I slide through the portal..what it do? Taking It Back To The Basics..the fundamentals.

Haters crept up on this entity..but basic Street Funk is the weapon ...check the instrumentals.

Haters slept on this entity..what will the deal be? knowing victories and defeats can be detrimental!!!

Others benefit when a bro or sis take a made? money loss? its sentimental.

Rolling down I-20 zoning..listening to 91.9 WCLK playing McCoy Tyner and Ramsey Lewis..reflecting..during the ongoing charade? you'll get's easy to take a loss.

Hopefully 2010 will be better...reality will wrestle with WWF...we're on a Renzdevous With Destiny..jumping from the frying pan into the fire...calculate the cost.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

From The O-Town To The A-Town..

Chilling out in secret gardens, word from James Ingram, Barry White and El Debarge.

Prayers sent up from the Garden of God..he's large and in charge.

Barging through the wilderness with a sonic machete.. spot me rolling down I-95 in the hooptie..trunk rattling..product straight from the sonic tabernacle.

Seeing what the deal is..wrong place wrong time? should have drove up I-75 to Kentucky? playing Powerball..whatcha know?

Seeing the world and my place in it's going down from Iran to over in Palestine. ..see how it go!!!

Meanwhile we're Taking care of's the funk we bring..breakbeat science dropped when we holla atcha.

Those all about the shady business will come atcha!! others were said to fit the profile..told you the whole game is Shady Like Grady.

It's going down....In The O-Town..15 year old girl asked for help from the Orlando police..said she was being pimped by homie from Miami..named P Money.

Caught out there on Orange Blossom Trail...others said they were owned by dude on the My Space page.

Same type of hustle is channeled elsewhere..not in the same race but in the same place..Babylon..but still not thawed out from the Ice Age.

Cool like that!!! Caught up in spiritual warfare..handling frontline business...but not caught up like some...on a different page.

Not in Hollywood..or Bollywood..or on Broadway..a brotha is on a different stage.

Worldwide..Intergalactic....making a comeback like the Mars Rover..but still hood..rebuking the Hostile Takeover..adjusting a different gauge, button or dial.

Injuries are self inflicted by punishment gluttons ..what's up with them? I knew they would get foul.

But a stay at least a mile ahead in the game...rolling..from The O-Town to the A-Town..slipping the cracks.

O-Zone rocks the baldy..but has the personna of a dread..while O-Dog rocks..flipping funk tracks.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Still A Hood Thing.....

They weren't checking for me..sometimes that's a good thing.

Meanwhile dude was wrecking the getaway vehicle on Martin Luther King Blvd in Atlanta..that's a hood thing.

....Or up on Freedom in West Charlotte the sport will get ugly ..but it gets ugly in The Senate....expecting folks to play right in the game? please!! drama kings and queens rule.

The harlot even told homie to abort his mission!!! told him to say it right!! falling for anything? a damn fool.

Whose part of it...the conspiracy? drama will jump off..sho you right!!! word from Barry White..that's old school.

Things are tight in these hoods..even im the Middle East..will Fatah or Hamas rule?

Meanwhile in the A-Town macks and divas rule..but Tiger Woods will let you know how it goes.

Pimping ain't easy!! or is it tricking if you got it!! peeping how the game flows.

Also the flame grows from the disco inferno...O-Dog will put work in.

The roof is on fire!! plus I told Pharoah to let my people go!! they're feeling the pain..hurting.

..But I usually stay low...sliding through the portal..Intergalactic.

Back on earth...I Felt The Pressure introduced by a fanatic.

Full court pressure like Louisville!!!! but the court will pressure you while you try to chill in the hood.

Especially if it seems your prosperous!!! how come we cantlive? Can We Groove..they feel your up to no good!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Microphone by Lloyd Banks...

