Thursday, February 28, 2019

It Keeps Flowing PT.9

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday but we'll take a pause for the cause...

Don't get me wrong, It Keeps Flowing as we keep going for what we're knowing!! we're down for the cause..

Some won't us to pause like the Trump and Kim deal falling apart so what's really going on, like the name of my other blog?   that's the question asked.

It keeps flowing!! danger zone business is conducted,  dealing with my Michael Cohen type constituents that were corrupted; per appearances before the House Oversight Committee some even limelight basked. 

Check the insight similar to street committee highlights; your dude  multi-tasked;  preparing this word salad and dropping the brand new funk. 

That's the Throwback Thursday type of business but  the style and attitude clashed with systematic procedures;  constituents beseeched us so we finished the fast break with a funk. 

It keeps flowing as we go back to the future, but  the style and attitude clashed like good and evil or maybe like India vs Pakistan so what's up man?  in the doctor's office?  while I was in out in the lobby a customer was cursing, but behind closed doors someone was praying.

It keeps flowing as we go back to the future, but the style and attitude clashed like the elderly woman st the Shell gas station over on Candler Road in Decatur with the scratch off lottery tickets that I saw cursing and praying!! the same time,  but it didn't blow my mind;  even though she told me I looked like a preacher I had to admit per Throwback Thursday /  Earth Wind and Fire ways of the world  I've been playing that cursing and praying style for a minute!!  

It keeps flowing; it's all game,  plus it's game time!!  I see how jokers are playing me,  they didn't know I was in it to win it! 

It keeps flowing; it's all game; dealing with it!! check this out on a Throwback Thursday or any day as  a dude is showing character and passion

It keeps flowing; it's all game; dealing with it!! even though  a dude faces backlash from the thought and fashion police because of the thoughts and fashion.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 100 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're setting this O-Dog Day Party off early!!

The saga / struggle continues; getting over the hump, understand a brotha when I tell you that's the business!! that's how the work will be...

Considered unworthy by some; quirky by others for dropping this weird science that some didn't understand because of the breakbeat scientific nature..

Putting this down as February comes to a close; Black History Month coming to a close also, but excuse us as we continue to make history; per Michael Jackson? it's Human Nature...

Acting contrary, discussions concerning my freedom aren't arbitrary!! this broth / elixir is served, with this soul food we'll swerve!! check out this word salad...

The full course meal? listening to Glitterbox Radio Show 100 presented by Melvo Baptiste, a special edition!! check out the playlist and the mixing!! we're on a mission dealing with opposition, we know they'll get foul with it!!

01. Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (2018 Remaster) [Glitterbox Recordings]
02. King Unique - Love is What You Need (Look Ahead) (Knee Deep Classic Club) [Defected Records]
03. Soulsearcher - Feelin’ Love (Soulsearcher Club Mix) [Soulfuric Deep]
04. Selace - So Hooked On Your Lovin' (Mousse T.'s Extended Dubby Shizzle) [Defected Records]
05. Jamiroquai – Space Cowboy (David Morales Classic Club Mix) [Sony]
06. Jackie Moore – This Time Baby [Columbia]
07. Don Ray - Got To Have Loving [Polydor]
08. Ashford & Simpson - Found A Cure (Tom Moulton Mix) [Warner Bros. Records]
09. Chaka Khan – I'm Every Woman [Warner Bros. Records]
10. The Fog - Been A Long Time (Gio’s Doped Mix) [Columbia]
11. Kim English - I Know A Place (E-Smoove Club Mix) [Nervous Records]
12. Masters At Work featuring India - Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix) [MAW Records]
13. The Shapeshifters featuring Teni Tinks - Try My Love (On For Size) [Glitterbox Recordings]
14. Jean Carne - Was That All It Was [Philadelphia International Records]
15. Diana Ross - The Boss (Dimitri From Paris Remix) [Motown]
16. Debbie Jacobs - Don’t You Want My Love [Glitterbox Recordings]
17. Ann Nesby - Lovin' Is Really My Game (Album Version) [Perspective Records]
18. Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) [Z Records]
19. Shuya Okino featuring Navasha Daya - Still In Love (DJ Spen Remix) [Soul Heaven]
20. Jon Cutler featuring E-Man - It's Yours [4 To The Floor Records]
21. The O’Jays - Back Stabbers [Philadelphia Records]
22. The Shapeshifters - Lola’s Theme Recut [Glitterbox Recordings]
23. Junior Jack - Thrill Me (Original Version) [PIAS Recordings]
24. Africanism - Love Is the Answer (Original Mix) [Yellow Productions]
25. Lovebirds featuring Stee Downes - Want You In My Soul [Winding Road Records]
26. Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun [Talkin' Loud Records]
27. New York City - I'm Doing Fine Now (A Tom Moulton Remix) [RCA Victor]

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

It Keeps Flowing PT.8

It keeps flowing, it's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can flow in either direction...

