Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Out There...Outside The Box..

Outside the box...but still trying to break patterns and cycles..

Going all out O-Dog will rock!! dropping funk...bending the light.. from Pluto, Mars and Saturn..fuses? O-Zone will light those.

Enlighten these and those..whose waiting in the dark?...scattering foes that try to pull the plug.

They tried to dip in BMW's with engine problems...Exciting these and those bruising and battering a fool on drugs.

...Or they were acting like it...maybe they were!! out on Old Natti in College Park Georgia..spotted boo boo the fool rolling with the thugs..

...Even spotted old and new fools from the old and new schools..having rugs pulled out from under them..

Old or new rules followed...but this brotha isn't going under with them..

Rolling up...rolling through...over or under them..still Outside The Box..but sometimes coping strategies fail..

Rolling up...stopped dropped and rolled when I saw the bus coming..so I wouldn't get thrown under it..haters were hoping that we fail..

No government bailouts like banks and corporations will I have to abort operations?

No covenant or contract signed..they're null and void..they'll have you enslaved..due to obligations.

Staying on point while I'm Outside The Box...observations told me some were shady like grady...who misbehaved?

Staying on point...a veteran now coaching..Armageddon approaching..no points are shaved..

Staying on point..O-Dog will rock..a beat slave..pushing the envelope like I was at The Postal Service...

Rates will increase as a bruh adds his two cents...going postal when I serve this?

...as I observe this and that..when a bruh is outside the box..

As I continue to work this!! O-Zone drops this Good Word...O-Dog rocks...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Visualizing..

Visualized the sequence...what it do? I had to put things in perspective...

It's all game..who'll creep with this? from Afghanistan to your land...found out when I peeped this...now these Random Thoughts are collected.

They were once scattered..like a stampede at the Love Parade..spread out over the universe!! out in the stream of consciousness.

The vessel was bruised and battered...floating through waters polluted like the Gulf of Mexico.. whatcha know? no Love Supreme like John Coltrane safe havens were attacked by agents of the galactic federation..what's the response to this?

Steady bombardment of the enemy position with this sonic assault will occur!!

Hardhat worn with the lantern on top! spotted others waiting in the dark where the lines blur.

Out there in the gray area!! home of the mass hysteria! whatcha working with?

Check the scenario..O-Dog has the brand new funk..it's the rebirth of it!!

Knowing how an earthling will get in the midst of territorial disputes.

Working it!!! what's that? the diabolical plot!!! what's up? the treasury one loots.

One goes back to their roots at the end of the day!!...that's their story and theyre sticking to it!!

The owl hoots!! birds chirp!! it's six in the morning!! the party was over ..dude was tricking to it!!

....Said it wasn't tricking because he's got it..what part of the game was that?

Whose kicking knowledege?..but foul with it...they're really lame..

No shame shown with that!! jokers going all out from Louisville to Jax in Duval County...

From the ATL to NYC..to LA...from Pluto Mars and Saturn..It's Going Down..where have you found me?

Getting down will be the mission..visualized the sequence..recognize the pattern...the shape of things..

Spiritual significance when we came with this...this is our take on things..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Answers were short and to the point..might have to do the knowledge.

Instead of waiting..the apparatus keeps hating..getting good mileage.

Instead of debating irrelevant issues...even though the truth comes out ..how foul it gets is the main issue.

Those skating on ice fall through!!! pulling out Maxie Price crying towels or the tissue.

Forensic teams get samples of the tissue..like O-Dog gets samples ..autopsies are conducted..plus seminars..might spot a pathogen.

Fanatics pollute streams of consciousness like the Gulf of Mexico..they didnt stop!! they're on the warpath again.

These mathematics dispute the opposing teams doctrine!! damn!! we brought that math again.

Static clings to cheap material...Microsoft needs a security patch.. poor work was put in by the staff..once again.

Automatic gunfire tested those who are spiritual!! Lord Help is the Battle Cry!!

