Saturday, July 17, 2010

Read Between The Lines..

The Good Word is dropped!! along with the funk...but folks will have to read between the lines.

You heard? no leaks like the BP they'll have to fill in the blanks!! shady deals made with banks? collaboration of dangerous minds.

In these dangerous times? the system plays us like were stupid!! Marmaduke?

Chefs in hells kitchen stir up the Kool-Aid full of parasites!!! the larvae will make you puke.

Chefs in souls kitchen chilled up in the juke joint!! what it do? listening to Johnny Guitar Watson's real mother for ya!

Whose snitching? authorities nuke the joint!! cartels blow up the spot!! damn!! thats a so called brotha for ya!

Had another one for ya!! read between the lines..might even have to ride the Train of Thought.

Had to's like runs off the rails!! but it never fails..even had mobster sounds blast from the Sonic Assault.

Hell caught!! eating shrimp and lobster tails from the Gulf of Mexico?

Hell caught!! like Natalie Cole...even Mike Vick in the amen corner!! word from Ron Mexico.

How were we trying to roll? knew it was a lie from the get go!! word from Democrats and Republicans.

Funk, jazz, hip-hop and soul is what you get!! the product? it's this brother mans!!

While a brotha lands the mothership on earth.. how did it work?..rolling like the Virgin Galactic.. he knows this is hostile territory.

Funky is how a brotha gets!! the sound is dropped!! the Good Word tells the story.

What's the story? in this territory? we're damned if we did or didnt.

What's the story? read between the lines..we didn't stop and didn't quit it.

As we deal with it...putting it between the lines..putting it Recovery like Eminem...

Read between the lines...the Good Word and funk is dropped by this brother man!!

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