What it do? it's a blessing to be here dealing with the ups and downs!! not sweating it, only God deals with perfection...

Started writing this on a Flashback Friday;  reflected on a back in the day play, but now my mind flashed back to the future.

It keeps flowing, back and forth like Cameo mentioned as I make cameo appearances in other dimensions;  time travel will have me injured, in need of a suture? 

It keeps flowing, as we come forth / coming through another episode;  another mode of transportation / transformation.

 Public or private? please!!  a Democrat and Republican will lie about it!! like AIPAC supporting both of them checks are written or bank transfers are made from the same entities with the ongoing instigations. 

....also known as corporations,  but we won't abort operations; it's like Tupac's Me Against The World;  we're going on with our bad selves!!

 It keeps flowing, O-Zone pulls these epiphanies off of clearance racks while O-Dizzle pulls the sounds / tracks  off of garage shelves. 

...or maybe data shelves or files; these days? that good stuff will even be in the clouds, as we rock these crowds as digital crate digging continues.

 It keeps flowing!! 'we holla at ya"  with our bad selves!! usually low key not spotted in crowds!! incognito / incognegro!!  the saga /  struggle continues.

It keeps flowing!! we're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta,  the gateway / runway to the universe listening to Incognito with their version of Earth Wind and Fire's That's Way of the World..

It keeps flowing, as we proceed and continue; somebody will understand a brotha, it's a big world!!

Staying On Point PT.8

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Staying On Point PT.8: We're staying on point, especially on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way.. Blessed to be up in this joint...

Monday, February 25, 2019

When House Meets Disco Vol. 4

Digital Crate Digging Continues; check us out as we put this down  during the Music Monday time frame; 

The saga /struggle continues!! check the menu as we continue rebuking the systematic mind game..

Check the menu as this word salad proceeds the main meal, or it can be dealt with in conjunction...

Check the menu, the work done? it's not foul son, we're not the Taliban with their resurgence but check how we'll emerge with this; dropping that funk son!!

Check the function!! we're not out here pimping / tricking like R Kelly, Robert  Kraft or Jeffrey Epstein!!

Check the function, it's not a simple thing so what can they tell me? we did the math while observing the scene..

....after rolling down I-20 out here in Atlanta we got off at the next exit; now we're at the intersection where house music meets disco..

...listening to When House Meets Disco Vol. 4 courtesy of DJ Groove; check the playlist and the mix for the score; we stay on the move!! it's going down from The ATL to Frisco!!

01) Chic - My Forbidden Lover (Dimitri From Paris) 02) Sophie Lloyd feat. Dames Brown - Calling Out (12”) 03) Soul Central - Strings Of Love (Danny Krivit Re-Edit) 04) Arthur Baker feat. Minnie Gardner - Reachin' (Hifi Sean & Yam Who Edit) 05) Horse Meat Disco feat. Amy Douglas - Let's Go Dancing (12") 06) Candido - Dancin' And Prancin' (The Reflex Revision) 07) Marc Evans - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Dj Pope Sound Of Baltimore Vocal) 08) Jocelyn Brown, Cerrone - Hooked On You (Jamie Lewis) 09) Reset Preset, Gershon Jackson - Hands Together (House Of Omni Hands Together Extended Club) 10) Djaimin, Crystal Re-Clear - Give You (ROOG) 11) Todd Terry All Stars, Tara McDonald - Get Down (Mousse T Classic) 12) Crazy P - One True Light 13) Yuksek - I Don't Have A Drum Machine 14) Louie Vega, Anané & Tony Touch - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

M People - Search For The Hero

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; I told some of  my constituents we're hitting the ground running..

Boots are on the ground, we had this good word and we're equipped with the sound; we had the funky drummer drumming!!

Even though it got lonely out there we kept on running!! now Monday Motivation is provided..

