Tuesday, March 24, 2015

...Out There /Outside The Box PT.12 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

The structure is about to collapse; mechanical or even social engineers say the integrity was compromised..

What's up with the  shadetree mechanic and the armchair quarterback?  the work was shoddy / substandard plus comments were made by so called pundits!! like Ted Cruz some are trying to move up!!  I'm not surprised..

Some will get victimized;  perpetrators get *Caught Out There* like Robert Durst while  O-Dog provides the flavor burst from being  *Outside The Box* ...so who's like me?

Like the Iraq offensive against ISIS in Tikrit,  will it be the worst case scenario or do victories lie in their future?  haters are told not hardly if they try to fight me..

Check out the New England / Tom Brady type offense when we're *Rolling Up With A Small Army*  letting my peeps know what it do!!

Hip Hop; Funk; Soul? my priority!!  not *Shady Like Grady* but haters try to blackball a bruh  like Monique but that's not unique,  that's how they do..

Blasting Through on the Mothership getting funky with it; rather unique like AZ!! a bruh is *Down For The Cause*

Outside The Box on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday  Movin Forward / I proceed and continue; providing the sonic medicine like Campho-Phenique!! I  refuse to pause..

Some wonder about the moves made; they'll act brand new with me!! they saw me go across the border or boundary..

That's what outside the box living will do;  intergalactic like the Mars Curiosity Rover, so where have you found me?

Who will sell out just to keep their front going? please!! these jokers will fire you like Malik Yoba!!

In the Chronicles I told you about those Gangstas  *Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck* trying to get paid? they'll say your high or drunk, when you were meditating or doing yoga!!

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