Monday, March 23, 2015

Out There. / Outside The Box / PT.11 (The Monday Morning Blah Edition)

The Mothership Has Landed back on earth; this is the Monday Morning Blah Edition; But I'm Just Passing Through..

An outside the boxer *Coming Through with The Sonic Assault* rolling up like ISIS in the Middle East in their Toyota trucks!! but I I'm not on that like they are!!  the firewall we're blasting through..

What It Do? I'm in old school Toyota Camry per low bucks like immigrants in Clarkston and Chamblee Georgia; the movie? like Putin and Kim Jong Un they're casting you and me as the villains..

*This Brotha Is Wise To The Set Up*  the truth? I'm not disputing I'm dedicated to it!!  with them? I'm Through Dealing!!

Some need to wise up;they're acting like the Walking Dead!!  even though Pops told me they were acting wise and otherwise,  the wrong work was put in..

The apparatus used things; take a look at the condition we're in..

Mystic Voyages are taken; as usual we're Out There; Outside The Box!!  now we're back..

But We're Just Passing Through; soon West Coasting,  or Seaboarding or maybe Carolina Cruising!!  some thought we weren't up to nothing,  we're laid back...

Heard the joke; I'm laughing too!!  haters get paid back; oh they'll get what's coming to them!!  *There Will Be Repercussions*

Intergalactic; Haters shot down my drone like I was in Syria;  check out the mass hysteria!! but O-Zone has the Good Word; O-Dog rocks!! he  has the percussions...

This is how we work this outside the box business; these discussions are of a scientific nature; like the Large Hadron Collider we're smashing atoms...

Blue Collar with the Mechanical Engineering, Repelling the Social Engineering!!  The Mothership?  we're steering through the universe!!  blasting the sound when we *holla at them*

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