O-Zone? that dude is out there!!  he kept on gunning,  check the play from the front lines where good and evil collided / coincided..

Internal riots were incited after taking the advice of M People as we Search For The Hero that was inside of us...

...along with answers, might even pick up some dancers along the way as the music plays; this is what's up with us!!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Skyline | Chillhop

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're chilling out in the lab enhancing our techniques..

God's son is trying not to spaz but the madness continues; it's even advancing during winning and losing streaks..

It's not odd son!! some await leaks of the Robert Mueller report awaiting redemption in the sport but I don't know...

That squad son?  one that'll  hate, it wreaks havoc!!  some were  fooled in the sport, thinking they have an exemption but I don't know...

Meanwhile we'll just go for what we know as the Aquarius Sun goes down in the West, enhancing the Atlanta skyline as we listen to Skyline | Chillhop  courtesy of Fantastic Music..

Check the style / check the flow; nothing nefarious son!! check the playlist and the mix you'll be blessed as I go for mine!! check out the fantastic music!!

00:00 Pandrezz & L'indécis & j'san - Orion (feat. Epektase) 02:24 Cloudchord x Oatmello - Topaz 03:42 Saib - Floating 06:50 Leavv - Wind 09:06 Flitz&Suppe - Funkaholic 11:29 Cloudchord X Soul Food Horns - Bopatron 14:17 TESK - Hideout 16:10 Osvaldo - Fly Like Birds 18:49 Ouska - Alive 20:46 B-Side x Flitz&Suppe - Seeking 22:35 pandrezz x j'san - a day at the beach 24:12 Matt Quentin - Home

Tom Browne - Promises For Spring

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Tom Browne - Promises For Spring: Sunday Jazz Continues; what else besides gospel music should we be playing? The saga / struggle continues; check this good word / gospel a...

Saturday, February 23, 2019

M-Sol Records - Deep Sunset Mix | By Johnny M | Deep House / House / Lounge Beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Evening in Atlanta; as I glance into the western sky while out on my patio I see the sun going down!!

The saga / struggle continues, emphasized per this Saturday Night Fever segment; we're rolling up with a sonic regiment; God's son is throwing down!! 

The saga / struggle continues, surprised when some holla at me!! they're eligible for it!! what?  the Sonic Assault!! soul food is provided...

This word salad is served in conjunction with the full meal ; check the good deal, something you can feel is provided..

Something to ride off into the sunset to!! listening to M-Sol Records - Deep Sunset Mix | By Johnny M | Deep House / House / Lounge Beats

Check the playlist and the mix; perfect for this Saturday evening or whenever!! even if your all up in the house or out in those streets!!

01. Chris Le Blanc & Miss Luna - Le Soleil Ou La Lune feat Oceane (Original Mix) 00:00

02. Marga Sol & Darles Flow - All The Love (Instrumental MIx) 04:44

03. Marga Sol - Deep Horizon feat Darles Flow (Original Mix) 09:32

04. Airstream - Follow Me (Summernight Cut) 16:16

05. Zinner & Orffee - Zinner & Orffee (Original Mix) 21:06

06. Alex & Chris - Rebirth (Original Mix) 25:00

07. Darles Flow - Distant Echoes (Original Mix) 31:19

08. Marga Sol & Darles Flow - All the Love feat Victoria Loba (Original Mix) 35:53

09. Marga Sol & Darles Flow - Feelings For Free (Soulful Mix) 40:52

10. Nova Casa - The Secrets Of The Ancient Science (Original Mix) 45:01

11. Darles Flow - You Are Awake (Original Mix) 49:16

12. Alex & Chris - Time And Space (Original Mix) 54:32

Friday, February 22, 2019

Tom Browne - "What's Going On"

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Flashback Friday; we've also got an Afternoon Jazz thing going...

The saga / struggle continues as we bring it back!! check the good word and a tune or two; we're "going for what we're knowing"

How else we were supposed to play it? the opportunity? we're not blowing it!! jokers want to see you caught out there like R Kelly!!

You know the devil is opposed to it; diplomatic immunity is exercised, there's not much he can tell me...

Next level business is conducted after we dipped back to the community, catch us out here in Atlanta listening to Tom Browne with his version of Marvin Gaye's  "What's Going On" 

Check the players and the track; it's some smooth jazz for this afternoon check the tune; the vibe will tell you what's going on!!

