Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is The Rebirth..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: This Is The Rebirth..: "The rebirth takes place...I can feel it while soaking up Scorpio sun rays. Landed on earth...October rolls into November...earthlings prou..."

As Usual...I Kept It Moving

A brotha tries to keep it moving..similar to the South to North migration.

...Back in the day..check your history..not his-tory..know the situation.

One step ahead of stormtroopers in this Babylon nation!! the hooptie cuts the corner.

Whatcha facing? trying to be thorough like terror investigators? checking packages..meanwhile another makes it harder than it has to be by trying to cut a corner?

...Who crossed the border like in Arizona? left the state they were down here in Atlanta Georgia.

It's out of order!! the state of mind..some said it's business not personal!! now there's a rally to restore sanity..who'll understand a bruh?

I hated rejection!! where did it land a bruh? in cemeteries..correctional facilities..all up in file thirteen!

I hated perfection!!! not associated with humans..during the process? somebody's hurting!

.....It wasn't working!! the process was hurt by the hypocricy.

I wasn't working with it? please!!! this breakbeat science is prophecy!

Freedom is my top priority!! but I layed in the cut..avoided the resurgency...drama was at the doorstep....the coast wasn't clear.

Whose fronting? I see them!! wouldn't want to be them..they brag and boast!! just to hide the fear!

I'll free them...steering the mothership to a safe haven a safe harbor!

I kept it moving!!! I wasn't fooling with them!! the system? I see it's hatred they harbor!!

Dipped across the border in the Buick Regal!! doing a hundred.

Others skipped steps during the process!! now things are out of order!! but I'm done with it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The I-20 Chronicles

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..listening to Nina Simone on 91.9 WCLK.

Next up was Herbie Hancock with People Music so Let The Music Play.

..Like Barry White said.."aint no stopping us now" like McFadden and Whitehead.

Who "ain't right" ?? ..waiting in the dark..we chose the light instead!

A bruh dipped to the right instead of left... now benefits are reaped.

Sometimes it's vice versa!! who'll curse ya? devils creeped.

Who'll work with ya? please!! I don't know..act like you knew.. you'll be facing charges like Anna Nicole Smith's boyfriend and her doctor.. I peeped game everybody is a suspect!

Who'll work with ya? I heard what was said on all levels!! some will be playing us like Republicans do Obama..folks aren't showing us respect!

What's it worth to ya? put a price on it!! shares might drop like Haliburton...or I bet's too expensive!!

Some will step up to pay it though!! whose living large? the amount of materials is extensive.

Now pumping brakes like Bendix!! fakes bend or break it!! spiritual warfare is going down.

Lines have extensions at the service desk..bogus merchandise returned..some lost focus felt like a clown.

Can we get down like Craig Mack? but seems were selected for the drama.

Told the devil to get back!! this is another the drama for your momma!

Funkaramas take place in response to the madness that's taking place!

Dunks out on the fast break like D Wade will be in a haters face!

As I race down I-20!! trying not to hear book em Danno!! one step ahead of corrupt Dekalb County cops.

It's going is what it is..I see that it's on me and O-Dog...bear witness as the funk drops!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Common, Lupe Fiasco & Jennifer Hudson "We Can Do It Now" (Produced by No I.D.) [AUDIO] |

Chi-Town representatives....Common..Lupe Fiasco...Jennifer Hudson..NO I.D.....Check them out...

Common, Lupe Fiasco & Jennifer Hudson "We Can Do It Now" (Produced by No I.D.) [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

'Vibe' Tattoos Soulja Boy in Blackface; Why Hip-Hop Coons Are Being Misled

hip hop coons?

'Vibe' Tattoos Soulja Boy in Blackface; Why Hip-Hop Coons Are Being Misled

NCAA clears Louisville center Dieng - College Basketball -

we needed some help on the frontline...Go Cardinals!!

NCAA clears Louisville center Dieng - College Basketball -

Another Humpday Special Edition...........

It's will we play? some services were unavailable..caught in a Midwest we try to make the best of it..trying to make do!

Coping strategies will fail a brotha or sista!! whose with ya? whose acting fake? catching a beat down at a Rand Paul rally? they'll try to foul me like D Wade going to the hoop in Boston!! I was told to enjoy the view.

Sonic Assaults are unleashed..back with these!! not acting in a Hollywood role..then flipping out like Charlie Sheen...I'm making it do what it do!!that's my platform.

Taking lemons and making lemonade is the cliche...but the flavor is not the norm.

Caught out in the storm...Tsunami like Indonesia!! whose in search of shelter?

Fooling with a bunch of jokers has thrown me off schedule!

Will I have to let it go? another Love TKO like Teddy Pendergrass referred to?

Whatcha know? avoiding a snake in the grass!! mad at a brotha because they weren't deferred to!

