Thursday, September 30, 2010

Eminem F/ Lil Wayne, "No Love" [VIDEO PREMIERE] |

Eminem F/ Lil Wayne, "No Love" [VIDEO PREMIERE] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

The Transfer..

Tapping in a few words on the Samsung phone...soon transferred to the blogspot.

Guns clapping in the hood led to storm troopers being transferred..the block is hot.

Thoughts of trapping us were exposed...easy to get played like Ecuador's president: realized there's no we rock the spot!! then float on like Floaters.

Subordinates were strapping us into the opposition like Obama meets..these are satisfied voters..

No satisfied customers? lined up at the service desk..meanwhile coordinates are plotted..we interfaced with satellites using GPS..but realized we were clocked at the same time..

What's up with referees and officials? knocked the hustle before game time!

But a bruh is acting the same with mine!! had to focus on the task at hand!

Plots and schemes tracking casualties of war...ate up by vultures and locust man!

Whose acting casually? now haters think the culture is bogus man!! whose disrespecting?

I was reacting another way..pulling the plug like Rahm Emanuel..disconnecting..

Playing it another way..nobody was expecting this outcome..

The Brotha O-Dog was playing the funk..he had to pull out the drum..

I wasn't the one to stay trapped or locked down!! I stayed in transit.

....But I am stuck on earth after the Mothership landed..

A bruh was stranded but I'm still peeping game..seeing what it do..

This whole world is under investigation..War said the World Is A Ghetto...I'm trying to see what it knew..

The Event took place like Blair Underwood..we're in the danger zone..

....."ain't nothing fair" in love or war...going under in the hood? what were you on?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem To Boxing Match | The Urban Daily

Nick Cannon Challenges Eminem To Boxing Match | The Urban Daily

I-85 Chronicles...The Blogspot Edition..

Authority was assumed...rituals followed..questions asked..who appointed themselves God?

Territories were claimed during called heroes were anointed!! rolled up with a squad.

I-85 chronicles....another version at's not odd that I come with this!!! it's based on Random Thoughts.

Plus I respond with breakbeat science..check these Sonic Assaults.

Steady bombardment of the enemy position!! frontline spiritual warfare business.

Dealing with Muslims, Baptist, Lutherans and others..whose acting brand new with them? even agnostics had to acknowledge..fates not altered by ecological ignorance.

Word from the minister? be thankful for the basics!! but realizing there's no justice or peace for them!! who? my brethren are going through it!!

Rolling through I-85 as I cover the south side...from Columbus Georgia to Raleigh North Carolina..acting like I knew it.

All the way live like Lakeside might even find a brotha on the cutting edge.

Reality put me the Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five theory... I was pushed closed to the edge..

....."trying not to lose my head"...."it's like a jungle makes me wonder how I keep from going under".

Caught out there in the storm like it's the Caribbean!! in the rain, lightning, and thunder.

The style is not the norm...I'm down under the Mason Dixon line..but I reign from the Midwest.

Dollar chasing has me crossing the's rough on others..but during the reign of terror I had to deal with the stress..

Almost had the best of me....had to fall back..dipped up and down I-85..but now I'm back..

The devil is mad!! I found out he's a liar!! so I didn't call back!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's On and Popping!!

It's on and popping...not quitting..not's going down from Florida to North and South "Cak a Laka".

North and South Carolina for slow learners..wasn't stopping!! score points for ya!! it's on and cracking!! riding in the Caddie Sedan Deville like a Louisville brotha.

North, south..east...west? spotted anotha piggybacking..on Fox News..going along for the ride.. slated for entry by gatekeepers.

Whose lacking credentials? they were null and void!! meanwhile some still hate!! but can't stop these creepers.

...What are we into? caught up behind enemy lines..but not sleepers in cells..actually we're just going through the motions.

..What are we into? about to lose our minds like Lindsay Lohan..chilling in cells..or rehab..showing emotions..

What it do? inquiring minds want to know man!! Bishop Eddie Long dead wrong? who else truth or dares?

What it do? it's on and popping!! it's hot like Los Angeles..anyone see what the angle is? money is made like Petrobras..

What's up with these bruhs? some can't understand these futuristic mystics aka prophets..

What's up with these bruhs? we're just chilling..while others were running off of cliffs like The Segway owner..running with the bulls and was all about profits.

Meanwhile we were running up and down I-85..covering the south side..rocking this funky joint..what's next from the fanatics?

Acting erratic from the ATL to all points did we respond? we dropped mathematics...

Check out these I-85 Chronicles...The Sonic Assault edition..these brothas are in the heart of it..where it's on and popping..