Bass – Francisco Centeno
Congas, Percussion – Sue Evans
Drums – Buddy Williams
Guitar – Ronald Miller
Synthesizer [Mini Moog], Electric Piano – Dave Grusin
Trumpet – Tom Browne
Vocals – Frank FloydPatti AustinVivian CherrySanders Zachery
Written-By – Al ClevelandMarvin GayeRenaldo Benson

70s & 80s Classics Remixes & Remakes (DIsco House DJ Mix Playlist by JaBig)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; O-Zone? not a sellout, I gave the cash back now doing things my way...

Unbought and unbossed like Shirley Chisholm or even Hosea Williams; per Black History Month do the knowledge, even though we're still making history!!

Still out here doing the knowledge, O-Dizzle will study the Dark Mystery of Time and Space while getting breakbeat scientific..

Find out what the real dizzle is, the Real Deal Holyfield!! in the meantime and between time this Friday Feeling is enhanced! others danced with the devil, the epitome of a fanatic...

We drop these mathematics while listening to 70s and 80s Classics Remixes and Remakes (Disco House DJ Mix Playlist by JaBig)

Right on time for Flashback Friday or any day!! check the playlist and the mix as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; ya dig?

The Secret Life Of Us Feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne (The Reflex Revision) Joey Negro, The Sunburst Band, The Reflex
Running Away (Dr Packer Remix) Belezamusica, Dr Packer
Disco Sensation Iban Montoro, Jazzman Wax
I Love U More (Original Mix) Mr. Jools
Destiny (Original Mix) Stephane Deschezeaux
It's Not Over Dr Packer
Sensational Love Dr Packer
Try It Groove Motion
Must Be The Music (The Original Disco Mix) Joey Negro
Be On Beat (Original Mix) Jack Le Funk
Stomp Your Feet (Extended Mix) Beverly Chills
Brighton Boogie Husky
Living in a Fantasy Dr Packer
L.O.V.E. Purple Disco Machine, Boris Dlugosch
Inside My Love (Original Mix) Disco Kool
Sunshine Boogie (Original Rollerskater's Anthem) Kenny Summit, James Jordan
Sex Machine Babert
Dirty Lowdown Kenny Summit
Get Down (Club Mix) Prefunk Other Side (Sebb Junior Remix) Dax On Sax, Lisa Shaw, Sebb Junior
Call The Doctor Dr Packer
Never Let You Go (Original) Block & Crown
Disco Sensation (Original Mix) Funkatron
Sweet LIfe (Mark Livella Edit) Mirco Berti, Mark Livella, Mark Livella

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Photek – Modus Operandi

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday as we do what we do...

The saga / struggle continues as we go back to the future; we can speak on it unlike Roger Stone, so we act like we knew!!

O-Zone? the question was asked; why do you act like you do? please!! getting breakbeat scientific is the business..

Zones? they'll get hit up with this sonic assault!! that's for real, no Jussie Smollett fabrications or slick Mitch McConnell elaborations as we rock these nations!! my constituents know what the deal is!!

...checking out this smooth classic  nu jazz track from Photek called Modus Operandi....

Check us out!! we're chilling out on a Throwback Thursday, actually any day; that's the modus operandi..

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 099 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I like to call the Humpday Extravaganza!!

We're all up in the mix with the Glitterbox Radio Show 099 presented by Melvo Baptiste!!

Check out the playlist and the mix; from London to Atlanta it's going down like this!! Let's Go!!

01. Ministers De-La-Funk featuring Jocelyn Brown - Believe (Ministers Vocal Mix) [Subliminal Records]
02. Masters At Work featuring India - Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix) [MAW Records]
03. Bobby D’Ambrosio featuring Michelle Weeks - Moment Of My Life (Joey Negro Organ Dub) [Z Records]
04. Hipnotic - Are You Lonely? (Opolopo Rework) [Street-Level Records]
05. Evelyn "Champagne” King - I'm In Love (12" Version) [RCA Victor]
06. Sticks And Stonez featuring Liv East – You're My [Glitterbox Recordings]
07. Marc Evans - I Don't Want You Anymore [Soul Heaven]
08. Geoffrey Williams - Free Your Mind (MK Mix) [4 To The Floor]
09. Inner Sense – moTp [My Love is Underground]
10. Moon Rocket & Re-Tide - People Everywhere [Soulfuric Recordings]
11. Patti LaBelle - It's Alright With Me (Joey Negro Extended Disco Remix) [Z Records]
12. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Any Love (Dim's Classic Re–Edit) [MCA Records]
13. Luther Vandross – Better Love [Epic Records]

It Keeps Flowing PT.7 (The HumpDay Extravaganza Edition)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza; oh yes!! It Keeps Flowing!!  we'll hit the ground running...

