Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fresh Visionaries

It's like we're out here trying to make it right!! packing the sword of truth cutting through the kudzu and brush in the Babylon wilderness. 

We're not using the sword like dude at the New Orleans airport attacking TSA agents!! we're  breakbeat scientific missionaries letting my peeps know what the deal is. 

These fresh visionaries can see what the real is!! jokers were stepping up their game like ISIS attacks in Yemen and Tunisia!! we're  peeping game like the Hubble Telescope

Coming out fresh with brand new batches!!  with spiritual significance like the Pope. 

Avoiding Olivia Pope types chasing money power and respect when it's not about all that.

In the void?  I learned to cope due to a fresh vision but sometimes sacrificing;  I did without all that

In the void?  we paid the price!! insights were gained from Solar Eclipses, Spring Equinoxs and Super New Moons; new tunes? sometimes I'm able to see and call that due to being a fresh visionary.

 I had to admit things *ain't nice* /  sometimes the process is slow, natural /  evolutionary. 
Repelling the fake / synthetic that wasn't natural!! this breakbeat science is revolutionary;  there's spiritual significance in this operation. 

These fresh visionaries have work to do like the Isleys as we fulfill out obligation. 

These fresh visionaries will rock the nation!! actually the universe..

Intergalactic missionaries rolling up in the mothership reversing the curse...


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