The response to those still hating..still debating..while it's breakbeat science we're dropping..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bishop Eddie Long Press Conference: "I Will Fight Charges" | News One

Bishop Eddie Long Press Conference: "I Will Fight Charges" | News One

Carolina Cruisin PT.4.....The Aftermath..

What's the deal with man? they're making you jump through hoops and throwing obstacles up!! making it hard for you to get to God?

They even try to play with Bishop Eddie Long!! just check it!! it's usually man!! the devils advocate!! what's the deal? it can even be a whole squad.

Check these Random Thoughts...the by product of rolling down I-85..rolling from the ATL to Raleigh-Durham..strategies working? letting go of baggage?

Whose caught up in the drama and trauma? it's everywhere!! home, church, on our jobs!! how will we manage?

Lessons taught? God never runs out of blessings!! as we overcome terrors and horrors.

Lessons taught? some aren't odd..still no peace in the Middle East!! listening to The Jacksons ..the CD repeats a bunch of Maybe Tomorrows..

It's not odd!! CNN and Fox News gives us the scores replacing ESPN and Fox Sports.

Spare the rod and spoil the child? soon prosecuted in Magistrate and Superior Courts.

The dispute doesn't seem to be mild..what's the deal..who tampered with the tea at the party?

The dispute doesn't seem to be mild...I was like Japan not apologizing to China..why did they start with me?

The pursuit of the loot had a lot of us in left a bad impression..

It's not cute..the stress will double..usually from one who hates..hopes a bruh aborts the mission.

The going rates have been calculated..while rolling down back in the ATL..

This brotha felt obligated to put it down!! Random Thoughts are expressed..I had a story to tell..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Roland Martin Suggests Bishop Long Must Step Down

Roland Martin Suggests Bishop Long Must Step Down

Carolina Cruisin PT.3.....The Aftermath...

What's the deal? check this aftermath..through Carolina least for the moment..

Things are way too real for this dude from Louisville..realizing that evil is the opponent...

A veteran in the game now coaching..not an amateur like Ahmadinejad accused Obama of being..

Please!! this bruh is more like Iron Man...sometimes seeing is believing..

What was I achieving? a lot...even though shadetree mechanics stole my tools..the box is empty.

What are others achieving? shady fanatics roll up like fools!! then want sympathy.

Spotted those deceiving..they're ignored...mathematics are used..I developed my own rules!! now doing me..being myself.

What's the deal? I'm back with this!! cruised the Carolinas..had to go on with my bad self!

The moves made are stealth!! it'll be hard to find us!! from Charlotte to Raleigh.. to the right the of the dial we turned.

Physical and mental health the able danger zone? ..what's really going on? haters front on us!! "they ain't right" ..sent a notice..we were burned. ..

...Lessons were learned along the boundaries..between fantasy and reality...

CD's are burned...MP3s processed..sounds will cross borders..actually this thing is worldwide...universal..that's the deally.

...Like immigrants crossing over into Arizona...from Mexico..the new Colombia? opposition is met.

Crossroads like Bone Thugs and Harmony? haters all on ya!! they want you to take a loss..quit or forfeit.

For it or against it? whatcha know about it? I'm working with a PHD..pass having doubts!! it's the real deal like Holyfield since I'm in the ATL.

Staying one step ahead of stormtroopers..wanting your boy to fail.

Friday, September 24, 2010

....Ways and Means...

One man ways and means committee..whose with me when these policies are developed?

Unlike the Pledges To love or war whose fair with ya? I'm playing these scenes like a veteran now coaching..married to the game..we eloped... Las Vegas..after the system faked us..even doped and drinks laced with chemicals..

Bogus ones roped us was elementary like Holmes told Watson..whose hog tied? left in a catatonic spaced out listening to Ahmadinejad's subliminals.

Not through dealing!! dude was in South subs with narco-criminals..or terrorists...floating in the forecasters say storms were rolling up from the coast of Africa..

Listening to Billy Ocean's Caribbean beans perculating..chilling..will have to get back with ya..

....silly me...I had notions based on what was seen and heard..from Bishop Eddie Long in trouble down here in the universal concepts out there on Pluto..

...who'll deal with me when emotions are shown? no bail like Lindsay Lohan? back in the day? old dude told me to go for what I know..

Real Deal like Holyfield since I'm in the A-Town..the real me comes out..during the flow down the stream of consciousness..

Will they feel me? playing me like Obama..accused of being a socialist or a communist.

A bruh is coaching when I come with this!! but the players ignore me..

But I soon gain their attention, after they find out what the score will be..

Will windows and doors be closed..opportunities denied?

Skills are exhibited..what's the deal with it? ...funk flows through my pores...along with diplomatic called authority is defied..

Somebody lied!! word from Pops!! so this brotha ignored the doctrine..