The saga / struggle continues, getting over the hump is the business!! going for "what we're knowing" ; check the sound, we're funky drumming..

O-Dizzle is handling his business, plus the Chef O-Zone has the word salad to go along with the meal / main course..

What's the dizzle? shady business in this zone? Andrew McCabe saying Trump could be a Russian agent? it's par for the course..

What's the dizzle? had a moment or two so it'll keep flowing baby!!  y'all should know what it do!! this cat is blue collar,  a dude is trying to be productive.

What's the dizzle?  like Matthew Whitaker hired by Trump to help obstruct justice in the  SDNY the opponent tried to sabotage operations!! check the attitude / check the flow;  jokers were trying to corrupt it. 

What's the dizzle?  I guess the devil and his advocates could see what's up with it!!  this next level business is conducted. 

Humpday / Wednesday Motivation is provided out here where good and evil collided!! still breakbeat scientific, it keeps flowing!!  staying a step ahead before the next devil corrupted it. 

Check out these Wednesday thoughts in conjunction with these sonic assaults!! the sound?  O-Dizzle bumped it!!  weaponized like bump stocks that are supposedly banned. 

That's the dizzle!!  it's serious man!!  but no national emergency like Trump is declaring!!  O-Zone keeps sharing but from some social networks he was banned.

The reign began with a drizzle, but we'll keep going / It Keep's Flowing; we didn't quit / stop...

Pain vs pleasure caused plans to fizzle like drinks, soon we're on disaster brinks!! but we'll keep going / It Keep's Flowing; we didn't quit / stop...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Josh Butler Ft. Kerri Chandler - Can't Deny

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! How has it been / what's the perspective, positive or negative? 

Maybe this house music from Josh Butler Ft. Kerri Chandler with a track called Can't Deny will help us get our minds right!! Check it out!!

Joe Smooth - The Promised Land

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! things can play out either way..

The saga / struggle continues  as we drop this good word aka this word salad and of course the good music will play.. we'll pray and take action bumping heads with those that prey on our faction; check the sonic assault, the steady bombardment of the enemy position..

Check how we play, O-Zone? once rocking Karl Lagerfeld  cologne but he moved on,  but once again it's on!! but how are some of these others living? 

Others were fronting like Roger Stone, jokers were once up top on top  in Detroit / Chicago but they moved on; now down here in Atlanta considered the land of milk and honey...

Moved down here to Atlanta, considered the promised land!! some couldn't handle it, I spotted them under the underpass down on Edgewood and Auburn Avenue; it's hard on the Boulevard / avenue due to lack of money..

Reminded of how it's going, listening to Joe Smooth with The Promised Land track, some of that good house music as we bring it back..

Putting it down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so who'll work with me? they'll have to "holla back"

Staying On Point PT,5

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Staying On Point PT,5: We're putting this down on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way, so you know we're staying on point.. Bles...

Monday, February 18, 2019

It Keeps Flowing PT. 6 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

Earlier? I told my constituents to check the flow, so whatcha know? bear witness to how it keeps flowing..

Work to do? oh yes!! concept continuations in other situations will occur, especially since we're "going for what we're knowing"

It keeps flowing like Robert Mueller's investigation inspired by Andrew McCabe, along with Rod Rosenstein? 

It keeps flowing, old schooler Abdullah warned us it would back in the day up in Louisville / Newburg while we were on the scene..

...up in Newburg Park after dark with the hustlers and the players; these days? a dude says prayers, for survival that's the main component..

Merging with those waiting in the dark? please!! these days they need to say prayers as they bump heads with the evil opponent..

..Per this so called Presidents Day holiday we had a moment or two after peeping game seeing what the evil opponent would do!! based on those observations we're  staying on point. 

Components are assembled like we're at an old school Detroit auto plant  while others were sleeping in the game!!  naysayers asked me, what's my point? 