Plus the vision is blurred too!! out here in the grey area!! Bernie Mac heard asking who you wit?

Whose speech was slurred? drinking the Grey Goose!! they were getting loose!! what's the deal with it?

Trying to be real with it!! but tires screech!! almost lost control approaching the roadblock.

...Along with setbacks and obstacles..The Saga / Strugggle Continues..soon ghetto passes will be revoked!! who'll take the street code back?

Heard the Ode To Billy Joe from back in the day..even Sounds of Silence from Simon and Garfunkel!

O-Dog will go for what he knows!! ignore those that told him how the funk should go!

..O-Zone will continue to flow down the stream of did they expect him to play it?

Check out another Humpday Special Edition...The struggle continues.our response to this and that? we pray about it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Saga /Struggle Continues.....Reloaded..

What's the it like the Democrats? are we caught up in no win situations?

Or maybe it's like a discombobulated Miami team vs Boston..way too real!! how did you feel about the trumped up charges and instigations?

But we still receive inspiration after we overcome these setbacks and obstacles!

Haters tried to deceive!! even thought our weapons were offline like the nuclear stockpile at Warren AFB!! but at the end of the day we're rocking them or those!

It's not too late to believe!! keeping hope alive like ...the old Jesse Jackson cliche.

I'm not in the debate..stories get twisted!! plus they're put in the spin cycle ...that's how some will play!

Some will say it's all gravy baby!! but then your caught up in wind machines like in the Midwest!! in matrix glitches.

Then they say I'm shady!! ..because I dipped in the hooptie..told them I was sick of this!

Shady Like Grady is how the business is!! told them I wanted no part of it!

But then I messed around and played myself!! I'm back in the heart of it!

Told some to back up!! they stressed like NFL officials do sack celebrations..what's the situation? they sweated the technique like Eric B and Rakim talked about..I told them to don't even start it!

These are dangerous times!! the outlook was bleak!! spotted the collateral damage...others are dearly departed.

Others were carted on gurneys...through Grady in The ATL..Shands in the Jax...rolling through the trauma ward.

Others felt the mental devastation..left emotionally scarred.

Others were barred from the premises!! because they didn't follow rules and regulations.

That's par for the course or below par like Tiger Woods was once playing it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Trying To Get In Where I Fit In!!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Trying To Get In Where I Fit In!!!: "Trying to get in where I fit in!! wasn't trying to pimp like Brett Favre..saw others couldn't even find the right size!!! Some even followe..."

Cold Chillling..Launching This Sonic Assault..

What's the deal? this brotha is laying in the cut!! like the ice maker in the refridgerator..I'm cold chilling.

Whose real compared to what? like Les McCann and Eddie Harris talked about!! all I see is old problem children!!

Who spared the rod and spoiled the child? soon through dealing!! meanwhile I move ahead.

Staying one step ahead...snitches will drop Wikileaks!! ..but shared this breakbeat science instead!

Word from a dude rocking the baldy with the personna of a dread!! wrote this on Sunday Morning...easy like the Commodores!! breakfast served from the pot threw it in a blender!

Check the attitude..broke out of the spot!! fast like Elvis!! what can a hater tell us? please!! it was returned to sender!

Check this sonic defender who studied the book...others just picked it up!

Judgement rendered...some say they studied this crook..said I was sick like the whooping cough...some try to stop me!! but a brotha knew what was up!

Knowledge gained when the Pastor whooped it up!! ...he was going off!!

In life? it Tropical Storm Richard turning into a hurricane..the path? some will stray off!

Didn't stay off this math!! breakbeat science is dropped...I come with more math like I was a professor!!

Noticed some are on the warpath like they were in Yemen..but at your corporation...fronting in the Mercedes Compressor.

Noticed they tried to stress ya!! so they could keep their front going!!

Noticed their spirit wasn't right!! acting like they're knowing!

That's what they're showing!! but probably dealing with the pain and anguish.

....Just like everybody else!!! but we went on with our bad self!! check the podcast..O-Dog will bang this!

What's up with us? nothing strange about this breakbeat science that's being dropped.

These are danger zone responses!! bringing the brand new funk!! plus we jazzed it up and hip hopped!!

Like Funkadelic's we Cosmic slopped ...that's how these intergalactic brothas behave.

What it do? we had to get in where we fit in!! refusing to be a slave!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chavez, Gaddafi meet in Libya to build power among global "south" - Monsters and Critics

Chavez collaborates with Gaddafi for a remix..

Chavez, Gaddafi meet in Libya to build power among global "south" - Monsters and Critics

Unconventional Wisdom..

The economy made us break it down!! now focused on basic essentials.

What's up with me? trying to stay positive in a negative environment..I recognize what the potential is.

Unconventional wisdom is dropped!! might have to read between the lines.

