Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving Targets Are Hard To Hit..The Grand Cross Edition..

Moving targets are hard to hit...I stay busy dodging lasers, missiles I.E.Ds and bullets..

"It ain't hard to tell" like Nas mentioned back in the day...minds are playing tricks..I'm dodging folks in hi-top fades and mullets....

It's like an old episode of Cops on Tru-Tv...even car chases in old hoopties..

One step ahead of the Inquisition what's the position? how you living? they'll bring you down like Rangel....whose next? heard Maxine Waters!! manipulators try to loop these!!

One step ahead...a moving we try to school these and those..dropping knowledege...down here in the ATL..took homies advice..this player kept it pimpng...

One step ahead..letting honeys go on about their business..I'm guerilla pimping the system..

Guerillas in the mist like Ice Cube and them..heard dude said his money was slow...he even mentioned hustling backwards..

What's up with this? in Charlotte folks were caught with those bricks..that's how that works!!

The attitude? I kept moving..grand cross was in some that hurts!! that's why we launch this Sonic Assault..

The atttude? I kept'll get caught up...caught out there like Hamas leaders out there in Gaza...what's up with ya? You know hell is caught!!

Reality was a good I tell you what was taught..check these epiphanies from the clearance rack...

Cashing reality checks..but facing security checks...whose given clearance for that?

Checked the files..checked the styles..loathing and fearing is back in fashion...

Checked the files..what's the final outcome after Titans were clashing?

Checked the files..snitches were cashing checks...but during this final conflict O-Dog pulled out the drum...

O-Zone? I kept it moving..moving targets are hard to hit...I wasn't the one..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Biting The Hand That Feeds Them....

Dogs bark up the wrong tree!! plus they bite the hand that feeds them...

Waiting In The Dark? you wont see me!!..I'm busy...fertile grounds and soil? a bruh seeds them!!

Whose still hating? your embellishment? who impedes them? things have gotten crazy!!

Whose debating irrelevant issues? others will pledge never seizes to amaze me!!

What phase will I be in? I'm tripping!! usually all about peace..but now I've got the I wish somebody would attitude..

What phase will I be in? the saga / struggle continues..but still supposed to show gratitude?

What's up with ya..they ask a bruh?? please!! we were spotted..longitude and latitude is tracked by GPS..

Jason Bourne style!! checking the file..or even an Enemy of The State like Will Smith? can you feel this?

Whose born foul? part of their genetic makeup? tell me what the deal is!!

Walked a mile in homie's shoes?...ashes to ashes..dust to dust..dude was on his last leg..that's what the real is!!

Good and evil clashs make some beg, borrow and steal...what's the deal? soldiers were smoked out..auras enhanced by angel dust...under the influence..

Cash is the mission..but some bite the hand that feeds them..we're acting like we knew this..

Others are finding out what blue is...the economy is rough..whose hanging around B.B and Albert King?

Listening to the Moody Blues...paying dues..what mood did you choose? even if holding a championship ring!!

What's happening captain? whose mad at the world?? now barking up the wrong tree!!

A bruh is admitting...I even bit the hand that feeds me..Intergalactic..but parking the Mothership on earth..what's wrong with me?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Out There...Outside The Box..

Outside the box...but still trying to break patterns and cycles..

Going all out O-Dog will rock!! dropping funk...bending the light.. from Pluto, Mars and Saturn..fuses? O-Zone will light those.

Enlighten these and those..whose waiting in the dark?...scattering foes that try to pull the plug.

They tried to dip in BMW's with engine problems...Exciting these and those bruising and battering a fool on drugs.

...Or they were acting like it...maybe they were!! out on Old Natti in College Park Georgia..spotted boo boo the fool rolling with the thugs..

...Even spotted old and new fools from the old and new schools..having rugs pulled out from under them..

Old or new rules followed...but this brotha isn't going under with them..

Rolling up...rolling through...over or under them..still Outside The Box..but sometimes coping strategies fail..

