Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Still A Dark Mysterious World..

A dark mysterious world were slipping through!! one step ahead of the galactic federation..but we come equipped.

...Kentucky or West Virginia coal miner style hard hat with the lantern on top when we dipped.

What's up with me? check the scenario...dipping down I-4 towards Orlando.. turning the dial!! turning the page..on to the next.

Wasn't feeling the ongoing energy..bombs blast like in Uganda..El Shabazz and Al-Qaeda was foul!! I had to leave the complex.

Like leaving the projects...Park-Hill up in Louisville...whose mad at a brotha like Cleveland is at Lebron? but an evil entity tried to implement their style of rules and regulations.

...Never walked a mile in anyone's shoes!! similar to 60's demonstrations.

Authorities stalked and staked out premises!! who refused to extradite like Swiss authorities and Polanski? confusion and frustration is the norm.

Pitchers balked..earlier? promises were made!! but now were facing the storm.

White chalked!! yellow crime scene tape!! students raced to their dorm like Virginia Tech.

Clark Kent transformed to Superman!! Shaq or Dwight Howard? low or high tech?

It's a Dark Mysterious World!! the simple was made complex..when time and space is calculated.

Whose able to put a cap on it like BP? ..others might bust a cap on it!! seems history repeated!! drama unfurled!! that's next up after the foul hated.

In other spots? some are mad!! irrelevant issues were debated!! repeated!! now rebuked by the NAACP..the masses are distracted.

Olympians skated on thin ice!! the outcome isn't players go for the World Cup..Spain wins!! but in other realms progress is impeded.

Feeling the hate!! global dynamics have some paying the price!! It's not nice..soon all minerals and resources are depleted.

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