Microphone by Lloyd Banks...: "Still in the is put Dr. Frankenstein....machinery heard in the background...smoke an old school factory up in Detroit...O-Dog is not devoid of funk..listening to one the the most underrated rappers Lloyd Banks do his version of Microphone..I've heard about ten other rappers working this beat..check it out!!...meanwhile breakbeat science business is in full effect at and at thanks for tuning in!!!"

All Up In The Spot...But Shouldn't Be Here

..............where do we go from here?.................

All up in the spot...a brotha shouldn't be here...but I'm making the best of it..

It gets warming a hoax? some brag or boast..others make it harder than it has to be...others make a test of it..

....Or make a contest out of it..going in circles like it's musical chairs...

The Divorce from Reality was contested by Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown..other lawsuits were's a brotha society fears..

Forces to be reckoned with...conspiracy participants confessed to the enemy so they can continue to shine...

Courses were taken...seminars are conducted...but professors were faking it in some institutions..the blind were leading the blind..

Of course some are is messy...some are finding out after they didn't's on the job training..

It's taking more and more to survive these days.the system will run plays....gamblers are out for a fast hand I don't show..just maintaining..

Trying to survive...running plays like Mike Vick or Vince Young..scramblers..defense is gaining..carrying heavy weapons bound for North Korea..

Trying to here..but shouldn't be here..others in love with the daughter of chaos...asking have you seen her?

Sounding like the Chi-Lites..Youngblood played them on KISS 104 Saturday Morning..similar to my secret garden..

Like Barry White...El Debarge..James Ingram...but I'm about freedom..but I see the system won't grant a pardon...

But pardon me for this insight if your mind ain't right..were winning Heisman's like Mark Ingram...but I see some haven't stopped hatin..

Saying we shouldn't be here..I agree..where do we go from here? to those haters..there's no relation..

Putting it down while we're here..but soon moving forward to greener pastures..

Hoping it's not artificial turf we're forwarding to the rapture...

Monday, December 07, 2009

The Rough Monday Edition...

The burden of proof's not's too heavy for some.

Please!! we're working this!! but they said I was aloof and arrogant..but maybe I'm too heavy for some.

Brotha O from Atlanta!! not Heavy D from Mt. Vernon!! but I'm burning down a roof or's a fire cousin.

Global warming?..affected by greenhouse gases?....please..It's due to the disco inferno..who will escape the fire? running like Georgetown or Vegas back in the transition.

Conducting seminars and classes..tried to give you a warning..but had a slipping transmission in the old school Cut Dog..escapes are delayed.

A brotha is slipping through portals on a mission....Intergalactic..back with it but not a tourist on the Virgin Galactic...refusing to get played.

Freddie Hubbard played on WCLK up in the hooptie as I dipped down I-20..riding through the hood..not pimping like Tiger Woods....dipped from mere mortals..impressions made..some weren't down for the cause.

This veteran knows how the sport goes..who played it right? making comebacks like Mike Vick..but whose swinging at all the pitches.... sliders, curves and fastballs?

Thrown by a slick pitcher....trying to get with these freedom riders..but were armed and dangerous.

Weapons are buried in secret gardens!!! word from Barry White and James Ingram!! were living where the danger is.

Spotted where the stranger is!!! they're out here with the rest of us..barely making it.

But these brothas will transcend and transform!! keeping it real ..not faking it.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Gray Area..Check The Scenario

I had a message for them

In the gray area..smoke enhanced by mirrors...the lines blur.

Checked the scenario..can you stay in your lane or will you swerve?

Where did he go they ask?... as I walked out into the darkness.

Hardhat with the lantern on top like a West Virginia or Kentucky coal miner..I had a message for them...I've been ready to spark this.

Part of that the conspiracy? this brotha knew they hadn't stopped hating.

In the heart of that!!! a squirrel trying to get a nut..the Babylon wilderness is hating.

Acorns are hard to find!! unless Fox News wants to scandalize.

The pain from one who scorns is flushed down the toilet..they tried to vandalize.

