Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still Visualizing..

Visualized the sequence...what it do? I had to put things in perspective...

It's all game..who'll creep with this? from Afghanistan to your land...found out when I peeped these Random Thoughts are collected.

They were once a stampede at the Love Parade..spread out over the universe!! out in the stream of consciousness.

The vessel was bruised and battered...floating through waters polluted like the Gulf of Mexico.. whatcha know? no Love Supreme like John havens were attacked by agents of the galactic federation..what's the response to this?

Steady bombardment of the enemy position with this sonic assault will occur!!

Hardhat worn with the lantern on top! spotted others waiting in the dark where the lines blur.

Out there in the gray area!! home of the mass hysteria! whatcha working with?

Check the scenario..O-Dog has the brand new's the rebirth of it!!

Knowing how an earthling will get in the midst of territorial disputes.

Working it!!! what's that? the diabolical plot!!! what's up? the treasury one loots.

One goes back to their roots at the end of the day!!...that's their story and theyre sticking to it!!

The owl hoots!! birds chirp!! it's six in the morning!! the party was over ..dude was tricking to it!!

....Said it wasn't tricking because he's got it..what part of the game was that?

Whose kicking knowledege?..but foul with it...they're really lame..

No shame shown with that!! jokers going all out from Louisville to Jax in Duval County...

From the ATL to LA...from Pluto Mars and Saturn..It's Going Down..where have you found me?

Getting down will be the mission..visualized the sequence..recognize the pattern...the shape of things..

Spiritual significance when we came with this...this is our take on things..

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