Sunday, March 29, 2015

Caught In A Moment Of Time PT.7 (Chilling Out On A Palm Sunday)

Chilling out on this Palm Sunday!! time keeps on ticking / ticking; damn!!  just check the clock. 

Pomade on the hair like Rev. Al Sharpton  so what was I starting?  meanwhile Dorothy was click clacking her heels per the Wizard of Oz;  but she's still in Kansas!!  understand this?  but I just get the hustle knock. 

The sport will be complex,  like Louisville Cardinals losing to Michigan State  just take a census!!  that's the advice that's given to rookies. 

We come with the next but abort the operation was the advice given to not just us but also gamblers out for a fast buck;  they owed the bookies.

Websites had cookies so they could manipulate content,  per the algorithms. 

Insights are dropped per being caught in this moment of time / after  being caught up in the matrix / system.

Flashlights were borrowed from Parliament while in the heart of it;  plus we had these scrolls. 

Caught up in a moment of time on Palm Sunday at this critical stage of development feeding souls. 

Peeping game; reading souls!! everybody is going through something, it's rough out here!!

Sleeping in the game like Germanwings Flight 9525 pilots leaving the cockpit? naw man!! O-Dog will rock it!! O-Zone drops this math due to being out there!! 

Creeping up in the game is how we're working things!! Outside The Box movements will be beneficial at the end of the day!!

Caught up in a moment of time? that's when they'll see how these brothas play!! 


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