Hands are dirty!! spreading H1NI? where's the hand sanitizer?

This Scorpion King down with the King of kings stings...force field has thorns...the machine crushed some! now null and void they were broke down to size.

The alarm rings!! the horn blows because some held up traffic on I-285 in Atlanta..or out in another gray area..they didn't recognize.

Born again!! winds of change blow!! this brotha recognized the pattern.

Epiphanies manifest themselves!! from the A-Town on out to Mars and Saturn.

Districts will be stressed!! gray area residents played themselves!! injuries were self inflicted.

Violence was foreign and even domestic...actually this whole world is wicked.

In search of a one way ticket like Miss Joyce...this brotha is intergalactic....will they spot me out there?...born again!! where did the Mothership take me?

Back on earth where there is scorn..back in the gray area ...earthquakes like California fault lines...things are shaky.

But I wont let them break banks going under..or like how they try to scandalize Tiger Woods...

The Good Word and the breakbeats will send a message to them and those...knowing the devil will's been tight in these hoods!!!


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Laying In The Cut PT.2

Laying in the cut...laying low in the bunker...spiritual warfare going down.. I can see the vibe isn't right.

Praying for the corrupt..mess they try to stir up..but this is what's up with us..we've got more funk for ya..I can see some in the tribe ain't right.

Whose playing it up with the sales pitch? what it do? or maybe they're asking crazy questions..something just ain't right..word from Keith Sweat.

You'll get played...who used the bait and switch?..ecological ignorance altered the fate...where are you at?

I switched channels..mentioned in my last episode..down here in Atlanta..with Commodore Brickhouses and one sided brickhouses..aka mini mansions..

Others switched blue light blinking in their ear..Brickhouse Security will have you playing secret agent man.

Security other realms it Tightens Up like Archie heightens.. one who fails ends up in a ditch...history repeats itself..all day and everyday.

But were using a fresh view, fresh vision, every day in every way it's like that.

Some make a bad impression..bringing the Mass Konfusion we..fight that.

It's from the short end of the stick to the height of the universe we covered it.

Please..the sport blends fantasy and reality..the worst case scenario..smothered by it.

At ease soldier!!! I was told by the so called chain of command ...told to abort my mission..nobody wanted to be bothered with it.

No justice no peace is the catch phrase..but I keep pushing like impressions..Curtis Mayfield..playing the field..not smothered by it.

A brotha will get a piece of the pie or cake by the end of the day.

Pick up the pieces and cut the AWB..jams from back in the day.

Not back in the way!! laying in the cut..then break north!! found a portal to slide through.

Gassed up the mothership!! a brotha is universal..was laying in the cut...but now its galaxies I ride through.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Laying In The Cut..

Laying in the cut..knowing the smoke enhanced by mirrors will soon clear.

Not saying much to the corrupt..up in the a safe harbor I try to stear.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta drinking A&W root beer...who else is here?..Nas out on I-75...smoked out..meanwhile I'm eating hot Golden Flake potato chips.

Also spotted G-Money in the stankin lankin..(Lincoln for the slow learners)...fronting...said it's no joke out there in the streets of Atlanta...said things are all that and a bag of chips.

Meanwhile the G-20 collaborate with UN scientists..stamping bar microchips are implanted.

Spot us elaborating on conditions here on earth...doing the math..what's it all worth?...after the Mothership landed.

Left my own planet..scientists think they found it..seeing how they're still hating on earth..made into prime suspects..brothas are taken for granted.

Seeing the world and my place in it realistically..noticed views are slanted.

Nothing handed to me on a gold platter, silver, or even gold plated.

Collecting thoughts that are scattered..but in a discrete mode is how I play it.

Saw how lame duck administrations played it..what can I say about it?..even in Somalia things seemed strange.

I'm a moving target..not a sitting duck..peeped the regime change.

Players were traded..teams change...some players go back to where they started...will they win the championship?