Rolling up...stopped dropped and rolled when I saw the bus I wouldn't get thrown under it..haters were hoping that we fail..

No government bailouts like banks and corporations will I have to abort operations?

No covenant or contract signed..they're null and void..they'll have you enslaved..due to obligations.

Staying on point while I'm Outside The Box...observations told me some were shady like grady...who misbehaved?

Staying on point...a veteran now coaching..Armageddon points are shaved..

Staying on point..O-Dog will rock..a beat slave..pushing the envelope like I was at The Postal Service...

Rates will increase as a bruh adds his two cents...going postal when I serve this? I observe this and that..when a bruh is outside the box..

As I continue to work this!! O-Zone drops this Good Word...O-Dog rocks...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Safe Havens...Safe Harbors PT.2

No safe havens or safe harbors..soon peace will be disturbed..

Whose misbehaving? who harbors hatred? harbors attacked like my appetite is curbed..

Whose enslaving the masses? dealt with like Daniel Pearl in the word on the curb the truth?

Heard the news I see new age slaves skinning and Afghanistan war douments are released..didn't have to look far for the proof..

Bearing witness to Titan clashes..whose chilling out in caves in Afghanistan? out past Bora Bora!! skimming profits off of opium sales!!

What's the business? what's up man..what's the score? rules regulations and procedures developed after the coping strategy fails?

What's the business? finding out what the deal is!! no safe havens or safe harbors during these Critical Stages of bailouts like the banks received....then some of them still go under!! in need of a stress test?

What's the business? situations are people are bombarded by internal or external stimuli..the apparatus will test..

What's the business? old girl in the old 80's model Caddie Fleetwood Borugham said she was blessed and highly favored..

Safe Havens and Safe Harbors found during the storm...but it wasn't the Germany some Love Paraded..

The Baltimore Ravens played it..the rough we do..but we'll launch the Sonic Assault..

Who wanted more? Cooperstown type status like Andre Dawson... they were fronting and flossing..but soon hell is caught..

What Were They Trying To Do?

Babylon's agents front like they have it going on!! whatcha trying to do?said it's on! check the climate..due to global warming they skate on thin ice.

Wearing sharp skates!! it gets ugly!! they'll fall through like US banks aint nothing nice!

Society hates!! trying to assassinate characters!! knew what the price was!! but I tried to help some of them.

Ill debates were heard!! ..but they didn't give us anything to work with!! but I had the drum for them.

Rates are too high!! but the good word and breakbeats are part of the play this coach runs for them.

Word from Phil Jackson!..had to the middle of the action? fates were altered by ecological ignorance..peace runs from them..what's left?.

Work is put in like Samuel L Jackson and the Avengers..but chaos and confusion is the norm ...any deliverance when priorities shift?

Taking a loss? what kind of umbrella are you using during the storm? gifts are provided by the Lord.

Blessed with weapons to fight spiritual warfare!! they won't fail ya!! that's why I stay on one accord.

Stressed? we ignored perpetrators!! dipped in a hooptie with the trunk rattling from the O-Dog funk....but it wasn't a Honda Accord.

But the Cut Dog aka Cutlass Supreme was stolen by those who were bored!! switched to the Crown Vic..the Ford.

But had to let it go!! no Love Supreme like John Coltrane...still raw dog!! ATLiens take cop cars like Crown Vics and Chevy Impalas and trick them out.

Then turned on their swagger!! tricking because they got it!! going all out.

Without a doubt!! but who gets foul with us? agents for Babylon..corrupted like Adobe files.

Acrobats and fanatics weren't with this or that!! knowing nothing about these styles!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whatcha Trying To Do Mix

Whatcha Trying To Do Mix

Check Out The Whatcha Trying To Do Mix from O-Dog..Whatcha Trying To Do Mix

Still Visualizing..

Visualized the sequence...what it do? I had to put things in perspective...

