Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Technical Difficulties PT.8 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

It's going down, but there appear to be glitches in the matrix.

 So what's really going on?  some people will get caught up in the system / matrix. 

Those on bully pulpits fake it!!  they'll oppose like the devil but they didn't have a better plan. 

They didn't fool me!!  it sounded like Obama dealing with Republicans. 

So what's up man?  I hit the switch and pressed the button but the machine wasn't working. 

Lights blink on the instrument panel up in the mothership!! they said something about being out of order,  but I already knew that everything is not working.

 I ignored the so called blue ribbon panel and their flawed judgements / opinions!! we're trying to work this thing!!  sounds are bumping and the good word is dropped. 

Haters question the abilities;  they thought the ball was dropped. 

...or technical difficulties occur due to the wrong play call like Russell Wilson passing when he should have handed the ball to Marshawn Lynch

Technical difficulties occur when SAE types boast about exclusion!!  up in a tree?  they're talking about a brotha they'll lynch.

Success is not a cinch when dealing with these technical difficulties.

 Plan B, C,  or whatever will be used but due to policies in Ferguson and other jurisdictions my peeps were still abused!! haters question the abilities.

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