Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Answers were short and to the point..might have to do the knowledge.

Instead of waiting..the apparatus keeps hating..getting good mileage.

Instead of debating irrelevant issues...even though the truth comes out ..how foul it gets is the main issue.

Those skating on ice fall through!!! pulling out Maxie Price crying towels or the tissue.

Forensic teams get samples of the tissue..like O-Dog gets samples ..autopsies are conducted..plus seminars..might spot a pathogen.

Fanatics pollute streams of consciousness like the Gulf of Mexico..they didnt stop!! they're on the warpath again.

These mathematics dispute the opposing teams doctrine!! damn!! we brought that math again.

Static clings to cheap material...Microsoft needs a security patch.. poor work was put in by the staff..once again.

Automatic gunfire tested those who are spiritual!! Lord Help is the Battle Cry!!

The empire strikes back after they were tested!! struck by those that try.

The umpire called strikes!! then bats blasted home runs!! it's the Louisville Slugger.

The union representative called strikes..like at old Ford Plants...update to Honda plants... word from your homie!! a Louisville brother.

What reunion? these days they're Tea Parties.. please!! word from another was found to be null and void.

What conclusions were jumped to? woo woo is what a bruh said!! this world is wicked!! ill ones I avoid.

Winning? losing? get your business straight!! handle it before it handles you.

Answers were short and to the point..whose waiting? bearing witness to what vandals do.

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