Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Out There...Outside The Box..

Outside the box...but still trying to break patterns and cycles..

Going all out O-Dog will rock!! dropping funk...bending the light.. from Pluto, Mars and Saturn..fuses? O-Zone will light those.

Enlighten these and those..whose waiting in the dark?...scattering foes that try to pull the plug.

They tried to dip in BMW's with engine problems...Exciting these and those bruising and battering a fool on drugs.

...Or they were acting like it...maybe they were!! out on Old Natti in College Park Georgia..spotted boo boo the fool rolling with the thugs..

...Even spotted old and new fools from the old and new schools..having rugs pulled out from under them..

Old or new rules followed...but this brotha isn't going under with them..

Rolling up...rolling through...over or under them..still Outside The Box..but sometimes coping strategies fail..

Rolling up...stopped dropped and rolled when I saw the bus coming..so I wouldn't get thrown under it..haters were hoping that we fail..

No government bailouts like banks and corporations will I have to abort operations?

No covenant or contract signed..they're null and void..they'll have you enslaved..due to obligations.

Staying on point while I'm Outside The Box...observations told me some were shady like grady...who misbehaved?

Staying on point...a veteran now coaching..Armageddon approaching..no points are shaved..

Staying on point..O-Dog will rock..a beat slave..pushing the envelope like I was at The Postal Service...

Rates will increase as a bruh adds his two cents...going postal when I serve this?

...as I observe this and that..when a bruh is outside the box..

As I continue to work this!! O-Zone drops this Good Word...O-Dog rocks...

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