Local? international? actually universal!! didn't need NASA to travel to the ISS!! traveling through the galaxies reading the signs.

Multi-dimensional!! hard for those reading me!! some will love..some will hate..firing me like Juan Williams? or fines and penalties were the proposal.

Whatcha been through? these days? I come equipped..there'll be no Wikileaks..with weapons at my disposal.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position is what I know these days and times!!

Whose with me? added support like Miami did Stackhouse..usually minding and the lab working on beats and rhymes!

Accused of war crimes like in Iraq? then some will say I'm like D Wade...the man of the hour.

What's really going on? bruised and scarred!! even a few burns from the fireshower.

Where am I these days? Up in the Watchtower like Jimi Hendrix talked about peeping game.

Watching out for the foul one that didn't pump brakes like Bendix!! said "don't blame the player"..blame the game.

Sending the message in the songs!!! after a prayer went up!! soon showered with blessings.

Through the passage? it'll be more than paranormal activity 2..miracles were performed!! so that's what I'm expecting.

Soon collecting my thoughts...selecting some at random....then on blogpsot or even blogster I'm posting them up.

Epiphanies were on the clearance rack for them and those!! like at today's Macy's One Day Sale...I'm letting them and those know whats up!

Friday, October 22, 2010

On To The Next!!

Damn!! had to regroup...had to let it go..I couldn't have my way all the time!!

Damn!! from the get go? knew I'd have to keep some things to myself...couldn't let them have all my mind!!

What did I find? noticed dude was big pimping!!.like Bishop Don Juan...a player player!!

Bernie Madoff style!! things get foul..whose snitching like Wikileaks? outlooks are bleak..somebody say a prayer!!

Whose paid off down in Georgia? Eddie Long in trouble...whose snitching for the opposition in the Cracker Barrel Attack Case!! when did it become fashionable?

Who played it off? I see some are dressed up with no where to go..but considered fashionable...

I'm in the playoffs..whose clashing with a bro? a veteran now coaching like Phil Jackson..but at home resting..another championship ring? how will it go?

Strayed off the path? running off at the mouth like Juan Williams? who prayed to the Lord for guidance?

Stayed off the math? please!! breakbeat science is dropped..but they say I'm not in compliance..

Stayed up in the spot..felt the wrath..paranormal activity? holla at me!! I gathered imformation like Google Street View Cars..

Haters I cash reality disrespects...opening up emotional scars..

Raising the bars...the stats even lied..who was fooled by the caution or danger signs?

Praising the anointed..or those appointed..who are now behind bars...or in rehab like Lindsay Lohan...hazardous materials live on during dangerous times..

A stranger with mine? haters play a brotha like the alternative choice..

Out here in the stream of we come with this..the alternative voice..

Bishop Eddie Long Stepping Down At This Sunday's Mass | go more rumors about Bishop Eddie Long stepping down!!

Bishop Eddie Long Stepping Down At This Sunday's Mass | News One

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fox News Offers Juan Williams $2 Million [Breaking News] | News One

Fox News Offers Juan Williams $2 Million [Breaking News] | News One

Deion Sanders Upset About Ranking 34th on 'Top 100 NFL Players' List

Deion Sanders Upset About Ranking 34th on 'Top 100 NFL Players' List

We're Going Through It!!

They wondered about the moves I made..asking me..what's the deally?

They wandered through the Babylon wilderness...who can feel this? getting fired from NPR just like Juan Williams..they should know what the deal will be!

Going through it!! should know what the real will be!! whose in denial?

Going through it!! like the sun through the meteor shower..whose acting brand new? why did they lie to bro?

Going through it!!..wrote this at 9:11 it symbolic? what's up with it? Lord Help was the battle cry!! good and evil are clashing.

Going through it!! moms in Subaru Outbacks with yellow ribbons on the back roll through the hood...The Bluff down by The Georgia Dome..looking for hits..almost crashing!

Going through it..reality will call your bluff..drama arrives at your front door..

Going through it..actually one expects it..rolling like that!! they wanted more!!

Meanwhile I'm cashing reality checks..not payroll checks at the hood check cashing spot!!..or at the liqour store.

Any fatalities? authorities check the collateral will they manage?..from Pakistan to Phipps Plaza in Atlanta......what's up with ya?..they figure there'll be more!

Realities from divorce were not granted!! Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown fronted!!

Of course this thing can get messy..easy to get stranded...but I knew how the stress will be...while Hollywood and Bollywood actors stunted..

Of course this thing can get the hood some get gaffled..they fronted and flaunted..

Of course business gets handled..or did it handle them..soon Halloween..was the house haunted?

Of course..when the Mothership landed on earth? the brotha from another planet will be confronted.

