Sunday, February 17, 2019

Quincy Jones featuring Bill Cosby - Technically Amateur Mix (Instrumental) / Matthew Herbert's Remix

Sunday Jazz Continues,  by now your should know how we get down during this time frame..

The saga / struggle continues even on this day of reflection / internal reflection / the ultimate mind game...

Minds will play the truth game as we reflect on truth or reality as we know it; the opportunity? we didn't blow it..

Dangerous minds uncouth?  it's all game like Trump with his so called National Emergency;  some are connected to the ongoing chaos and mayhem like we didn't know it..

Some are connected to the ongoing confusion like we didn't know it per Jussie Smollett , soon they'll have to quit / forfeit due to technical difficulties I mentioned earlier...

Some come correct with it like O-Dizzle per this Sunday Jazz; he found out what the cost will be with Quincy Jones  per Bill Cosby; listening to this Technically Amateur Mix (Instrumental)  / Matthew Herbert's Remix; still getting breakbeat scientific we've got work to do!!

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