...Like the lakers but some players from the Himalayas were found to be fraudelent.

What's up with it?...Mass Konfusion is the business as usual..that's why I'm laying in the cut..

Waiting for the smoke to clear..not leaving like the Georgia Speaker of the house though....this brotha doesn't deal with the corrupt..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Chronicles Revisited...

..................we're back at the scene of the crime........

Back at the scene of the crime....I already knew the reception.

Reason gave way to madness..reason for the beats and rhymes? were being witness to the deception.

Immaculate conception? collaboration? rocking the nation? not just Michael but Paul Anka?

Immaculate conception? on the same page with so called mad scientists...but in a different realm..this is breakbeat science..we've got more "stank" for ya...

Immaculate conception?..bearing witness to the deception..but who else is part of the congregation? I spotted the demon deacon.

Wasn't playing for Wake Forest...fake ones are stranded in the Babylon Forest...the search of the light..the beacon.

Back at the scene of the crime...CSI Miami/New York...whoever..searchs for evidence....taking samples of the dust.

What's up with us? The Mothership is rolling!!! out beyond the International Space Station....but it's an old hooptie..I had to scrape off the rust.

A brotha gets are we rolling? playing this like paper God We trust.

Back at the scene of the crime....some are still they smoked angel dust..authorities show a sense of urgency..stoning and cursing?...brothas they'll try to bust.

The Situation Is Critical.what's up?...check the calendar..was it written in stone? me...a state of emergency exists.. security heightens.

Playing the funk when we get with with we Clash with Titans.

Not trying to Remember them like Denzil Washington...Deja Vu?...please!! in the A-Town they get crunk..but shadetree mechanics tighten screws...similar to armchair quarterbacks calling plays.

Not playing around with these fanatics...while were at the scene of the crime...things are rough these days!!

As the funk plays on this Good Word is dropped...encouragement is given.

Supreme Courage and maximum strength is how are you living??

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Battle Cry.........

................Lord Help...Lord Help

Borrowed a line from old dude...using it as my battle cry.

Lord Help! Lord Help!that's what he liked to say..actually.. The Lord already why ask why?

Spotted a pundit... why ask the question? they'll play it like politicians..they'll neither confirm no deny it.

Trying to run with it...against the Bears, Steelers or Ravens? don't even try it.

Trail of tears and the voyage of tears?...they won't freeze up north.....warming up? don't even cry about gets ugly.

Why lie about it? please...Obama knows the deal ...for real..there's be so many tears like Tupac...act like you knew O-Dog will rock..he's getting funky.

The trunk in the hooptie will rattle....sounds like it'll blow up like Iraq or Afghanistan.

What will the scoop be? Lord Help! Lord Help! is the Battle I ponder what's in the heart and mind of a man..

What's the deal down here in the A-Town?'s been raining cats and dogs...

What's the deal with O-Dog as he rocks the box...oh no!!.not Garrido's please should know how it's O-Dog's

Moving at a High Velocity through the universe...back on earth we land..

The drum is an improvised explosive device..O-Dog is Going Off On Them!!...there'll be no Custers Last Stand.

O-Dog will jam on the piano....he improvised ..nice sometimes.. other times it gets ugly.

James Brown follower...." whatsonever we do"..has got to be funky.

Not a Kool Aid swallower....please..a fool will get played like that.

Not a fool....I prayed to the heavenly father ..we did it like this and did it like that.

Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry... so you know it's got to be good.

The outcome? message in the music....O-Dog pulled out the drum.. so you know it's got to be hood.

A hood representative dipped through the babylon's easy to get gaffled.

Some tried a little Otis Redding...but they were left baffled.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Special Edition..........

.................putting messages in the songs...........

Special Edition of the Sonic Assault....folks at the 9 to 5 were tripping...

Wasn't with them...moving at a High Velocity...another speed...dipping....

Wasn't Flipping Out...I've got the speed you need...can't catch what you don't understand...