Of course a brotha gets taken for granted...even if I get on home runs hit..I bunted

A brotha gets scientific!!but I hunted and gathered...playing that basic role.

A fanatic gets confronted through sounds used as a weapon..basic funk, hip-hop and soul.

Mathematics dropped when we roll up!! didn't hold up or wait!! we're on top of it.

Dramatics from the next level are dealt with!! haters aren't stopping it.

...Us dropping with others that are suffering? I dont think so!

...Wasn't waiting for answers!! moving on to the next..I didn't think slow!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quincy Jones & Ludacris "Soul Bossa Nostra" [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Quincy Jones & Ludacris "Soul Bossa Nostra" [AUDIO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Party Central

This is party central!! but not at Central Washington..some try to have their cake and eat it too!!

In Atlanta? central booking stays busy!! whose caked up ..what did the street do?

From Wall Street to y'all's street!! crooks bring the drama!! that's their top priority..check out Bank of America...see how they handle things!

Devils try to kill and destroy..or at least vandalize things!

On different levels? we had to deploy troops to them!! local, worldwide, and universal!

Different devils in different galaxies? with their fallacies..but O-Dog's like a zombie satellite...they said he's not right!! after intergalactic loops hurt those!

Whose acting different? Mexican assasins headed to Arizona? whose on ya? there's no level playing field!! whose not swimming like Sir Nose?

Whose belligerent?..dealing with a Hangover like Mel Gibson...from being drunk, smoked out or putting product up their nose?

Busineses close!! corporations busted up the unions.

Check this prose..refusing to abort operations even though drama revisits us like family reunions.

Ecological ignorance altered the fate..obligations met? if not..whose going off like unions in France.

Knowing what the deal is like communions!! but nobody will break bread!! a different circumstance.

Knowing what the deal is..who dances with the devil at party central?

Showing you what the real is!! dancing with wolves that are at the door like Minnesota in the central?

....Division..but actually in the Northwest..meanwhile we go off with how you living? empty hands and pockets mess with the spirit.

Caught up In the middle of party central...they give a entity a demerit.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bank of America Mortgage Settlement Fiasco | The Nation

article from the nation..concerning bank of america foreclosures

The Bank of America Mortgage Settlement Fiasco | The Nation

Handling Frontline Spiritual Warfare Business

Wannabe street "mafioso" members front like they're really handling business!

What's up with ya? informants end up in acid over in the states? some didn't notice it was handling thats the business!

Whats up with this? in the states? Bank of America will rip you off..heard the can't teach an old dog new tricks!!

What's up with this? knowledege is dropped..check out this breakbeat science O-Dog kicks!!

Dirty tricks like Richard Nixon? ...whose kicking them? I spotted some skinning and grinning!

Who picks a banjo like hillbillies from Kentucky? spotted some picking and grinning!

Who understands..whatcha know? the deal is made...some will go off like in France: whose winning? losing?

The mothership lands on earth..knowledge gained while Carolina Cruising!

A brotha gets scientific!! I was choosing to take the assignment!! but in the spot? I was fired on!

Ear shattering gunshots exploded!!
my aura was knocked out of alignment..the empire gets it on!

Bruising and battering egos!! the euphoria expired on todays date!

Losing? winning? you know the devil is opposed!! he's full of hate!

Greedy ones had the full plate ...but still try to take mine.

Needy ones acted a fool!!! get controversial like Kanye West..maybe they can get nourishment from this good word..I'm going off with mine.

Seeds are planted by this one!!! harvest for the world reaped like Isleys!!... it's October as I write this.

What's the deal? were handling frontline spiritual warfare business!!! these brothas continue to fight this.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Black Power activist to sell Olympic gold medal - U.S. news - Life -

Black Power activist to sell Olympic gold medal - U.S. news - Life -

Business As Usual

Mass confusion reigns in this's like The Gaza Strip...but they say it's business as usual.

Choosing to take the assignment? now flipping the script..what's up with it? Lebanon an Iran satellite? whose telling another story ...acting like they knew!

Cruising like Smokie..through the country we'll ride..I even dipped down I-85 to the Carolinas..but the front end on the vehicle needs alignment!! plus the tires are slick.

Losing or winning? the joke will be on us!! Countrywide played know the empire is slick!!

Credit was extended..A broke one was given a bonus by those slick like Ice Road Truckers.

What's up with it? a joker said they were the one!! ghetto superstars like homies playing at the Ruckers.

...Tournament in Harlem...or Dirt Bowl like Shawnee Park in Louisville..whose the Hottest in The Hood?

...Like Red Cafe...whose starting them? sparking revolutions like France? so what's good?

...Haters were misled..but laughing at me!! said my evolution was radical!! now asking me what's good?

...Told them I was trying to shed light...otherwise the solution? trying to find out what's hood!