It's all game..who'll creep with this? from Afghanistan to your land...found out when I peeped these Random Thoughts are collected.

They were once a stampede at the Love Parade..spread out over the universe!! out in the stream of consciousness.

The vessel was bruised and battered...floating through waters polluted like the Gulf of Mexico.. whatcha know? no Love Supreme like John havens were attacked by agents of the galactic federation..what's the response to this?

Steady bombardment of the enemy position with this sonic assault will occur!!

Hardhat worn with the lantern on top! spotted others waiting in the dark where the lines blur.

Out there in the gray area!! home of the mass hysteria! whatcha working with?

Check the scenario..O-Dog has the brand new's the rebirth of it!!

Knowing how an earthling will get in the midst of territorial disputes.

Working it!!! what's that? the diabolical plot!!! what's up? the treasury one loots.

One goes back to their roots at the end of the day!!...that's their story and theyre sticking to it!!

The owl hoots!! birds chirp!! it's six in the morning!! the party was over ..dude was tricking to it!!

....Said it wasn't tricking because he's got it..what part of the game was that?

Whose kicking knowledege?..but foul with it...they're really lame..

No shame shown with that!! jokers going all out from Louisville to Jax in Duval County...

From the ATL to LA...from Pluto Mars and Saturn..It's Going Down..where have you found me?

Getting down will be the mission..visualized the sequence..recognize the pattern...the shape of things..

Spiritual significance when we came with this...this is our take on things..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Damn..It Can Go Either Way..

Damn!! I'm looking at it...some mention a sacred war...things can go either way..left or right.

Damn!! a crook had it locked down!! like Kid's like Day and Night.

I'll jam!! plus write this book..the answer to what's up with me.

Damn!! but I grew up with a bunch of crooks up in Louisville..asking did it corrupt me?

What looks like up to me is actually down!!like European regulators doing a stress test..or like others judging this economy!

Big businesses report profits!! but dude on the street is down to his last buck!! unlucky!

Gamblers out for a fast buck stacked the cards!!! plus got funny with the dice.

Ramblers off at the mouth like Limbaugh talk out the side of their neck!! NFL game like a battle between the bloods and crips? meanwhile merchants got funny with the price.

NYC residents ran down south down here in Atlanta!! what's up with ya? said upstate the bloods and crips were cutting up!

What's it all about? did hope go south in these hoods? some go all out!!! Mexican warlords and overlords were cutting up!

Information overload..whose in the database? claiming territory? but the mainstream of mathematics was hard to decipher.

On the case!! it's all game when I tell this story fron the stream of consciousness..a Parliament Flashlighter.

Who started it? a riot inciter!! taking things back to the sixties.

New world order? the theory..who buys them? winning tickets..what's the winning numbers? three sixes is what they'll be.

Out of order with these? this is the rebuttal to the pitchforks devils use.

what's up with them and those? From ATL to LA to New York...from Pluto to Mars To Saturn...we'll lose.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's On..Damn Damn Damn!!! Did They Get It?

Damn! damn! damn! this was expressed..did you get it?

O-Dog brings the sound!! O-Zone..the Good Word..we proceed and continue..we won't stop we get it get it.

What's up with it? unemployment benefits extended..but some act like they're mad at a bruh !! said I was violating like Rangel.. but I had options..I had this math.

So I let them go on about their business..they'll manipulate prices..I was on a different path.

Rolling with a different is handled..nothing shady like Wall Street.

We handle it before it handles in's easy to take a corporate corridors and on the street.

Trick or treat like Halloween when observing the scene!! but usually minding and tending.

Usually deep in the lab writing this good word and beat blending.

The by product? sending messages in the songs..noticed morale was low in the spot.

My conduct was questioned!! they never knew about the stash..the bruh fights back with.

Now O-Dog will sound clash!! bass, treble and tone's on.

Bruised and bashed by the apparatus...but I busted out of L-7 square like Rick it's on.