For freedom? this brotha will ride!! plus we'll rock them!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Roland Martin Interviews Bishop Eddie Long's Lawyer | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Roland Martin Interviews Bishop Eddie Long's Lawyer | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Carolina Cruising PT.2..

Rocks were hurled like it was the Gaza Strip..Iran's Ahmadinejad throws them? now whose ducking and diving?

Hard rocks earled after drinking the brown liquor from Tennessee and Kentucky...after they were drinking and driving..

As the world turned..arriving in the ATL after Carolina Cruising...from Raleigh to the heart of it...surviving the onslaught..

As the world turned...putting it down...whose winning or losing? little homie was shot by the harlot..similar to the drama in Seattle..or they'll holla atcha in Somalia..Islamic insurgents vs The African Union..hell is caught...

We fight back with the Sonic Assault...steady bombardment of the enemy position Carolina Cruising..from Raleigh Durham home of the Duke Blue Devils on up to Louisville..

....home of the Cardinals..why would some start with us? ..not really knowing the deal..

...Up in the Kool-Aid but didn't know the flavor..all up in the heart of this but didn't know the real..some are waiting for answers..

Some even make a Pledge To America..but may be the authors of the mass hysteria..whose waiting in the dark where the devil was waiting for dancers?

Who understands us? please!! they're just waiting on us to pay tributes..

They haven't stopped hating on us..bear witness to the ongoing disputes..

..."This does not compute" ...said the robot on Lost In Space..catching a ride back home on Russian spacecraft..lost in the race? GPS is recalculating..

...interfacing with satellites..some folk "ain't right" Bishop Eddie Long is caught up in it..some were too cute..couldn't do the dirty the foul are still hating..

....Whatcha facing? turned the dial to C-Span..some still debate issues that aren't relevant..

....Whatcha facing? I was turned off by the style...some still aren't benevolent..

.....I burned baby burned...just got back from the going off with the disco inferno..

....I learned baby learned..where did you find us..waiting on our turn to go..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Carolina Cruisin...

Cruising like Smokie Robinson..from Atlanta to the Carolinas.

Whose winning or losing in the Queen City Charlotte?..please!! trouble will find us..

City lights blind us in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area...authorities will penalize and fine us..just like every other jurisdiction

Po Po patrols..helicopters the Chevy Impala is pulled over...whose playing a role in the Pulp Fiction?...

O-Zone rolls through..down south with the Midwest style and diction..a rough job but somebody has to do it..

O-Dog drops hip-hop..funk..jazz and'd real no fiction..act like you knew it...

Spotted lost souls and spitits...providing the contradictions and the conflict of interest..

Supposed to be Bible Belt residents..but whose a person of interest?

Also known as a suspect to authorities..interested in you until the crime is solved..

...similar to fireman lingo when they say the fire is fully involved!!

...similar to your man O-Zone when he Transcends and can say he evolved..

..similar to when the caper goes were the I hear your fired!! Donald Trump was involved..

Plus some thought all their problems were solved when Obama was elected..but that's another story..

Hell is caught as the battle between the haves and the have nots continue..a lot of collateral damage..but it comes with the territory..

Others try to gain fame and glory by holding tea parties...others plot and scheme to help Venezuela

Others find help from neither the Democrats or Republicans...the coping strategy will fail ya!!

Not trying to sale ya a bill of goods that you'll be at the service desk returning..

Nobody to bail you out..even though I'm in Charlotte..the home of Wachovia and Bank of America...but noticed others stranded in these hoods...but we're at your service with the disco inferno burning!!

We're cashing reality checks based on our's been way too real from the ATL to Louisville...

Now cruising the Carolinas...from Raleigh to Charlotte..but we knew the deal...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Famed Civil Rights Photographer Exposed As FBI Informant | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Famed Civil Rights Photographer Exposed As FBI Informant | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Finding Out What The Deal Is....

What's the deal? it went from one extreme to another..there's no equilibrium.

Physicians had the Balm in Gilead....what's the deal with it? dispensing Prozac..Zanax or Lithium.

..whose not through dealing? yellow caking it up with uranium!! check the style!! who acts like they know them?

Others baking pies ...smoking dry kush..with mushrooms clouds!! styling and profiling in front of crowds!! trying to show them!!

They said I was acting random..reckless abandon? Distant Lover style!! word from Marvin Gaye.

What's the deal? even said I acted like Soulja Boy!! out of pocket!! but I can see how they play.

What's the deal? I can even see how they pray!! got what they asked for!! did they want it?

Blessed and highly favored...tag on front of the Sedan Deville told us the deal!! but whose masked like Zorro? ..but we didn't know it.

Snitches confessed!! the media calls them whistle blowers...a new industry? some act like they're astonished.