Who "ain't right" ?? the wise and otherwise running the institution!! we should keep our guard up.

Games "ain"t tight" we're using the "whatever solution" or "by any means necessary" we kept are guard up!

Games had me bruised up!! scarred up!! I was even broken hearted.

The duct tape was useless!! unless used by jackers in a caper who are broke...they started it!

The ruckus was started!! what it do? from West End Louisville..on out to Somalia.

From the ATL to Kandahar...what's up y'all? it's way too real for ya!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nick Cannon: Chelsea Handler Is Angry, Ugly White Trash | News One

Nick Cannon: Chelsea Handler Is Angry, Ugly White Trash | News One

Public Transportation...The Train Ride..

........told you about being thrown under the bus..

........told you about the I-85 I'm train riding..

What it do? the train rolled through!! but noticed some didn't get on board.

what it do? The pain was felt! through and through! it's like Fox vs. Cablevision! how you living? so whose on one accord?

No eye contact was made...others acted like they're texting or on the phone.

Looking the other way!!! what it do? now the train zipped by!! now they're on their own!

..episode of First 48 up in Louisville? whose spotted in central booking the other day? soon on trial for the error.

Not the Food Network or Cooking Channel..but I spotted chefs cooking in hell's kitchen..but Gordon Ramsay's not spotted..meals were made by trial and error!

This brotha is trying to it the wrong channel like Kareem Biggs Burke? it didn't work..horror and terror awaited some..troublesome? otherwise..led to the breakthrough.

Rolling on the train like Amtrak!!! did it derail? where did the break up or break down take you?

Who tried to fake you? said they were Smarta like Marta!! did the strategy fail? they were spotted in Sport Utility Vehicles!!

What's really going on? what's the deally? part of the conspiracy? shady plots and schemes I see through.

I see you chilling after capers were pulled!! drinking a cup of coffee at Starbucks..good for the prostrate...or had a cold drank with some dry kush.

I see you!!! over in Afghanistan up in the Hindu Kush...soon the shady dealing will bring the attack or ambush.

Damn!! the train is rolling!! who threw momma off? they were in a rush!!

Damn!! the pain keeps growing!! due to the drama...hopes and dreams? a fanatic will crush.

Drama from plots and schemes keep occuring!!cover-ups led to the hush hush.

A brotha will "push..pull" like One Way others "doobie do run run away" like Roy Ayers.

...Meanwhile were rolling on the train!! but taking it to the street like Doobie Brothers..they can't stop these playas!!

Keith Richards calls Mick Jagger 'unbearable' -

keith richards vs mick jagger..

Keith Richards calls Mick Jagger 'unbearable' -

Ghetto Physics - "Will the Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up"

........from the movie "ghetto physics" ...letting the masses know what it do..what it does and what it is!!

T.I. Goes Back to Jail for 11 Months; Disappoints Fans, But Kids Will Suffer Most

T.I. Goes Back to Jail for 11 Months; Disappoints Fans, But Kids Will Suffer Most

Oakley Sunglasses Spotlighted in Chile Miner Rescue

Chilean Miners fronting hard in the Oakley sunglasses after they were rescued..

Oakley Sunglasses Spotlighted in Chile Miner Rescue

Friday, October 15, 2010

We're On Schedule..

Tried to 'holla at my kinfolk"..they thought everything was funny.

Holla like Marvin Gaye..."the way they do my life" please!! we've all been broke!! learned to live without money!

Improvised..freelancing...wasn't part of the play..not plotting and scheming like those terrorists from Mumbai...but we're going for what we know!

Surprised all the naysayers!! wasn't dancing with the devil!! plus they couldn't go by what I show!

A brotha said prayers..the monster dismembers body vacuums spirits out of cadavers.

The mobster remembers the betrayal!! now receiving 11 more months like whose stranded like Gilligan or Gullivers Travels?

Blogster told you about the I-85 Chronicles; plus told about the Gangsta Chronicles; .as O-Zone travels...on a journey.

Who lobs the improvised explosive device at you? the plot or scheme unravels..counter attack received from in the trauma ward on a gurney.

By product from danger at Grady in the ATL..Shands in the Jax..or St Johns up in Detroit.

Shady like Grady is how the game is!! who fakes the funk? or like Sir Nose devoid of it.

Tried to avoid it..the hard work..but somebody's got to do it!! who'll work with me? collaborate like Chavez and Russia?..probably nobody.

Can't avoid that!! now some want to call the help desk!! waiting on answers..who'll help? nobody!

It's "so tough" like Roger talked about!! the drama didn't quit or stop!

Spotted soccer moms down at the bluff!! down by the Georgia Dome..trying to cop!

Looking for rocks, blow or whatever!! but cosmic slop is what we bring to you.