Handling things like Chris Paul..but not playing's way too real.

Corporations and rogue nations play slick games!! as we can see it's not the way to deal.

But we dealt with these slick games played by these new type gangsters.

What's the outcome? we had to pull out the drum!! we fight back with the bangers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's On...I Had To Hit The Switch..

It's on!! I had to hit the switch!! now everything is flowing..or like the BP oil stopped least for now.

It's on!! I wasn't suspended like Dodgers..I had to hit the pitch!! it was over the plate!! had to do it here and now!

Like that wedding song by Luther Vandross!! RIP!! so what's the deally? I see some front and floss..calling themselves regulating!

What's the prognosis? I did a cost analysis..seeing how foul it is. the Senate filibuster ended...whose still hating?

Lethal doses were mixed with the kool aid!! so what's happening captain?

Beats and prose are similar to the hadron collider..or the Tevatron..were atom smashing.

Devils are opposed to these freedom riders!! spotted vehicles crashing and burning..the devil was laughing!

Doors are closed!! plus windows of opportunity..whose understanding this math we bring?

Another's staff will bring the drama!! but that's what they get paid to do!

Anothers wrath is rebuked!! please!! the elders said they prayed for you!

Predators preyed on you!! will joints get nuked? ..journeyman welders thought the structure was secure..bullet proof.

These sonic mechanical engineers studied blueprints and's a journey man!! reality will provide proof.

Sword of truth is carried!! irrational fears get beheaded..but facing aloof and arrogant accusations.

Wasn't's on!! breakbeat science is dropped on these nations.

Actually the universe.intergalactic..knocked off balance like the black hole...what you facing? check out how we kick it.

Opposition is know the devil is opposed.. it's like a strike..haters will try to picket.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Answers were short and to the point..might have to do the knowledge.

Instead of waiting..the apparatus keeps hating..getting good mileage.

Instead of debating irrelevant issues...even though the truth comes out foul it gets is the main issue.

Those skating on ice fall through!!! pulling out Maxie Price crying towels or the tissue.

Forensic teams get samples of the O-Dog gets samples ..autopsies are seminars..might spot a pathogen.

Fanatics pollute streams of consciousness like the Gulf of Mexico..they didnt stop!! they're on the warpath again.

These mathematics dispute the opposing teams doctrine!! damn!! we brought that math again.

Static clings to cheap material...Microsoft needs a security patch.. poor work was put in by the staff..once again.

Automatic gunfire tested those who are spiritual!! Lord Help is the Battle Cry!!

The empire strikes back after they were tested!! struck by those that try.

The umpire called strikes!! then bats blasted home runs!! it's the Louisville Slugger.

The union representative called at old Ford Plants...update to Honda plants... word from your homie!! a Louisville brother.

What reunion? these days they're Tea Parties.. please!! word from another was found to be null and void.

What conclusions were jumped to? woo woo is what a bruh said!! this world is wicked!! ill ones I avoid.

Winning? losing? get your business straight!! handle it before it handles you.

Answers were short and to the point..whose waiting? bearing witness to what vandals do.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Progressive Liberation Revisited..

Heard the belligerence..running off at the mouth like The Tea Party..a lot of folk like to talk that talk.

What's up with this? once again it's on...we're on the road to freedom..on The Road To Damascus..who else will walk the walk?

What's up with this? Progressive Liberation is the mission..chalk one up for the home team!

What's up with this? woo is the outcry!! what's the impression? drama even goes down at the malls in Atlanta..Greenbriar or even Northlake..white chalk and yellow tape at the crime scene.

We're killing it!! break a leg like show business!! others balked on the the Rangers manager..soon ejected from the game.

Mafioso will shoot legs!! a brawl started between the teams..batters rushed the mound..soon realized that it's all game!

It's all the same!! streams of consciousness confirmed those scenarios.

From corporate offices to church pulpits!! halls of government to townships..ghettos and barrios.