....riches didn't bring happiness..some were haphazard with this and that..who stalked the so called lover lover? all up on it!

...what's the business?? now white chalked!! yellow crime scene taped!! flashing lights seen.

But not like Kanye, Lil Wayne and them!!
..structures are caulked because they were leaking!!! shape shifters were seen.

Corrupt ones were priority shifters!! plots, schemes and ploys exposed.

I came up with ones who were so called gifted!! but those boys and girls were soon exposed!!

The game is up for some!! loads lifted from those with the weight of the world.

....on their shoulders..while they stood on the giants..immune to the drama that unfurled.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Staying Strong...

I didn't let them pimp me..getting free like the US hiker in Iran..this bruh was hip to the game..

USB cords and jump drives hooked to the hard's all game..

Chords on Yamaha keyboards are manipulated..jumped like Lebron...hard drives made to the hoop..

All the way live from the Seaboard area.. Charleston...Jax...Savannah..on over to the ATL..who has the scoop?

Some can't afford to pay the price to be free..even if they drink a cup of tea..they'll get caught up in a loop

The economy is rough!! we'll have to fight like Kid criminals will rock..banks in Atlanta get hit up..
now Po Po's in Crown Vics are posted up..they knew the scoop...

In some parts of the world? Revolutionary troops are posted up on The Gaza Strip...who has the rebuttal? once again it's on!!

Evolutionary process? Only Human Like The Human League? or is it just a clone?

Solutions to the madness intrigue us..either an information overload or it was withheld..

Secret knowledge was Reggie Bush gave back the Heisman Trophy....the league suspends some spots? hostages are held...

Mileage was gained when we consulted with elders..they let us know what it do..

Foul ones were insulting our intelligence...but welders fixed the structure...mechanical engineering..they knew what it do...

Loathing and fearing experienced by some..others used industrial strength to give the rebuttal...

Coaching...based on diplomatic on Mars? I'm just like the shuttle..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Battle Cries Were Still Heard....Lord Help Lord Help!!

Battle Cries were in full effect..I heard Lord Help..Lord Help!! Lord Have Mercy!!

Word from the Torture Chamber resident!! not on one accord with ongoing's like Senate Republicans vs. Obama..nobody will work with me!!

We're all up in the spot for ya!! got you covered..but some didn't feel the thrift store prophecies..even though they're in full effect..

On the court for ya!! hooping like Kevin Durant! what's up with that? show some respect..

In Superior Court? it's on? no respect shown!! whose frick and fracking? haters were card charges will get trumped up..

Told to abort the mission..ecological ignorance will alter the'll get fired by Donald Trump!! time's up..

The economy is bad!! down here in College Park Georgia? crime's robberies in Atlanta are off the chain!! the grass looked greener on the other side..

.....of course it was artificial or astro turf..just another kind of how will you ride?

.....of course this art is official!! straight from the ATL!! but I confide in a higher power..

This art is beneficial..please be advised about what is approaching...the last hour..

....whose pushing fast forward buttons? approaching Armageddon..history repeating? whose forgetting?

...whose encroaching on territory that they have no business being in?

This bruh will tell a story..blowing up like gas lines? damned if I do or don't...either way I'm going in!!

Sailing for new harbors...streams of consciousness is what I'm flowing in...

Is this the final mission like the Space Shuttle Discovery? out where big galaxies swallow up small ones?

Beams of light shine for those waiting in the dark...counting victories..even the small ones..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

They Said The Thrill Is Gone...But We Shall Overcome...

The Thrill Was Gone Like BB King said..what it do? the euphoria has disappeared..

The deal has gone south...whose under a spell? no bling or fly it's what some feared..

So called real have come south..fell back...slides into the ATL...dude said he was up at the top...he left NYC..

What's the deal? the Brotha O is chilling for a minute..will it last? we'll see..

Peace be still!! what's the deal? Ramadan is over..who prayed to the east and fasted? meanwhile others couldn't chill...guns still blast and roadside bombs are planted...

These days? it's famine or feast..meanwhile we bring the O-Dog Podcast after the Mothership Landed...

These days? brothas are taken for's stereotypical...racial profiling before Arizona.. ..charges will get trumped up..

Appointments? Rendezvous With Destiny? running behind..or the schedule will get bumped up..

Not anointed..what's the deally? we put in know we humped up in this piece!! we're in transition..

Joint committees and blue ribbon panels make recommendations..but they're lost in translation..

What it do? pity parties are jumping!! confusion and frustration fueled the disco inferno..

Burn baby burn!! what's up? it's like San Bruno!! act like you know!! flames were jumping from roof to roof!! the fire will grow..

Learn baby learn!! slow your roll!! the proof is right in front of you!!