What it do? please!! we're checking clocks for the time!! actually were on schedule.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

G.O.O.D. Music Cypher- Kanye West, Common, Pusha T

G.O.O.D. Music Cypher- Kanye West, Common, Pusha T

Rick Ross Opens BET Hip-Hop Awards With Diddy and MC Hammer

Rick Ross Opens BET Hip-Hop Awards With Diddy and MC Hammer

This Is Another One...

This is another one!! coming through the chute like Chilean miners..these epiphanies keep rolling down the assembly line!!

A brothas not the one!! like Detroit auto plants or Pittsburgh steel mills..industrial style!! old school with mine.

But also new school..actually next school!! recognize the pattern.

O-Dog will rule from Newburg to the moon..from Pluto to Saturn.

Egos? it's like asteroids colliding..society is bruising... battering actually reality is.

Negroes? society is bruising and battering..but in spiritual warfare? across all races, creeds, and colors is where the fatality is.

...Or are we healing the emotional scar? ...from winning..hurt like Brett Favre.. or losing..hurt either way did we play? on clearance racks is where the epiphany is.

Beginning? ending? when some see me..the response is lukewarm..even though we're distant cousins like Obama..Palin..Limbaugh..but whatcha know? jokers went the other way!! but they were once down.

The Lord will free me!! lift me up where I belong!! so whose down?

Not on one accord with those tripping!! just a clown or court jester.

Staying on one accord with the know he will bless ya!

On board that bus? short or long one!! you'll get thrown under it!! haters try to get the best of ya!

Interfered with in the sport by the wrong ones? street thugs or corporate board of directors.

UN weapons inspectors try to play us like Iran...recommend sanctions because we were equipped.

Enemy defectors aren't spies in the Iranian nuclear program...still connected to the mainframe.. through the portal I slipped.

I dipped to the lab...handling this breakbeat science business..had another one..this is the business.

Frontline spiritual warfare type!! that's what the deal is!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Radio One and Rickey Smiley Shut The Show DOWN in Cleveland for Charity! [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Radio One and Rickey Smiley Shut The Show DOWN in Cleveland for Charity! [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

I Knew Some Of Those Folks "Weren't Right"

I was wondering what boat they got off of!! was it in the Atlantic or Pacific?

Wandering through the Gulf of Mexico like Tropical Storm Paula..what's up with y'all? ..from the get go some weren't specific.

Whatcha trying to do? like questioning the Fort Hood shooter..that's what they'll ask this breakbeat scientist.

Acting like I knew!! especially after I did the prognosis..but that's how my mind gets.

Read the standard operating procedure manual..I had to laugh at it!

In Babylon..the standard procedure? into the lion's den like Daniel!! that's how it gets!

What was I on? This Is Part Of A Bigger Plan..I've been grinding for a minute..I'm not an overnight sensation.

Waiting to be rescued like Chilean miners..but in this zone? handle my business...hardhat on with the lantern on top..minding and tending!!! as others search for instant gratification.

In this zone? it's like Kenya...graft and corruption helping the situation? not hardly!

The drama is full blown!! but peace is this brotha's top priority!

Haters try to start with me!! mad at me like they are at Obama about the economy!! but they didn't know I was equipped.

International with it!! actually universal...I stay out there!! especially since Obama signed a new bill for NASA..through the galaxy I dipped.

Irrational fears the fallacies others had...but it was their story and they're sticking to it!!

Haters said I fronted I was foul with these!! but theyr'e part of the system..and it's knowledge I'm kicking to it.

Just to let them know..."I ain't no joke" like Eric B and Rakim and them!!!

Knew from the get go that some of these folk "aint right" so that's why were rocking them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Drug fugitives from Chicago captured in Mexico

Drug fugitives from Chicago captured in Mexico

Book Thrown at Barack Obama's Head. Economic Doldrums and Racial Strife Emboldens Lunatics

Book Thrown at Barack Obama's Head. Economic Doldrums and Racial Strife Emboldens Lunatics

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Peace Be Still....The Catch Phrase PT.6...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Peace Be Still....The Catch Phrase PT.6...: "Peace be still was the catch phrase..Brett Favre is even looking for it..what's up with it? how long will it last.. What's the deal? you kn..."

Did We Have The Story Twisted?

Had to admit...maybe we were the ones that had the story twisted..

What's up with it? summer is over family reunion..but drama revisited.

The list of demands were union to represent it..please!! corporations broke them down!!.a brotha doesn't have it like that..

Intergalactic...from out beyond Pluto..but now the Mothership lands on earth..this brotha travels light with that!!

A brotha gets scientific..what's it all worth? seeing what it do...the plan toxic red sludge is all over the place like in Hungary..were we right about that?

What's up with it? now a Georgia red clay resident..still thirsty..hungry..the day late and the dollar short theory under pressure like mortgage lenders we continue to fight that..