Plus settlements in the Gaza..any word from our sponsor? the sport gets ugly even Lebron finds out about the Wild Wild West.

In Superior Court a brotha will be pleading his case!! a jury of his peers stressed.

Cloak and dagger was the mission!! told jokers to abort it fears are eradicated God blessed his children.

A bruh is on a mission!! check the Mechanical Engineering..this is how we played it!! we're not through dealing.

On a mission!! steering the Mothership to a safe's how we do it.

On a mission!! for Progressive Liberation.what are we facing? it's like The Gulf of Mexico..knowing some waters are polluted.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Focused...Minding and Tending

Minding and tending..but staying busy..not waiting in the dark.

Beat blending and dropping the Good Word..the vehicle is not in park.

Admitting..we did park the Mothership on earth..voyages were made like the Virgin Galactic..but when we came back the reception was lukewarm..but other planets visited Virgo..they were in alignment.

Focused..a haters embassy will get stormed with the steady bombardment...a bruh didn't take things for granted..not this assignment.

Focused..check out this solitary confinement by product soon revealed by this entity. I rebuke the bogus conduct.. wasn't feeling this energy!

The bogus had corrupt I hear some say woo..woo woo!! they have my folk coming and going.

As we approach this with the attitude of invincibles..ignoring the propaganda..lies..innuendo..going for what we're knowing!

As we coach this like John Wooden ..whatcha knowing? or coaching like Phil Jackson...I'm focused!! down south in Atlanta but using West Coast principles!!

UCLA high post or the Triangle offense? going off with this!! just for the principles.

High or low post notions about the Bermuda Triangle? were working these Herbie Hancock or even Roy Ayers type angles...but whose slick like the Gulf oil spill?

Play on player I was told!! will the truth be told? we had notions for this breakbeat science!! This Is Part Of A Bigger Plan...crops are planted in fertile soil.

Prayers sent up during the toil and strife!! now focused...dealing with it ..who get's in the way? I'm not mad at anybody!

All up in the spot...who held the dagger? the knife? operating like O-Jays backstabbers..trying to catch a body?

All up in the spot..who jacks the swagger of somebody they wish they could be?

Rolling up on the I get back with ya..minding tending..just doing me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Woo Woo Mix

O-Dog is getting busy at the O-Dog Podcast..check this out...The Woo Woo Mix

Read Between The Lines..

The Good Word is dropped!! along with the funk...but folks will have to read between the lines.

You heard? no leaks like the BP they'll have to fill in the blanks!! shady deals made with banks? collaboration of dangerous minds.

In these dangerous times? the system plays us like were stupid!! Marmaduke?

Chefs in hells kitchen stir up the Kool-Aid full of parasites!!! the larvae will make you puke.

Chefs in souls kitchen chilled up in the juke joint!! what it do? listening to Johnny Guitar Watson's real mother for ya!

Whose snitching? authorities nuke the joint!! cartels blow up the spot!! damn!! thats a so called brotha for ya!

Had another one for ya!! read between the lines..might even have to ride the Train of Thought.

Had to's like runs off the rails!! but it never fails..even had mobster sounds blast from the Sonic Assault.

Hell caught!! eating shrimp and lobster tails from the Gulf of Mexico?

Hell caught!! like Natalie Cole...even Mike Vick in the amen corner!! word from Ron Mexico.

How were we trying to roll? knew it was a lie from the get go!! word from Democrats and Republicans.

Funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul is what you get!! the product? it's this brother mans!!

While a brotha lands the mothership on earth.. how did it work?..rolling like the Virgin Galactic.. he knows this is hostile territory.

Funky is how a brotha gets!! the sound is dropped!! the Good Word tells the story.

What's the story? in this territory? we're damned if we did or didnt.

What's the story? read between the lines..we didn't stop and didn't quit it.

As we deal with it...putting it between the lines..putting it Recovery like Eminem...

Read between the lines...the Good Word and funk is dropped by this brother man!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clearance Rack Epiphanies....Sonic Assault Edition...