As the world turns..pieces of your soul and spirit are extracted..the world will front on you..

The Thrill Was Gone...but were still in the hunt...hunters and gatherers..acting like we knew about it..

Haters pulled a stunt..thought they had a Resident Evil Afterlife..but caught out there in the danger zone like Kenny Loggins mentioned..who had their doubts about it?

Once again it's on!! O-Dog will adjust bass, treble and tone..even though confusion and chaos run rampart!!

O-Zone knew that the Thrill Is Gone...but like civil rights cliches? We Shall Overcome.. ..put a stamp on it..

Record gains for US poverty with elections looming

Record gains for US poverty with elections looming

I Wasn't In The Race..... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

word from part of the conglomerate!!

I Wasn't In The Race..... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Friday, September 10, 2010

Public Enemy "Say It Like It Really Is" [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

PE is back in full effect!!

Public Enemy "Say It Like It Really Is" [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

What's The Word On The Curb?

What's the word on the curb? does Pastor Terry Jones know? no Qurans burned? whose mad? what's learned? who has the power of attorney? the third party designation?

They were supposed to have their folks back!! now things are burning like San Bruno whose going for what they know? drama will lead to their resignation..

Drama led to the some are worried about Americanization...are laws on the books rectifying the situation?

Please!! they'll update their registration of lawless crooks causing confusion and frustration...

....adding Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the list...what you facing? inclement weather? plus caught out there between a rock and a hard place..

Who you facing? is it a weakling? fronting like a hard rock..making a hard face..

Who you facing? prosecutors have a hard case..but evidence is manipulated..

Even Van Der Sloot feels like he's guilty..others get charges Trumped up Like Donald for fronting.. or we get fired!! we continue to be hated..

In the heart of this? beats get thumped up in the compound...funk? O-Dog played it..

Whose part of this? the ongoing conspiracy..roles? actors and actresses portrayed it..

The demon? I slayed it with the steady bombardment of the enemy position..

Through dealing? I should be...but in the heart of the spot..losing and winning..

Chilling...but hands are dirty..we're all sinning while we're in the flesh..

Chilling..but the word on the curb? some are acting like they're funky fresh in the flesh..

So we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch..this is the rebuttal..

Hell is what we catch on earth..that's why I stay spaced out like the shuttle..

Thursday, September 09, 2010

From The Source - Peace Treaty?

..........soulja boy and fabulous signing a peace treaty?

The Source - Blog for KiddFuture

Peace Be Still...PT.5

..............word from this veteran in the game..........

I've been here for a minute..what it do? back in the day dipped in the Buick deuce and a quarter.. Caddie coupe devilles...Shawnee Park up in Louisville...Louisville's son like Muhammad Ali...even dipped down Muhammad Ali Blvd. ....out of order when crossing borders?

....a bruh chills..others conduct disorderly? no Quran burning? doing this and that..others earning money from Donald Trump in the deal? whose starting something?

What's the deal? who took Michael Jackson's song out of context? Wannabe Starting Something!!

Next thing you know? your caught up in something..getting smashed like the Jets say they'll do Ray Lewis? can we vacate the premises?

Building with fellow tribe members...we talked about believing empty promises..

Not yielding to negative vibe Democrats abandoning Obama.. even spotted Uncle Thomases and Aunt Jemimas..

Fielding grounders on the field of outfielder..where did you find us?

Floating down streams of consciousness...were they polluted like the Gulf Of Mexico?

In Louisville...saw brothas floating in Sedan Devilles..still on it!! heard homie playing Teddy Pendergrass..Love TKO.. ....

Whatcha know? slavery over? like US Marines vs Somali and so called taskmasters clash..

Please!! it's like a jungle sometimes...that's word from Grand Master Flash..

Weapons are held..a bruh has a stash..blessed assurances received from the family..

The Lord is in the blessing business ..somebody might understand me..

Not on one accord with those stressing this...peace be still is the slogan..

....still waters run deep like the Four I try to stay open..

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Peace Be Still......PT.4

Peace be still!! quiet is usually kept..but the devil won't let you rest!! I was expecting a disturbance..

A bruh can't chill..others slept..but I wasn't expecting them to work with this..

Others with ill intentions were disrespecting that and burning Qurans....who crept? they're trying to hurt this and that..

...out in other dimensions...whose showing disloyalty? ....they even owe me royalties!! some didn't cease or desist.. where you at?

...heard the extraordinary rendition of the whose facing suspension from the league? Heisman Trophy's confiscated..whose hated? whose fearing that?

Meanwhile I'm dipping in the Mothership..somebody asked whose steering that?

What it do? epiphanies are on the clearance rack...after Random Thoughts are collected..