As I light that...the fuse to the lamp...for those that are waiting in the dark..

Insight provided from back in the day...chilling...waiting in Shawnee Park...

....up in shows during summer evenings..street knowledge gained..

....bets placed in crap games..odd or even? pretty soon the gunfire rained..

Fly apparel was stained...maintained....these days?...on the Here and Now tip like Luther.. ..actually futuristic...keeping it moving like mentioned in the I-85 Chronicles..

As I tell you what it Chilean miners this is a rescue...things have gotten hot like wings from Barnacles!!

....or even Zesto's ...what's the response to these and those? it might be magical..

Like Presto!! God Blessed you!! after struggling like Dallas Cowboys..dissed by Chris Johnson? whose acting like they knew?

This breakbeat science lets another know why I act like I do..but stories get twisted..sometimes winning..sometimes losing..

But that's how it's a rough job...somebody's got to do it...cashing plenty of reality checks from the pain...the bruising...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The BreakThrough Is Coming..

What's the deal? they had a bruh cursing and praying at the same time.

..But I knew a breakthrough was coming...operating like Les Miles and LSU.. playing it the same's game time!!

Where did the journey take you? they had us coming and going!! but that's business as usual.

Who'll work with me and you? are we loved by anyone? dude said it's not unusual!!

That's word from Tom Jones...what it do? Carlton seen dancing like on the Fresh Prince.

Word on the curb? O-Zone is funky fresh in the flesh!! regardless of the circumstance.

Herb or Gus were in charge...revenge of the nerds? I was Coming Out Fresh With A Brand New Batch!! but haters had the nerve to say I hurt my chances!! but I stay low until the smoke clears...

What's up with us? heard haters joking about your irrational fears...

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! not just!! there's drama like Pakistan's!! the world is corrupt a bruh had to steer the Mothership away.

...On to a safe harbor..knew the firestarter wouldn't holla back!! I knew how they would play!!

Told them I'm not trying to start with ya!!..the funk will I had Random Thoughts...

I put these epiphanies on the clearance rack..there are no more second thoughts..

Told to let it go and let God..quit second guessing!! old dude said is what it is.

Whatcha know? God is blessing us!!! and that's no empty promise.

Attended the so called meeting of the minds..similar to the IMF meetings..entities made promises they couldn't keep...

What's the deal? check the greetings from this breakbeat scientist..haters thought he wouldn't creep!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Was Drake Smoking Weed At A Miami Beach Club? [PHOTO] |

Was Drake Smoking Weed At A Miami Beach Club? [PHOTO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Prophet H. Walker Plans Protest of Bishop Eddie Long | News One

Prophet H. Walker Plans Protest of Bishop Eddie Long | News One

Feds Use Brooklyn Rapper's Youtube Videos As Evidence In Drug Prosecution | News One

Feds Use Brooklyn Rapper's Youtube Videos As Evidence In Drug Prosecution | News One

Still Laying In The Cut...

I was laying in the cut..everybody else was on some other other..

Whose caught out there in the gray area?...waiting on Pakistan to re-open the border will they play this Louisville brotha?

Checked the scenario..already visualizing the upcoming breakthrough.

Damn!!! I had to ask myself..where will this Mystic Voyage take you?

Whose trying to fake you? interrogating...mad because a brotha "lawyered up"...

Some were trying to shake you off!! saw it was Jacob's Ladder you were crawling up!!

Talked to little homie..he said they were balling up in Louisville Kentucky!!

So it's on me to represent..but others were stalling up in the spot..skinning and grinning..acting happy go lucky.

I was rolling out there where Truck Turner was or will be...out there on I-85 ..mentioned in the Chronicles..but usually out there in the galaxy..but now stuck on earth..damn!! it'll be a long day..darkness soon approaching.

But I'm not waiting in the dark....vehicle in park..waiting on answers...not sliding on slick roads like Ice Road Truckers..word from a veteran now coaching!

I was chilling listening to Donald Byrd's Dominoes..some were encroaching on my territory...threw my name out there like they know me.

Others appetite wasn't curbed...poaching on foreign a plush lifestyle...even said they're Holy Holy Holy!!!

Deadlines were approaching..they receive the bill.some get foreclosed's Damn Damn Damn!! now heard saying life is foul!!

Grateful Deadhead style with mine!! devoted to this breakbeat's on the dial..

Baldy rocked...but the style of a dread..rebuking those acting special..

Hustles get knocked..priorities shift..some will get played in the two for one special..

Friday, October 08, 2010

The Re-Entry....

I went back the way I came...rolling down I-85....others were out of touch like Hall and Oates.

It's all game!! whose shady like Bank of America?..meanwhile I came back with breakbeat science..these beats and quotes.

In the streets? Wall Street...y'all street...whose playing games? gathering votes? you'll soon bow down to the leader.