The empire strikes back after they were tested!! struck by those that try.

The umpire called strikes!! then bats blasted home runs!! it's the Louisville Slugger.

The union representative called strikes..like at old Ford Plants...update to Honda plants... word from your homie!! a Louisville brother.

What reunion? these days they're Tea Parties.. please!! word from another was found to be null and void.

What conclusions were jumped to? woo woo is what a bruh said!! this world is wicked!! ill ones I avoid.

Winning? losing? get your business straight!! handle it before it handles you.

Answers were short and to the point..whose waiting? bearing witness to what vandals do.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Read Between The Lines..

The Good Word is dropped!! along with the funk...but folks will have to read between the lines.

You heard? no leaks like the BP well...plus they'll have to fill in the blanks!! shady deals made with banks? collaboration of dangerous minds.

In these dangerous times? the system plays us like were stupid!! Marmaduke?

Chefs in hells kitchen stir up the Kool-Aid full of parasites!!! the larvae will make you puke.

Chefs in souls kitchen chilled up in the juke joint!! what it do? listening to Johnny Guitar Watson's real mother for ya!

Whose snitching? authorities nuke the joint!! cartels blow up the spot!! damn!! thats a so called brotha for ya!

Had another one for ya!! read between the lines..might even have to ride the Train of Thought.

Had to admit...it's like Amtrak..it runs off the rails!! but it never fails..even had mobster tales...plus sounds blast from the Sonic Assault.

Hell caught!! eating shrimp and lobster tails from the Gulf of Mexico?

Hell caught!! like Natalie Cole..even Mike Vick in the amen corner!! word from Ron Mexico.

How were we trying to roll? knew it was a lie from the get go!! word from Democrats and Republicans.

Funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul is what you get!! the product? it's this brother mans!!

While a brotha lands the mothership on earth.. how did it work?..rolling like the Virgin Galactic.. he knows this is hostile territory.

Funky is how a brotha gets!! the sound is dropped!! the Good Word tells the story.

What's the story? in this territory? we're damned if we did or didnt.

What's the story? read between the lines..we didn't stop and didn't quit it.

As we deal with it...putting it down...read between the lines..putting it down..in Recovery like Eminem...

Read between the lines...the Good Word and funk is dropped by this brother man!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Still A Dark Mysterious World..

A dark mysterious world were slipping through!! one step ahead of the galactic federation..but we come equipped.

...Kentucky or West Virginia coal miner style hard hat with the lantern on top when we dipped.

What's up with me? check the scenario...dipping down I-4 towards Orlando.. turning the dial!! turning the page..on to the next.

Wasn't feeling the ongoing energy..bombs blast like in Uganda..El Shabazz and Al-Qaeda collaborate..it was foul!! I had to leave the complex.

Like leaving the projects...Park-Hill up in Louisville...whose mad at a brotha like Cleveland is at Lebron? but an evil entity tried to implement their style of rules and regulations.

...Never walked a mile in anyone's shoes!! similar to 60's demonstrations.

Authorities stalked and staked out premises!! who refused to extradite like Swiss authorities and Polanski? confusion and frustration is the norm.

Pitchers balked..earlier? promises were made!! but now were facing the storm.

White chalked!! yellow crime scene tape!! students raced to their dorm like Virginia Tech.

Clark Kent transformed to Superman!! Shaq or Dwight Howard? low or high tech?

It's a Dark Mysterious World!! the simple was made complex..when time and space is calculated.

Whose able to put a cap on it like BP? ..others might bust a cap on it!! seems history repeated!! drama unfurled!! that's next up after the foul hated.

In other spots? some are mad!! irrelevant issues were debated!! repeated!! now rebuked by the NAACP..the masses are distracted.

Olympians skated on thin ice!! the outcome isn't nice..soccer players go for the World Cup..Spain wins!! but in other realms progress is impeded.

Feeling the hate!! global dynamics have some paying the price!! It's not nice..soon all minerals and resources are depleted.