Moving targets are hard to hit!! what's up with it? I was ducking and diving like the Iran nuclear scientist!! dodging bullets.

LA Dodgers hat on!! spotted haters shucking and jiving!! like an old episode of Cops...still wearing high top fades and mullets.

Whose full of this and that? clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right.

Clearance rack epiphanies and sounds that are funky are the antidote..we've got a dog in this fight.

Word from Mike Vick? ..that doesn't sound right!! but it's the catch phrase of the day.

Bobbing and weaving!! rope a dopping like Muhammed Ali from back in the day.

Reflecting on swerving and weaving up in Louisville!! on Muhammed Ali Blvd!! back in the day!

Collecting these epiphanies!! Random Thoughts...they're way too real!! but I'll put them on the clearance rack...

Authorities disrespecting!! the situation is critical!! told me I didn't have clearance for this or that!

Security heightens like we're at the airport or an immigrant in Arizona.

O-Dog tightens up like Archie Bell and the Drells from Houston Texas he's ready to drop the funk on ya.

O-Zone? old dude told me it's on you to develop the longitude and latitude.

Streams of consciousness full of crude oil like the Gulf of Mexico? the leak stopped? it's affecting my attitude.

Teams of so called shrewd cunning and clever operatives take pot shots at this!!!

Moving targets are hard to hit!! we're funky drumming and dropping the good word!! we're back with this.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Surrounded by so called experts running networks..but the matrix still has glitches.

Clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right..some at the plate taking pitches.

The Little League catch phrase wasn't followed..swing batter batter swing!

Soon pitches were swung on and missed...but O-Dog plays Teddy Riley's New Jack and Duke Ellingtons Swing.

Juke joints rocked...but someone stole dude's bling!! now he'll exercise power like a forward..Alonzo Mourning.

Ready to nuke the joint like Iran or North Korea...when will the drama go down? Snoop Dogg said six in the morning.

Meanwhile the system anoints one to run things!! others are hating!! scorning!! love doesn't live here Rose Royce!

It disappoints some..they're in mourning!! they think they've lost a voice.

O-Zone made points previously..scoring like Kobe Bryant! a bruh told you it would be a bit messy.

O-Dog continues to rock funky joints!! rebuking those that are hostile..hitting up those who are part of the conspiracy.

But in this smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors..diplomatic immunity is in full effect.

A bruh will use broken beats and english!!! some might feel the movement.

Intergalactic sounds dropped on the masses..conducting classes..rocking more than inflated houses like NASA...a method for social improvement?

Can we groove with it? but clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right front.

But we move we proceed and continue...these bruhs are in the hunt.

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Still A Dark Mysterious World..

A dark mysterious world were slipping through!! one step ahead of the galactic federation..but we come equipped.

...Kentucky or West Virginia coal miner style hard hat with the lantern on top when we dipped.

What's up with me? check the scenario...dipping down I-4 towards Orlando.. turning the dial!! turning the page..on to the next.

Wasn't feeling the ongoing energy..bombs blast like in Uganda..El Shabazz and Al-Qaeda was foul!! I had to leave the complex.

Like leaving the projects...Park-Hill up in Louisville...whose mad at a brotha like Cleveland is at Lebron? but an evil entity tried to implement their style of rules and regulations.

...Never walked a mile in anyone's shoes!! similar to 60's demonstrations.

Authorities stalked and staked out premises!! who refused to extradite like Swiss authorities and Polanski? confusion and frustration is the norm.

Pitchers balked..earlier? promises were made!! but now were facing the storm.

White chalked!! yellow crime scene tape!! students raced to their dorm like Virginia Tech.

Clark Kent transformed to Superman!! Shaq or Dwight Howard? low or high tech?

It's a Dark Mysterious World!! the simple was made complex..when time and space is calculated.

