Sunday, February 03, 2019

Jerome Sydenham - Purple Beech (Janne Tavi Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues on Super Bowl Sunday; we're broadcasting live from the host city, Atlanta..

Check these menus, soul food is provided!! plus we're weather forecasting like Al Roker; somebody will understand a brotha!! 

Check these venues; The Sonic Assault, or Random Thoughts From A Brotha, or I'll school a foul joker who's asking what's really going on? 

This is in response to the hell caught from another; so what's up? damn!! are we in the danger zone?

The bass, treble and tone are adjusted by O-Dizzle while O-Zone will wax poetic about life being hectic..

Listening to some house music / jazzdance from Jerome Sydenham with a track called  Purple Beech (Janne Tavi Remix); respect it!!

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