As we deal with these and'll be like a Nigerian jail break..with the fake? the Sonic Assault conflicted..

Hell is plans contradicted with what reality has..

What's purchased with these reality checks? on the front lines? it's the have nots vs the haves..

Drama goes down on the aves, boulevards, streets and the lanes..

Good Times Like Chic? what it do? please!! that must be down Minnie Riperton's Memory Lane..

Good crimes and bad crimes? Robin Hood style!! rob from the rich and give to the poor?

Chimes and bells ring at churches in the hood..whose going through the door?

Whose acting like they knew the score? watching ESPN & Fox Sports..

Peace be still? ...I doubt it..hustles get knocked in these sports!!

TWITTER ROUND UP: Fab Tweets Soulja Boy, C.Milian Shows Her Panties & 50 Cent Threatens Haters

TWITTER ROUND UP: Fab Tweets Soulja Boy, C.Milian Shows Her Panties & 50 Cent Threatens Haters

Soulja Boy Tweets That He's Suing People For Saying He Does Crack | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Soulja Boy Tweets That He's Suing People For Saying He Does Crack | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Troops Popping Anxiety, Depression Meds Like Never Before | Danger Room |

Troops Popping Anxiety, Depression Meds Like Never Before | Danger Room |

Court OKs Warrantless Cell-Site Tracking | Threat Level |


Court OKs Warrantless Cell-Site Tracking | Threat Level |

Soulja Boy Says On Twitter That He's Going To Beat Fabolous' Face In | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Soulja Boy vs Fabulous?

Soulja Boy Says On Twitter That He's Going To Beat Fabolous' Face In | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Georgia Muldrow and Dudley Perkins Say Music Is Putting Listeners To Sleep [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Georgia Muldrow and Dudley Perkins Say Music Is Putting Listeners To Sleep [VIDEO] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: ....Still Working This Thing Out!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: ....Still Working This Thing Out!!: "What it do? what it does? the 'I wish somebody would attitude' prevails. Word from this stream of consciousness Mystic Voyager..a brotha fl..."

Monday, September 06, 2010

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Reset Button.....Random Thoughts Edition...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Reset Button.....Random Thoughts Edition...: "What it do? might have mentioned earlier..I had to hit the reset button... What it do? this bruh is refusing to be a punishment glutton... ..."

These are the Most Underwater States - Francesca Levy - Crib Notes - Forbes

....from Forbes Magazine...a Top Ten list of states with the most underwater mortgages..Nevada is number one..I'm down here in's number six..I knew we would be on the list..there was a lot of price gouging going on with these.."wannabe mansions" here in Atlanta!!!

These are the Most Underwater States - Francesca Levy - Crib Notes - Forbes

Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program - Politics - White House -

from MSNBC...Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program - Politics - White House -

Glitches In Matrix Continue...They Didn't Stop....

They said my entry code and password were invalid..they said I was wilding..

Just because I'm in street mode....using ghetto passes..following the street code..foul with it? wilding?

Operating like Iran? weapons inspectors still mad at me? or acting like my man will be? he's got the altered Swisher or Black and Mild..will it bring euphoria to some?

whose down for the cause? Obama said the GOP isn't!! meanwhile I'm bewildering some.

..the mode is not understandable..there was no applause!!..not getting in where I fit in? I guess the matrix is not for a brotha..

Cause and effect? plus the clause or fine print in the contract are rebuked by these Random Thoughts From A Brotha.

Those that pause for the cause were contacted at random..soon stoned and cursed like the lady in Iran..who lacked understanding?

The Marshall enforces the law with reckless abandon..but the strike is on in France...who will take a stance? where are you standing?

Martial law is the Pakistan explosives laden trucks are crashing into police stations.. ..confusion and frustration is the norm...whose standing up for their rights?

I saw good and evil clashing from my vantage point...the flashing lights?

.....Saw security stashing guns, mace, flashlights and keys in their pockets..job market is rough..only job they could find!! they were appointed..

.....Now they're ready for duty!! I heard Flashlight by Parliament ...whose anointed?

Whose acting like they know me? now blaming me like Obama!! now disappointed by the way I act...

Now my entry code and password is invalid..did I have the knack?

Didn't enter the mode of least resistance..showing's back to life..back to reality..

Like Soul To Soul..ecological ignorance didn't alter the fate..not really..

Check how I roll..I knew the deally..this brotha made adjustments...

Listening to Public Enemy..Chuck D & Flavor Flav..can't trust it...

Sunday, September 05, 2010

NFL cut day roundup: Cardinals oust Matt Leinart, Seahawks jettison T.J. Houshmandzadeh - The Huddle

NFL cut day roundup: Cardinals oust Matt Leinart, Seahawks jettison T.J. Houshmandzadeh - The Huddle

The Day Late and Dollar Short Chronicles PT.2 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

The Day Late and Dollar Short Chronicles PT.2 - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Developing Entry and Escape Routes...