Whose able to put a cap on it like BP? ..others might bust a cap on it!! seems history repeated!! drama unfurled!! that's next up after the foul hated.

In other spots? some are mad!! irrelevant issues were debated!! repeated!! now rebuked by the NAACP..the masses are distracted.

Olympians skated on thin ice!! the outcome isn't players go for the World Cup..Spain wins!! but in other realms progress is impeded.

Feeling the hate!! global dynamics have some paying the price!! It's not nice..soon all minerals and resources are depleted.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

This Is How I'm Operating!!

A doctor like Zhivago ...but I'm pulling the plug on these social experiments.

Rocking Chicago and Memphis style blues!! even the Motown style!! O-Dog is tapping on instruments.

What's the scenario? things are detrimental to your health!! they're hazardous.

Whose running things like Roscoe P Coltrane? ..shady like the Dukes of Hazzard was.

Playing this like a coal miner near Hazard Kentucky!! wearing a hardhat with a lantern on top.

A beat miner..while others waited in the dark!! just got from Saturn .....with intergalactic funk and hip hop.

Others shop until they drop!!or maybe not..whose getting crunk? soon caught up in a Bermuda Triangle.

Corporations government and religion running things!! like old school Chicago Bulls or modern LA Lakers!! the offense? the triangle.

Haters try to strangle like Boston!! going on a Rampage Jackson!!

Debaters of irrelevant issues scrimmage!! asking what have you done for me lately like Janet Jackson.

Others are back in love like Jeffrey Osborne and LTD!! but they weren't feeling me..I was on some other other.

Some were even showing scorn!! they didn't understand a brotha.

In the killing fields a full metal jacket is worn!! similar to old school armor and shields.

But like Kevin Costner? a field of dreams is present this!! breakbeat science is the by product!! this is what a brotha builds.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Transmitting Live From Atlanta..

Live from the planet called Atlanta!! Transmitting Live from a remote outpost.

Intergalactic..erratic though..blowing gas bubbles like a black hole..but on the North American continent..putting it down coast to coast.

Didn't brag or boast..or chill like the grim sleeper...didn't have that kind of energy!! a bruh is more focused on results.

Jet lag from intergalactic travels created an attitude!! cosmic debris like asteroid particles...who started these or those? had no time to fool with cults.

Cults of personalities have some drinking the kool-aid.

Grape for Republicans? red or cherry by the Democrats? George Benson said its a Masquerade.

Others are at parties sipping tea!! that"s talking out the side of their necks.

Pity parties are jumping!! who dances with the devil? waiting on him to cut checks?

The system will have you waiting in the dark!! it disrespects..check the power hackers attacked the grid.

What's up with them? gamblers are still out for a fast buck!! placing a bet or bid.

Big winners hid!! then dipped in a fast fast car like Tracy Chapman!! when the structure collapses.

Big losers were down to their last buck!! soon spent on self medication due to relapses.

Assignment choosers couldn't grasp this!! but old girl said everybody wouldn't be able.

Confinement out in Wonderland with Alice is where they were choosing to believe the fable.

Or maybe parables..whose fair with a bro? down here in the promised land?

AKA...Atlanta..they'll damage ya..soon some will understand....

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Next Episode Is Here...

As we proceed and continue!!! not keeping folks guessing like Lebron's on to the next episode.

In the songs? messages are what we send you..when will the truth be told?

Strongholds are attacked with the Sonic Assault!! AKA the sword of truth.

Po Po folds warrants and indictments...playing it like Israel..they said it was the proof.

Whatcha know? God holds me down as long as I try to keep it righteous.

In other words? he's got me in his unchanging hands..why fight this?

We're using good words and brand new funk to light this!! check the tick tick boom.

Up in Louisvillle? good herb or weed is what Tony said he had!! said he got crunk like it was the ATL!! but then I heard boom boom!

This was not positive feedback!! dude said Tony operated like the Food Network..he had parsley and oregano.

