Monday, March 16, 2015

The View Was Blocked (I Was Trying To See What It Do)

....Tried to keep things going like the Kentucky Wildcats staying undefeated but the hustle was knocked. 

What's up with me? this cat is usually rolling with the fresh view / fresh vision but the view was blocked.

 Not acting brand new like ISIS destroying monuments in Iraq, O-Dog rocked!!  that's business as usual. 

O-Zone?  during the ongoing crisis I'm just doing what I do!! I have the knack for that!! it's not unusual. 

Letting others do what they do,  I didn't need a new jet like Creflo Dollar!! but over in Decatur I spotted homie putting ten dollars worth of gas in the gas guzzling old school Chevy Suburban. 

*Holla if you hear me*  apparently that cat doesn't plan on doing much swerving. 

I'm out here observing the scene on this I-20 Chronicle type of business, but the view was blocked!!

Oh I was ready to roll!! I'm on my way!! but I see Georgia State Police and Dekalb Police posted up, so you know the hustle will get knocked...

I mentioned earlier Clark Howard's Rip Off alert was playing on WSB in the background, it was like divine intervention..

I usually don't listen to that station with Herman Cain, Rush and Hannity with the right wing vanity, they're from another dimension!! 

I'm broke but I pay attention!! I see and heard some are in pain even though my view was blocked!!

Let the healing process begin!! what's up man? O-Dog wasn't acting brand new when he rocked!!!

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