What it do? chilling in the ATL ...discussed entry and escape routes with homie from "up at the top".

Dude was from Cleveland, Ohio...he left like Lebron..knew the scenario..the drama doesn't stop..

Meanwhile the funkarama doesn't stop...will it be like a GOP tsunami? somebody's lying to the masses..

....As we proceed and continue..bringing these seminars and classes..

Dropping knowledge on the Malcolm X mentioned..borrowed by Obama.. some have been bamboozled and hoodwinked..

Taking graduate and doctorate classes in life's college?..staring into the eye of the tiger while chilling in the hood..who winked?

....after the okey-doke was pulled...who blinked? might have missed the Mothership dipping at a high velocity...I had the speed you need!! getting good mileage..dropping funk that stinked on these earthlings!! we proceed and continue..they said I was foul with it...a hot mess..but that's what drama on earth brings!! we proceed and continue..learned how to fix things..not trying to hurt things like Kanye West..moving Swift with it like Taylor..

What's on the menu? staying on point..who will the system anoint? not pulling all my troops out like Iraq.. ...chilling for a minute..that other strategy will fail ya..

What's on the menu? brand new funk..O-Dog pulled the loops O-Zone had a story to tell ya..

...who said it's a hot mess? please!! This is word from the Hot Messenger!!

What can they tell ya? some will sail they vessel towards Atlanta like it's the promised an immigrant to Arizona..Jan Brewer mentioned headless bodies found in the desert criminal minded..acting like they knew ya? somebody will get hurt..

The saga/struggle continues...some are in survival mode..they're just trying to get work..

How will it work?...getting cut like doesn't matter if you have a Heisman Trophy...or what the pose will be..

How will it work? chilling in the ATL..but exit and entry strategies are developed like it's Iraq and Afghanistan...knowing the devil is opposed to you and me..

Saturday, September 04, 2010

..Word From Mr. Cole..

The economy is bad!! it's a rat race!! please!! it's dog eat dog!

That's word from Mr. Cole!! old school brotha from Newburg..word received on the the the smoke and fog!

During the ongoing smoke and mirror show...whatcha know? back in the day rolling in the deuce and a quarter..hogging the road.

Whatcha know? these days? jackers control the interior and the perimeter..the package? return to sender..go off in another mode..

Following the street code..or operating in a discrete mode? finding out the karmic repercussions are heavy..

GPS tracking this and that!! in the heart of it..I fight back with the good word and the drum...percussions are heavy.

Gods will is heavy on some..they'll come undone...after he hits the reset button.

Dude wasn't heavy!! he's my brother!!
..that's word from The Hollies..what happened after the follies? Craigslist no longer has adult we're on default settings..who asked what's up with him?

The Sonic Assault hits up those forgetting the system was corrupting them..

Hell is caught out there..feeling the after shocks like Christchurch New Zealand....history repeating itself? somebody said it's nothing!!

It's not hard to tell like Nas.. all of us are going through something..feeling the pain..

It's not hard to fail..whatcha going through? horror..terror..feeling the reign..

Caught out there in the inclement weather..was it like Hurricane Earl? feeling the rain that's falling...

Oops upside the head like The Gap what's up man? where in a rat's dog eat dog...branches from the tree are falling..

Who has the persona of a dread? dipping through Afghanistan like the Taliban..or are some stalling?

Who are you calling? what it do? Lord Help Lord Help is the Battle Cry!!

Word from Mr. Cole..told me this world is a rat's dog eat dog!! why ask why?

Friday, September 03, 2010

50 Cent Suggests Tiny Take Fall for T.I.; Why That's Bad Advice

50 Cent Suggests Tiny Take Fall for T.I.; Why That's Bad Advice

The REAL Cee-Lo Green "F**k You" Video | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

The REAL Cee-Lo Green "F**k You" Video | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Learning How To Fix Things...

I learned how to fix things...doing things.. a mechanic...working on breakbeats

O-Zone learned the hard way...damn!! now I kick things that are mathematical..whose fake in these streets?

We burned baby burned!! disco inferno!! what did we learn from cities on fire in the sixties..

We turned baby turn!! cut the corner like Axl Rose....bottles were somebody's street committees are trying to fix these..

Plus fixed those..who crossed the border?....Taliban in Pakistan makes plans....conspiracy theories were confirmed

Slick with these? sick with these? whose out of order like the Sheriff in Arizona? as the world turned?

360 degrees it spinned!! six degrees of separation was even calculated...

The Three Six Mafia represented Memphis.. they tore the club up!! meanwhile in the A-Town? the foul hated..

