Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Out There / Outside The Box PT. 13 (The Humpday Edition)

Questions haters are asking you? old dude said keep living; like Bill Belichick not having much to say after the Super Bowl win  *questions answer themselves*

Plus Answers were right in front of me when I looked up; old girl over in Decatur Georgia with the cigarette hanging out of her mouth scratching off lottery tickets  said *go on with your bad selves*

Funk is pulled off of shelves; seminars are conducted / classes are given and taken..

Outside The Box!! I wasn't getting crunk!! in the lab / monastery, seminary the Healing Process is ongoing; during Babylon business scars were inflicted / some corrupted; how were others living? like Ted Cruz they were faking...

Mystic Voyages taken; but I stayed praying as Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps!! the devil stays busy!!!

A fanatic discourages but I keep working things blue collar style!! check out the intensity..

O-Dog?  a Veteran In The Game!! like the Golden State Warriors  intensity is at a high level!!  I Can't Let Up..

In the midst of this spiritual warfare?  recognizing that it's all game; the system will use an algorithm or even an opinion to hold another back but A Brotha Got Wise To The Set Up...

That's What's Up; *Out There / Outside The Box*  but we spot the boundary and border..

Ecological Ignorance Altered The Fate; where you at? some didn't have their house in order..

They need To *Get It Together*  or they'll need to raise up; take an Exodus...

Per the Uranus Pluto Square / Solar Eclipse / Spring Equinox we moved on, but check the weather,  the world is still cold; per the polar vortex?  some find out how complex the sport is!!

Maintaining though; haters will hijack this process; agents were flagrant from Ferguson racial profiling to George Zimmerman talking slick in Florida

Maintaining though; *Outside The Box* per this Humpday Edition I'm  peeping game; seeing how the flow will go..

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