Saturday, March 14, 2015

We're Trying To Keep It Going

Once again it's on!! we didn't need a new jet like Creflo Dollar but  we're out here trying to keep it going. 

Time was more valuable,  it wasn't always about a dollar!! moving forward never backwards was the cliche from back in the day,  so we're *going for what we're knowing*

A coward was blowing opportunities; some of these clones weren't programmed to look at the big picture. 

Like Cyclone Pam blowing through weapons of mass distraction were unleashed on them!! it was like Alabama state troopers at the Edmund Pettis Bridge!!  we did the knowledge now we go big with this scripture. 

O-Zone drops the good word during this interaction while O-Dizzle will go big with the mixture;  class is in session. 

...Teaching some a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack; check out the  classic aggression. 

Reaching anyone? what kind of impression is made? this is real it's not a charade!! we're trying to keep it going!!

We had to sacrifice, it's in survival mode!!  It don't stop we keep it moving!!

*It ain't nothing nice* as some try to contribute to the confusion in the world per the information overload similar to Republican letters to Iran..

*It ain't nothing nice* per the transformation; what's the mode? jokers aren't checking for me!! if they are they're disrespecting like Republicans do Obama; so what's up man?   

I understand; I was wise to the set up per doing the knowledge and connecting the dots!! 

We're trying to keep it going!! we're staying one step ahead of anothers schemes and plots!!

We're trying to keep it going / We Keep It Moving!! Check This Mix out as we put it down like this!!

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