Fire flashs back from the 38 after old dude fumbled to get to it!! so whatcha know?

Meanwhile the empire clashes back with those who strike it!! those who were tired of being stepped on.

The umpire clashes with players because of bad calls!! they'll get crept up on.

Whose bringing fire like Ohio Players? ...but they slept on your boy!! heard them say whatever!

Meanwhile the town crier promoted other players..word from Tiger Woods.. because they were supposedly cunning and clever.

Devil is opposed to me!! some ask why..because I took the sound higher like Sly and The Family Stone..the funky drummer is drumming.

It's the next episode!! Transmitting Live from Atlanta!! the so called promised land!! but I spotted some humming and bumming!!!

What kind of play is this brotha running? actually it's Part Of A Bigger Plan!!

Ready for the next episode...standing only 5-8...but with the heart of a bigger man...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Power Surges...

Power surges hit the grid...due to the hot weather? causing a shut down!! somebody hit the reset button!!

Traffic merges on I-285 in Atlanta..will they shut it down? who merges like corporations? I see the system set up a punishment glutton.

Uncontrolled urges will land ya in facilities..medical or correctional!

Or you can get fired..meanwhile we rolled up on the spot!! then rolled through!! abilities are flexed!! correcting those!

Errors made due to the horror and terror charade..spotted the cowardly lion.

Spotted the Wizard Of Oz..voice amplified!! selling wolf tickets!! scenarios? wolves were in sheeps clothing!! like Pops said..somebody's lying!

Whose crying? dogs bark up the wrong tree!! was it A 30 year old McGruff? or was it Steele of the GOP? who'll now have the Minnesota Timberwolves record?

...Since Kevin Garnett left..priorities shift..the vehicle..who'll wreck it?

Oh yeah!! Garnett got a ring!! but is this the end? looked old against the Lakers?

New Edition singing in the background...with the Sonic Assault? I back down fakers!

From Teddy Riley type rump shakers to wannabe gangsters..even the New Type one.

As the foul implement their policies...rules and regulations..they'll stereotype one.

Meanwhile O-Zone is typing one!! a's part of a Bigger Plan.

Clearance rack epiphanies illuminate the magic circle!! presto!! naysayers ask me how did you figure it out man?

In these districts> it's ill!! the triggerman is spotted!! fumbling to get to the 38.

Just a hired gun..due to the power surge..society shows hate!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Thousand Miles Traveled..Feel Like I've Been All Over The Universe.

Mystic Voyages taken..soaking up knowledge like the large skimmer soaking up oil in the Gulf of Mexico...this is real talk no faking!! I even consulted with oracles.

Words of encourage given..checking out how were the midst of some disputes that are territorial.

Leading to psychological, sociological, spiritual, and physical repercussions.

We pass the message on in our songs..O-Dog is rocking you with the percussions.

Good word dropped in these discussions after I consulted with spirits of the elders.

Now check out the process Industrial Strength Mechanical Engineering!! your now consulting with sonic carpenters and welders.

What can you tell us I was asked? doing it..some multi-tasked..some even read declarations of independence..even expressed doubts.

A bruh is still standing...Louisville representative like Muhammed Ali!! I'm still winning championship bouts.

Some games were routs like the Lakers beating the Celtics...but I admit some battles were lost.

From Buford Highway in Atlanta were Lady Gaga fronted on West End Louisville were Tony had that dro..what was the cost?

From Old Natti in College Page, up in Cincinnatti where homie fronted and flossed at the Macy's Music Festival.

Back in the day it was the Kool Jazz Festival!! these days? real cool ones told to let it go!!

...To Public Enemy radicals like Chuck D and Flavor Flav with the clock.

Whatsup with me? spotted homies selling the Final Call down on the block.

Mystic Voyages taken..a thousand miles traveled..feel like I've been all over the universe..I hit the reset button.

Whose faking? felt like it's raining all over the world..not just Georgia like Brook Benton..hopefully this good word encourages another one.