Sunday, December 27, 2009

From The O-Town To The A-Town..

Chilling out in secret gardens, word from James Ingram, Barry White and El Debarge.

Prayers sent up from the Garden of God..he's large and in charge.

Barging through the wilderness with a sonic machete.. spot me rolling down I-95 in the hooptie..trunk rattling..product straight from the sonic tabernacle.

Seeing what the deal is..wrong place wrong time? should have drove up I-75 to Kentucky? playing Powerball..whatcha know?

Seeing the world and my place in it's going down from Iran to over in Palestine. ..see how it go!!!

Meanwhile we're Taking care of's the funk we bring..breakbeat science dropped when we holla atcha.

Those all about the shady business will come atcha!! others were said to fit the profile..told you the whole game is Shady Like Grady.

It's going down....In The O-Town..15 year old girl asked for help from the Orlando police..said she was being pimped by homie from Miami..named P Money.

Caught out there on Orange Blossom Trail...others said they were owned by dude on the My Space page.

Same type of hustle is channeled elsewhere..not in the same race but in the same place..Babylon..but still not thawed out from the Ice Age.

Cool like that!!! Caught up in spiritual warfare..handling frontline business...but not caught up like some...on a different page.

Not in Hollywood..or Bollywood..or on Broadway..a brotha is on a different stage.

Worldwide..Intergalactic....making a comeback like the Mars Rover..but still hood..rebuking the Hostile Takeover..adjusting a different gauge, button or dial.

Injuries are self inflicted by punishment gluttons ..what's up with them? I knew they would get foul.

But a stay at least a mile ahead in the game...rolling..from The O-Town to the A-Town..slipping the cracks.

O-Zone rocks the baldy..but has the personna of a dread..while O-Dog rocks..flipping funk tracks.

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