Listening to Stevie Wonder at The White House...said you get in trouble if you believe in things you don't understand..

He's talking about the hood dude said they're at Grady Hospital..stitching those that were snitching..the hood is like the Mexican Drug War.... or Afghanistan..

McCain said were losing over there..he was talking the other way when he was trying to get elected...

Just Trying To Maintain...they play a brotha like he just got here the other day...disrespected..

I disconnected..Mystic Voyages taken...pondering The Dark Mystery Of Time & Space..

Connected with Extra-Terrestrials; brought back the funk; others didn't know there was life out in space...

Back down to earth...noticed I'm out of sequence....I'm in a spot where Reason Gave Way To Madness...

Visualized The's all game...peeped this...I Figured The Cipher this brotha is Dealing With The Madness...

Once Again..It's On!!...coming back with this....Special Edition..February is coming to a close..but Black History we're making...

I'm at home...beat the Friday afternoon the hooptie listening to Frank & Dank...Slum Village...enjoyed the beats J-Dilla was making...

It's Going Down!!...drama in's going down in Sri's getting hot in here like Nelly said...Al Gore told you about global warming...

It's Going Down...your friendly government official is now a banker...good news or a warning?

Going In...entering attack zones...but fired on. ear shattering gunshots exploded...was this a warning? in light of what happened..we'll have to step up security...

Striking back with the beats and prose; wasn't reaching comatose;dropping the funk is a top priority..

The Situation Is we hit you up with this breakbeat science...this is how we roll..

Special Edition of the Sonic Assault...Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position..things are Out Of Control..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going In....But It's Gotten Out Of Control!!

............ear shattering gunshots exploded.............

Going In.....In It Now...Up To Our Necks..making the best out of a bad situation...

Going In...but It's Out Of Control...opposition is met..they didn't know there was Spiritual Significance In This Operation...

Going In...but we were fired on...ear shattering gunshots we were on Donald Hollowell Parkway or maybe even Hamilton E Holmes in the A-town..

Please....spotted the old school Delta 88 rolling up with the homies..dressed in black with skull caps on...doo-rags..shots rang out..get down and stay down!!

But that's just Philly an officer goes drama is international..missiles strike in Pakistan..Al-Queda & the Taliban still holding it down...

Whatcha know? as we deal with this or that institution..policies implemented...holding us down....

But God Is "Holding Us Down"..he's got us covered in the midst of the Mass Konfusion..some Confused About Things..if we pay attention there'll be a breakthrough...

Even though things have gotten hectic...gunshots explode around us...the situation is critical...but even Kwame Kilpatrick might have a breakthrough..

The economy is help on they way?...please..all of us now cashing Reality Checks...where did they take you? this brotha had to put the Haz-Mat suit on..

Ear shattering gunshots exploded around me;they said I had Hazardous Material...when I Entered Attack Zones...

This is The Sonic Assault...I blast back..dropping messages..using breakbeats..white noise...cassette hiss..analog & digital bliss...distortion...

Hell is caught....but at the same time God is blessing us....ignoring a Republican trying to blow things out of proportion.

I Flash Back....using Parliament's Flashlight..then I peep into the future..Visualizing The Sequence..I borrowed The NASA Hubble Telescope..

I dash back to the educated...but dreesed in Roca Wear jeans..Mecca polo I have my Vans on...looked like I was trying to sell dope..

Actually....I'm trying to sell hope...actually giving it away at this point..but dodging ear shattering gunshots...the Federation's mission? character assassination...

Praying....That's The Way I Make It...aura is those that are talking junk get expelled from my nation...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Is How We Get Down..........

.............we're in it now...up to our necks..........

It's Going Down...I've got a bald head...but this is "rasta man business"

All Praises Due...a brotha had to pray to the heavenly father..before Going In this..

Building with big homie; he said Hip-Hop was a religion; Jesus had dreads like a rasta..