I told them it's all game, check out how it keeps flowing!! damn!! opponents trembled at the thought of going up against the arch nemesis.

..rolling up on the premises, it's all game as they're coming another way with it after making empty promises.

Beauty was full of blemishes, to me it's always been that way but maybe that's my perspective..

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 type of moves are made as it keeps flowing / as we continue to get breakbeat scientific

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Quincy Jones featuring Bill Cosby - Technically Amateur Mix (Instrumental) / Matthew Herbert's Remix

Sunday Jazz Continues,  by now your should know how we get down during this time frame..

The saga / struggle continues even on this day of reflection / internal reflection / the ultimate mind game...

Minds will play the truth game as we reflect on truth or reality as we know it; the opportunity? we didn't blow it..

Dangerous minds uncouth?  it's all game like Trump with his so called National Emergency;  some are connected to the ongoing chaos and mayhem like we didn't know it..

Some are connected to the ongoing confusion like we didn't know it per Jussie Smollett , soon they'll have to quit / forfeit due to technical difficulties I mentioned earlier...

Some come correct with it like O-Dizzle per this Sunday Jazz; he found out what the cost will be with Quincy Jones  per Bill Cosby; listening to this Technically Amateur Mix (Instrumental)  / Matthew Herbert's Remix; still getting breakbeat scientific we've got work to do!!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Johnny Hammond - Rock Steady

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! check us out as we lay down our Saturday Night Fever edition..

Check out the segment, all my constituents are eligible for it, based on how they're living..

..knowing reality is unforgiving, especially if episodes are orchestrated like Jussie Smollett ..

...or declaring fake national emergencies like Trump out here faking the funk; they're wrong for that!!

Check out how we work these, we're not  out here faking the funk!! listening to Johnny Hammond with his version of Aretha Franklin's  Rock Steady

Bernard Purdie  supplied  the funky drumming; it sounds like Eric Gale on the guitar but others are listed; check the sound as the funk is revisited!! we'll rock steady!!

MFSB - Freddie's Dead

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Saturday afternoon; my constituents know what it do / what it does..

Afternoon Jazz Continues, check these menus; it's serious but there's no Trump National Emergency; the constitution should show what it do / what it does...

Aftermath / 20 /20 hindsight help us get our minds right, this good word is dropped and beats bump; irrational? please!! we've got work to do!! an institution is ignored...

The blind lacked sight, waiting in the dark / vehicles in park due to the illusion; meanwhile Local / National / International and Intergalactic is how we'll play this!! points are scored...

Jokers said they're bored, they didn't do the knowledge like MFSB mentioning Freddie's Dead; their version of the Curtis Mayfield track..

 Points are scored; this is perfect for this Saturday afternoon or whenever!! not dead going out of business like Payless, we're still putting work in!! it's the Real Deal Holyfield when we bring it back!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Funk Mix 2019 - X-Ray Ted FVUK Guest Mix (100% Funky Hip Hop, Ghetto Funk & Disco Breaks)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; we're in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party..

The saga / struggle continues, plus you  might as well say it's the weekend baby!! check the Friday Feeling!! we're setting this thing off early!

Who'll work with me? not declaring a National Emergency like Trump building a wall on the border so he can get my hands on that treasury..

Who'll work with me? check the emergence from dark areas where we dealt with the mass hysteria on the borderline where pain and pleasure will be...

Dealt with Mystic Voyages / Treasure Hunts where the matrix architect will pull stunts, out of order!!  now we're chilling listening to Funk Mix 2019 - X-Ray Ted FVUK Guest Mix (100% Funky Hip Hop, Ghetto Funk & Disco Breaks)

It's courtesy of Funky Vibes UK, check the playlist and the good music as it plays!! it's going down from London / Bristol to the ATL!! these are the breaks!!!