Who listened to the praise team? amen from the masses!! inspired by the worship leader!

The new school baptist preacher was just a corporate CEO!! playing games like the Bishop Eddie Long? spotted dipping in the Jaguar.

But whose the fool stuck in the hood? what's good? a so called Prophet Walker from South Carolina looking for an escape route..looking for Tracy Chapman's fast car?

Whose the last one to leave the bar fifteen minutes after the lights blinked?

Whose the last one to heal the scars stared into the eye of the tiger and then blinked?

Who thinks long and thinks wrong? old school cliche from coaches..

...said you think? then you stink!! an old rule followed..but Armageddon approaches..

The structure stinks..mildewed...where's Billy The Exterminator? rats and roaches have taken over the building..

Who'll corrupt ya? not Arnold the Terminator!! please!! guardian angels were derelict in their whose yielding?

Whose playing a part in the ongoing conspiracy? please!! were wielding a machete.

...cutting through the Babylon Wilderness..what's the business?...from Newburg to Johannesburg..from Baghdad to Kandahar..Pluto to Saturn.

...From Louisville to the ATL...from LA to NYC..we recognize the pattern..

This is the Real Deal like Holyfield..didn't yield..even though reality is bruising and battering egos..

What it do? they didn't know they were dealing with these fly Negroes..

Monday, October 04, 2010

Professor Cornel West Confesses That He's Having Second Thoughts About President Obama | News One

Professor Cornel West Confesses That He's Having Second Thoughts About President Obama | News One

Donovan McNabb Beats Eagles, Vick Hurt |

Donovan McNabb Beats Eagles, Vick Hurt | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Winds Of Change Are Still Blowing..

Winds of change were need for a climate change meeting...I could feel it's in the air.

It's not strange...seasons change..heard baby girl sing like Natalie Cole..she's catching hell..say "life aint fair".

The machine will truth or dare you..sometimes running need for Manny Moe and Jack? .....other times in need of a tune up.

Gangster leans in old hoopties on Candler Road in Decatur?..
...crip walks down Peachtree St by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta? military marches at Fort Benning Georgia...soon your time is up.

Gangsters claim territory like the Taliban In Pakistan...crime is up due to the economy..but the data doesn't reflect it.

Bradley tanks roll up on the territory..but blown up by IED's...just getting disrespected.

Whose mad at me because I disconnected? please!! only half of the story has been revealed.

"Holla at me if you hear me" !!...after things have been corrected..until then? I'm laying in the cut...I chilled.

It's like talks with Hamas..Israel..true feelings were revealed by sideways glances and remarks.

Through dealing? not really!! I just chilled..the hooptie? a bruh parks.

Cruised through Shawnee and Chickasaw Parks in Louisville back in the down here in the ATL.

Some saw me..showed respect..that's real...but others play me like Obama..wanted me to fail..

Some wanted me to sell drugs...rob and steal..wanted me to thug out..

Security cameras give the instant replay..GPS tracks us..walking on the thick carpet...losing traction..from under us? they'll pull the rug out..

Lacking stamina?..couldn't get your mug out of the's deep in the files..

Animal instinct kicks in..combined with elements from a higher form of life...check the styles..

Traveled many miles on the Mothership..Adventures like Sherlock Holmes..damned if we did or didn't....we had to live our life..

Just like your damned if you do or don' are you dealing with the toil and strife?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Damn!! So What's Really Going On??

Damn!!!! OK!!! so what's really going on? like my other blogs name.

Damn!! in this zone? these folks lied!! they said the smoke and fog was tame.

But haters played games...smoke was enhanced by horrors and terrors were emphasized..

Spotted others who danced with the devil..that level was epitomized..

...spotted some in the drive thru..value meals super sized for a little extra!!

Spotted others..acted like they Kanye West..they were acting special a little extra.

Spotted others while out in the galaxy!! extraterrestrial out on the edge!! meanwhile on earth there's clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.

They plotted and schemed!! Americans were told to be vigilant in Europe.. plans were made..but it goes down another way!! some can't get it right!

Double teamed in the low post like they once did Shaq? some say "it aint right" ..there's no triangle offense!

What it do? whose caught in the storm out by the Bermuda Triangle? some say it seemed like the Los Angeles Lakers or Chicago Bulls in the office!

Bulls knocked over the china cabinet!! plus I spotted the elephant in the room.

Fools will get knocked from Atlanta to Japan and China...or out in Tibet at the temple of doom.

Schools rocked from Iraq to Afghanistan!! students told to put down the shrooms and opium..told to assume the position.

Then old and new schools will get rocked by this steady bombardment of the enemy position..

O-Zone did the math what's up with the multiplication and the division?

Please!! were on a different path...we won't stop and we're not quitting..