Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rehabilitation AKA Rehab..

Rehabilitation...therapy?..damn!! crackheads spotted on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia.. some will still need medication...

What's the channel? Zones of Discovery? whose handling things themselves or with prescriptions? relief from restrictions found through meditation?

Lights blink on the instrument panel...the Mothership is rolling..were handling things with the brand new funk..what were we using? reality checks helped us purchase this..

The ATL is getting crunk!! these folks aren't losing!! whose posted up on Section 8? others continue to hate...whose choosing the assignment? who'll work with this?

One man's junk is another man's treasure...Iraq finding freedom will cost? is any gratitude shown?

Rehab needed? we're dealing with pain and pleasure!! needing to turn our swagger or attitude on?

Caught out in the rain..the it's Hurricane Earl..and were out there on Cape Hatteras..
...who can holla back at us? reminded of opportunities blown..damn..damn..damn..

Going on with your bad in search of therapy..where did you land?

Oh yeah!! I was even caught out there in the universe..stranded on asteroids NASA didn't want to visit.. but now the Mothership has landed...I'm stuck on earth..

Earthling's fortune will reverse..soon finding out what it's all worth..

Rehabilitation...recuperation..the rebirth of the funk soon takes place..

Acting brand new in this nation!! getting Paris Hilton.. but fakes will catch a case..

Jakes will catch you out in the paper chase aka the rat race..chasing the cheese..

Snakes were chilling in the grass that hasn't been cut..soon they'll bite..doing as they please...

The cease and desist is ignored..Hamas cuts up in the West whose blocking advances?

What's up with this? when will Rehab take place? overcoming ill circumstances..

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