Building is falling apart....while some were big balling... dude is standing in line at the soup kitchen; not at Olive Garden eating pasta..

Building; Mechanical Engineering; a brotha puts this word out like I was Bob Costa..

Some may get Lost In The Translation; this brotha is in Transition like Obama..

In transition; hooptie has a slipping transmission; can't get away from the drama..frontines for spiritual warfare are everywhere...

It's Going Down on the Strip; secret knowledge was revealed; was Iran going to be hit up?

In the midst of the chaos and Mass Konfusion we proceed and continue; we Can't Let Up..

This brotha is Wise To The Set Up; so we keep moving; ocean waves toss us to and fro.

Boat will capsize like Indonesia; I was told..we don't believe ya..I'll drop 70's style funk..polyester suits with the afro..

But this brotha is retro-futuristic ; analog and digital; a brotha doesn't plan to meet the deadline..

Mentioned earlier; rocking the baldy..but I act like a dread with mine..

Devoted like a Deadhead; Grateful Dead...Jerry Garcia..but dropping funk like George Clinton..

Might rock it; Just dropped see what condition my condition was in..

Devoted to hip-hop; pulled out some Peanut Butter Wolf..Stones Throws Records..Mad-Lib...but peanut butter was recalled due to the salmonella outbreak..

Put on some old Slum Village next; R.I.P. J-Dilla...O-Dog is flipping through vinyl..he'll pull out a break...

BreakBeat Science is going down; this is The Sonic Assault..we come with it..

Using our minds to fight back against a society that's not benevolent..

Not with it; you can get jacked for it; by street thugs and corporations..

Churches even make a sport of it; peep game..check the situations..

Religion is a big's all about a dollar..meanwhile souls are Caught Up In Unpleasant Situations..

Caught Out There...the outlook is bleak..bearing witness to what confusion and frustration is...

When we rock the nation with this..Haz-Mat teams and other first responders are on high alert..

They said we had Hazardous Material; a by product of Mystic Voyages; studied The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space; we didn't get hurt..

Random Thoughts are collected; check out how we work this...This Is How We Get Down...

Others were Reaching Comatose; but we try to reach you with the beat and prose; check out the sound...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We're In It Now.......Up To Our Necks...

..................cashing reality checks.................

Told you I was Going we're in it now...up to our necks...

Economy is not flowing..but a brotha will cash Reality Checks..

O-Zone checks the situation out; Mass konfusion and mass hysteria was created..who benefits?

Some winning..some losing..disrespected..getting played like dimwits..

Districts and Strips still under attack..please..even high school basketball games aren't safe..

Plus little homie hit up the fast food spot down on the corner..told the manager to open the safe..

On another level Madoff made off with the funds; he was rolling with reckless abandon..

On another level O-Zone collected jumbled they're selected at Random..

O-Dog's bass or 808 rumbled; if the boat doesn't sink....will these brothas get paid off like Somali pirates collecting a ransom?

Please!! a brotha will end up getting played; like Mike Vick, trying to sell his mansion...

I'm all about mind expansion; but not on schrooms, iced or smoked out like others I observed...

Please..that menu is straight from Hell's you know my appetite is curbed..

It's curbed like a brotha's Cut-Dog..bad engine..and a slipping transmission..

Authorities observed us; said this Material Is Hazardous when we slip through with this transmission...

The mission? an alternative broadcast;we slide through the portal..flying by the full moon in cancer..

Rolling up in the Mothership..listening to Weather Report's Mysterious Traveler and Wayne Shorter's Native Dancer.

I don't have all the Answers..not yet..maybe I'll get them during the new Age Of Aquarius..

Staying on point...some are Confused About Things in the world..acting nefarious..

They'll truth or dare us...but we're Going In...actually we're in it now..up to our necks..

But we'll continue to do what we do...O-Dog will drop the funk...O-Zone will conduct the mic checks...