Pick your Mafia or Cartel!! the struggle continues..who you dealing with? it can be from Alpha to Los Zetas..

It's not hard to tell like Nas.. ....Alpha to Omega is how they'll play this..

It's not hard to fail...DVD..VHS..Beta tapes will play this..what's up with this? the foul have a leg up in this game...

They made the rules up!! the time for fools is up!! whose catching the blame?

Check the sessions..seminars and schools are up..class is over!! it's a shame..but we proceed..

...and we continue..the clash is not secret gardens? we planted the seed..

True indeed!! what's on the menu? playing it like Isley Brothers.. after the harvest for the world is reaped?

....after it's sowed..reality showed us these brothas creeped...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Parents say rapper's arrests send mixed message  |

Parents say rapper's arrests send mixed message  |

'Transformers 3' movie extra seriously hurt during Indiana stunt :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

'Transformers 3' movie extra seriously hurt during Indiana stunt :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State

Caught Up In These Mixtures=Writing These Scriptures..

Writing these scriptures..tales of warfare...what's up? ..oil rig explosions...along with fire and brimstone...

My mind takes pictures...what it do? whose on a Natural High like Bloodstone?

Mechanical engineering fights the chemical imbalance..what's up blood? whatcha on? this brotha was asked...

Loathing and fearing is back in style..GOP benefiting from Obama's unpopularity? what's the priority? malice is shown by perpetrators who were not just masked...

...Now jacking fronters and fakers who basked in the limelight...caught out there like T.I.. ..needing to handle our B.I. ....or it can get ugly..

Whose pimping and macking like Pimping Ken and Bishop Don Juan? whatcha on? maybe pimping like Tiger Woods.. .."whose tricking because they've got it"? but others know how the struggle will be....

What it do? I'm not taking it anymore..peace will be interrupted by those with dangerous minds...

This bruh is shaking and baking like Barry Sanders..already wearing the Number 20 throwback..I go back and forth like Cameo.. from the past to the future...kicking knowledge..dropping science...

These are dangerous times..dealing with those with dangerous minds.. whose committing dangerous crimes? or even crimes of passion..

Friends or strangers with mine like Ronnie Laws? big bang theory the basis of universal laws according to Steven Hawking? what will be the fashion?

Out here in danger zones..out here in the mixture..out here clashing with Titans..

Bass treble and tone will tell the story..along with the scriptures that told us about Babylon...while some get their drama on!!! might even be in the Discovery some it's exciting..

....With the funky mixture and the good word? the light we bring to those waiting in the dark..

Insight is dropped..Cooling Me Out like The Isley Brothers back in the day chilling in Shawnee Park...

...up in Louisville..chilling...parking lot pimping..watching some break bread like it was a communion..

Tricking because they've got it? soon released from the players union...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lauryn Hill Says She’s “Closer” To Releasing A New Album

Lauryn Hill Says She’s “Closer” To Releasing A New Album

Bye Bye Delonte, Celtics To Re-Sign Delonte West

Bye Bye Delonte, Celtics To Re-Sign Delonte West

Rehabilitation AKA Rehab..

Rehabilitation...therapy?..damn!! crackheads spotted on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia.. some will still need medication...

What's the channel? Zones of Discovery? whose handling things themselves or with prescriptions? relief from restrictions found through meditation?

Lights blink on the instrument panel...the Mothership is rolling..were handling things with the brand new funk..what were we using? reality checks helped us purchase this..

The ATL is getting crunk!! these folks aren't losing!! whose posted up on Section 8? others continue to hate...whose choosing the assignment? who'll work with this?

One man's junk is another man's treasure...Iraq finding freedom will cost? is any gratitude shown?

Rehab needed? we're dealing with pain and pleasure!! needing to turn our swagger or attitude on?

Caught out in the rain..the it's Hurricane Earl..and were out there on Cape Hatteras..
...who can holla back at us? reminded of opportunities blown..damn..damn..damn..

Going on with your bad in search of therapy..where did you land?

Oh yeah!! I was even caught out there in the universe..stranded on asteroids NASA didn't want to visit.. but now the Mothership has landed...I'm stuck on earth..

Earthling's fortune will reverse..soon finding out what it's all worth..

Rehabilitation...recuperation..the rebirth of the funk soon takes place..

Acting brand new in this nation!! getting Paris Hilton.. but fakes will catch a case..

Jakes will catch you out in the paper chase aka the rat race..chasing the cheese..

Snakes were chilling in the grass that hasn't been cut..soon they'll bite..doing as they please...

The cease and desist is ignored..Hamas cuts up in the West whose blocking advances?

What's up with this? when will Rehab take place? overcoming ill circumstances..