X-Ray Ted - Soul Powerful [Jay Z - 99 Problems (acapella)] X-Ray Ted - Right On [Anderson Paak. - Come Down (acapella)] X-Ray Ted - Chopsie's Groove Bobby C Sound TV - I Wish (DJP acapella edit) Sugar Hill Gang - 8th Wonder X-Ray Ted - Let's Stay Together Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke (Reflex Revision) Marvin Gaye -Sexual Healing (Stickybuds edit) Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (X-Ray Tedit) X-Ray Ted - Ain't No Sunshine J5 - I Want You Back (Nick Bike edit) Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Mais Que Nada (TobyOne Edit) Prosper & Stabfinger - Mista Funkmaster Featurecast - Woah! Sister Sledge - Thinking of You (Dimitri From Paris edit) X-Ray Ted - Everymoney X-Ray Ted - Let Me Clear My Throat Neighbour - Superstition Stickybuds & Bobby C Ft. The Jungle Brothers - Party Remedy Chic - Good Times (X-Ray Tedit) Luther Vandross - Never Too Much A. Skillz - Get Up Twogood - Apache Chance The Rapper - All Night (Nick Bike's "Forget Me Nots" edit) DJ Agent 86 - Saturday Vibrations Soopasoul - Funky Hot Grits Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster (Reflex Revision) X-Ray Ted - Wild Mild West Discotron - Slicker Than Your Average Funk The Beat - In The Mix Disco Incorporated - Roots X-Ray Ted - Too Strong Marva Whitney & Osaka Monaurail - I Am What I Am (Ronny Hammond Feelin' The Re-Groove)

Technical Difficulties PT.10 (Concept Conclusion)

Once again it's on!! we're putting it down like this, it's serious but there's no need to declare an national emergency like Trump..

Once again it's on!! don't get me wrong we're facing technical difficulties!! who'll work with me? we'll fight back with this good word plus beats will bump..

We're trying to get over the hump like it's the middle of the week business; it's rough out here,  just look around to see how bleak it is if you want to know the deal..

Some are acting like they've got it going on / like they're bumping!! in it to win it!!  winning in the game, but letting the other team come back like Duke vs Louisville

Technical difficulties  like evoking the 25th Amendment we're stumping some,  soon writing books like Andrew McCabe!!  but I'm writing these notes like I was sitting in class back at the University of Louisville. 

Flashback Friday / back in the day business but now I'm  down here in Atlanta trying to  behave / deal with that / deal with this!!  it's the "Real Deal Holyfield

"ATLien"  lingo, not a gringo!!  I'm out here in Decatur plus down there in the West End bearing witness to the barren urban landscape.

 It don't come easy, but I'm playing drums like Ringo Starr when up in the lab!! some know what the deal is!! still four track recording, the winning tracks land on a beat tape. 

 It don't come easy how we're playing this!! it's not a simple thing!! calculating  sums / products when doing the mathematics!! solving the riddle,  soon escaping the internal and external prisons. 

Technical difficulties have some praying as another one comes  hums and bums, telling fanatics better days are coming / better situations. 

Supreme courage is exercised, staying strong amongst erratic situations; damn!!  were all going through something. 

We emerge out of the darkness while others we're still waiting / still hating leading to technical difficulties; staying long in erratic situations?  naw bruh!!  we kept it moving, check this concept conclusion;  we're onto something.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Technical Difficulties PT. 9 (Concepts Are Revisited)

We're still out here dealing with technical difficulties; reminders were accented on this Throwback Thursday...

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours; meanwhile some  are still caught up in their chores; some were like Bill Cosby with no shame in their game!! others?  they're still hungry / thirsty..

Technical difficulties determine how some will play / determining what the cost will be like Trump and his wall;  so what's up y'all? it's rough out here!! some of these so called warriors were either reluctant or trying to do too much. 

Technical difficulties determine how some will play; meanwhile beats will bump and  we'll drop this good word  but it's rough out here!! I'm out here warning y'all;  bearing witness, we're coming through in the clutch. 

AOC mentions global warming per the Green New Deal but "y'all not paying attention" ;  I know, due to technical difficulties some of us have trouble paying our bills. 

We're observing the scene, now check the flow / check how we'll roll / deal; we'll span the globe brainstorming!!   but thought and fashion police said we're in trouble like Paul Manafort;  they're questioning our skills. 

Due to technical difficulties? we're banned from social networks because of the brainstorming!!  weather makers had their own agenda.

Due to technical difficulties? slandered!! social engineering works?  matrix architects had an agenda. 

Understand this;  breakbeat scientific mechanical engineering is the rebuttal. 

Understand this;  we break from a fanatic,  they're just an armchair quarterback in the huddle.

The mothership has landed as we drop mathematics on these earthlings, even though we face technical difficulties..

Lights blinked on the instrument panel but a brotha still  gets breakbeat scientific, somebody will understand it!! universal residents showed me how to work these!!